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Forum rules.
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Do not
  • Insult other users, or use hate speech.
  • Spam.
  • Link illegal materials.
  • Post gore or porn in any form. If you must discuss something sexual, make it as vague as possible.
  • Set inappropriate (NSFW, gore) avatars.
  • Disclose others' personal information.
  • Post threads about religion or politics (unless they are related to the game).
  • Advertise products/services that are not related to the site's theme.
  • Impersonate other users.
  • Abuse BBCode for fun.
  • Use quotes when they are unnecessary. Quoting whole post directly above you is not helping anyone and makes forum less readable. Try to avoid making huge "quote towers" by cutting parts that you don't want or need to quote.
  • Tag threads properly.
  • Make it clear in the title if your thread contains spoilers.
  • Mark all movie/game/book spoilers with [spoiler][/spoiler] tag.
  • Speak English.
Breaking the rules can result in post/thread deletion, temporary account suspension, or permanent ban. If you want to report someone's behavior, you can contact site staff via PM system or Discord. The rules are open to discuss, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns feel free to post.
Gotcha, I'll keep this in mind!
god bless
OOC: Shitto.

Someone want to deux ex machina the whole HaruxLoli thing? Mishima might rek me.
Given some of the shitposting sexual stuff that has happened im curious what constitutes needlessly vulgar
like has there anything that has already happened that you would categorize as such so we have a frame of reference to how far this goes? yknow
Thank you @AntiThotGod

You can't undo what is in history.
Thread Creator

@Hibiki Yes, there were posts in the past that crossed the line a bit.
Unfortunely I cannot show you them because I obviously deleted them.

Cursing and writing sexual things is not entirely prohibited, but when it's downward tasteless and goes overboard it'll be deleted.
Well, thanks for the answer to my question. It sucks I can't see exactly what went overboard, but the mere fact that the forum has crossed the line in the past should help most of us figure out where that line is, I hope.
I try not to post much sexual stuff outside of a few joking comments but I just wanted clarification for all of us.
I see.


What's the ruling on adult fanics?
Zero explicit, mild implied okay?

Dat phone
So I'm allowed to summon old gods?
When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror. Also, lewdposting.
No rules against lurking YAAAAAY
When will PMS Be up <3<3<3
Thread Creator

@FutaMitsuru Probably next week.
Thanks babs <3
Good work,Mishima .This should stop some apocalypses from Happening .
Rules no the horror! But I kid honestly these are still some pretty slack rules and we kinda needed something.
so no more "Mhmmmm im in my bed" ? Dx
thank you ffs
At least now this site won't become a horrific dumpster fire
There should be an exception to the spam as long as it's about our lord and savior Mothman.
No no spam period that opens the door.
Well I didnt read the rules but I have good manner
The admin chose the best picture of Mishima
That's how I know it's the admin
Sounds fair, great idea Mishima :)
Awsome job
This is an awsome place!
Ok then
This looks like a solid set of rules. I might stay here for a while.
Nice.Just don't piss us off with your phansite stuffs.
So if someone broke the rules he will get Punishment time , riiiiigt?
Love this site!! 😙
Thnx @Mishima
Btw ur one of my favs
*high fives*
I approve of adding a giant roast to add some pain on top of the ban.
This is amazing!

Nice new rule! Thanks mishmashed potatoes!
So... which one is the new one?
@Migrant I believe the new rules are "no account sharing" and suspend/ip ban.

