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LeBlanc C and C: Cyberpunk Barista Action
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*I let out a gentle sigh as I work my way out of the subway terminal into the cramped backstreets of Yongen-Jaya, the familiar symphony of sounds, sights, and smells greeting me as I emerge. I readjust the bag on my shoulder and work my way to LeBlanc, stopping shortly to say hello in passing to the neighboring businesses and families, as the sunlight filters down past the tall buildings and canopies. Finally arriving, I flip the sign to "Open", and using the key Boss gave me, open the door to the shop. I place my bag next to the counter and dawn a chic LeBlanc apron, smiling as I assume my position behind the counter and turn in the TV. According to the Weather, it's supposed to be warm and sunny today. I smile gently and let out another small sigh, my shoulders loosening as I stand up straight.*

Alrighty...I am ready to go. Time to serve drinks and change lives. Welcome to LeBlanc, how may I serve you?
OOC: I love VA-LL HALL-A. And so, I respect you more than before now.
*Enters* Hello!
*walks in*
Can I have some curry and coffee?
OOC: should we add a NO PLOT sign?
OOC: I can agree to that @Hillock
IC: *Enters in excited*
Hello @-Labrys-
Thread Creator


Welcome gentleman.

*nods to @3xcal1bur*

Coming right up Cal. And anything for you Hillock?

*takes a plate and begins to dish some curry*
*warps in* Hey Lab!, How's it Hangin'?
Thread Creator

OOC: I made the thread Shinji and you know my stance

Hello everyone. How is everyone today?
A "Gut punch", please!
(OOC: I will take the chance and make an easter egg)

*Walks in with a pack of cigerettes*
Hey, i'm going to the attic to smoke. Anyone want to join me?
*places a Evoker infront on the counter*

I bought this for 24k yen.
*walks in*
Heh, this place hasn't changed one bit.
Smoke outside cat, I have trouble with second hand.

*goes outside*
Thread Creator

*slides Cak his curry and a coffee before leaning over and mixing up a Gut Punch for Hillock*

*slides them over*

Gentlemen. Enjoy

*smiles gently and bows*
Tea please Lab, How's your day going?
I'll have a black coffee and spicy curry please
*Drinks his "gut punch"*
Great! Thanks, @-Labrys-!
Thanks Labrys!
Maybe enough curry and coffee can make me stop blinking out of existence for no reason!
Hello Mr. Iori and look what I have.

*Presents him an Evoker pistol*

Know the heck this is? All I know that it's a pistol. And @-Labrys- I like to have a gut punch as well.
Can I get some tea, Labrys?
@-Labrys-, hey....are you doing anything next sunday?
Thread Creator

Well that's concerning Cal...

*pours Shinji a tea and slides it over to him*

Tea for you friend. And Spicy curry and coffee Mr @JunpeiStupeiIori?

*pours him a black cuppa and slides it over with a plate of our spiciest curry*
@The_Hunter Oh, it's not really a weapon, but it'll summon a persona by aiming at your head. You have one?
Thread Creator

*mixes another Gut Punch, sliding it over to Hunter, and pouring @Kuroumi her tea*

Enjoy. And I'm sorry Mr @KensukeKurosaki, I am busy then. Maybe another time?
Thread Creator

And I'm doing alright Shinji. Tired. But good. Just hoping for a calm day.
Ah, thanks @-Labrys-
*he eats*
Heh, You need a vacation Lab, Go somewhere with your girl, relax, Close Leblanc for a bit.
Yeah, don't force yourself too much, Lab
Really @JunpeiStupeiIori?

*takes out the mag and looks*

WHAT the?!! It's empty!
@-Labrys-, your always so tired and working hard, you sure you don't need any help, im happy to work here for free
Thread Creator


Can't. I have to make a living somehow, and also...I like spending time with everyone too. I wanna just have a peaceful normal workin life, y'know?
Thread Creator

I will need help occasionally @KensukeKurosaki. I tend to have to run little errands, so someone to keep the shop open when I am away would be nice..
You're a social butterfly @-Labrys- and that is fact.
Thread Creator

A social what?

