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GYM: Double Dash
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*A sign outside of GYM reads:*

*The door is unlocked as Kalib begins organizing his protein drinks in the fridge.*
*A cat wearing a hard hat pads in. A whistle dangles from their neck. Why is a cat here, anyway...?*
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*Kalib finishes stocking his fridge as he hears little pitter patters on the floor. He looks over the counter and spots the cat.*

Oh? Hello little fella! Welcome to GYM!

*He pauses and eyes the cat.*

How can I help you, little guy?
*The cat looks up at the human, putting his front paws on the side of the counter* I heard you could duel in here, so I wanted to try it out!
*Enters* Hello?
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*Kalib holds up a hand and turns from the cat for a moment. He lets out a shout.*


*He composes himself and turns to the cat, clearly intrigued.*

Ahem. Yes. We duel here to grow stronger and strengthen our bonds. And uh, dare I ask...what are you? Sorry. You're a talking cat...granted normal around these parts, I didn't expect another one to show up.
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*Kalib waves at the newcomer.*

Yo! Welcome to GYM! The name's Kalib!
Yeah, I remember you, Kalib. So, w-what is this place?
Oh, sounds fun! And I'm a Duel Monster! Rescue Cat, reporting for duty! *Rescue Cat does a little kitty salute. He tries to look serious, but it's hard to be taken seriously when you're an adorable cat*
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Duel monster. Got it! I have no clue what that means but I love the enthusiasm!

*He smiles at the kitten before turning to Rom.*

OH! Right! God, I'm so sorry! My memory has been...off lately.

*He briefly looks dejected before smiling.*

This is GYM a battleground of raging hearts!
A battleground? So I can spar here? I've never sparred against anyone here, but because of the situation, I'd like to try...
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*Kalib cocks his head to the side.*

Situation? What's going on?
Situation...? *Rescue Cat tilts his head, but is soon distracted by the thought of a duel* Oh! That sounds fun! We just need ooooone more person!
*Hunter and his YoRHa clone walks in*

Normal Hunter: Hey Kalib!

Clone Hunter: Sup?
You don't know? Well... There's kind of a war going on, threatening the Nexus' existence... *Rom looks slightly distraught for a second, before focusing again*
See? There's another person! *Rescue Cat is too distracted to notice the "war" mentioned*
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A war huh...why don't I know about it? Thanks Rom. I'll dig it up later. Focus on the fight, okay?

*He gives a reassuring smile.*
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*He waves at the Hunters.*

Dare I ask.
*Rom breathes deeply before giving a warm smile* Alright, I'm ready when you are...

I'd like to join
This is my YoRHa clone, that 9S and 2B forgot to deliver.
Five people? That's a hard number to divide...
Well, six plus the clone, but still!
*the clone waves hello*

YoRHa Hunter: You must be Kalib. Friend of my double.

Normal Hunter: So what happened?
Okay, that's... eight! Now we can split everyone up! *Rescue Cat is pleased*
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Clone sits out and I'll make sure nobidy dies.

*Kalib snaps his fingers and the back wall rises revealing a renovated arena.*


Use your techniques to come out on top. Please choose a partner and enter.
OOC: Wait... how did my account swapped?!

Well, I don't know a thing about anyone here, so i'll just wait for someone to pick me.
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OOC: Nanomachines?
*the clone nods and takes a seat*

Normal Hunter: What is going on?
Dibs on the other cat! *Hugs Mona*

What'd you call me!?
I'll watch this too.

*he takes a seat next to his copy*
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Alright. Rom and Hunter it is vs Mona and cat friend.

*Kalib turns to the clone.*

Here. Training for an upcoming event. Outside. War it seems.

*Sam walks in and sits down against one of the walls.*
This could be a good opportunity to collect combat data.
Yay! *Oblivious to Mona's annoyance, Rescue cat sets a deck of cards from under his helmet on the ground nearby as he takes his position*
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Hey blondie! You're free to join Rom if you want to. Hinter seems to have bowed out.

Hmm, this fight will provide valuable combat training in the fight to *cough*destroythenexus*cough*
*Enters and sits down to watch the battle*
Clone Hunter: I'm programmed similar to the real Yharnam Hunter so training is obsolete for me.

Normal Hunter: Alright then. Let's go Rom.
OOC: Listen to the clone not the normal one xD
*Rom takes several deep breaths and readies his lance, looking more focused than ever* Let's do it...
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What was that Mona?

*Kalib looks at the cat with a quizzical expression before turning to the new face.*

Hello and welcome to GYM. My name is Kalib! Pleased to meetcha!

Nice to meet you too.
Battle start! Battle start! *Rescue Cat seems eager for the "ref" to announce the start of the battle...*

*Sam opens up a trio of holographic screens. He observes the battles with a bored look.*
Data analysis begin.
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*Kalib smiles at the man before moving to the center of the arena located behind the building.*

All combatants please proceed to the four corners of the arena!

*goes to four corners of the arena*
*Goes to one of the corners next to Hunter*
*Rescue Cat takes himself and his deck to another corner*
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Hey! Excuse me sir. I never caught your name but would you care to join?

*Kalib shouts and waves to Talion.*
I think i'll pass on this one.
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*Kalib sighs and draws his trident off his back. He moves to the side Rom is on and prepares himself.*

I'll be your teammate Rom. Let's give 'em hell!


(This will be a war of words. Describe your actions and work with your partner to overcome the opponents. Please make one action post and wait until all actions are taken before continuing. However, feel free to communicate even if it isn't your turn.)

[Take it away Team Neko. Its your move.]
Alright! Come on out, X-Saber Airbellum and Silver Fang! *Rescue Cat blows his whistle and jumps off the field. Two cards fly out from the deck and glow. A wolf and a humanoid lion creature appear, growling.*

Now, Synchro Summoning Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius!

*The two monsters glow and fuse into a three-headed blue wolf-like beast. It roars at its two opponents.*

And I end my turn!

Hmpf, i'm not sure of their strategy, so i'll go pure offensive to through them off guard.
*Mona rushes towards Kalib with feline speed. As Mona closes in, he jumps to the left of Kalib and towards a wall and holds on to it for a second. He then jumps on the wall then backflips to get behind Kalib. He then puts his left foot back a bit as he jumps towards Kalibs legs, swinging his sword horizontally*
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W-woah! Amazing speed Mona!

*Kalib loses sight of them and is promptly slashed from behind, getting dropped to his knees.*

Tch. Damn! Leonidas bring on the buffs, Spartan Roar!

