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Survival camping trip in the mountains
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I'm going on a trip in the mountains! If you're interested, feel free to join me!
*Comes equipped with a camping pack on his back*
I'm coming, Sorry I'm late.
Thread Creator

Oh hey! welcome!
Did you ever go camping before?
*a child can be seen nearby running after a bee. He hears Bartz yelling and runs over to the group*
Oh!!! Did someone say mountains? Can I come along? Please? PLEEEEASE?
Ooh, a hiking trip! Sounds fun! "Ha... do we really have to do this, master? Im not really good at walking long distances..." dont worry, caster. Ill be there for ya if you get tired. Besides, this will help with that. "If you say so..."
Thread Creator

Of course you can little guy! What's your name?

The more the merrier !
Yup, By the way, Brought this.
*pulls a small machine out of the pack*

Survival is too easy if we have magic.
*turns it on and cancels out magic for the rest of the thread*
OOC: with the OP's permission of course.
Thread Creator

OOC: sure. Does that include my Job changes ? or just my black mage magic and whatever other magic based skills my other jobs have ?
OOC: Up to you.
OOC: Whatever makes it more fun.
Thread Creator

OOC: well I thought about going hunting at some point with my hunter Job. Freelance Bartz is by far one of the worst bartzes out there. But I'll let you decide ^^
OOC: Like I said, whatever you think makes it more fun, I did it to prevent Magic from making everything super easy.
OOC: its your thread after all
Thread Creator

OOC: we'll see. We'll turn it off if needed :3

Well, are we still waiting for someone or can we go ?
*Kuu giggles and runs after the group*
Yay!!! I've always wanted to go to the mountains camping-guy.
Oh... Yeah, you can call me Kuu, it's short for Kuudere, a friend gave me that name.
"Ha... without magic im not very good at fighting... this will be hard..." dont worry, caster. Im good with several weapons incase we need to defend ourselves.
Thread Creator

Sure Kuu. My name is Bartz! Nice to meat you! *he gives Kuu a bright smile*
Thread Creator

Wait fighting? There are no monsters where we're going!
Thank goodness for small favors then. Come on, lets go! "Right."
Off to the unknown of the forest!
*Kuu smiles back at Bartz*
Nice to meet you too camping guy. I hope we find all sorts of cool stuff on our trip.
Thread Creator

* he puts his fingers to his mouth and whistles loudly.
Before long, a big yellow bird appears in the distance.*
This is boko! He's my trusty steed, and best friend ever! * he picks up kuu and places him on boko's back* he'll help us if we're tired ! Now let's go!
"My my. What a large chicken. Ive never seen anything like this." Technically its not a chicken, caster. "Oh really?" Yeah. Really.
Thread Creator

Uhh.. yeah, he's going to kick you if you say that.
Anyway, the path is this way, up north.
Thread Creator

* after travelling for a while, the party arrives at a precipice*

Well... It looks like we're out of luck. There used to be a bridge here, I'm pretty sure. If we want to get to the camping spot, we'll need to cross this gap somehow.
"Hmm... i think i have an idea..." *she ties a rope to her pain breaker staff and tosses it like a javelin to the other side* "hows this?"
Thread Creator

Well it's an idea, but do you think it'll hold ? It doesn't seem like it's super stable
Lemme try to make it more stable. *ties the other rope to a stake and wraps several metal wires around the rope* will this help?
Thread Creator

Well we can always try... but, I'm afraid of heights. I'll let you go first.
*sigh* you're not the only person ive met thats an acrophobe... come on caster. Lets go. "Coming."
Thread Creator

I uh... I'll let the other people go first.
*Kuu seems to have gotten distracted by local plants, but soon catches up with the group. He sees the rope and runs over to it*
Oh? Is this a new game? Can I play? How do you play?
OOC: Srry, Stuff came up

*Digs through pack*
Hmm.... I Got a grapple gun in here? would that help?
I already got a bridge set up. Come on!
*Aims grapple gun at the other side*
That's not a bridge, that's a rope with metal wires.. I don't trust it.

*Fires the gun and swings across the gap, climbing up the rest of the way*
*Walks to the mountain*
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