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I've got a butterfly in a jar and a TV. Who wants to fight their shadow?
I don't remember agreeing to this!?!
Tempting... I wonder what my Shadow would say to me.
Probably that you are a jojo reference

What a nice thing to do for people. Too bad I already awakened to Ramses. Good luck helping others though.
OOC: I do need a hint to write shadow dialogue and a setting for a dungeon/palace. Nothing too complex, I can work with single words if need be.
OCC: Ok, I think I can work with that.
Thread Creator

Ok, are you ready to face your shadow?
Ok cool!
Thread Creator

Then let's go!
*Pushes @3xcal1bur into the TV*
How many goho-Ms do you have?
Thread Creator

Oh, yeah...well I'm sure it'll be fine.
Thread Creator

*Jumps into TV*
Excellent, more Persona users.
*Upon landing in the TV world, a vast area of empty space with small floating islands appears before you. You also notice that the jar that was holding the butterfly was broken on impact*
Well shit. I hope the butterfly wasn't important.
Thread Creator

It was just the all powerful remanents of the sea of human souls.
Thread Creator

Don't worry it can only do anything if it has the darkness in someone's heart to feed on.
Well whatever. Is this the TV world?
Yes, and god bless u

HA! You...the light that shines truth?! I've taken and devoured entire worlds. You are unworthy to face me!!
OOC: I do.
*A swarm of butterflies flutters down beginning to take a humanoid shape*
hiimdaisy is great!
Is that a person or a butterfly flock?
Is it a butterfly flock?
What do butterflies conglomerate in...
Thread Creator

Where did you come from?
Thread Creator

The butterflies look for anyone with an unsteady heart and turn into that person's shadow.
Sounds... troubling.
*The swarm seems to face @3xcal1bur, then begins slowly materializing to take their form*
I am the shadow of that petty hunter. I am the embodiment of all that is malice and hatred, and soon I will finish what Izanami began.

*dissipates into the darkness*
Ok that's called identity theft.
But uh
Do I really look THAT bad?
God I hope not.
Shadow: It's not identity theft if I am you, though I guess I wouldn't know that considering how dense I am.
Shadow: Yes, you do look this bad.
Do you want a fucking punch to the face?
Because you sound like you're asking for one.
Shadow: Haha! Sure, I deserve a good punch!
(Fist unclenches.)
Shadow: I'm sure everyone feels the same about me...
Shadow: Man, they can't do anything, can they? They're just a waste of space...That's what this place is, after all, a empty waste of space...
*Inside @Yu-Narukami's head*

Then FIGHT me warrior of turth, fight me of where even the light will aid you.
Shut the hell up. How do you know if they don't even talk to you- fuck that came out wrong
Thread Creator

*To himself*
Looks like I'm going to need to talk to Nightstalker about this.
Gah, whatever! Why does it even matter! It's not like I care or anything!
Shadow: Can't you hear their voices...
*Voices begin speaking all around you*
What a loser...
Piece of trash...
Who care about that guy...
Shadow: I know this because, I am you and you are me...
Thread Creator

Don't fall for its lies, these voices aren't real.
Shadow: HAHAHA! Your right, I'd hate to be some loser like you and now I can be my own person!
*The shadow's appearance begins to shift and morph as it grows multiples limbs and becomes rockier in texture, the newly created abomination crawls along the floating island*
Now I'll show you what the new me can do!
Thread Creator

Get back!
Izanagi-no-Okami! Bufudyne!
*The ice impacts against the shadow, knocking it back but causing no real damage*
Thread Creator

Maybe, I should have brought along another Persona user.
H hey, don't you have multiple personas? Just use a different one!
Thread Creator

Oh, right.
Lucifer! God's Hand!
*The fist slams against the shadow, cracking its rocky exterior*
Not bad, but you'll need to do better than that! Foolish whisper!
Thread Creator

Hey, what's wrong? What did the shadow do?
Thread Creator

*Tries to speak but nothing comes out*
Now that the actual threat is out of the way!
*One of its arm grabs @3xcal1bur and lifts him up*
*Hears 3xcalibur's shouts and heads towards it.*