*Kalib rises to his feet shakily, using his trident as support. Then Leonidas appears in a flash of flame as Kalib stabs his trident into the earth. With a huff and a nod, the pair begin to roar a mighty battle cry that shakes the area and causes cracks to appear in the ground. The sheer power of will conveyed through the battle cry inspires allies who hear it.*

(ATK/DEF/SPD up for 3 turns!)
Impressive, Mona! Thanks Kalib! Now, then... What to do? *Rom starts running around, and boosts himself up into the air with a block of ice* Let's show them our worth, Dolos!

*Rom fires a tentarafoo bolt at Mona and RescueCat to confuse them*

*Mona uses his cat-like reflexes the dodge the strike*
Heh, where'd you learn to aim?
Jokes on you! I didn't!

You... didn't?
Attack the non-floating human!

*Blue Sirius takes the Tentrafoo for Rescue Cat. It stumbles for a second, but pulls itself together enough to charge straight at Kalib.*

Summoning Key Mouse!

*Rescue Cat throws a card, summoning a white mouse with a key on its tail.*

End turn!
You bet your bucket!
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Leo! With me! It seems to be dizzy, meet it with Brave Blade!

*The spartan roars in agreement as he charges towardsthe beast, meeting the the charge with a slash. Kalib, in the meantime, jumps onto Leonidas' shoulders and jumps once more before stabbimg down into the beast's back.*
*Rom lands next to Kalib* Here, let's keep up the buffs!
*Rom casts masukukaja on him and Kalib
(increased agility for 5 turns)
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ic: *Blue Sirius roars in pain and tries to bite down on Leonidas with two of its heads. Rescue Cat looks at Key Mouse, but decides to not synchro again. Yet.*

Constellar Leonis!

*An armored figure appears next to Key Mouse. Both stay near Rescue Cat rather than attack.*

Heh, let's try and throw off his focus, here.
*Mona pulls out a slingshot and shoots 3 pellets at Kalib*
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*Kalib turns his head to see Mona loading the slingshot.*

No no no.

*He watches as they take aim at him.*

No no no!

*The three shots are fired and only one connects, sending him off the beasts back.*

Yes yes NO! Gah!

*He falls to the ground as Leonidas puts his fists down the beast's heads and using his bracers to block a chunk of the damage. Still hurting his arms and by extension, Kalib's.*

Heh. Ready for some serious heartburn mutt? INFERNO!

*Kalib's eyes glow as Leonidas roars. The maws of the beast begin glowing as flames are expelled down their necks.*
*Rom starts running around again quickly, but this time, summoning dozens of ice blades, and unleashes some at RescueCat, its deck of cards, and some in other directions* Just in case...
*Space_Cat walks into the Gym.* Hmm.. what should I do first?
Should I try sparring, lifting, jogging..
Sparring looks fun.
*Watches the battle*
*Blue Sirius roars as its entire body becomes set ablaze, shattering into shards of light. Yet from where its body once was, a dark energy seeps into Leonidas, dropping both the Persona and it's master's attack power... well, to pathetic levels. A 2400 atk drop is nothing to sneeze at.*

Let's do this! Leonis and Key Mouse, Synchro Summon into... Underworld Fighter Balmung and attack!

*The two monsters on standby glow and fuse into a dark-armored humanoid. It lands on the ground and dashes towards Kalib for a sword strike.*
*...However, it is forced to shield Rescue Cat and the deck, taking multiple hits as it does so.*
Hey, can I join?
Unless you're still busy fighting...
I can wait.

Huh, seems like they'll just spam their most powerful attacks. Might as well try a less direct approach *Runs up the wall again and uses his backclaws to stick to it. He holds his slingshot and aims for Rom, as he waits for the perfect time to strike
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OOC: This is the first of many 2v2s I plan to have. So if yiu don't mind waiting then we'd love to have you!
I see how it is... *Rom stop running and goes to an area with the least opponents, putting his hand behind his back, waiting*
(A young girl walks through the door looking around curiously and muttering to herself) Hmm I'm not really sure if working out would help me or anything but I guess it can't hurt to look...

(She notices the gathered people and waves at them) Oh um hello everyone I'm Homura Akemi, it's nice to meet you all I'm sure. (She glances at the battle and looks worried) But ah why are people fighting is something going on?
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*Kalib and Leonidas are taken aback by the seeping darkness.*

I don't like this Leo...you're supposed to drain darkness...something is off. Whatever, let's focus on the hard hat cat! No more kitten around!

*Leonidas and Kalib begin rushing towards Balmung.*

Improvised attack: Xross Spear!

*Leonidas tosses Kalib a spear as he puts his trident on his back. The pair then get at a 45 degree angle to Balmung and roar before tossing their spears at him...however the effect is lack lustre. There were no flashes of flame or light. Just a pair of spears chucked by the average Joe it would seem.*
*Space_Cat starts running on a treadmill while waiting*
*A strange man in what looks like his twenties walks intk the GYM, unrecognized by everyone else because of his new appearance*

Hey, this place is still around. I wonder if Em and I will ever do that rematch...
(Mind if I join in?)
Oh, hi! It's just a duel, New Lady! *As Rescue Cat speaks, Balmung manages to block one of the spears but the other grazes him, nearly hitting Rescue Cat as well.* Aaaand back to the battle!

*He draws a card, but it's a green one.* Darn it. Just attack!

*Balmung nods and swings his sword downward at the Persona, considering it to be the largest threat*
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OOC: Yes you may. Just not the main fight. Give ut a little bit. We seem to be getting a round 2 roster
(Got it)
(She looks at the sudden entry and tilts her head) Em? Do you mean that man who runs a weapon shop? Gamma-san mentioned that place... I've been hoping it'll show up but I can't seem to find it. (She blushes and bows to him) Oh and um I'm Homura Akemi, sorry for just walking up and bothering you like that.

(She tilts her head in confusion for a moment before a look of realization crosses her face) Oh I see it's like how we used to fight to get better without really hurting each other! Well that's fine then. (She looks at the fight with interest rather than concern and smiles)
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OOC: Homura could join round two but well she won't be doing much, still I'm game to try if people don't mind.

*Mona waits patiently*
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OOC: No, not yet @Space_Cat. I have yet to finish TDM's page, as well as add onto Shiza's. I'll get around to it, don't you worry.

*The man turns toward Homura with a smirk*

Yeah, Em the weaponsmith. Do yu know him?

*After a short pause, he finally speaks up again*

Pardon my manners, my name is Lucifer, or Satan if you wish. Nice to meet you, Homura.

