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LeBlanc: Coffee Covered: Repeated Orders 2!
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OOC: other one got blown up so yeah
*minami is running around covered in salt lemon and lime, she is also nude for no apparent reason*
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Hello, hello, how are you? Hello, hello, it's good to see you. I say hello, I'm happy that you're here. I say hello (etc etc)

Ooc: If you get that you get a gold star
*Walks in*
Refurbished again..huh..?
*Looking over to Minami, Robin bows*
Names Robin Kisaragi..
Pleased to meet you..
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*minami walks up to Robin*
Hello Robin, name is Minami Kurosaki!! Don't forget it!
*she extends her salt lemon lime covered hand*
*Despite noticing the stain on her hand, Robin still shook her hand, ignoring the effects as he grinned*
..Nice to see someone new..
What are you doing here..?
"He appears"

Anotyer LeBlanc?
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OOC: not new, well not very new

Oh, you know how girls just want to have fun. So that, dear comrade, Is what I am doing
*minami poses*
I have become what I love, a Minami cocktail. I wonder what I taste like?
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That's right, another LeBlanc, mwahahahahahahaha. But yeah seriously, another LeBlanc
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What do you think?
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Do I look good?
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*mina giggles and looks at mask*
Suppose I ca n't get everyone on board. What about you Robin?
I'm a shadow, I'm not interested in girls, but you look better than the other girls.
Well then....what other drinks do you have?
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*mina pouts and moves behind the bar*
we have booze, lots of booze
*Robin smirks before sitting down by the counter*
Can you gimme a vodka..?
...Not up to getting too drunk but...still..it'd be nice to get a little buzzed..
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What's your taste boy, *minami walks over with a selection of different flavors*
Plain vodka is fine.....I have simple tastes I guess..
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how do you want it?
*Robin sighed before gesturing to the bottle*
Can you just hand me the bottle..?
..I just want it straight from the bottle..
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Now that is the kinda man I can respect, second one is on the house.
*she hands him two bottles and winks, before going back to the bar and making herself a mai tai and sitting next him*
*Grabbing one of the bottles, Robin pours himself a drink before softly rolling the glass in his hands, watching the colorless liquid stir before taking a sip, relaxing his tense muscles*
Ahh...that's nice...
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*minami crosses her legs and takes a sip of her drink. She leans her elbow on the table and rests her head in her hand, looking at Robin*
So, what's up with you?
Don't get drunk.
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Mr Mask, the point of this place is to get drunk!
*Pouring some more vodka onto his glass, Robin turned to look over to Minami, a small grin on his face*
..Nothing really...just thinking about some stuff...
The letter?
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*a curious look befalls her face*
What kinda stuff?
*Robin gave a small nod*
...One of the few things at least...
What are you going to do about that?
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Well, Mr Kisaragi, f you need anything let me know, kay?
*Robin chugged the glass*
...I'll find a way....I promised after all...
...Still..that's only a part of what I'm thinking about..

I'm a shadow who can peek into minds, if you need information I'm your man.
*Robin grinned a bit more*
..Still..I suppose there is some good in what I'm thinking about...
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*maina pats Robin's back*
You seem like a good guy, I'm sure you'll know what to do
You are like him.
*Walks into the cafe.*

'Ello everyone.
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@Kageomi, I doooooooooo not believe we have introduced
*mina, still nude and covered in salt lemon and lime once again etends her hand*
Who are you?
.... Name's Kage. You're Minami, right?

*Shakes her hand*
*Robin keeps drinking, putting away an empty bottle before reaching for the second bottle of vodka*
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Minami is the name,don't forget it.
*minami goes and puts on some undewrwear*
What can I get you, we have booze and nothing else.
*walks in* It's good to see this place again.
Hey..this might be a strange question but...
...how do you...catch someone's eye..?
Only fuckin' booze? Then I guess I ain't gettin' anythin' here. I'll stick around ta see what happens though.
Only booze?
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*Minami takes a swig from a bottle*
Only booze, *she sits next to robin again her face slightly flushed*
So friend. HOw are you!
..Again...how do you reckon you catch someone's eye..?
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I'm afraid I couldn't help you there. Just be with them as much as you can I guess, being naked tend to help!
*Robin chuckled, laughing at the thought*
..Like hell I'd do that...
She'd kill me...!

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Hehe, I'm sure I know someone who can relate. I'm sorry I can't be of much help though.
..... Can i have a drink?

