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Hi guys, i want to beat Justine and Caroline, i just need some info about them. I don't know nothing so anything is fine.
how far are you in ? You'll need to be slightly well leveled to do it.
Fuse Satanael.
also, Yoshitsune is pretty sweet. There are really efficient yoshi builds that power through everything like they're mobs
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@Liam i'm at lvl 35 on the second run, i'm maxing all confindants to make strong PERSONAS! I ask now because i still have a lot of time to do things.

Pd: i know how to farm lvls so about that i'm fine.
well you may know how to farm levels, but by the time you get to the farming point it'll already be late game so meh.

Also, yeah, make one of the generally op personas like satanael, or yoshitsune. You need two things imo:

No weaknesses on akira, and high power as often as possible.

I did it after reapering until level 70 I think. ( maybe less.) At least enough to unlock all skills on team mates. Used the all girls team.
Makoto on healing and defensive buff as well as casting the occasional nuke.
Ann alternating between concentrate and that severe fire skill. I also had her matarunda the twins when needed.
And haru dishing out heat risers and psy stuff.

Joker did the same as ann with power charge and hassou tobi. Equip sp patches on everyone. and boom. It's a fight of attrition now. One only you can win.
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Oh, i only need that? I mean, are they easier than Elizabeth? I was expecting something like that.
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