*He bows as well, the fluidity of his action giving off an aura of magesty and nobility.*
(She simply stares stunned) Lucifer? Like the devil? Um Lucifer-san you don't take people's souls or anything do you? (She shakes her head at his question) And no I haven't met Em-san just heard about his shop... I'm sadly in need of weapons so I was hoping to go there.
Eh, I've got better things to do...
*Rom glances at Mona, and then glances at RescueCat, runs in the direction, being boosted up by another block of ice, preparing another dozen ice blades*
*At her inquiry, he chuckles*

No, no. I do not do that anymore. I protect the Nexus from any and all threats. Think of me as it's guardian angel. Yes, though, I am the devil himself.

*He hods out his hand, smiling as he does so*

Do not worry, I don't bite...
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*The spartan pulls out his shield and blocks the blade. However, he is immediately pressured and pushed backwards before being crushed into flame.*


*Kalib reels from the strike and is brought to a knee before Balmung, his face riddled with shock.*


*His eyes begin glowing bright with flames behind his eyes.*

You'll pay for that! Hyah!

*Kalib pulls the trident off of his back and jumps to his feet. His trident outstretched he attempts to pierce the monster below the chin.*
Oh no, it's Ice Guy! Uh, Tanny! Help me out!

*A furry goat-like creature appears in front of Rescue Cat.*
*Meanwhile, Balmung deflects the trident, which pierces his shoulder. He attempts to kick away his attacker and gets ready for the expected ice flurry*
(She smiles nervously and stiff shakes his hand for a moment before backing away) Um yes I'm sure you don't Lucifer-san... And you protect this place? (She giggles a bit) You almost sounded like Mami-senpai there, she always talks about protecting people too. (She smiles fondly at the thought before sighing) Too bad she's not here though...
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*Kalib is winded and tossed back, dropping his trident. The flames in his eyes dwindling as he falls to the ground. He makes a fist with his right hand and slams it down beside him, a small crater forming.*

Huh? Alright, that's what happened. That creature weakened me after I destroyed it. I gotta be more careful!

*He struggles to stand but fights his way upright with a grin.*

Alright! Cat scratch fever caught me off guard but I'm ready for you this time!

*Kalib raises his fists and prepares to defend.*
*He gives her a hug and backs away, subtle tears in his eyes*

I know how it feels to lose someone you care about, as well. I am sorry you were separated from your companion.

*His eyes water further*

B-Believe me, it hurts...
*Rom unleashes the blades of ice at RescueCat. This time, they go around RescueCat before focusing in on him*
*The two monsters go on either side of Rescue Cat to block the ice, and both shatter into shards of light. A small purple cat appears in front of him*

C-catnipped Kitty, come on out! Use your effect!

*The Catnipped Kitty yawns, and an odd scent floats towards Rom, dropping his defense to abyssmal levels*

Quick, Black Kitty! If you don't hit now, it'll wear off when their turn arrives!

*Mona uses his slingshot and fires pellets to intercept the blade blades of ice mid-fire*
(She smiles at him sadly and stiffens up from the hug before relaxing a bit) Umm I don't know what happened to your friend Luicfer-san but... Yes I definitely know what it's like seeing people die, (she laughs bitterly) If I weren't so weak maybe I could actually help my friends, but no that's not who I am. (Her own eyes water up as she looks down at the ground)
Did it work? * "Rom" dissipates from existence upon contact with the scent, revealing it was an illusion. The real one reappears, holding his head, slightly in pain.*
Dolos, Psiodyne! *Rom uses psiodyne to envelop RescueCat in a deep blue aura, pushing it towards the scent, and then pushing it towards Mona*
*Catnipped Kitty takes the attack instead, and is promptly destroyed by leftover ice shards. Rescue Cat puts a paw on his deck to draw...*
*He pjts his hand on her chin,raising her gaze toward him*

We all lose loved ones. Mine was a dear friend of mine, as I had known him since the beginning of time. He died a hero, althought his death still hurts.

*He smiles sadly*

Never underestimate what onecould be capable of,especially yourself.

*With that, he gives her another hug and turns to watch the fight. He only pays half attention though, because of the many things going through his mind*

God I hate mobile.
(She blushes and turns back to the fight as well) Um thank you for the kind words... And I'm very sorry about that what happened...

(She looks at the field with determination) Also I guess it's true I can make a difference. (She smiles) Madoka-chan always said that I could, if there's anyone who I believe in it's her! (She nods to herself happily) I'm sure she'll show up sooner or later. Anyways for now I'm going to get stronger!
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*An aura of flame envelops Kalib. His eyes a raging inferno. His breathing sporadic and rough until he eventually focuses.*


*A ring of flame is scorched into the ground as he speaks, flames rising from the earth as the aura around him grows in intensity and he closes his eyes.*


*Another ring of flame erupts from around Kalib as he speaks between breaths. The flames around him almost engulfing him entirely. He opens his eyes once more as the flames creep over his head leaving his eyes and grin visible.*


*A final ring of flame erupts as Kalib is lost in the raging inferno. However inside the flame there comes a confident voice after a hearty laugh.*

Hahahaha! Amazing! All three of you! What an amazing battle! This is so much fun! But let's end this Rom.

*The flames begin to dance wildly as they take a spectral form, revealing the spartan, Leonidas. Kalib and Leonidas pose and point at Rescue Cat and Mona respectively.*


*A torrent of flame is sent at both cats, washing around Rom harmlessly.*
Oh no. *That's pretty much all Rescue Cat can say before the flames blast him. His form shatters into light, and a card floats neatly onto the deck, which vanishes. A note is left in its place.*

"To whoever is reading this: I'm just going home to rest. See you again sometime! =^.^=

-Rescue Cat"
Holy crap, Kalib! That was great!
(She gazes in wonder at the torrent of flames and sweats a bit as she feels the heat flowing from the arena) Wow I've never seen magic big just tosses around that way... Magical Girls like me don't tend to be able to pull off anything so impressive without using far too much power. (She grimaces) And we can't afford to run out ever.
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Focus on battl- Gah!

*Kalib falls backwards and hits the ground hard. Unconscious due to overexertion.*
Now then... *Glares at Mona, waiting patiently*

*Mona is unaffected by the scent*
Heh, enough wallcamping.
*Mona then jumps off the wall and begins charging towards Rom. While running, he jumps and holds his sword back, ready to slash at rom.*
Mercurius! Garudyne!
*Mona pushes himself upward with a burst of air, while spinning forward, allowing him to get right behind Rom. While Mona is descending, he turns around slashes horizontally at Rom's back.*
Whoa! *Rom turns around in time to barely block the slash, but is still knocked back significantly. After he recovers with a handspring, he casts another sukukaja on himself and begins quickly running around Mona, jumping on and off the walls*
(She gasps in horror and runs over to Kalib checking his pulse before dragging him over to a couch and setting him down on it once she realizes he hasn't died) Oh Lord maybe I was wrong about these Personas being less Dangerous...