I came to see the show. Need some help?
Hey I borrowed a TV from Shibuya. Is everything okay?
Thread Creator

*Tries to say yes but is unable to speak*
(Strained) n-not really!
More losers! Can't you let me just kill myself in peace!
*looks between Yu and 3xcalibur* Seems to not be okay.
To clarify, that THING is not me!
Well we should probably save 3xcalibur first. Ahem. Persona! Come, Ramses! Ziodyne the island!
*Electricity runs through the rocky shadow and forces it to drop @3xcal1bur*
OOC: I literally can't post with Yu-Narukami right now.
OOC: Wut?
Sorry, did I miss something? I was just having a civil talk with my shadow.
(Oh. Did something bad happen?)
Alright, looks like it's time to use this finally.

Thou art I....

Raffles! Psiodyne!
*The psychic impact forces more cracks to appear in the shadow's shell*
Uh, how can this be happening. Done in by a bunch of nothings like you?
You had it coming, bastard!
OOC: Not sure, it's ironic since the character is silenced.
Thread Creator

Thread Creator

OOC: Oh, there we go.
Thread Creator

*Gestures at @3xcal1bur as if to say "It's time to end this"*
You think someone as worthless as you can stop something like me!?!
aaah, shut the hell up.
...What can you possibly do!
*Swings a limb at @3xcal1bur*
(Ducks just in time)
Thread Creator

*breaks out of silence*
Urgh! Don't be afraid! Show it that you're not worthless!
Got it!
You guys seem to be having a hard time. I had it easier.

Shadow: I am the shadow, the true self.

My own clone! Now neither of us will be virgins!

Shadow: ... You know what, just take the damn Persona.
(Runs up to the shadow and punches it with as much force possible)
Gross, selfcest.
*The many limbs come into attack @3xcal1bur as the shadow appears to be crumbling more and more*
Just die!
(Vaults over a limb)
As if!
*The shadow crumbles until there's nothing left but the main body*
How- how can you still fight back...
Geeze, that random TV-induced flashback was less painful than what I went through... oh yeah, rock monster!
Anger...? Someone who isn't worth anything like I am shouldn't have the right to be angry.
Thread Creator

You need to accept it, or will just keep coming back.
if I'm worth so little, can I do this?
(Flat out fucking charges the shadow, which may or may not be a bad idea)
Wonder what that'll turn into. Probably won't be as cool as mine though...
*I-I can't do anything...

Is it possible for a shadow like me to get a persona?

I'm tired of having to rely on my toasters to fight.
*The remainder of the rocky exterior fades away, leaving behind only @3xcal1bur's shadow*
Shadow: I'm so afraid that no one will need me...that I can't do anything and people will only think of me as a burden...
Thread Creator

Do you have an ego?

I have been told that I have a huge ego.

Does that count?

I could also buy myself a heart is that is necessary for the process
Thread Creator

Could work, I mean Teddies a shadow with a persona.
Shadow: What can I do to make people think I'm useful...I'll do anything.
...am I a burden?

Are you seriously comparing me to a mascot that makes bear puns?

Can you at least put me on Koromaru tier.

I would prefer to be like the fighting dog

So what do I need to do to get a persona???
I guess that is ....
Thread Creator

You'll need to face shadow shadow Mishima.
Thread Creator

Just believe in yourself, if you think you're useless to those around you then you just need to keep trying harder, besides does it really matter what others think as long as your happy with yourself.
Do you think it's allowed to have a persona that is just a giant pair of golden legs
I guess you're right.

Oh so I need to pulls some inception type stuff. Okay i'm in this sounds like it is going to be intense.

Where do I start?

Also how much must I pay your for your services?
Thread Creator

Then tell that to them...
*Points to shadow 3xcal1bur*
Thread Creator

We can start as soon as I'm done helping @3xcal1bur face themselves*
I guess in the end, I am you.
Or you're me whatever.
But I'm not going to stay worthless. Count on that.

*Pulls out some popcorn and mountain dew*

Okay I'll just lurk around until your done.