*tilts head, obviously confused about the phrase*
*sips some tea.*
He says you're a very social person, Labrys.
Heck, I'll pay for your expenses if you go on a vacation Lab.
That is correct @Kuroumi.

*grabs the drink and sips*

Ooohh... that is sour...
*Aergia walks in. That's a first*
Thread Creator

I am?
Thread Creator

Oh hi sweetie! Come to say hu to Mommy at work?
Sup kiddo
"Enter" good evening, can i have a coffee?
Bad maid man! *She runs behind the counter*
Wait... she is... walking?! No sleeping?! ... @-Labrys-, how much karmotrine did you put in here?!
Thread Creator

Good afternoon.

*bows then pours @Addalme a coffee*

Here you are sir.

*slides it over*

OOC: cafe is on EST, same as me. 3pm rn.
Thread Creator


Enough Hillock. Enough.
Orange juice. Please.
*smiles at Aergia*
Hey kid, how's it hangin'?
@Oh the murderer is here, how are you my @Akamoto_Shinji sexual friend
I actually likes the Gut Punch @-Labrys-... got some very good kick.
Ok... so are you angry?
Thread Creator

*pours Hillock a fresh glass of OJ, sliding it over*

Would you prefer a Moonblast friend?

And I'm glad you like it Hunter.
Thread Creator

Hm @Addalme? What's wrong?
@-Labrys- here *passes check for $1,000,000*, this store had been good to me. I'm gonna give back however I can
Your daughter is angry with me, so I thought yoo were angry too.
Thread Creator

*bows to @KensukeKurosaki*

It is much appreciated. I hope we can continue to deliver you satisfactory service.

*places the check in the cash box*
Hey, it's nothing, you have a lot more coming in the future
Thread Creator

No sir, its alright. I understand she can be a little temperamental sometimes. I am sure she will get over it in due time..

*gently pats @Aergia's head*
Oh, i'm glad to hear that.

"He looks around" this place... it really has changed a lot.
*She pokes her head out and stares at Akechi* .....
*attempts to enter all casually, ends up tripping in* ouch... Hey there! :D *tries smiling through pain, fails horribly*
...can I get an ice pack for my possibly sprained ankle? T'would be much appreciated...
*gets ice pack from the back* Here you hggo, have a seat *guides to table*
hggo=here you go
*takes ice pack, takes seat at a booth* Thanks. Can I get a coffee, please? Cream and five sugars..
sure *begin to makes coffee*
Thank you very much! :)
*places coffee as requested* Here is your order sir *smiles* Is there anything else you would like
Could I get some water?
*I slowly turn my head to @KensukeKurosaki* for you to refer to me as "ma'am," please. *I wrap both hands around the mug, peering into it at the creamy brown liquid, contemplating life, muttering to myself* Do I really look that much like a guy?
*Takes a sip*
A new person coming into LeBlanc. What's your name?
"He notices Aergia"
(Hmmm maybe i should leave her be)

"He ignores her and drink some coffee"
@Hillock, coming right up sir, @Tsumugi-Chan, i apologize for the mistake, i am dreadfully sorry Ma'am
*weakly smiles* it's alright, @KensukeKurosaki! It's all good... *shoulders slump* it happens at school all the time at school... *looks at @Kuroumi* my name's Tsugumi.
And @JunpeiStupeiIori met this nice friend named Akihiko.

*finishes the Gut Puncher drink*
@The_Hunter, you are one strong person, good job
@Tsugumi-Chan *gives an extra drink* On the house, i am sorry for the confusion
Nice to meet you, Tsugami. I'm Kuro.
I got my brain sucked out by a human sized parasite, got vivisected and disemboweled by a crazy nurse who later had intercourse with with said body... and a crazy nun who loved did the samething but having a dagger in my back. I am stronger than that very smooth yet strong street.
... thanks for the description...
By the way labrys, this place is complete different, why did you change it? And, what happened to boss?
*takes the drink hesitantly* oh, it's no problem! Again, as I said, it happens all the time at Shujin!
*smiles at Kuro* and nice to meet you!
Can I get a refill Lab?