(She sighs as her outfit bursts into light and is replaced by a black dress with a white coat over it as she raises her hand hand up to him and a light washes over the young man causing him to regain some strength as the gem on her left hand clouds up) Um I really hope he's alright...

*Enters the gym* What's up?

So, you think you're a spedster, now? I'll correct that!
*Mona casts Sukunda on Rom*
Kalib's died before, but came back. Everyone does around here.
Wait, what? So the Nexus is that powerful?
No, not really, I'm just distracting you!
*Rom casts sukukaja again, this time backing up and adding small bits of armor to himself made of ice*
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*He mumbles as his eyes slowly open.*


*He sits up suddenly in a panic and looks around. He stares at the girl beside him and he smiles as he stretches briefly.*

Wow. That was quick usually I'm out for a day at least! You're a life saver!
(She stares at Luicfer in a mix of surprise and horror) Died before what!? Ho-how can people just come back from the dead? I'm not even sure if wishes can do that but if so they're certainly the only magic I know that can... (She thinks for a moment) Actually if you people can just bring the dead back... We'll never mind for now.

*Sits down to watch the fight*
(She smiles at Kalib and sighs as her clothes return to normal) Honestly you remind of Sayaka-chan... Always just shrugging off injury she had no right to.

(She giggles at his statement of life saving)
And I certainly hope I'm not that would imply you'd be dead without healing. (She smirks at him clearly aware that isn't the case)

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*He blushes and smiles at Homura.*

Love makes ya do crazy things. Luckily the rules of the world I was dead in allowed a second chance.
*He raises an eyebrow in interest*

No, continue. What were you speaking of?
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*He grins.*

The only thing to kill me so far was me. I'm tougher than most! And stubborn to boot!

*He winks as he finishes speaking.*

You look familiar by the way. I'm Kalib, a friend of Sayaka's.
*Gamma walks in, looking around, he glances between Homura and Klib*

Sorry if I'm interrupting anything, only caught the last bit of the conversation. What exactly's going on around here? There's an awful lot of death talk.

Distracting me? Well, I can't have that. *Mona throws a smoke bomb at the ground. In the haze of smoke, Mona can clearly see Rom, cause cat sense. He runs in front of Rom and attempts to slice down through him while Rom is still blinded.*
(She looks at Lucifer and sighs before a grin look Appears on her face) Alright but it's a long story I'll sum up... I could really use people that can undo death my friends have a habit of being horribly killed... All I can do is go back in time and see it happening again.

(She shakes her head and forces a smile)
But I'm sure it'll all work out somehow! I've just gotta figure out how to save everyone when I get home!
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*Kalib looks at Gamma for a moment and speaks.*

Walking down memory lane for me.

*He looks over to Homura.*

I know what that's like. I want to be able to protect my friends too..
*Satan smiles*

I would gladly help a pretty girl such as yourself. I have brought countless people back, althought some must lie in peace...like my dear friend...I will avenge him, even if it kills me.
Sayaka... Oh Sayaka Adachi not Sayaka Miki right? The one I mentioned was the second... She was a friend back home, used swords somehow managed to fight things without totally breaking down.

(She summons up a small shield that fits on her wrist) All I can do is store things in here and stop time, that's my weapon. (She laughs bitterly at her lack of strength) I'm not really a fighter so I guess it makes sense my power is best for running huh.

(She turns over to Gamma)
And um Kalib-kun just passed out Gamma-san so I healed him that's all... He was using too much magic and well it had me worried. (She turns her left hand over and glances at the gem on it)
Gah! *Rom is knocked down from the slash, which has been somewhat reduced by the bits of ice armor.
The armor bits break off as Rom leg sweeps Mona before getting up and running to the opposite side and sticking his feet to the floor using ice*
I won't take any of that, either... *Rom says, going serious for a second*
*Gamma raises an eyebrow at Klib*
Walking down memory lane? You're going to have to be more specific. I don't really see the connection.

*he turns back to Homura and sighs*
Yes, Klib is known to exhaust himself. Suppose he just doesn't know how to do anything halfway.

*Mona falls in the air for a second, but he falls on his feet*
Heh, i'm tired of this.
*Light winds begin to form around Mona*
(She tilts her head in confusion) Um why do you call Kalib-kun Klib Gamma-san? That's a very odd way to pronuce it even for me, and I'm not exactly the best at English.
Yeah, you and me both!
*Rom looks visibly tired, causing wisps of ice fall to the floor, but stands his ground and covers himself in a deep blue aura*
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*Kalib gets up from the couch and glares at Gamma.*

Well we can't all be Mr. Perfect now can we? And I was referring to the events in the Heat Haze.

I'll... i'll show you the true power of my force!
*Mona slams his fist in the air and the winds become more turbulent, becoming hard to resist*
*Gamma sighs and shakes his head*
It's a bit of a nickname from a group we were in. Those days are long past, but the name kinda stick.

*Gamma coldly glances back at Klib and shrugs*
Oh, I'm far from perfect, but I don't want to interrupt the start of your story. Unless you just wanna leave something like that
*He clears his throat*

Well, this interaction is getting hostile. Homura-chan, do think about my offer. It was nice meeting you. Well, goodbye.

*He quickly walks out the door, only to give Homura a smile before exiting*
*Space_Cat floats back into the gym, carrying a plastic tray filled with rice, curry, and fatty tuna.*
Sigh.. all that working out made me hungry. I'm lucky that Leblanc is just across the street.
Now, then... Enough s-screwing around... I'll show you how much worth I have! Dolos, BRAIN FREEZE!
*Rom's face suddenly becomes even more serious than ever before. More illusion clones surround Mona, constructed by ice this time, and the wisps of ice grow bigger and bigger, spinning around the field, covered in the blue aura*
*He sits down and takes out a plastic spoon and fork, and begins eating.*
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*He sits back down and sighs.*

Well lookie there, he's humble too.

*He shakes his head.*

The only one time I died was to enter the Heat Haze to save Ene. I ended up killing myself in order to enter....and I was almost trapped in that other world. But I was able to save her, so I accepted my fate.

*He smiles.*

She wasn't going to accept that, and she helped me return to the Nexus alive and well.