Good luck 3xcal1bur
Shadow: I see so that your answer. I look forward to it then...
*The shadow begins to fade away until there nothing left but a Card and a blue butterfly*
In the end, the opinions of those..
Losers, for lack of a better term, don't matter to me.
A card?
(It's the emperor arcana, I think

I think that's my arcana)
And hey, the butterfly is back.
Thread Creator

*Quickly bottles butterfly*
Gotcha! Not letting you get away.
Thread Creator

OOC: Want me to find a persona for you or would you rather pick it yourself?
(Pick a persona for me? I'm not good at these kinds of things. It has to be the emperor arcana though)
Is that the Emperor I see? What's your Persona dude? Emperor is my arcana too.
(Leader gods of various pantheons work, as well as historical leaders of great importance, i.e. Ramses II for instance of just mythological leaders.)
Thread Creator

OOC: Yeah thinking about what might be appropriate.
I got Mara as a Persona...

Is that suppose to be a subtle insult, my shadow?
I faced myself a long time ago.

How about Alexander the Great or Jason ??

OOC: My time in the Fate fandom is kicking in
Thread Creator

OOC: Ok, how about the first Sumerian king(Apparently mythological as he descended from heaven or something) Alulim.
Thread Creator

OOC: Or we could go with one of Mishiman's suggestions.
Seems awesome!
Actually I can't decide one moment ;;;;
Probably Alexander the Great
Because my sister knows more about Greek mythology than i do lmao
@3xcal1bur has gained the power to face life's hardships and obtained the Persona Alexander!
Excellent, one down. I'll probably stay on hand in case the next shadow is too much for you, too.
Congratz on the Persona.

Now if only I could follow suit...
Jesus Christ that was intense
Thread Creator

OCC: Just give me and idea of shadow's personality and palace/dungeon.

Congrats on getting a cool new persona !

Am I up now?
*screams in the distance followed by a thud*

owowowow....I hate the stupid TV....hey guys, what's up?
Thread Creator

Try, doing that every month for a year, though I seem to fight people's shadows every few days now.
Well I'm back from fighting all those shadows. Surprisingly, Mara's a good Persona.
Thread Creator

Just helping people face their shadows using this butterflies power.
Fair enough. So we're fighting shadows today? Good. Leonidas and I need to train.
(Hands @Yu-Narukami two $20 bills because he deserves it)
Yo. We've got another Emperor on our side.
Thread Creator

I could use a hand, so who's up next.

I think I was supposed to go next?

I dunno the order of the requests.
Thread Creator

You didn't have to pay me, I was happy to help.
Thread Creator

Ok, but last time I thought a shadow's shadow it was pretty rough.
Emperor huh? Well then, happy to have you aboard 3xcal1bur!
Hey @imtherealklib. Yeah, we're getting people Personas so they can help out next time a sin shows up.

Or Naoya's Shadow.

If me getting a persona is too much of an issue then I don't mind assisting with other people instead.
Thanks everyone!
Nah, we can handle it! Let's help him out Yu!
Thread Creator

Nah, I'll do it, we have more people now so it should be possible.
Thread Creator

OOC: Any ideas for shadow personality and palace/dungeon.
*gets out of the TV world*

Now I have a Persona and a Stand.
Things are just getting interesting.

*evil laughter*
Maybe we'll get another Hermit around here.
I know I'm temperance, so it'd be nice to diversify a bit more.

Shadow personality

-Constantly feels out place
-Always left behind in major events and this is affecting morale
-feels lesser then other people
-Tries to act brazen to not appear boring or normal


*I don't really have any ideas on this*

Tried to get this to fit with Mishima's story a bit as well as my own posting interactions.

Is this enough?

Thread Creator

OOC: Yeah, I'll figure out a way to make it work.
Thread Creator

Well, here goes nothing.
*Opens the Jar*
* A swarm of butterflies comes out of the seemingly empty jar covering the entire area*
Hoo boy here it comes ...

Can't wait to beat the hoe
hype, i guess?
it will be emotionally uncomfortable.
*when the butterflies clear your in a dark cave like structure, it's too dark to see anything though*

Not to mention dangerous. This stuff is never easy.
Hey! I think I got butterflies on my eyes!
Thread Creator

Is everyone alright?
Uh, yeah. I'll back off a bit.