Y'know what, Can you just give me a whole pot?
*smiles back* It's good to meet you too
@Akamoto_Shinji, coming right up, im taking charge while Lab is not here!
*teleports in*
Welp, back to my primary mission then.
I like to have more Gut Puncher @-Labrys-

*puts 1300 yen on the counter*
@The_Hunter coming right up, @Akamoto_Shinji her you go Sir
Goodness, the whole pot... God knows my friend, Toba, needs that for her exams, haha!
*Takes another sip*
So you're a student at Shujin, Tsugami? No wonder you're judged so much.
Thanks man,
Thank you @KensukeKurosaki, and lastly I drink Lead Elixirs which taste like actual lead and is all grainy and sludgy.
@Akamoto_Shinji you really are going to drink that O_o?
*looks at Kuro* Yeah. I just moved to Tokyo last month, from Canada. I'm judged more here than back in Nova Scotia, for my looks.
@everyone, *gives out ordered drinks* thank you for your patronage
Again thanks.

*takes a nice sip of the drink*

HHmmmm... I can taste all 14 ingredients.
Must be painful Tsugami. Well, even though you told a bit about your past, I can't explain mine.
...wait WHO?...

*stops smoking*
*walks inside*
OOC: @KensukeKurosaki HELL YEAH FAM!!!
IC: *sips coffee*
I understand Kuro.
Mona? Cats shouldn't smoke!!!!!
OOC: Ohhh I remember now...
IC: Okay this is going to go well.

*takes another sip*

Good thing i'm not a cat
OOC: Im having trouble breathing, their appears to be ash in my lungs, guess someone will always be with us
OOC: A song? Or I am missing something?
OOC: O_O ... ok...
OOC @Tsugumi-Chan it is true... that moment was a literal heart breaker

OOC: Sad Moments.
OOC: @Hillock me and @KensukeKurosaki are conversing aboot a show called RWBY which was an emotional rollercoaster..
Emmm, can someone give me another coffee?
OOC: but it was sad...poor Jaune, btw you know Ruby and Pyrrha never talked to each other on screen, there were ,emotions of each other but they never interact
OOC: I also had no clue there were so many RWBY fans here, XD
OOC We talkin' about RWBY?
I'm rewatching it right now so I'll get to that soon.

*Walks in*
Yo! Could I get a coffee?
OOC: I wasn't expecting some fans either.

@Emerson coming right up *smiles*
How are you today?
*a fly noisily buzzes around the cafe, interrupting all tranquility and conversations, drawing most attention to it*

... So, who's gonna kill it?
*pulls out book of shadows*
*Drinks the last of the tea*
I'm glad you understand, but even saying I can't explain my past fills me with anger.
I'm fine, other than still being a little sore. I only got back from a job yesterday, and it still hurts a bit.
*Chants chants chants * Perish fly *cuts hand, simultaneously the fly dies *
*gives coffee* well i hope you feel a bit better, would you like an ice pack?
*walks in* -_-
I want milk...
Well, I have to go.
(OOC:Gnight dudes)
Coming right up @Akamoto_Nanaka
Have a nice day @Hillock
That happened...

*takes another sip from the Gut Puncher drink*
He needs some milk!
Here is your milk @Akamoto_Nanaka, how are you today?
Oh, nah, I'm fine. I've got it under control.
Thank you though.
*Sips coffee*
I ordered coffee, i'm tired of waitig :(.
*Takes milk and immediately chugs it down*
More please, And I'm terrible, thank you.
It's alright, Kuro. If ye feel angry, do not hesitate to punch the nearest concrete pillar! *smiles*
@Addalme ooc: you got it ages ago dude
Ooc: oh right, ignore it then.
Like you did with Jaune? @Tsugumi-Chan
OOC: Now that RWBY is in the Nexus... can't wait for that.
OOC: Everything's in the Nexus at this point.