*He blushes as he recalls the story.*
(She stares between them considering telling them to calm down... Deciding to speak up in spite of feeling a bit foolish) Um I'm not sure why you two dislike each other so much but please don't fight, I'm sure there's no need to so mean right? (She glances at the two with a worried smile)

Oh yes it was nice meeting you Luicfer-san! (She waves cheerfully as the demon walks off and her shield vanishes)

Heh... heh...
*The winds eventually grow to the strength of a tornado, centered around Mona. Mona appears unaffected, although the ice will likely be pulled by the force of the winds*
Is this... a new power!?
*Rom grins menacingly, still holding his ground, due to the lance in the ground and the ice on his feet. Suddenly, the clones lend some of their ice to complete the other fragments, making them turn into dragons made of ice, the blue aura grows stronger, as the dragons surround Mona, rushing straight at it at alarming speed* H-how d-did I just do that?
(She smiles at Kalib knowingly and nods) I see... This Ene you love her right Kalib-kun? (Thoughts of a girl with pink hair and eyes come to mind as she grins) Yeah I know what that's like...

There's someone I love too. (She looks at him seriously) But enough about me, um have you told her what you feel yet? If not you should Kalib-kun just sitting around won't get you anywhere! (She nods at her own advice)
*Gamma eyes Klib curiously*
Ene again..... So that's the kind of thing I missed... Unfortunate. But I'm glad it turned out well.

*He soon turns back to Homura, hands behind his head*
Don't worry, I don't plan on fighting anyone soon. Just trying to have a conversation here. Nothing to freak out over.

*The winds grow even more violent, lifting even large fragments of the ground at once. Mona doesn't seem phased by the dragons rushing at him*
Thread Creator

*Kalib grins at Homura.*

I tried to be his friend. He just likes giving the cold shoulder. And I wouldn't fight him for no reason. I'm sure we both have that much decency.

*He looks backto Gamma with a smile.*

So am I. I don't know what I would've done if we didn't save her.

*Kalib smiles as he blushes heavily.*

I- uh...yes, I have. I've just been gone lately...so I couldn't even see her if I wanted to...

*He looks down.*
Here we go... *Rom pushes more and more of the ice fragments into the wind, taking control over the wind current, turning it into a blizzard, while the dragons bite Mona and spit out blades of ice at him, the force of both parts being amplified by the blue psychokinesis aura*

*A voice rings in Mona's head*
"Your will is an unbendable force"
"Take up the everchanging power"
*Mona gets stabbed by the blades of ice and he begins to bleed severely. However, he still remains standing*
(She smiles sadly and nods) Yes I understand that feeling too. No matter what I do things never work out with her...

(Her face looks several years older than it has any right to for a moment) Of course my reasons are very different from your own.

(She shakes her head and smiles at Kalib)
Oh well Kalib-kun I'm sure that somehow it'll work out for us both!
Thread Creator

*He laughs and offers a warm smile.*

God. You're something else! Boundless optimism, we need that nowadays!
*Gamma sighs and leans against a wall*
Nice to see my part getting looked over again. Not like I care of course.

I'll just hang out for a while if anyone needs me.
*From Rom's phone*
Don't give up just yet, Ryoma! You'll be okay, just listen to my voice, and keep fighting! Your resolve can't just end there... You've proven your worth several times before, and I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself too!
OOC: Yes yes she is... Which is highly amusing given how she'd be if I had gone with her more well known version, of course Mish's Homu made that feel redundant.

(She giggles and looks at him curiously)
Is it really so special Kalib-kun? I thought most people were positive honestly... Oh well I'm just glad that I can help somehow!

(She pauses for a bit before her smile falters and she looks serious) But um is there anyone who could show me how to fight better? I well... I just can't stop so I have to get better. (She looks down and frowns) Even though I actually hate violence.
You're right, Cal... I can do this... I can do this, and I won't lose! I'll fight with every last breath within me! *Rom, more motivated, stands up straight and puts more energy into the current and aims it mona, and the dragons, still surrounding him, pummel Mona even more* I believe...
Thread Creator

You'd be surprised.

*He eyes Gamma before looking back to her with a smile.*

Heh. That's what this place is for!

*Kalib gets up with a smile.*

What's your preferred fighting style? I have friends from all walks of life so we can figure something out.
(She pauses for a moment) Um my preference? Well... Not fighting is my preferred style! *She sighs and smiles at him sadly) But I have to so ranged weapons... I don't do well up close always left it to Saya (She recalls the other Sayaka here) Er Miki-chan or Kyoko.

(She blushes and rubs the back of her head)
My weapons are a pistol a golf club and some bombs I made... But uh I'm not so sure about my bombs, they don't always go off actually. (She looks at him curiously) So yes that's it for me... Does that help?

"You and I are the same"
"Call the storm..."
"And say thy name!"
*Mona mutters under his breath*
Po -seidon...
*Suddenly, a burly naked man wielding a trident, seemingly made out of stone, appears. *
*The winds grow beyond the point of being a storm. The entire battlefield gets ripped apart by the wind, broken in large platforms of rock floating in the air. The entire GYM rips in half and collapses. In the middle of it all, Mona stands on a high platform, surrounded by chains, donning a jacket embedded with stone. Mona begins to shout*
Heheheh, this is the power! The chaotic force of wind! The unstoppable power of change!
*Suddenly, the battlefield becomes surrounded with a large variety of rocks. Many as large as boulders. With a quick motion, all the rocks are thrust towards Rom in a high velocity, cutting through the air.*
Thread Creator

Em would be your best bet. But I can take a look at those bombs. Tinkering is a hobby of mine!

*He smiles widely.*
Ahh! *Space_Cat almost falls, but he activates his boosters and floats in place. He dives after his lunch.*
*the human Hunter wakes up while his YoRHa clone simply watches*

Normal Hunter: What did I miss?

*Sam, who has been minding his own business and analysing the data as the combatants fight, rolls his eyes.*
At least it's good data.
*A small slim boy walks into the building and silently watches the fights before turning to kalib*

What is the purpose of this establishment?
(She nods at him and summons her shield once again pulling a small tube shaped device out of it and handing it to Kalib) Um please be careful though like I said they're amateurish at best... (She stares at her creation with an uneasy face)

OOC: If for once I can get image links to work, they look like this.

Thread Creator

*Kalib notices the boy and smiles.*

A battlefield of raging hearts and growing bonds. Welcome to GYM! My name is Kalib!

*He offers a hand to shake.*
*The boy takes his hsnd and gives it a firm shake*

I am Naoto Shirogane. Pleasure to meet you, sir.
OOC: This fight is taking a while...
OOC: Narritive fights are a pain in the ass if you aren't recording health and the likes.
Thread Creator

*Kalib returns the shake and lets go.*

Naoto huh? Or would you prefer Shirogane? I'm terrible with Japanese social ettiquette.