No Persona and all.
Leonidas! Light one of your spears with flame!

*summons Leonidas and procures a torch*
its just dark man. why would there even be butterflies on ur eyes.
@Emerson Stay safe.
*The walls appear to made out of some kind of gray plastic, at the end of the cavern there a purple glow*
I can't see anything ...

Hey, @Mishimans, you alright?
*Grabs your hand*
just follow the group, alright?
Ah, much better. And never doubt what that thing can do. It thrives off of us it seems.

Thanks man I could't really see anything and it was getting kind of nerve wracking
C'mon guys, stay near me. There's something just up ahead!

*holds torch higher*
Hahaha! Your darkness...it keeps me well fed.
Ugh can't believe that I am getting this stressed over nothing
Oh shit its the butterfly bitch
@Mishimans take it easy, this is natural, these are your darkest emotions. That's why you're not feeling too hot.
*Snaps head towards the voice*

who said that?
That's probably the main chamber. I think I hear something down there.
*The swarm begins to take a humanoid shape*
Darkest emotions...how much darker can you get, you're already a shadow.
grips @Mishimans hand tighter
you still there man? don't panic!
Well let's see where this takes us. Ramses, be ready!
*Fakes wounded looks*

Us shadows can have feelings too
(summons Alexander)

Not really feeling panicky yet

Being an ice cold hoe helps
*The swarm finally takes on the appearance of @Mishimans but larger and with its eyes completely blacked out*
Wow, when a shadow has a shadow the eyes turn creepy black..... *gulps*
Screw the torch. Leonidas, toss your spears along the walls and light them up! We need light everywhere. NOW!

*summons Leonidas to create light*
Holy hell! That's terrifying!
Okay now this getting weird ...

Shadow: Oh, feeling confident are we. You don't really have any reason to feel confident though do you.
oh gosh that's terrifying.
Do my eyes really look like that ?

Calm yourselves. Any excess negative emotions will feed this thing.
you're right.
stay calm, everyone!
Bitch please I feel confident just in existing.

*Hands slowly begin to form into fists*
@imtherealklib Easier said than done...
Shadow: See they all think I look terrifying, too. Nobody wants to believe in a shadow after all, right?
Heh you guys are getting really tense back there ...
@Emerson I'm absolutely terrified, but so long as I have you guys, I don't need to be afraid. You guys are my power, so let me be yours. Don't worry.
Shadow: You haven't done anything of note yet though. You've done nothing to warrant such confidence.
Who wants a buff? @imtherealklib here's a Heat Riser on the house!
No No wait ...

That can't be true

I mean all these people did come to help me. So they must believe in me somewhat???

Shadows: You just sit from the sidelines and watch as everyone does everything on their own.
A bit quick on the trigger, but I don't mind being able to intervene if I need to. Thanks!

*readies a defensive stance*
What I have done a lot to contribute ..

Shadow: It doesn't matter if they pretend to care. How can you know if it's not just them being nice to the stupid shadow?
Shut up

I do a hell of a lot to contribute

I make delivery runs and sometimes provide sp items

people should like me enough for that

*Looks to everyone else with an almost pleading look*
SP is a pretty important thing.... *totally looked ready to go at this shadow at the drop of a hat*
Shadow: Hahaha! You really think that's helpful? What a joke! Oh, great you can do random chores, but you only do that stuff because you can't help in any other ways.
You're the only one other than me who talked to 5eyeballs when they were new here. You help a lot!
We do believe in you. The problem is you don't believe in us or yourself.
Thread Creator

Don't listen to it, your shadow will do anything to get inside your head.
*holds up your hand*
see? I'm here for you bro.
Even just cheering from the sidelines is something noteworthy. The knowledge that we have those relying on us, believing in us, and willing to help even if they lack power gives us strength.
Shadow: Liars, all of them! Are you really just going to take what they say at face value. None of them really believe you can be anything more than just some stupid shadow!
*A fierce dark aura begins surrounding the shadow*

Shouldn't you have warned me about this earlier!

Cause at this point he is already succeeding in messing with me ..
Thread Creator

I told you that shadows of shadows aren't something to be taken lightly.