I'd also like some milk
Hey, he was fine after that!
He was...But only because of aura
Hmm... Speaking of which, I wonder if people besides those from Remnant could unlock their Aura?
More Milk!
Of course they can, I have...Ooc: as long as it's in the nexus you can do it, hence why i have a persona a stand as well as many other powers
@Akamoto_Nanaka, *pours milk* Here you go *smiles*
What about semblances though?
*takes the milk, chugs it again then lays her head on the counter and traces the top of the glass with her finger*
What if the ice princess's summon was actually her persona :o
@Tsugumi-Chan, i doubt it
Semblance is here, i have not unlocked mine however
My semblance, however, is polarity.
*levitates a fork* I am able to make a magnetic field and am able to manipulate metals and such as I please.
Well, I'm a human magnet, to be put in much simpler terms.
Well, it was delicious, i have to leave, see ya.
"He pays and leaves"
Thank you for your continued patronage @Addalme
How interesting. I don't think I have a semblance. That may because of where I'm from.
Well, you need your Aura unlocked before you can realize your semblance. I suppose Pyyhra could unlock yours...
Does this count as a semblance?

*takes out his Holy Moonlight Greatsword and engulf the blade in moonlight energy.*

Where my milk?
*pets @Mona* hey Mr kitty, what's that kite purring
More Milk!
Hmm... if you've never come into contact with anyone from Remnant and had your Aura unlocked, I doubt it.
*pours two glasses of milk for @Akamoto_Nanaka, second one is on the house
It's something similar from your own world, but it's not a semblance.
I've got to go guys, i suppose that means the store is closed.
*drinks the first, then fiddles with the second*
Oh. Well, I suppose I'll take my leave then.
It was fun.
*Pays and leaves*

*pounces on milk*
*punts mona away*.
*chuggs milk*

*Descends from the stairs leading to the attic and seats herself at a booth closest to them. Silently browsing through her emails.*
That is a interesting notion.

*finishes the cup of Gut Puncher and leaes 1600 yen for a tip*

I am off to do some hunting. You all have a nice day.

*gets up and walks out the door*
Well, I liked my stay.
*Places 1,200 yen*
See ya'll.
Stupid Traitor shaped Cat!

*Rapidly scratches @Akamoto_Nanaka's face*
*punts Mona again*
Thread Creator

I have perfect timing I guess.

*comes in with grocery bags*

Thanks for watching the shop @KensukeKurosaki. Hey!! @Mona non fighting or I throw your ass out!!
Hi Laby... Milk...

Thread Creator

HEY! Nanaka! Cut it OUT! Or you get kicked out too and I tell Kazuya and Shinji!
Oh is it time to make the cat-like person into a plush?
End it, I'd rather not have you bring your fights into this place, it interferes with my primary mission.
Hmp! *sits back down*
stupid traitor shaped cat trying to take my milk.....
Good afternoon, @-Labrys-. I see you have your hands full already upon your return.
Thread Creator

Indeed I do Miss @YoRHa No.2 Type B. Its quite displeasing.

*sighs and puts on my apron*

And thank you Lux. Kind of you to offer your assistance in dealing with the ruffians. Now. Anything for you Miss 2B? Or you Lux? Nanaka and Mona youre being served last. Punishment.
That's not fair Laby! the stupid kitty was trying to steal my drink! then he scratched me when I drank it! What was I supposed to do?
*2B rises from her spot at the booth, moving to sit at the counter instead.*

Hm.. I think I will have a cup of tea. Earl Grey, please.
*walks in and sits down*
It feels good to get out of the house every once and a while.

*walks in*

I greet everyone. Back from my bandit slaying. The loot is very good.
*silently sips rest of coffee from first cup. Moves on to second cup* um... hello?
Thread Creator

*seeps 2B a fresh cuppa Earl Gray and slides it over to her*

Here you are Miss 2B. Careful, its hot. And sugar or milk for it?


Hey sis. How are you? Its been awhile.

*glares at Nanaka*

Be civil. Thats what.
How do you be civil to someone stealing your stuff?
*Lux stands in the corner*
This is too much to deal with.
Nanaka-kun, let it go. He can't help it, he's a cat, after all.

*looks at @Tsugumi-Chan and projects a :) face*

You are quite unique. I sense a polarity. I feel very tingly.
Oops! Sorry! My semblance activates unconsciously sometimes...