*He scratches his head in embarrassment before turning to Homura and grabbing the bomb.*

Oh? A pipe bomb of sorts.

*Kalib begins diffusing the bomb and trying to take it apart as he moves to a table.*
Thread Creator

OOC: I mean....2 of the 4 have been out for some time. So baby steps?
*He chuckles*

Naoto is fine, Kalib-san. You're doing fine, if it is any consolation.
OOC: I am so sorry

IC: *A couple of boulders hit Rom, and some ice fragments cling onto the boulders, destroying them and lessening their impact* *pant* *pant* *pant* The power of change, eh? I admire your resolve. I too wanted change when I first entered the Nexus. I thought I was a nuisance, and I was too scared to do anything... But then, I met people that would change my life forever... They helped me bust out of my shell, and pushed me to my limits! That includes you too, Morgana... You helped me better myself through the universal language of battle... Thank you... *Suddenly, a spider-like persona wielding a giant book and sceptre appears behind the exhausted Rom, opposing Mona's force with his own, making the dragons and blizzard ten times more intense* Now... Let me repay you back with the might of TEN THOUSAND DRAGONS! LET US FINISH THIS, ANASI!
OOC: I feel cheap for doing this, but it felt like a good time to implement it
OOC: Anansi
OOC: I update the Phansite wiki when i'm bored. Weird hobby, I know

OOC: Like i'm not being just as cheap?

Heh, so be it...
*Mona lifts 3 big rocks in the air, as an attempt to threaten Rom*
Thread Creator

*Kalib grins.*

Glad to hear it Naoto! Pleased to meet you! So what brings you to this neck of the woods?

*He continues dismantling the explosive with aplomb.*

OOC: Well, could you update my page sometime? Especially with all these drastic changes.
Well, to be frank, I have been looking for Yu-kun. I heard he is a good friend of yours. I was also interested in this place, as I heard noises from the street outside.
OOC: Fair enough

IC: So be it indeed... *Rom disappears as several platforms made of ice appear, and a dozen ice boulders fly towards Mona*
Thread Creator

*He puts a hand to his chin.*

I haven't seen him for some time. I'll be honest. Is everything okay?

*Kalib now has the firing mechanism out and begins inspecting it.*
(She stands behind him watching him in some mix of fascination and fear for Kalib's life)

Um I hope this doesn't go badly... But don't worry Kalib-kun I'll protect you if anything happens with that bomb! (She smiles at him and glances down at her shield)

(She turns over to Naoto and waves at him)

Oh and um it's nice to meet you Naoto-san, I'm Homura Akemi and sorry about not saying something sooner... This is just a little nerve-wracking for me is all.

(Homura turns her attention back to Kalib's work)
OOC: Sure, i'll update it. Just send me the info you need me to update by way of PM and I'll take care of the rest. BTW, send the info to PeriodicFE. I'll be on the site between 4 and 5 PM (because school is starting for me).

*Mona's winds begin to pick up the entire area around him. A bunch of rocks, debris and the GYM front door create a trail. Mona has this trail revolve closely to him to ready his attack*

OOC: Timezone?
*The boy nods to Homura*

Completely understandable. I can relate to your feelings.

*He turns to Kalib with a frown*

No, sadly. I was separated from our group in the TV world, and now I'm trying to find a way back, if possible. Until then, I am prepared to stay here in the Nexus.

OOC: I can't tell if I'm a good Naoto or a bad one, but I know for a fact I don't do her justice.
Hey, what's up?
*Rom reappears on the platform on the far east, preparing more psi infused Ice blades*
Thread Creator

*Kalib begins twisting a screw on a spring as he speaks.*

So the TV world was the last thing you saw before getting into the Nexus. Well I'll keep an eye and an ear out for Yu!

*He twists the screw once more and wipes a bead of sweat from his head as he reassembles the bomb.*

Trigger mechamism was jammed and wouldn't fire without being struck. It should work fine now!
Thread Creator

OOC: You're fine. Keep it up!

*Mona fuses the streak of items together into one straight colossal mass, akin to a giant blade.*

*Sam moves his head to one side as a rock flies past him while still focusing on his data*
Someone's gonna have to fix this place.
Thank you Kalib-san. I can't thank you enough.

*He gives Kalib a rare smile*

You wouldn't mind showing me around the Nexus, would you? I'm still trying to get used to it...
*The doorboy steps into the building. Look at him and his doorness.* Shut up Adam... Yo.
Thread Creator

Eh? Why not! Can't do it today though...but here.

*Kalib takes out his phone and gives it to the boy.*

Add my information and we can keep in touch. I gotta help the Doctor with some experiments tonight.
(She grabs the bomb before bowing in thanks)

Um that's very helpful... But can you teach me how to do that Kalib-kun? I'm not the best at it or anything so I really should learn more if I'll keep doing this.

(She gives the the device a curious look)

I'm honestly surprised that's all I did wrong.

(She recalls Kalib's earlier words about Em)

Actually you mentioned Em... I keep hearing about him and his store but I have yet to actually find them, any clue why that is? (She tilts her head to the right side)
Having fun? *Rom shoots Mona a warm smile before resuming his preparation*

*Rom brings some fragments, boulders and a couple of Ice dragons together, starting to create some humanoid creature made of ice, enveloped in the usual blue aura*
..... This.... isn't what I was expecting....
Thread Creator

Just takes a steady hand and lots of focus, but sure. I'll help you make bombs. Just know we're both gonna get put on TSA watchlists.

*He laughs before looking back to her seriously.*

Em is an enigma. Always there when you need them but never when you want them. I'll let you know whenever Em is around again. Do you have a phone?
(She waves cheerfully at the boy with blue hair) Oh hello there, I haven't met you yet I think. Anyways I'm Homura Akemi. (She bows to him) It's nice to meet you!

(she rubs her chin in thought)

Is that hair naturally blue or do you use dye? I know a girl with hair about the same color back home... I don't guess you're related to her?

You're damn right I am!
*Mona pulls the giant streak of things and revolves it around himself at lightning fast speed, so that each cycle takes only a half-second. He then jumps off his platform and rushes toward Rom, making it so that the revolving streak may slam into them*
Hello. I'm Makoto Yuki. And.... Uh.... *.... Don't look at me. I got no clue.* But shouldn't I know? *Well yeah but since I don't know you don't know.* Then pick one! *Fine fine...* Yeah, it's natural.... I hate you Adam...
Whew, this is some good exercise!
*Rom's creature throws Rom to the top platform, and the humanoid's shoulder is hit, but he almost tanks the blow. It then takes the streak forcefully, and throws it away*

Grr... I'll break you! One more raise of pressure and those rocks won't stay together for long!
*Mona raises the speed of the swirling wind to 1,000,000 MPH*
(She giggles at him)
Oh are you using telepathy to speak with someone far away Yuki-kun? I mean that seems logical... (She tilts her head yet again) But why are you saying it out loud Yuki-kun?