*Looks gratefully at the hand*

Thanks man your always there for me.

@Mishimans it might be too late regardless, get ready.
Friends from the sideline is a special source of power for people like Yu.

Hmm, sonim violent and brave and am very clever with traps and jukes, so let me just make a sheild, ladder, and flash light
Shut the hell up you copy

I am not just a stupid shadow cause I have actual allies now!

*Picks up a rock and throws it at the shadows*

It's time for you to shut the fuck up
Shadow: All of you...are just jealous of me. Valiant Dance!
Click to load youtube video
OOC: Fitting music
*Looks to everyone*

Nice to know that you all actually think i'm worth a damn...
Guess it's time to beat the shit out of myself
*The shadow stretches and morphs as it begins fusing with the walls of the cavern*
We're safe to just kill this, right? Like it's not like Mishimans will die or anything, right?

Wait I can possibly die if you kill my shadow ?????
*Looks at the walls of the cavern*

That does not look good...
Thread Creator

Pretty sure shadows in the TV world don't disappear for good unless you accept them.
the shadow shadow is surrounding us!
*inflicted with rage*


*rushes towards the shadow with spear at the ready*
*The shadows seems like it's melting onto the walls*
All of you...can just GO TO HELL!
*Blade like appendages come out from all sides of the walls*
Thread Creator

Wait, something doesn't feel right!
*Forced in towards the rest of the group*

Jeez! Those things almost got me...
*Throws leftover rocks at the shadow*

Ugh I wish I had my toaster with me
(persona dissipates, and i now have a gash in my side)
*winces from the attack*


*begins attacking the shadow wall*
A wall of spikes surrounds the core of the shadow as imtherealklib gets closer.
Crap! *dodges some blades, get hit with others* Heat Riser! Three times over! *The rest of the party with Personas feel stronger, faster and more durable*
Oh come on! *tries to duck into the middle of the arena, away from the walls*
Hahaha! See your all idiots, can't you even fight?
*holds @imtherealklib back*
Times for you all to die!
Power Charge!
*turns on @3xcal1bur*


*readies a strike*
Alexander, maziodyne!
Thread Creator

If that thing attacks again were done for!
*slaps klib*
snap out of it, dumbass!
I think you guys should focus on spells

It looks like physically attacking it will hurt
If we can't get close to you physically, we'll just take you down magically!

Raffles! Psiodyne!

*Hands you a status healing item*

Use it on Klib
*The lightning seems to strike several appendages at once, causing them to dissipate*
*The core of the shadows many eyes fixate on @3xcal1bur*
I'm sorry that this is the best I can do in such an intense fight...
X! You might want this too! *Throws Recov-R: 100mg*
*shoves the status healing item in klib's face*
are you ok?
*Suddenly the shadow seems to gain a surge of power*
Ah. *looks at the shadows*
Did i... mess up?
Er, @3xcal1bur I mean.
*Curses to self*
*taken aback by the slap*

Wh-what the hell? Oh my god...I'm sorry! I almost....DAMN SHADOW!

Leonidas, light him up! AGIDYNE!
*The shadow gazes at @3xcal1bur*
Brave blade!
*A giant bladed appendage forms out of the wall and attempts to strike*
Oi! You shadow bastard! Eyes on me!

Leonidas! Agidyne again!

*rushes to the front of 3xcal1bur to block incoming attacks*

You got my back? Let's do this!
*I grab the medicine and use it*
Thanks @Emerson! I needed that.
(dodges once)
*The fire burns away one appendage but multiple more take its place*
All right, you bitch! GO DOWN!
*casts maziodyne again*
(this is honestly one of the most fun things ive ever done on this site holy shit)
It's like a damn Hydra with these things! Any ideas?
I'll hold off in the big guns for now but... Satan! Diamond Dust! *A mask appears on my face before I rip it off the summon Satan.*
*Its appendages fade away when the lightning hits, the wall blocking its core lifts*
Damn You! To Hell with you all!
Wait, attacking the walls is getting us nowhere. It's just giving him more arms to attack us with...
*Presses towards the back of the group*

Dammit I feel like such a wussy during this fight ...

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