*Robin smiled before fiddling with the second bottle*
Hmm....I just want her to smile...
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@-Reaper-, what will you take?
Beer will be good.
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Any preferred brand?
OOC: sorry i got busy.

"He pets an unicorn'
Any brand will be fine
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*maya gets a pint of beer for -Repaer-*
Here you go lad
Ey, can ya brew me up a Bloody Mary?
There you have kaegomi.
OOC: Kageomi*
*takes a sip*
*Downs the bloody mary*

So how's everyone's lives?
It's good
Like an old man says:

Thread Creator

*minami appears again, dressed as an apple and begins walking around*
Thread Creator

OOC: sorry had to go for a moment
"He become a gigant apple"

.... The fuck?
"He backs to normal"

Can i ask you something?
Thread Creator

ask who? *apple dance apple dance*
All of you.
Thread Creator

Shoot *apple dance apple dance*
The fuck ya want?
Where can I find a guy called mishima.
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*minami drinks more, visibly drunk at this stage, her voice slurring*
Apple dance apple dance
*she continues the apple dance*
Got no clue who that is. See all ya bitches later.

*Walks out of the cafe*
I'll ask around, see ya

"He leaves'
*takes a sip*
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So, repaer, what do you do?
For a living?
I am sitting
Thread Creator

that is cool *mina changes out of her outfit back into her nude salt dressing!
Are you naked?
*takes a sip*
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yes I am, *takes a large drink*
If you count salt I am not
I see...
Hey guys!
Hey Dahlia!
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Hi dalia, *mina, still completely nude save for salt lemon and lime moves to greet dahlia*
*looks nervous*
glad to see leblanc has been rebuit.
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You can thank ken, he did in earlier!
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Dahlia would you like to dress up with me!?!
*takes a sip*
*spits out the beer* Nude?!

Eh... no thank you... but thanks for offering.
Thread Creator

Thread Creator

Would anyone like to do the apple dance *apple dance apple dance*

Well how have you been, reaper?
I'm doing good thanks for asking. And you?
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reaper, I dont appreciate your tone *mina puffs out her face and summons a buzzsaw*
Great a girl always tries to kill me.....
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Kill you, I was gonna carve you a sculpture....you seemed in a bad mood so I wanted to make you feel better
Oh sorry then...
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No.....I'm sorry for the misunderstanding....*mina looks down*..

I'm doing good too.
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*mina goes behind the bar to a secret shower component and washes off the salt, she then gets dressed in her usual clothes*
So.......Reaper, anything you would like, I can make just about anything...
Don't blame yourself....
Thread Creator

And do what, blame you? I'd rather just make you happy....
Surprise me

I'm sure flik and lotus will be happy to hear that its been rebiult...
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*Minami returns with a lifesize sculpture of reaper tied to her back*

Um... well this is certainly surprising...

Isn't it, reaper?
Thread Creator

Do you like it......I wanted to apologize about earlier

Reaper? you there?
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*Mina looks saddened*
Well, do you think it is ok dahlia? the
*she slides up to the newly fixed cafe and blows a bubble to signify her presence*

Yeah... it looks nice...
*enters the cafe*

This feels super odd...

hey hunter. hey lotus.
*Kyoko walks in* Ugh. This place makes no sense.
*turns to Kyoko*

I got the same feeling as you but it will fades away for a while.

*makes coffee for her and tea for Dahlia*
OOC: sorry i had to do some things
*Wanders on in looking tired and beat the heck up.*

Ugh.... I'll take a coffee for once...
Water please.

ooc: ok i thought you got turned into the statue so i was freaking out! XD
*gives Migrant a cup of coffee*

There you go. So Dahlia hear that your two pets can talk.

*puts out a plate of raw salmon*
OOC: Use wind. Medusas are weak to wind it seems. :P
*looks at the sculpture* This is really good!
*Hibki warps in* Hey guys! Water please.

yeah... they have translators in their collars that allow them to communicate with us....
Hey Hibki

hey hibiki!
*hands Kyoko a cup of water*

Here you go.
Hey! Glad to see it opened again.

yeah! it fells like im at home again...
*She takes the water* Thank you. Also it turns out the Naegi here, isn't the one I was pissed at.
Hey Hibki, thanks Hunter, hey everyone else. *begins to consume the life-giving force that is caffine*

Man last night sucked.
*sniffs the smell of fish and slides up to the plate and begin eating*

Hey lotus, why not turn your collar on?
*she pushes a button in the collar*

I am actually suprise every time I hear my voice.
What happened last night? Other then this place getting blown up again?

you'll get used to it eventually... as will all of us...
I hope not....
*he looks at the collar*

Did Spectre made this?
I had an anonymous feeling yesterday to. Reason why I fleed to quickly.
Well everyone is still off playing in the TV World, so I decided to stop by GYM to get some practice of my own in. Well I had a fight with Kalib and was feeling real good about myself....