A semblance how odd. A Vault Hunter in question. You prefer a gun?

*Hands her a DAHL Sandhawk SMG*
I opt for neither, actually. Thank you though, @-Labrys-.

*She'd bow her head briefly in thanks. Drawing the cup just a bit closer to gently blow at her tea, hoping to cool it some before taking a sip.*
*takes SMG* oh, uh... I have not... Used an, er, submachine gun. I usually opt for my Milos, which is a shotgun as well as a spear...
Thread Creator

*nods and cleans some glasses*

Mr @Zer0, anything for you?
What kind of Anti-Shadow Weapon is she anyway?
*Points to 2B*
I can't seem to identify her model.
I'm fine sis... Can I have some tea please?

Bullets flies like birds. Gracefully glides through the air. Bring my targets death.

*takes a seat next to @Tsugumi-Chan*

I would like Hojicha. To calm the nerves and thy soul. I would feel better.
*Scoots away to make more room, takes a large gulp of coffee, effectively finishing off the drink*
Excuse me, but do you have pie perchance?
Labrys, did you fall asleep?
*Looks slightly agitated*
Does that mean I have to work?

Yes @Tsugumi-Chan.

I'd like to appologize for my actions earliar.
I'm... sorry for causing such a ruckus...
...may I have some pie? I shall pay you with some of the riches I keep in my vault..
*Lux steps behind the counter*
Fine! I'll be taking people's orders now, just no more violence, ok.
Thread Creator

*bows and mixes a Hojicha for @Zer0*

Here you are friend.

*slides it over*

And yes, I have cherry, apple, blueberry, pecan, strawberry, banana cream, and key lime pie. Your selection today Miss @Tsugumi-Chan? And what sort of Tea @RobowaifuAigis? Some green tea perhaps?

A small talking cat. Speaking in the same dialect. Made by my own foe?
But first, I shall help Lux out with maintaining the Café!
*stands up, just to fall down, groaning in pain* oh yeah... I sprained my ankle..
Thread Creator

It's okay @Mona. Please just refrain from doing so in the future, okay?

*slides a plate of tuna*
Erm... Pecan, please, Labrys...
Nevermind, Labrys is back...
Thank the void...
*Goes back to standing in the corner*

*nibbles slowly on the tuna*
*Continues to enjoy her tea quietly. Seemingly lost in thought while Pod 042 rests itself in the seat beside her.*
Green tea is fine.
*wrong account shit
Thread Creator

*nods and slides @Tsugumi-Chan a fresh cut slice of pecan pie*

Any whip cream?

*helps her back into her seat*

*Aergia arrives from the attic* Mama...?
Yes please. And thank you very much! *smiles*
Thread Creator

*smiles and seeps some Green Tea for @RobowaifuAigis*

Here you are Sis. Any sugar? I know Lightning likes it with sugar.

OOC: Niecu. I have done a wrong account once. ;)
Can I have my milk now please...
*Warps in*

Is there ice cream today?
Again with the Mama stuff, Labrys who is that?

Thank you @-Labrys-.

*slightly lifts the helmet and takes a sip*

Hey, you can't just warp in here! That's me and Shinji's thing!
Thread Creator

*tops @Tsugumi-Chan's pie with whip cream and smiles gently before turning to @Aergia*

Yes sweetie pie?
*Glares viciously at Lucifer*
*Lux is extremely confused*
Some sugar does sound nice.

OOC: Pfftttt

Is the maid man gone?
I do as I please, cyborg. I am your Demon Lord after all. *Smirks*
Ah.. Right. How much do I owe you for allowing 9S and I to occupy the attic, @-Labrys-?

*2B tilts her head slightly, setting her cup down on the counter. Its contents half empty now.*
Is there a problem, human? Would you like some knowledge and wisdom?
What's a demon lord doing in a cafe?
Thief... *looks away*
*history maker ringtone sounds all throughout café. Flustered, I pull out my scroll, checking to see who it is, answering it*
Hello? ...no, sorry. Wrong number.
*hangs up*
Ice cream, of course! *Smiles like a child*

Ara? We have never crossed paths. Perhaps you encountered a different me.
Thread Creator

Oh Lux, @Aergia is my adopted daughter. And Yes, @-Lucifer-, I bought ice cream today.