(She looks at Kalib and smiles before bowing in thanks)
Alright then Kalib-kun I'd love to learn more about building things... Not just bombs but those are definitely good!
*a pink haired girl nervously enters the building, looking around* There was a lot of noise outside. There's no one hurt in here right?
Thread Creator

*Kalib waves at Yuki as he looks around the GYM.*

Oh hey Yuki! Welcome to GYM! This is a first time isn't it?
Not necessarily. My narrator just likes to annoy me...
Yeah.... though this isn't what I expected...
(She stares at the pink haired girl in shock before blinking and pulling her glasses off then rubbing her eyes)

Ma-Madoka? Is that really you?

(She slowly walks towards the girl absently ignoring everything else around her)
A little too over-the-top, don't you think? We're just training! Well, allow me to reciprocate... *Rom increases the intensity of the blizzard fifteen-fold, decreases the temperature of the ice to incomprehensible levels, and attempts to take control of the wind current again*
OOC: If you 2 are gonna be ridiculous, then i'll be ridiculous too
Thread Creator

*Kalib nods to Homura.*

Sure thing. Exolosive arts and crafts!

*He waves at the girl who just walked in.*

Welcome to GYM. My name is Kalib!

*Lastly he turns to Yuki and smiles.*

I have no idea what's happening either.
OOC: Fair enough
Sounds like every single day here.

So what if it's just training? I will show you the full extent of my power!
*Mona extends his hand out and begins to gather rocks and dirt around it*
*Space_Cat tries to push the 2 halves of the gym together, and succeeds. He then welds the 2 halves together with his raygun.*
The fourthwall is being beaten to death again! *Rom's creature shoots out dozens more ice blades at Mona's arm*
Huh? Homura-chan...?
Homura-chan is here! *Madoka suddenly hugs Homura right in front of everyone suddenly*
I'm so happy! I thought I wouldnt see you or anyone again! This world is so weird and I... *Madoka tears up, happy but also relieved to see Homura again*
Thread Creator

*Kalib smiles at the reunion between the two girls.*

Well ain't that just crazy adorable or what?

*Mona hisses in pain as his arm gets cut by the blades. The mass of rock's around Mona's hand grows bigger, containing several loosely compact stones.*
*She slams open the doors to the gym and walks in with a furious gaze*

Unbelievable I sense yet another disturbance in the ...

*Her words trail off as her eyes widen at the scene in front of her*

N-No way...

*Her hands clench into fists*

Madoka is that really y-you ...?
Keep that up and you'll kill someone, let alone the fourth wall! *Rom's shoots out wisps of ice that latch onto the stones, and carry them away*
OOC: idk why the 's is there
*Gamma looks up at Homura's entrance, and glances over the crowd again*

Well..... Homura.... You going to be ok? Kinda look like you've seen a ghost or something. You should probably calm down.
Thread Creator

Oh great....wait a god damn second. Two Homura's?!

*Kalib watches another door die young.*

What is it with you people and my front door?
(She wraps her arms around Madoka and leans her head on the smaller girl's shoulder) It's alright Madoka I'm here for you! (She nods along with Madoka's words)

Yes I guess this is quite odd... But I've met nice people here too it's not bad Madoka-chan! (She beams at Madoka and then breaks the hug taking one of the other girl's hands in hers) I knew you'd show up...

(She stands between Madoka and her older self as soon as Devil Homura walks in)
Wh-why are you here... You- you're not taking Madoka-chan anywhere. (She stares at the older girl in fear, still standing between them in spite herself)

*Mona's cluster of rocks grows to an immense size, far larger than the GYM itself. Mona thrusts his hand forward and causes all the stones to fly towards Rom at once, with incredible speed.*
Huh? There's two of Homura-chan? But... This one is really different...
I'm confused...
*Madoka is very confused but holds onto the glasses wearing Homura's hands tightly*
More clones...

OOC: I love how this has just fight has just turned to utter carnage. And there are still people having a casual conversation as this is going on.
*She takes a deep breath and then plasters on a wide grin*

*However her hands still shake at her sides*

Oh I am more than alright Kyubey.

*She walks up to her other self until she is towering over her with her wings spread*

I only want to see Madoka is that so wrong other me.

*Her gaze turns cold*

I suggest you move out of the way before the darling has to see anything unpleasant.
OOC: Yeah, I like how people don't even seem to notice the mass destruction

IC: WHOA! *Braces himself for impact, when his humanoid ice creature takes the hit for him, and thus, is destroyed, and Rom is knocked back* You did not just do that! *Rom, in huge pain, gathers every piece of ice from the giant, all of the stones grabbed by the ice wisps, and other debris and unleashes another extreme blizzard, amplified by the aura* So that's the full extent of your power... HERE'S MINE
OOC: Gonna go take a shower, wait for me if this fight actually ever ends
OOC: Sorry, man
OOC: I wouldn't call this conversation casual.... Since another fight could break out it seems.

IC: *Gamma sighs and shakes his head, looking at the Homuras and Madoka*
Madoka... Godoka..... Oh dear... This got a lot more interesting.... And annoying at the same time.

*Gamma focuses on DemonicHomura*
Perhaps it would be better if you don't speak to her. Might make following through with our deal much harder on you. And besides, as you must be fully aware, there's always another. This place isn't entirely safe anyways.
(She stares at the older girl and stands to the side still holding onto Madoka)

Fi-fine but she's not going anywhere she doesn't want to... Or do you not even care about what she thinks anymore?

(She tightens her grip and smiles at Madoka) Don't worry Madoka-chan everything will be fine.
Thread Creator

*Kalib watches Homura as she looms over the girls.*
*Em busts down the front door of GYM.*

No! I'm confused but... please don't fight! I don't wanna see any Homura-chan hurt... *Madoka looks like she's about to cry.*
I just want to understand... what is this?
Thread Creator


Huh, I couldn't finish him?
*Mona flinches back in fear of what Rom's attack will be*
*Gamma looks over to Klib*

To be fair, Homura used the side doors, then Em broke your front one..... Its not like you needed THAT many front doors after all.
That seems a little too convenient, don't you think?
*Rom is boosted up by a block of Ice, and puts several around Mona, slashing him with his lance, as the blocks pummel him*
*PK punches in the door and starts yelling

*Em rushes up to Kalib, and squares up to him.*


*Em then realizes he just randomly did this in the middle of a conversation.*

Er- uh... hey guys...
Ahem, so what's going on?

