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OOC chat 2
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Im entierly too lazy to go dig up the first one.

So, Im currently at a friend's house as he throws a party for someone they know.

What's everyone up to?
OOC: Why is it saying "topic not found" when I click on the thread "What if atlus notices us?"?
Waiting Neir and Persona 3 to finish downloading .

Playing new game + 3 of persona 5 till then.
nvm it's working now
Also, I'm gonna eat a pink donut.
Site's been kinda having seizures all day, will go totally down for a few seconds and then return.
Thread Creator

I just got tbe not found error too.

Nice downloads Trickster.
Im hoping to be home soon to game out.
Im starting to feel the day catch up to me lol
I'm here

And that's the whole story

I finished Night In the Woods again

Where does time and life go
I'm sitting around playing Trails in the Sky.
Thread Creator

Night in the woods?
What's that?
When will you be home? :/
I'm judging what video game will end my night .
Thread Creator

Fair enough lol.

Joker at a party . Must be a interesting sight.
Thread Creator

I'm hiding in their kitchen, sitting on my phone.
The scene is rivitng lol.
It's a unique platformer with witty dialogue, great characters, a fun mystery and story, and I don't know how else to describe it. It's worth a try atleast.

2017 is just already such a fantastic year for games
Thread Creator

What platform? Ill look into it
I'm just lazing around playing Devil Survivor
^ I also plan to play that as well.

It would be my first shin megami game.
Night in the Woods is really cute
Devil Survivor is great but also as much like MegaTen as Persona is.
Thread Creator

Devil Survivor Overclocked is my persona favorite gamboy Megaten game
Thread Creator

This website has corrupted my phone's ability to day "personal"
Night in the Wood is a fun game

Right now I'm trying to beat Danganronpa, but my dog keeps distracting me
I was debating whether or not to get Night in the woods but after seeing this ill get it tomorrow. Currently replaying bloodborne until i pass out :)

Tatsu i c wut u did thar
Well there's other reasons for it but yeah that to.
Wait no it's like 2017 or 16 in P5 cause Rise is 21 and 4 is in 2011.
I wonder what would happen if P5 and P4 protagonist faced off? Just a thought

I currently am very upset.

I wasted hours of my life grinding to the money cap in P5, and then of all times, my power goes out while I'm out eating dinner.

Guess who forgot to save?

Otherwise, I'm making some edits to the wiki. Nothing too out of the ordinary for me.
Akira would probbably win, because Yu is a good boy and will most likely not want to fight another wild card.
Makes sense
Holy crap dude talk about bad luck. Did you make a god mad in a past life or something?
@Tatsuya Back in pre-release stuff I think Atlus outright flagged the game as set in 2016/17. Then it changed to 20XX when delays caught up to a date that they thought was the far future.... in like 2010.

Probably. Knowing me, I probably said a smart-ass comment to him and he cursed me.
Holy butts I fell behind

Night In the Woods is on PS4, XB1 and Steam. I recommend.
I just finished a well-made dinner after having relieved a lot of stress through talking things out. So far I'm having a lovel night.

I ate out at Chilli's. Man, they have some good boneless wings.

On a side not, Haru's article has been updated, and I wrote up pure-anon's! Go me.
@hazama i just saw that!! thank you!! i think you did a great job!!

Hey, thanks. I do try.
oh!! i almost forgot!! the page said you didn't have my avatar so i uploaded it!!


full image source!!: https://twitter.com/aburiengaw_p5/status/858687313014013952
Godspeed you pure-anon.

No fancy food for me. I had delivery.

Thanks, I'll add it right away.
I was about to look for the first chat and use my necroposter skills, but this works as well.
And no, I still have exams. That's why I am not participating as much as before in the forums.
Thread Creator

Lol, yea, I thought about bumping it too.

Then I remembered the instability of Lablanc o.o

Anywho, time to play God Eater: Resurrection
Uuuuugh. I should sleep! Between shitposting on here and playing P5, I haven't slept.

...but I want pizza, too. Such are my troubles.
I am glad that there isn't any thot instances today. I need the rest.
I'm nearing the end of my second playthrough of P5. I'm glad I maxed out Yusukes confidant in time for the final boss.
I just want to say, once this ARG is over, I hope somebody turns it into actual fanfiction.
I'm dreading going into work as of now.
R E V I V E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
R E V I V E !!!!!!
oh no
Well, it worked
Sup... how has it been for everyone?
the real joke is that i dont have a character.
I just entred the phan-wiki.
2) There are a lot of thing I didnt knew
Honestly Scrims, I question your intelligence.
You do nothing but post complete trash tier posts, not even worthy of being called shitposts, just for the attention.
You are either the co-worker that gets picked up with a red stapler, or you are that child that was abused so badly that you have to come onto an anonymous forum, and do everything you can for attention.
You try to pull our attention becuase it's the only thing you manage to do successfully in life, as you seem to not be capable of much else, and considering the fact you have two accounts to post with, tells me that you have such a high level of ADHD, you probably forget you are taking a piss midway through.
Your low quality posting also tells me that your intellectual though process is so goddamn low, that you unironically think that my "non-existent" testicles actually sprout from above my heel, ignoring the fact that the bone in my ankle is not actually for reproductive means.
The only joy you probably have in your life right now is some people acknowledging your trash tier posting, and your false ego gets inflated every tie a poster ignorantly claims that you are a god tier shitposter, without actually knowing what god tier shit posting was.

Come back to me later when both of your testicles drop, you have a few more years on you, and you experience the world outside of the basement you dwell in. Soon you will learn that mother's hotpocks (assuming you even know what the love of a mother even is) is not sufficient to survive on, and for the love of god, it's not called a fedora.
Please someone explain
@Hillock mod text
The weather is amazing today. Too bad im a shut in.
As the lore continues to get deeper and more Persona Q-esque, I can't help but picture a point where, after defeating the true villain behind the Sins and everyone being at Leblanc, the entire forums disappear like Mementos-Shibuya and all the people from prior Persona games like Morgana.

Click to load youtube video
Nah well just go into endless arcs like Bleach or something.
Thread Creator

Hmm, that would be depressing.
I'd rather see the forums flourish lol.
Good eve currently Watching Bleach. very good anime. i reccommend it.
What if we just cut to everyone's kids like Boruto?
And then do the exact same plot over again, point for point.
Thatd be lit
Oi it's not gonna be the same plot
Hunter x Hunter has very good arcs.
Boruto is gonna be different
I wanna see the OG Phantom Thieves and the Neo Phantom Thieves have a good ol' crossover episode.
Thread Creator

Okay, I saw the previously
Can someone update me as to wtf this Neo Phantom Thieves deal is?
im not 100% sure either but after some events last night someone sent a calling card to metis, signing it with Neo Phantom Thieves?
Basically last night Metis decided to go ahead and kill everyone. And got a bunch of sidequest villains to help her.

So the usual suspects (known by such names throughout the site's history as Leblanc Casuals, Thot Patrol, and P.H.A.N.S.) stole her heart.

And for whatever reason called themselves the Neo Phantom Thieves on their calling card.
Some of them are helping with the gluttony god right now.
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