@Mishima, have you considered requiring e-mail validation on new accounts before allowing them to post? It would slow down trolls making new accounts to immediately create a new thread.
Thread Creator

@Moana I did, and I'll probably add verification later. Just need to find some time and see if server email works properly.
@Mishima, regarding the rules, I must ask. When it comes to RP, how far is too far? Whilst I am aware it is meant for fun, I am curious. I feel like it something that needs to be addressed given recent posts.
Mishima you're the G.O.A.T for running this site
BTW MISHIMA!! How's the documentary coming along?
Can we say cuss word?
Thread Creator

@Arsene-Lupin Yes.
Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this for all of us fans! {:^>
works fr me
Just curious now... Is bumping extremely old threads against the rules of the site? (Not that I would do such a thing... but assuming someone attempted to "summon the old gods")

I don't think it's specifically said to be against the rules, but no one really likes it when dead threads get necroed.
I'd say as long as its not like a rp thread, and its an actual meaningful sorta contribution it would be fine enough.
What about @Mako-chan´s temple? It´s meaningful.
This website is sooooooooooo cool!
Pretty solid new rules, Mishima. Great work.
I agree with them.
I know spam is against the rules, but what's your opinion on people who try to spark a discussion but it gets completely ignored for some reason and they keep bumping it back up. (and I mean an actual question has been asked)
RIP the old gods I guess
Would there be a possibility to add DM's?
This is a very nice layout ! Sorry if english sounds odd. The rules work for me.
Good rules.
I guess if rules are broken admin shall send the wrath of the Phantom thieves upon us? XD
@Mishima, have you thought of locking threads that are well over a week old to prevent people from bumping truly ancient threads (since there's likely no good reason for that)?
Is there like a "3-strike" rule where if we break any rules 3 times we will get a IP ban or suspension?
I understand and wish to know MORE OF THIS AMAZING SITE XD

uwu i didnt even know this existed also mishima is my favourite character after yuSUKE BYE
same here
Thank you mishima
So i can't even link about sources if i want to credit them?
Thread Creator

What sources?
for an example the thread about p5 deleted scenes that 4gamers recorded for a review to ATLUS, or posting something that the creator has copyright about it and we need to credit it (for an art and stuff)
Thread Creator

There are no rules against that.
I think Yukayo misunderstood, or you misworded the no advertising thing.
Thread Creator

Advertising as in trying to sell or promote paid service/product, if that's not clear.
If it's free or done on request by phansite users is it alright?
Thread Creator

Hey Mish, can I ask why the new rule is speak English? I mean besides the fact that most people here speak it.
Well he's not doing anything wrong. He's participating in roleplay, and the others are interacting with him, most likely using google translate.
So I'm still kinda confused about it
I'll remind others if they are breaking the rules with warnings since I can't B A N

Add a rule to not spam BBCode.

Finally adding the quote spam thing, nice.
Justice to my thread has been delivered

We shoYuld respect these rYules

For those who were wondering about the quote towers, you can blame me and @pancakeboi for that, but mostly me.
(edited by Zero-X)
Lol I just made an account on here
So guys and gals, these look like your standard forum rules. very normal, now the topic that I want to see is clicks off of page
Okie :3 It's good to have order in the website!
Thread Creator

I've unlocked this thread indefinitely
Hahahaha it begins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F5azNTnaOI Also join the sitecord https://discord.gg/2D8jz3s
(edited by Flareon)
oml mish finally did it
Thank you Yuuki you've done an amazing thing

And look where this got us
This is awesome :0 I never expected the Phansite becoming a real thing ^^
I'M JUST IN LOVE WITH PERSONA 5 and i want to try out the other shin megami tensei games as well

thank you so much, mishima, for your great work! the site looks awesome! ill be visiting more often i think (and add a profile picture). im just kinda sad that the front page (the one with the poll) doesnt work anymore, or atleast doesnt seem to be in use.

ok i kinda have to correct myself. the front page didnt seem to work when i looked at it this morning (only saying "loading") but now it works so nvm what i said about it. (im sorry, if this seems spam-y or something, you may delete this if it is)
Oh ok

Good rules!

this site sucks I hate persona 5
@mona2 no you, cat. :P
Scrolling through this thing seems to leave quite a legacy. Its rather unusual to have so much conversation in a rules thread, usually they're just locked.
I'd like to think that people will just see me saying "this thread is hella gay tbh" with all the upvotes and just not understand it for peak ahahahehehahahe moment

I'd like to think No you wouldn't
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