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The small house ontop Lablanc
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I decided to turn my ship into a base of operations and it is not the attic in the actual building.
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Reason why is to not only to admire the freshly brewed coffee smell but to monitor the activities in Momentos thanks to Mona.
Are we a mech now?
So we're in a spaceship? Awesomeness.
No we are linari
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Specifically it's modular ship where I can configure to what ever to what situation is needed by a simple command text
Linari is best ship
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plus don't tell Labrys or Boss or they will kick me out because this is where I can see the most of Momentos
Ah I'm sure they'd understand.. Also haven't seen them lately.
I miss Labrys-senpai...
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OOC: Well I am off to bed.

Well time to dive into Momentos.
Yeah me to kid she was cool.
Bon voyage, captain.

You didn't like being called mister but call me kid?
*A warm burning sensation starts to emanate on Tatsuya's back*
Uh... why is there a giant ship on top of Leblanc, I thought it was closed.
I don't know. We entered the space age... Or something.
Eh I'm an odd one like that.
Also I can't call you Adachi and I have no clue what your first name is.
And why the hell does my back feel hot all of a sudden?
*The burning sensation becomes more intense, its almost as if some kind of evil entity is on Tatsuya's back*
It's Sayaka. We defeated a god together and weren't even properly introduced... Heh.
I don't know, show me your back.
Huh. A ship? COOOOOOL!!

*excitement is barely contained*
The hell?
Are you hungry again? I have lillies.
I don't think Labrys is going to be overly thrilled about this though.
I hope Senpai won't be mad...
*A dark shadowy energy seems to come out of Tatsuya's back and it seems like it's getting heavier*
Ok... the hell is going on?!
Atmosphere seems pretty weird now...something going on?
Mimi... *clenches wing with fingers*
Apollo Nova Cyther! *Flames erupt around Tatsuya* Should take of it. And nice to meet ya Sayaka Tatsuya Suou since I don't think I ever bother with it.
Well, if I were to take a guess this is @Sunbreaker-Titan's ship and he parked it on top of Leblanc other than that I don't think much is going on, besides Tatsuya complaining about back pains.

OOC: Ok... this isn't the same without Boss.
And also burning himself on the off chance it's some evil bug.
*The butterfly is surrounding a deep purplish color, and speak in a distorted voice*
Do not interrupt me while I feed on the souls of the strong, I will gain power and cause humanities downfall*
Oh, well that settled it. So Boss and Labrys are out?
Atleast your last name isn't printed in the papers... Erm... Unless it is. If so, my apologies.
OOC Yeah we can only hope he comes back one of these days. And Labrys to for that matter.
OOC: Maybe they're just taking a break after hitting 2000.
OOC: Probably school or work, I can't remember their occupations
OOC That too
OOC: Honestly it is a bit weird just having action and comedic moments.
So back again butterfly? How many times do we gotta beat your ass?
This again? I thought you were reborn. If you are back to your old self, expect to be severely punished...
*no comedic moments
OOC: I'm not feelin it rn. Later.
*The butterflies coloration turns back to blue*
*it flies over and lands on @AdachiImouto head*
OOC: I could always run the cafe if you guys want. I'd totally be winging it and there's no IC reason but meh.
*calls up from outside*

W-Why is there a ship on top of the cafe..?
OOC: true...I think I might bail on this rn too. Boss certainly does have something about his shops.

Thanks for the offer Tatsuya
*Shouts back*
It wasn't me.

Welcome back Labrys! And dunno, the big guy parked it here.
Labrys hey down there! Haven't seen you since what a couple days ago? Anyways the Titan parked it here cause he says it's the best spot to see mementos.
OOC: I am considering opening a thread of my own. I'm hesitant though because Boss is special. There was some magic about it. Also I'm busy unpacking right now, so I'm a bit pooped and less active
Uhm...Mementos is in the cognitive world...this is the Nexus...
*scratches head and furrows brow*

It looks funny. Like something out of Akihabara honestly...
There you go. *Smiles and gives you a lilly*

@-Labrys- It just kinda happened, Senpai...
OOC: Well, no pressure, we can always wait till tomorrow to see if Boss comes back.
Mona said it would work, so I don't really know. Maybe it's some tech in the ship?

OOC: Fair enough I know the feeling.
Yeah but he says it works and I haven't looked at the tech enough to know myself.
I am a robot...know how to let me in..?
OOC: I've considered making a new Leblanc to.. But yeah it wouldn't be right without Boss.
OOC: I have an idea for a thread. I will get back to everyone on it and possibly imitate it tomorrow.
Seems alien...I don't think I want to try tinkering around the equipment here.

*crosses arms and looks somewhat annoyed*

It would've been fun if I knew what everything did..
Imitate? Initiate.
*The butterfly flutters forth and starts to glow a warm yellow*
Fear not children of man, the answer you seek is here.
*It flies toward a strange button on the console*
Come forth Lucifer! *Lucifer swoops down and carries you into the ship* There magic solves everything.
Well... I could always break something and clear a way in. I'm good at breaking things... Ehehe... *Clenches lance*
Don't push the button guys pretty sure it's a trick.
Ah, Tatsuya, you were always gifted with the power of Persona.
You sure about that one...@Persona?

You have a nasty habit of promoting destruction...
Oh... No breaking things then. Oh well.
What's your point butterfly?
I only mean to guide you toward your proper path.
*the yellow glow suddenly fades away and is once again replaced with the light blue*
Flower nectar...
*The butterfly goes back to sucking the nectar out of the Lilly @AdachiImouto left out for it*
Why does it keep changing color like that?
*comes in and stretches*

An...interesting setup to say the least.
Pfft your idea of my path is what killing the world or something? I'll make my own road just like I always have.
*finds a seat and sits down*

Well said Tatsuya!
Hmmm...? To what art thou referring to, I've already left behind all my intentions of destroying the world. I simply wish to enjoy sweet delicious flower nectar now.
Man speeches made against a butterfly are turning into my thing.
I always liked sci-fi things like this... It's like we're on a intergalactic adventure *Smiles and giggles
I used to like sci-fi stuff like this but I have trouble enjoying it. It reminds me too much of the struggles a friend of mine went through.
Must be rough Yu...
Well at least your friends know who you are... Damn I miss my team.
Speaking of which, I haven't really seen many people I know since entering this nexus.
Well we saw Teddie around today.. And not anyone else huh weird.
Maybe the Nexus will call to them eventually? I remember it was an accident that I happened upon this place.
Actually I saw eikichi once but that was very brief... He seemed to recall me though so that's something.
Maybe the Nexus is where you'll be able to reunite with your team?
Well, that blue hair guy said he's dead if I remember correctly, so maybe the impossible is possible here.
Yeah, heh maybe I'll even see Maya around one a these days.
*The butterfly again glows yellow and speaks in a strange voice*
Your powers... are hidden deep within your heart... Like a god or devil, it is "another self"... Like a god, filled with love... Like a demon, merciless... Humans... go through life with many faces... