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list of things bigger than Haru's forehead
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uhhhhhh... I'm gonna need some help with this...
Vitamin D
The universe. Maybe.

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Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but you're the only one here with delet power hazama
my love for haru ecks dee
When Haru wins the waifu wars she'll also be able to delet!
A list of Yukayo's alts.
Maybe my edge? I mean, I HAVE gone infinite.
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Haru Propelled Grenade Launcher vs the Fuuka Bazooka

Who Is Stronger
The list of unfunny memes I have posted here is larger.
The void in my heart
Bigger than Haru's forehead? Hmmmmm...

Futaba's tentacle hentai collection!
The metaverse.
@pixie don't forget the futaba cannon

Igor's nose
I'll take that as a compliment
Jacksfilms forehead. I want that forehead battle
My forehead
Maybe that girl that sings "Shine bright like a diamond...":

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I have been informed that Haru's forehead is infecting children's card games
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Oh, that's a pretty good card
The foreheads of the characters of code lyoko
Final fantasy's characters weird hairstyle
Someone I know IRL's forehead
Timmy Turner's teeth.
Akira's ego
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