Then stupid Emerson shows up and decides to kick my ass for fun...

*does a really bad Emerson impression* "learn some life lessons."
From what i'm seeing this place can get dangerous. Is there anywhere I should avoid to stay alive?
Well Ms. Kirigiri my friend Kalib owns a gym which is a safehaven.
I'd recommend here, the beach, and the hotel, just stay out of the TV world, and the Metaverse.
"He appears and he makes curry"
I see. Thanks.
"He tastes it"

Hmmm is good.

"The curry explodes"

.... How?
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

*he enters and sits with Kyoko*

Hey, I decided to stop by. I wanted to talk a bit more, if that's okay with you.
Sure. What about?
Ok, I'll make coffee

"He puts coffee beans and then it explodes"
Hey Makoto! Glad to see you're still alive. For an average man that's pretty impressive.
W-welcome "cof" "cof" to "cof" Leblanc... what do you want? "Cof"
... Why?
Thread Creator

Yay, I'm glad you like it *Minami hugs reaper and grins*
Thank you
Click to load png image (size - 84 kb)

So if you really... died... then you don't know what happened after that trial. On top of that, I know a lot of things about you that you think you never shared with me...
What did I share? After all I must have trusted you after you didn't turn me in. *there is a hint of coldness to that last sentence*

Maybe we should leave the curry making to me... if thats ok with everyone...
I'm waiting to take your order mister naegi...
Yeah! Your Curry is delicious.
You make the best curry of course it's okay! *smiles*

thanks guys. * she gets behind the counter and starts making a batch of curry*
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

House blend.
"He claps his fingers"

There you have
Click to load png image (size - 61 kb)

It was about your father. About you're family's detective business. It seemed to hurt you when you told me, so I thought I'd let you know that you've already told me.
Thread Creator

"He explodes the curry of dahlia"
Can I have a bowl when that's done Dahlia?
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

Wow, that was fast. Thanks.

BWUH!? *curry splatters on her face* WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!?!
Thread Creator

*Mina sits next to reaper and looks to him*
You scared me earlier....
Well then. What happened after your failed execution?
Curry is so dangerous...
Click to load png image (size - 61 kb)

A lot happened, so I'll try my best to cover all the details.

*he explains everything that happened*

OOC: Not gonna just explain the entire end of the game for spoiler reasons
*she finishes snacking on the fish and sees Dahlia face covered in curry*

Oh my...
"He explodes makoto's drink"
Click to load png image (size - 41 kb)


You're the one who blew up my curry on me!
OOC: Fair enough.

IC: Why am I not surprised Hagakure thought you were a ghost. I just hope Genocider isn't causing too much trouble.
Scared you?
"He claps his fingers and then everything get fixed"
Damn. You guys had it rough. Hey if Kyoko is supposed to me dead doesn't that mean the others could find their way here then?
Click to load png image (size - 61 kb)

And when we finally left the school, we all went our separate ways. So... I guess there's a second Kyoko Kirigiri out there somewhere.
Togami is probably out there running the world.
*Walks in*

God, I'm stayin' up till' 3 AM...
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

Hopefully. I'd love to see them all again someday. I just hope Syo hasn't killed Togami yet...

*the curry spatter mysteriously vanishes as the curry pot continues to simmer* O..........k.........
I'm sure she hasn't.

*serves some curry to hibiki* here, its done...
Is there anyone serving? I need to calm myself down.
... what odd people is it not Dahlia?

*she looms over Makoto's head*

Weird style of hair...
Click to load png image (size - 68 kb)

She... worries me a bit... If we here anymore news of a serial killer case, then we might have to investigate.
Thanks! *She starts eating* Oh you went to school with Genocider syo? That must have been interesting.
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

Why is everyone calling my hair weird?
Why you lost 2 years of your memories?

