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A topic.
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Topic's info.

A post.
A reply.
A counter post.
A answer
An angry reply.
An attempt to RP
A waifu war
A reminder that RPing in a non-RP thread isn't kosher.
An attempt to RP back.
Thread Creator

A late reply.

A meme.
A link
An image
A confusion?
An OOC response
An innuendo 👀
Thread Creator

Click to load youtube video

A video.
Damn it Ryuji.
A complaint about RP
A phantom thief line
Thread Creator

@Pancake_Knight a mention.
A Morgana line about Phantoms Thievery
A rational reply to a complaint about RP.
A woahhhhhhhh looking cool joker!
A "Let's not do that tonight"
A refusal to accept the rational argument, and instead redirects focus to a dead meme
A ryuji saying he's a phantom thief
An impostor account reply.
An Akechi saying he loves pancakes
A morgana plush asking if said akechi would like to RP and also lather himself in maple syrup that is also a lubricant.
A pancake knight saying yes
A disgusted look aimed toward a Kalib and Akechi
A reply saying I'm not Akechi I am Pancake Knight!
Ryuji* lol
A reply that kindly says that this thread had a format, and to please type like it
An obligatory "Que es Fantom Thief?"
A change of heart request
A Hawaiian man who runs a shrimp cart and talks like a Canadian asking about the Phantom Thieves
A Banned Lewd Thread
A comment saying Canadians might not sound like that
A canadian confirming we don't sound like that
A comment implying they actually say aboot and eh
A sudden FBI raid.
An apology to all Canadians, especially Klib(sorry m8)
A canadian getting triggered, but says sorry anyway.
A apology accepted but not necessary
A OH wait I'm already on the watchlist
A canadian not actually getting offended, because woot, we got fresh water up here boyos!
Thread Creator

A change of heart in progress.
a correction to say *the most fresh water*
An obligatory fiji water ad
A take your time loading screen
A butterfly reminding people to purchase Amrita Soda
A starving yusuke
An hero
A trip to Mementos
A ooh we can do this
An invite to play Cards Against Humanity
An apology
An attempt to revive the RP
A ridiculous Plot line
01000001 01101110 00100000 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01101111 01110101 01110011 00100000 01100101 01101110 01100011 01110010 01111001 01110000 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01101101 01100101 01110011 01110011 01100001 01100111 01100101 00101110
A this wasn't ridiculous enough already?
A happy ending
A twist so it's not over yet
A decrypted message saying "An ominous encrypted message."
A unexpected best character death
An appearance of the main villain.
Thread Creator

A ship sailing away into the sunset
An OOC comment about us going too deep down this rabbit hole, but enjoying it too much
A broken link
Thread Creator

A personal comment
A funny joke
An in character comment about how an ooc comment is actually in character
Thread Creator

A troll by yuka
An oh no .
A doubt
A betrayal
A character development
A comment about flower nectar.
A wait, what?!
A lewd so lewd your pants disintegrate.
A confused yuka
An invite to stream Symphogear
A stop
A oh my pantaloons
An oh, st-heck-u, the prank failed.
A link to Nana-sama's temple
A new religion
A cross thread reference
A fucking idiot
A we could make a religion out of this
A regret
A no, my prank was almost perfect.
A river in a dry land. And a how the fuck did this not get taken yet?
A conspiracy to exploit users, nyu.

A 100th post
A please step on me Nana-sama~!

A nooooo!
A oh my this thread hasent died yet

A woke Broccoli
A Nana-sama stepping on Klib
An I can die happy now
A good jojoke
A even stranger fetish
A fuck Haru's forehead

A jojo reference????!!!!
A username that somehow nobody thought to take.

A place in the wikia
A yeah harus forehead is huge,
A r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-raise!?

A whole new world!
A request for the THOT Patrol
A request declined,hopefully

A manwhore
An offer to write a Wikia page.

A new recipe

A agreement
A mutual statement, nyu.

A cute loli

An I don't care

A do it whatever you want

A jail
A Sin appears!

A angry yukayo
A what the fuck am I looking at?

A no
A welcome to DIE
A your so gorgeous panther

A aggresive person

A Makoto and Akira's baby

A bruh, no
A wild pack of pancakes
A *NAME HERE*'s Temple
A the fuck!?

An awkward laugh
A how did this happen!?

A eff

An oh no
A call to pure-anon to post cute things like Akira and Futaba brushing their fingers against each other for the first time.

@YAHKED *an eff

A lewd hand holding

A correction @Yukayo thanks
An angry Sojiro

A hoo boy
A user Kitagawa trying to calm the angry Sojiro
A Labrys reminding you to not fight or plot in Leblanc

A special kind of hoo boy
A star agreeing with Klib about Futaba.
A maxed out hierophant confidant specially not shipping Akira and Futaba.
A request for Labrys to chain knuckle some fools!

