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Nice of Yaldabaoth to invite us over to the depths of mementos
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Ehhhh! Lotsa speghetti, Joker!
Can I come, too? I want to be part of this grand adventure.
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You know what they say, the more the marrier!
*Plays laugh soudtrack.*
I wish the metaverse nav had an enclosed instruction book...
Have you tried looking it up on the app store?
You know what they say! All Junes! Sell toast!
Don't forget to buy top-quality toast at your local Junesâ„¢!
Teddie? How did you get here?
After all, i am a bear of many talents.
I'm finally meeting back up with my old friends but they all only advertise June's products now.
Oh, i'm free after i get my paycheck.
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