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Leblanc: C and S.
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The place looks amazingly more modern, new bar chairs, marble flooring, tables, actual menus, and merch in the corner.
Maybe this time people will pay money.
*under breath*
Or I could start money laundering in the basement.
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Not yet, let's wait and see......

I think I took a wrong turn out of Squid-Shibuya....

We need a name for that place....
*suddenly appears* welp, at least I might be able to help out around the place again. But wow, I guess all that money I tipped in the beginning of my time here came in handy. And Sqibuya sounds like it's a good name.
*walks into the objectively cooler Leblanc with a stolen cup*
H-*hic*-Hey Boss!
*stumbles into a booth*
*poofs in* yay
Woah, this place looks great!
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TBH, 🅱igor just robbed a bunch of stores
Oh hey, Star. Wait, you saying I didn't wander into a rich part of town?
*slides Boss a blank check*
Courtesy of Kirijo Corp.
Hey star! Hey mig!

Thread Creator

You never do care about funding, do you?
Oh...okay. and nah, this is LeBlanc now I guess. Welp, guess I might as well have a cup of coffee from the new and improved LeBlanc. *Takes a seat*
*walks in and sits in one of the booths*

I need to sleep....

*yawns and falls asleep*
*Gamma walks on with a sigh and sits down at the counter*

New location is pretty refreshing. I see there's pleasant company too. I'd just like a curry and perhaps some water if you don't mind Boss.
"Walks in"

A new Leblanc?
Once you start making crazy money from Mitsuru, you stop having to worry at some point.

*sits down on the booth*

can i get some coffee
.... Aigis are you okay...?

*shrugs and sits down* I could use some SP.
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*brings out orders, as well as points to the glass heated case, it sustains Curry and other foods inside, as well as fresh pots of coffee above the case*

We have self serve now, Shizas idea. Just remember to pay.

*Ut bona appears and ink bona appears as well*
UT Bona: yo.
Ink bona: Hi guys!
*swims into the new leblanc* hey guys!

*gets some coffee and puts 50 bags of money on the counter* that will pay for everything in the future for me
All 3: Hi dahlia.
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Hey, out of those squid forms! You know how hard it is to clean this floor!? That's polished marble!
Thanks. *Takes a sip* ahh...just what I needed after staying up till six.
I'll clean it if you want.
Ink bona: Sorry! I promise I won't spray ink all over the place!

hey star mind if i sit next to you
*goes in back to make a secret menu item*
Hoo boy.
*walks in, stretching* Ahh... *looks around* Wow. LeBlanc certainly upgraded!
Sorry boss... but i didnt shoot any ink to get in here...
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All 3: Hey yang.
Hey hey, I heard rumor that a gang war happened, but I missed it. Dang, someone give me the details!
I didn't do nothin'. You tryna tell me my family recipe tastes like jizz eh?!
*waves* Hey, Bonas!
Sure...*falls asleep in an instant* (...I, as the narrator, can't believe she only slept for four hours and still had some energy to do a few things. Well, looks like she won't be waking up for awhile.)
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Im trying to tell you I know what you're doing
*wakes up and starts cleaning up the ink with a mop*

I need break please...
I don't think you do.

*sits down next to star and dose nothing*
Bona: Yang I can't remember anything from last night. Do ya know if I got drunk or something like that?
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Oh never, whatever....do what you will igor
*He walks in* Did I make a wrong turn? I'm pretty sure I meant to visit Leblanc.
All 3: Hi hib.
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This is the new and improved Leblanc. Welcome
*heads into the basement to start [REDACTED]*
Hey hibiki!
*pours herself some coffee*
I would kill for some tuna right now... Wait, what?
Oh, hey guys! *He sits down* turns out demons are more active than I thought. I've been working for JPs again.
Do you need help with that demons?
I dunno, Bona... *shrugs* I don't think so, but I fell asleep, so...
*finishes mopping up*

All done boss. Marble is clean and polishes.

*walks back to the booth and sleep*
Bona: So, hib, how's the cartrage been treating you? Is there any bugs?
Bona: Well I think kappa told you something about last night, but I'm not sure...

*falls asleep and falls off of the chair.. also suddenly and portal opens a some of someone's roof came out of the portal and falls on my face*
Well, Kappa told me you joined in in Lucifer's harem, that's about it.
*bona looks super confused*
Bona: I'm sorry, repeat that please?
*Gamma sighs and looks around him as he accepts his water and grabs some curry*
This place has become crowded again unfortunately. Oh well. I'll just stay here for now.
Ive been to busy working to have a chance to try it. I go on vacation Monday though. Technically I'm on call in case of emergency today.
Tuna? Aigis did something happen to you? You look weird, too.

Also if you hate squids, be glad those charms exist, Boss.
Bona: Oh. OK.
You joined a harem with the Demon Lord, Lucifer. Cute girl, lolita-like, silver hair. Ring any bells from last night?

*is under some rubble that came out of a portal*
I gtg guys, I have things to do, bye.

"He pays and leaves"
*bona now looks super flustered and is redder than a tomato*
bona: Oh shoot I totally forgot!
*runs to clear out the rubble and pull naho up* you ok?
*enters and sits down*

*Is fainted*
Bona: I totally remember now! Thanks but now I'm super embarrassed! I technically have a girlfriend now!
Oh dear... *places naho on a booth gently* please wake up soon...
*Hibki's phone rings and he quickly answers* Got it, I'll be there. *He hangs up and gets ready to leave* Quick emergency at JPs demons got in somehow. I'll be back soon. *He runs out*
*she snickers* D'aww, cute~ Way to go, Bona.
Bona: Yang, you gotta help me. I've never had a girlfriend before!

*in my mind*

naho: i never had a boyfriend.. or have been in a harem*
Okay, I am terrible at dating advice, bit I'll try. Hmmm.... Give her gifts, but not all the time. Some flowers are nice, but don't go overboard with the gifts... Uh... Take her out on a date, too, but let her pick! And... That's all the advice I can give you, Bona...
Bona: Thanks. I could use those tips.
Glad to be of some use~!
Bona: I'm still super embarrassed though. I honestly forgot about that.
*laughs* Don't worry, Bona. No one's gonna hold it against ya.
Considering its lucifer, id suggest you just roll with anything she throws at you. Flirting, anything else, you name it.
Bona: Jokes is. I told her that I was surprised that she had a harem. I guess I look like the fool now.

*falls off of the chair and wakes up*
*ut bona falls asleepand ink bona turns back into a charm*
*she leans back in her seat, putting on headphones and closing her eyes*
Oh, naho. I didn't notice you there. *picks her back up*

thank.. *sigh and drinks some coffee*
*goes and makes some hot cocoa*
Oh, thanks also dahlia.
*Walks in*
Is someone who works here here? I need to know why my tab stopped coming out of my bank account.
You're welcome anytime!
Boss and 🅱️Igor work here, but I don't think they did it.

*sigh and wounders what would happen if i was in a harem*
Ugh.... anyone manning the counter?
Apparently it's buffet style now.
*Enters panting*

Sorry I'm...late...what'd...I...miss?
Well there is now. Gimme your orders.
Hey Shi.

*faints again*
*looks at naho* Again....
*Catches his breath*

So, how is everyone?
*Brings Coffee to Reaper*
Does she do that often?
Yeah like three times a day.

I'm ok Caesar.
*takes the coffee* Thanks.
Well, I, technically, got a girlfriend yesterday.
*Sits down in one of the new chairs*


Where'd Boss go?
*Hibki walks back in, however his clothes show signs of being burned* Can I have some curry? Things got a little hairy earlier.
Good for you Bona, want something on the house? I'll pay.
I heard. It isn't a technicality, It just doesn't even count. Sorry.
That's exactly it reap.
*Gets a Curry for Hibki*
*sits next to Dahlia*
*He takes the bowl and sits down* Thanks, maybe I should reconsider my career.

*wakes up again*

can i hang out with someone
Stop passing out *sigh*
Speaking of careers, I now co-own this place. Need anything, just ask.
*looks at naho*
You ok?
Sure Shinji. Can I get some more hot cocoa?
Naho I can't tell if you need more sleep or if you just get hit in the head too much.
Well, if you Co-own LeBlanc, I got a question, why has my tab stopped coming out of my bank account?

i dont know too

I only just got here. How long has this been happening?
*gets bona a cocoa*
Just started happening yesterday.
Oh, and thanks Shinji. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.
*Sumire walks into leblanc and sits down in a booth and then she starts reading a book (Itsa book from the His Dark Materials series btw)*
Weird. First time I've heard about it. I'll talk to Boss next time I see him.
No problem, man. You're my friend. It's the least I could do.
*Walks in, laying her weapon against a wall.*
I like the new look of it.

*sighs and looks around*
Hey Kuro.

*Falls asleep on the booth*

*sigh* well guess dahlia is out of the picture
Sooo..... Who wants to make a fear turkey and send it to the Vatican? Anybody?
*Starts washing dishes*
The hell is a fear turkey?
I'm gonna take a nap to then. *He falls asleep however his phone starts ringing but he doesn't wake up*

.... *is confused*
*Sumire looks up from her book* Fear Turkey what is that??
*Picks up Hibki's phone*
Sorry, he's sleeping, can I take a message?
Young ones, a fear turkey is sending numerous pigeons carrying hand written threats to the Vatican to instill as much fear as we can.... And then... We fuck it.

... what the...

*Sam portals him and his entire corner from Leblanc X into the new Leblanc*
So this is the new place, is it? Neat.

*opens one eye* hm? Whaz goin on?
Voice from Hibki's phone: Well wake him up and tell him to get his ass down to JPs! We need backup!
..... No thanks.
*She sits down in a corner booth, checking her phone.*

*uses a airhorn*
*Kicks Hibki*
Hey! Hibbs! Jips needs you for an emergency.
*also uses an airhorn*
Uh hell no *She goes back to reading*

*He wakes up* Ugh. Alright then. *He takes his phone pays for his food and runs out*

hey dahlia want to hang out...
*Sumire cover her ears and in the process drops her book* Stop using Air horns please!

So much airhorns. Gah.
Sorry dahlia. We weren't trying to wake you.
*enters and sits next to Dahlia*

*checks the pamplet. Inkopolis' public grand opening is today* Sure. *shows the pamplet*

It's ok bona. I kinda understood that...
*looks at Dahlia* Can i come?
Ooooh, inkopilis! I wouldn't mind going too!
Ooc: inkopolis

If naho doesn't mind, I won't either.
I wonder if I have an office...

*Leans back in his chair*

the more the better
*he stretches as he sleeps*

Keep it down. I need some peace and quiet...
How about we go now!

Alright! It should be in shibuya, so let's go! *leaves*
I'll go too better than sitting around *Sumire said while putting away her book and standing up*
Ooc: who should create the rp

OOC:I have no idea
Ooc:eff it I'll make it
*she wakes up, falling face-first out of her booth onto the floor* Oof...
OOC: Seriously though, I want my own office.

*Shiza walks over to Yang*

Hey babe, guess what?
*she looks up at Shiza* Yeah, hon? *she gets up, rubbing her nose*
*Hibki walks in sitting in a both taking off a yellow coat with the JPs logo* When did demon hunting become a boring nine to five grind?
I now co-own Leblanc. Cool right?
*she smiles nodding* Wow! Way to go, hon~!
*Smiles proudly*

Heh, thanks.
Wicked... This place got a fairy godmother...

*a note landed on yang and it says "naho as been captured by me sami"*
*Kuro wakes up abruptly.*
DON'T BURN IT DOWN! Ignore what I just said, waking up from nightmares suck.
*Puts his arm on Kuro's shoulder*

I know how you feel. I had shit like that happen to me for weeks. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you.

*Smiles, then walks away and makes himself a bourbon blend*
*she reads the note* ....! N-Naho's...
I've had those for a while. You just need to talk about them and they won't be as bad.

*on the back of the note "also even if she was saved.. she will not come back"*
*she collects herself, drawing in a deep breath* It'll be fine... Naho's going to be fine...
I'm already working on helping her. Feel free to come with.

*Conjures a red portal*

Also, I may need to fight Satan if I want my body back. You know, plot bullshit and all.

OOC: *Cough* breaking the fourth wall is fun. *Cough*


Naho? You ok?

Strange. I feel like we've been doing something else for the last 2 hours or so.

yea im fine.. and dont worry about it sam

We were shopping at inkopolis, and i saw naho passed out on the ground... im glad she can walk now...
*she enters, face planting* I feel like I was strapped to an asteroid, then crashed into eighty Jupiters...
Yang, you alright there?
Yeah that's good...
*looks at the time* Dahlia wanna go back?

Oh yeah. How do i look now, naho? *she has her red vector tee, navy blue pants and the visor she bought earlier on*

*checks her phone* maybe tomorrow... its starting to get late, after all...

dont worry i got new clothes.. im fine
I dunno, Kuro... I have no clue if I'm okay or not...
I was talking about going back to the hotel.

Oh... yeah sure...
Well, hopefully you feel better.

*She falls asleep in her booth. A few minutes later, a portal opens up next to Kuro. An arm pops out with similar clothing to her, dragging her in.*

*sigh* can i get a drink please
.......I can't feel my legs....

*hugs yang*
*Shiza walks in, falling face-first into a booth. He says something, but his voice is muffled*
Hmm? What's going on here?
AAH, I HAVE BEEN ATTACKED BY A HUGGING NINJA!! I MUST RETALIATE! *hugs Naho back* And what was that, sweetheart?
I hope I'm not bothering anything.
*Kuro walks back in.*

*in my mind*

despair naho: its a good thing that im the only who can hear you.. and for now let these people have a happy ending before sami or i take it away
...can someone help me up? I seriously can't feel my legs...

Uhh. Who's the entity?
*More muffled noises come from Shiza's direction*
I forgot that Despair Naho brainwashed you! I'll leave you to it to figure out the details.
Awww... is the poor little Tsugumi tired?
Don't worry, stabbing yourself in the leg should help.
*Shiza stands up and walks over to Yang, where he helps her up and puts her in a chair*

You alright?

*in my mind*

despair naho: that did not happen...

*outside of my mind*

*is still hugging yang*
My name is Yang, you raisin. Anyways... *she shakily manages to get up* I can feel my legs a little, but they still feel kinda numb....
You're not the only one who can hear me right now, Despair Naho. Every single person in this cafe's hope side can hear me. And they seem scared...
*Sighs and sits back in the booth she was in before, staring down at the table and writing random japanese.*
Subconciously, they can hear me. They sometimes are able to possess the owner's voices, just as Yang did right there.
*bona walks in, still filled with hope*

Scared? You're full of yourself.

OOC: right now im just wishing for everything to be normal..
Ahh, his hope side is acting out. This is why I like the wild cards more. THey allow themselves to have different emotions so they can have multiple Personas...
Well, I'll leave you all to it. Enjoy being scared subconciously.
*Once again, a portal spawns near Kuro. The same arm takes her in, and yelling can be heard after.*
Shut it despair. Hope is a part of me now, much like despair is a part of naho.

*is still hugging yang*
Hey guys! *The cat with a space suit walks in, wearing proudly a necklace with a red gem.*
No, that necklace......
I just found this thing lying on the ground and I knew I had to have it!
*she smiles, patting Naho on her head*
That necklace is dangerous. It must be destroyed.
*breaks through the door with a chaingun with it's sentry mod*

Click to load jpeg image (size - 148 kb)
It matches perfectly with my bright white space suit, don't you think?
*Shiza sits down next to Kuro, drinking from a beer*

What'dya doing?
Umm, there's a door for a reason doom guy.

*keeps hugging yang*
Oh, hey Doom Guy. I thought you were out fighting?
Listen to me. That necklace is dangerous! It must be destroyed! It's filled with despair and it might posses you!
Oh god, not him again...

Hey, don't be mean! He's a proud war veteran with 90+ years experience!
Ooc: I feel bad for ya
...Naho, can ya leggo? ....you're giving me anxiety....
OOC: With what?

.. *faints*

Oh my god...why me...?
*she catches Naho* Oh, okay... I'll just er... *she lays Naho down in a booth* Lay you down here...
Huh? Spit it out here, we won't know what you're talking about if you keep mumbling!
*Slams his head on the table*

This fucking sucks.
*simply looks at the Shiza as he slaps Yang's legs making them feel back to normal*

-inside his head-

(Is that so? How will you do it?)

Please refrain from touching my girlfriend.
*she sits next to Shiza* I feel somewhat violated.....
I shall recede for now. I will come whenever necessary.
*bona begins to lose his heavenly aura and goes back to normal*
Ugh, my head. What happened? All I remember is shooting those balls of hope at naho and yang.
*Holds her*

I know.

*naho falls off of the booth... and random rubble is now on naho*
-Still in his head-


*He cracks his neck, revs up the chain gun and sets up it's sentry mode imploding him to the ground*
Wow, I'm really starting to feel bad for naho.
Yang, do ya know what happened?
*she smiles, leaning into Shiza* ♪~

I better get that payment, or so help me god...
No clue, Bona... She fainted and I laid her down in a booth... That's all.
*he walks in*

Hey Yang... why is there a heavily armored marine on a revved sentry?
*Shiza's eyelids start to fall*

I'll bleed your way into your skull and give you a reason to despair
I'll make sure that when someone is killed you won't even care
You'll feel the full force of pain I bring when I enter your mind
Let me make this clear, there's one reason I'm here
It's so I can find
No, I mean with me. All I remember before now is shooting those balls of hope at you and naho.
No clue, Spec!
"I'll pay you for not shooting me if you like, Shiza."
*Puts his head on the table*


Why can't things just happen...
Ooc: I'm very tempted to put the navy seal copy-paste but censored
OOC: Fuckin' do it.
Huh...? No clue what you're talking about, Bona...
Ooc: copypasta not copy-paste
Well...technically I did.
Hey, have any of you guys seen a cat? About my size, humanoid?
Wears a scarf and says "Lookin cool!" a lot.
-still in his messed up mind-

*he still looks around ready to break spines and rip jaws*

*is under some rubble still*
Don't worry, Doom Guy is just having flashbacks to the Zurgon war.
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