*slides a pint of cookie dough ice cream*

*pours a glass of milk for Nanaka*

Because you asked nicely.

*slides it to her*
*starts sipping milk in anger*
Thread Creator

*nods to @Aergia*

Yes he is gone. And here ya go sis.

*slides @RobowaifuAigis a plate of sugar cubes*
Oohh! Thank you miss lady! *Giggles and enjoys her ice-cream happily*
Thread Creator

Cool yo jets Nanaka.

It's the blue-haired girl! *She points at @-Lucifer-*
[Walks in with a shy look on her face]

Hello again, may I have a coffee, please Miss Labrys?

[She sits down with a smile, as she pulls out some paperwork]
*slices piece if pie with fork, noms*
*sneezes, ash particles appear around me* ..oops.
My hair is white, my dear. But thank you for noticing me, Oneechan! *Smiles*

*Giggles* Someone will be quite happy to see that one...

*finishes his drink and leaves 1000 dollars to pay*

Goodbye and thank you.

*cloaks and walks out*

You mean Mr. Motorcycle noises, right?
Thread Creator

*pours @Maya_Amano and fresh cuppa*

Any cream or sugar Maya? Also, have you been able to meet up with Tatsuya again?
*mumbles* stupid white haired thief, you don't fool anyone...
*puts a little sugar in the tea and sips it*
That hits the spot.

OOC: Huh... so it is.

Why do you keep calling me that?!

What do you believe I have stolen from you, child?
You Stole my Knight!

Oh, I'll take a cup of green tea, by the way.
Geeze, I didn't know the lord of all demons was just a child.
You don't like being called that? O-nee-chan? *Smirks*
*continues eating pie in silence, looks out of the window, just to be met with a FREAKING BIRD FLYING INTO THE WINDOW* Oh no! I think that was a pigeon!
No, you don't have to worry about that.

And...well, I haven't...but I feel like I will meet him soon! Gotta think positive, you know?

[She gives Labrys a big smile, as her cheeks blush slightly]

I have a name! It's Aergia!
This isn't even my final form... Teehee.
What's that supposed to mean?

Stop it!
Thread Creator

*smiles gently*


*checks phone*

Tatsuya has his break in about two hours. He'll probably stop in. You're free to hang out til he comes in Maya. You seem like you two have a lot of catching up to do.

*seeps a cuppa green tea for @Ari3s*

Any milk or sugar?

*I ask as I slide it over*

Are you sure your name isn't Carlos?
Wait, the black haired girl knows the red head?
@LuxTenebris Onee-chan means "big sister," so...

Oh, just a couple cubes of sugar, please. Thanks hun.
I can take any shape I please. Of course, my true form may be a little scary and big for this peaceful cafe.

I have slain many knights in my cycles. Pray tell, which was yours again?
Mona-Kun! He swore loyalty to me and now you've stolen him!
Okay... I'm sorry... *Looks down sadly*
Thread Creator

*plops a few sugar cubes into @Ari3s's tea*

There you are Miss. Careful, it's hot.
*Finally finished with her tea, Pod 042 takes the empty cup from 2B and puts it with the rest of the dirty dishes behind the counter for Labrys. In the meantime, 2B rises from her seat at the counter to return to seat at the booth by the stairs leading to the attic.*
How does someone steal the stupid not cat anyway?
Oh, so you mean Neko-san! Yes, Neko-san is... Quite interesting. *Smirks* Of course, I was not aware he had a mistress.

N-No... *She hugs Lucifer, hoping to make her feel better*
Laby! Imma Kill her soon! Stop me!
Thread Creator

*nods to @YoRHa No.2 Type B*

Also, to answer your previous question Miss 2B, I'm not charging you anything for using the room. I am simply glad you are okay after the events at Destinyland yesterday.
Enough! *makes all metal objects in the vicinity levitate and hold still* there is no need for violence!
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