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What Persona 4 Character Are You?
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I got Yosuke, thought I would've gotten Yukikko or Chie, but hey, I'm not complaining!
OOC: I'm Kanji... and don't ask me if I like dudes.
I got Yu.

I got Yu
Hey bluehair do you like dudes?
OOC: I'm TaKiNg YoU pUnKs DoWn!!!
Hating other guys is not cool man.
Thread Creator

@SpikeSpiegel Y'saying he likes dudes?
Also daru your name is ha ck not teddie
Makoto Shirogane, idk Persona 4 so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. He seems like a cool dude tho
I got Rise.


Naoto Shirogane
Naoto is a girl
Oh uh spoilers
@SpikeSpiegel It's SUPAH HACKA!
Yeah that might have been a club on your part.
Oh lol, so I'm a trap.
Daru is best girl in Steins gate
Reverse trap
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@Mako-chan hey, traps are hot
Pretty much. Naoto be the tomboy detective.
Naoto is my favorite girl in persona 4 to be honest
It is also implied that Naoto has the biggest breasts out of the all the girls in the game.
I keep on getting Yu Narukami
Smallest spike
So there is that too...
I like Naoto
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@MinatoArisato14 Probs cause you both are fools, ya fool.
Tbh, I've seen the girls in P5 and I really don't like any of them
People of the jester arcana are actually fools people with the fool arcana are badasses
Take that back mako or I will murder you where you stand
Marie's kinda cool I guess
P3 and P5 girls are way better tho
Rise's my favorite in P4 but Naoto is better in the animation
I mean Naoto's ok

Marie is the worst-
Rise is a generic anime trope, she is literally the worst character in the game.
But I don't really know anything about them, I watched like 2 episodes of the P4 anime
But if I had to choose, I'd probably pick Naoto
Persona 4 golden is better than 5 and 3. If you haven't played it you are really missing out.
Yeah, I should really get a Vita
You could probally find one for cheap I mean the only real reason to own one is to play persona 4 golden and indies.
Dead system.
Yu, okay then I'm the protagonist, and leader, I'll probaly just say "OKAY , Time ti start kicking ass and chew gum, Im allnout of gum," god why did I say that, anyways I'd probably say "Hey guys lets go up our stats and barely focus at the mission at hand" yep thats me
Yu is more of a regular dude who gets involved with some weird shit due to factors that were out his control then Joker and 3's protaginsts who are both basically jesus.
Rise! A little surprised i didn't get kanji, considering how gay and insecure i am, but rise is good too <3
Rise sucks though
... ;-;
Not you, the character she is just a generic anime trope.
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Should be clear that Yosuke is best girl, and totally deserved a romance unlike Ai Bitchy-hara
Yosuke isn't gay and he is pretty homophobic I don't see how he would work as a gay romance option.
yeah he's kinna homophobic so even if he constantly calls you partner and all that, i don't like yosuke as a romance option (tho hell i'd take it just so that there WAS a gay option). Kanji is the far better choice for gay.
I like Rise.. she's not my fav or anything but i don't think she sucks :c everyone has their own tastes tho, so it's okay
Yosuke and kanji's relationship pretty much how homosexuality is treated in japan.
Sums up
sigh... how yosuke treated kanji in that school campout trip...
Thread Creator

@SpikeSpiegel Yeah but he was supposed to be a romance option, but they took it out :(!
Yosuke from June onward is a walking cringe compilation
Later losers I gotta study
They probally took it out because it made no sense with his character, I wouldn't mind seeing a remake a persona 4 that allows kanji to be romanced.
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@MinatoArisato14 Have a good night! Good luck with studying! (well, it's night for me)
Thanks but I'll be back in an hour
The actual reason for Yosukes romance pull was more likely the same Junpei was pulled for FeMC in P3P. It would sully the relationship because FeMC/Yu would look like a replacement goldfish for Chidori/Saki.
I got...

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@Magatsu-Picaro Dang, Naoto is too OP with her 2000 IQ points.
I got Teddie, not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing
Thread Creator

@glacier Good, cause you get all them Topsicles and Yosuke's gonna have to pay for them!
yosuke, bitches (he's pretty relatable tbh)
but guess what?!?!
Thread Creator

@redbluezero Yes, I must agree with both, I only clicked for P4. And Yosuke is best!
This quiz is kind of bad, but just for reference I did, in fact, get Yu Narukami.
Kanji Tatsumi. neato
Thread Creator

@Ryujislover Y'saying you like dudes?
I got: Rise Kujikawa
Rly I got Yuu narukami Why
I got Yu as well. No shock since we're both the leader of our teams.
I got Rise Kujikawa. I'm a guy. I answered nothing that relates to her. WTF Buzzfeed?
i got chie
I got teddie
I feel like dying
i got naoto
fuck yeah
Lucky bastard

half the questions are so obvious as to what they will give you though...

who the fuck do you think i am?
also buzzfeed should be bombed
I got Yu
"What do you mean your school locker and what you ate for lunch aren't related?" - Buzzfeed
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