Because nobody's seen anything like it?
We'll know if its Syo. Trust me

anyway, you're welcome hibiki.
*Looks at Makoto*

Yeah, your hair is kinda weird.
*she blows bubbles as she comtinues to examine*
Your hair is cool, i like it.
I've seen weirder. Besides people can style their hair however they damn well please.
Click to load png image (size - 59 kb)

Why is everyone looking at me now...?
OOC: At least it's not as weird as Hajime's
At least it's not Ruby. I can tell you have a crush on her.

yeah, its weird in a charming sorta way... i like it...
*walks in holdimg a confidential folder*

Damn it... Signapore is now empty of civilians except for the Immortals and U.D... but they still keep on fighting..
*takes a sip*
It's weird and cool at the same time. Take that however you want.
*she lets out a yawn as she slides out the door*

I will be on the roof to nap.
Click to load png image (size - 62 kb)


OOC: He has like 2 or 3 love interests right now
*snaps out of his trance and waves to Makoto*

Hey there. Anything special today?
*Kyoko suppresses a giggle* Wow Naegi.
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

I found my friend who says she's suppose to be dead.
Click to load png image (size - 83 kb)

K-Kyoko! He's lying! I've never met this person in my life!
Actually, now that I recall it, you were blushing at the sight of Ruby, Makoto.
"He speaks with monokuma's voice"


Ok, i'm convinces that he's a troll...
Click to load png image (size - 64 kb)

I... I was not! I just tend to blush a lot. That's totally normal, right Kyoko?

*points to the black mask man*
Ah figure... not the only one who is the a walking dead body.

*hands him the folder*

Ultimate Despair and 54 Immortals set up a beachhead in the middle of the Quarantine Zone in the Signapore. Player and Hendricks are near it of setting up the seige. My week has been busy...

OOC: Just gonna pretend that's not happening
Only when we embarrass you. *She hears the laughter and jumps* Asshole!
*He steps inside, holding a small file folder and notebook*

I-I'll have a soda please. No ice, if it isn't a problem.
"He claps his fingers and removes dahlia's arm"

OOC: Literally no idea what youre talking about
OOC: Sorry just ramblimg at this point xD

eh... wha?!
.... This place is back to usual craziness now. I'm leaving, hopefully not gettin' a dream of someone's death. See all ya later.

*He walks out of the cafe*

where did my arm go? I WANT IT BACK DAMMIT!
OOC: Ignoring the "Monokuma" bs for right now... I suggest you all do the same. That's not something I feel like dealing with
"He claps his fingers and dahlia's arm returns, with 2 more of them'
OOC: my apologies...

ooc: i would if i had my arm back...

not what i meant! This is NOT what i meant!
Click to load png image (size - 68 kb)

I'm just gonna head to the beach then...

*he leaves Leblanc*
"This not... this neither" what do you want?
Good bye, please come again!

dear god why do i have 3 right arms!?
"He claps his fingers to put 2 left arms on dahlia"
*Comes inside*

I just want a normal amount of arms! two is enough, not FOUR!
"He claps his fingers and dahlia returned to normal...
But she has a cat tail now."

You know what... im ok with this.... *uses tail to pour a coffee cup* here ya go.
*waves to stella* Hello
Is not real, you know?
*Nods to Reaper*
Oh, and that tail?!
*looks at Dahlia's tail* Nice tail!

*sigh* shoulda seen that one... *pours a normal cup of coffee*
*sits next to Stella* How are you?
"He claps his fingers and put a cat tail in everyone"
*Walks in*

Alright, I can't fucking sleep. Coffee please.
The fuck is this? *looks at the tail*
Ooh. Can I have the ears too?

you know what... why dont we all become cat people?
Hell no!
I am...... Alive.....

*Notices tail*

that was sarcasm reaper...
.... I fucking come in here after ten minutes and all of you have cat tails.
I'm being serious. I want the ears!
I always had a cat tail
Does this mean I have two?
*Looks back*
*looks at Stella* It's a tail.
What's next i became a cat?
*Flicks tail*
Could I get some coffee? I wanna stay up.

here, i already got a cup.
*Two tails?*
Wow... this is weird...
*She moves both of them*
What is it Stella?

*looks to hillock* Oh, hello there... i dont we've met before... I'm dahlia, adn you are?
*takes out a knife*
*She turns around, tilting her head at Dahila*
Hello! The name is Hillock, nice to meet you!
*smiles a little, tail flicks*
This will hurt i think

nice to meet you, too. *holds out her hand*
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