OOC: didn't Mona break the front door earlier too?
OOC: Front door?
OOC: You mean fourth wall?
*She ignores Gamma and looks at her other self with a blank expression*

I still care about what Madoka thinks ...

*She then walks up to Madoka and cups her chin*

I just want to know if she is the real deal.

*Her smile at this point looks overly stretched out*

Impostors of my goddess are unacceptable.
OOC: Canonically, I fixed the front door and then broke it down again, just for the intro.
OOC: Nevermind, though the fourth wall has been broken too
*Gamma sighs and looks between Em and PK*
You two came in at a really bad time... Well, since Em's here, maybe you can help the little girl over there
*gesturing to Homura-Akemi*
She's looking into a more... Technical combat basis, and your name came up, of course.
(She stares at her older self in terror and confusion) I have no clue what you mean by Goddess... Madoka is the most important person in the world to me but isn't that going a bit far?

(She smiles reassuringly at Madoka and shrugs)
I'm not totally sure what's going on with the other me Madoka-chan, but um I'll explain what I know later alright?

*Mona is knocked back by the barrage of attack, and falls off the platform. This throws off his focus and causes the winds to stop, which makes all the platforms fall too. Mona quickly balances himself midair and manages to get to fall feet first. He lands directly on Kalib's head*
So, I guess that's a draw *Mona huffs with exhaustion*
Hmm... does anyone know what the weather is outside? I've been waiting in here so long that I- *Looks up at the broken ceiling* Oh, it's sunny.
Really! I don't think there is ever a time where pancakes are a bad thing! Hello there! We have some new people here! Pancake_Knight! At your service!

*PK then bows, the nose of his mask touching the ground before getting up
*pants heavily* Is it over?
Well Gamma, I'm certainly willing to help.

*He makes a pillar of hard light and leans on it, and looks to Homura.*

So, what's the issue?
Thread Creator

*Kalib rubs his temples in frustration.*

I don't know Em. I am so lost...

*Kalib approaches the group.*

What I do know is I don't take kindly to people threatening my friends. Especially when they're on my property.

*He stares down DemonicHomura.*
OOC: lol, finally over
(She looks at Kalib and smiles) Um thank you Kalib-kun... And I'll explain in a little bit Em-san just give it a moment please.

So, uhh, how is everyone?
Thread Creator

*He puts Mona down.*

Get down from there!

*He rubs his neck from the force of the landing.*
*Rom quickly exits the arena* Finally... That giant was my only saving grace! One more attack like that and I would be over! Anyway, looks like we both changed... I can't thank you enough, Morga-
*looks at the others* Sorry for the chaos, everyone...
*Madoka blushes as her chin is cupped* H-Huh? I'm no goddess, I'm just Madoka Kaname... Why would I fake being myself?
Yes... Please explain when you can... U-Umm, sorry to everyone else! I didn't mean to make a scene...

*Mona ponders the damage done*
Yeah, but not like the damages really matter, as this whole place will be destroyed soon.
Hmm? Sorry, what happened?
*Gamma sighs and walks over to the Homuras and Kalib, looking between the group*
Now now, none of us want a fight to break out.... Not like it'd be much of one. Besides, there are other, interesting things we could talk about.

*Gamma casts DemonicHomura a sideways glance*
Especially you. I think its about time I became a little bit more involved than I have been. Assuming that's ok with you of course.

*Gamma looks over to Rom*
Looks like there's enough chaos happening without your input anyways, no need to apologize.
*Her gaze turns into one of cold disappointment as she continues to look at Madoka*

Aww so you really aren't the true Madoka.

What a shame.

*She quickly looks at Em and Kalib*

Why are you all getting so angry with me?

I'm about to do you the favor of getting rid of a dimensional anomaly for free!

*She rapidly pulls out a gun from her shield and points it at Madoka*

Any last words fake!

I can't stand a person like you using her face!
Thread Creator

Okay! Put the gun down lady! The only anomaly I see here is you!
Woah! You should think about where you are Mistress! Shooting willy nilly is no way to solve anything!

*PK then steps in between lady DemonicHomura and lady Madoka, looking down the barrel of the gun
*Gamma sighs and tries to put his hand on DemonicHomura's shoulder*
Calm down, its not important. Just be patient, and everything will turn out fine. There are much more important matters to attend to than someone who looks like Madoka.
*Gamma grins*
In fact, its quite convenient that I ran into you here. You may have missed some.... Interesting events
*laughs nervously at Gamma's comment* Yeah, I guess so... Well, there was a bright side to it... *Rom's new persona, Ananse, enters for a second in all his Humanoid Spider glory. Rom shoots another warm smile at Mona* Thanks again for sparring with us... Oh, we never even got a proper introduction! Well, my name is Rom. Nice to meet you, Morgana... *Reaches his hand out for a handshake*
OOC: The previous commemt*
... (Her clothes burst into her magical girl outfit as she stands between them and a barrier bursts forth in front of them) I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but I'm not going to let anything happen to Madoka!

(She glares at the older girl from behind her shield and then looks back at Madoka) Don't worry Madoka-chan I'll keep you safe!
Thread Creator

*Kalib tenses.*

PK. What did you just say?

Heh. *Mona formally shakes Rom's hand*
Nice to meet you, you seem like a fun guy. I apologize ahead of time if I have to end up killing you.
Hm! What seems to be the matter Kalib! Is it not a lady! If so my apologies!
Thread Creator

Sounded like you were on the side of that psychopath. I was concerned.
*laughs at Morgana's last comment* Fair enough...
H-Huh!? But... Homura-chan... What happened to you?...
This isn't like you at all! Homura-chan would never try to hurt me! She was always so kind and was by my side in spite of her shyness! I...
*Madoka stands in shock as the two Homura's prepare to collide* No!! You can't! Magical girls aren't supposed to fight, they're supposed to protect people! don't...
What! No! Im against evil! I dont know her name so I am using Mistress! and pulling a gun is pretty evil!
Tch by stopping me you are only bringing upon the worst.

*She places her gun back and glares at Madoka*

My Kyubey is right there are other things worth doing ...

*Her smile fades*

Over dealing with a fake and her idiotic knight.

*Her wings fold back behind her back as she crosses her arms*

I wonder if the two of you will still be happy once you bring destruction upon your new friends.

*Mona's eyes grow dreary as he slowly enters dreamland.*
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