A best girl = Nanako
A snide bitch comment

A watch your mouth
A best loli= all of em

A dachi Tohru

An it is still prank tho
A "HANDS UP! THIS IS THE POLICE" that turns into "Yes, Nanako is in fact the best girl, everyday's great at your Junes!"

A everyday young life junesu!
A request for Aigis to rocket spank Lavenza
A that's a weird way to spell Futaba.

A spanking
A revival of the old gods

A day to remember
A reminder that both life and death are banned on this Discord.

A 4am in the morning, I gotta go to sleep

A Morgana sending you to sleep
A great meme was born today
A reminder that crime is still illegal fuckos
A shitpost to rule them all nyu
a late response to a summon!!

an exclamation about futaba and akira performing an inane but cute action!!
An agreement.
A sly grin at my power to summon others.

An affirmation that Akira x Futaba is cutest ship

A not shitposting
A never ending cycle, nyu.
A comment and/or concern

@Broccoli a brocoli,nyu
A beautiful Pure_girl poem
Another agreement.
A topic
A Mako-chan phanfic that makes your brain melt due to Overlewd.
A faints due to love.
A comment about Pancake Knight being the best Phansite character
A swoon to catch a falling lady
A thank you post
A kick to the nuts.
A heartfelt thanks to the whole forum for making life good.
A no problem!
A hey thats not very nice! I just didnt want you to fall thats all!
A sin being introduced WAY too early
A what the fuck did I just walk in on; shit is that my TV remote..???
An obvious evil villain, that is way too nice.
A reminder that pure-anon is one of the best users
An innocent comment so pure it cancels a sin
A not you one of the sins!
A discord where your >pick is always a split second too slow
A question if the phansite has a discord server?
A you just copy and paste the pick.
A yes yes it does!
A reminder that we also have eleventeen hundred other discords
A reminder that I am the ultimate shitposter, nyu.
A oh can I have a link?
A um is there a main one? Or offical?
A shit wrong account post
A yes to both, but I'll leave that to someone who has access to Discord.
A Hey !
A okay ill join whatever link I get
A f e c a l p o s t to end them all
A greeting!

An oh no, this will never stop.
A why would you want it to stop
A thread that will end in blood, nyu.
A *pulls out a knife* yes it will.
A thread should not involve bllod, thread should only involve thread and strings

A please no knife or kill here
A bad joke that should feel bad
A new character sheet thread

A prank went wrong
A bad joke that will ascend to to meme heaven, nyu.
A tabletop RPG test that ends in Megidolaon.
A bad meme destined to fade into obscurity
A I'm putting this in the in the wiki.
A if it gets 666 replys.
A fecalposter who's actually pretty good at RP
An RPer who is good at fecalposting
A gif of rises hips moving back and forth but it keeps getting faster
A abomination of RP and fecal posting, nyu.
A mutant that should be made.
A suggestion to change Rise to Chie....asking for a friend.
A comment about toaster girls
A reply about how badly I want to date a toaster, send help
A cabbage

A no, it'll never make this here
A pancake
A I'm already dating my toaster. Send help.
A comment on how toasters have a better personality than a person
A don't fist robots pic
A my god.
A guessing game as to who's male and who's female

A snap
A reminder that I am a butterfly.
A comment saying that I identify as a pancake knight
An attack helicopter.
A topic accidentally becoming plot and derailing Leblanc

A hi butterfly
A bump.
A dangerous plot infection that infects everyone in the thread.
A Megidolaon for the sake of Megidolaon
A whoops I did that!

An oh, please no
An I did that too!
A pmub
An Elizabeth cause Elizabeth
A joke about plot and PLOT
A the feeling of masochistic joy I get from Takemi calling me a special guinea pig
An undying love for Elizabeth.
A word game
A bit too much love for Elizabeth
A post in code that people have to crack
A sudden realization that I will forever be a loan. I must now spend my life getting pay back.
A Thread in which Shinji breaks a Mish character
A thread in which Yu makes it worse.
A pun where yu is used instead of you
A thread in which Kalib is comedic relief at all the wrong times.
A question about the person named Kalib?
An answer regarding myself. Whatchu wanna kno fam?
A moment where I die multiple times.
A moment where a brain clicks and realizes that Klib and Kalib are the same person
An audible kek
A joke where Ira gets ballgagged
A double post
A frog
A double post
A SWIFT kick to the nuts.
A thread where Lewd makes fun of everyone.
A shake of the head
A who's Rem?
A who's car is that?
A dude, where's my car?!
A Everybody do the Flop! *thud*
A flop!
A *thud*
An All by Myself AMV, where it's just my face photoshopped onto daru.



A can't stop
A won't stop

A muahahahaha! It stopped
A you wanted it to stop, but it was me! Dio! Along with my brothers Sip, Rip and Doors!
An I don't get the last part of that reference, but am sure it's funny
A pancake
A it was autocorrect fucking up the name Dio!
A god-damnit now I want to go to IHOP or Dennies!
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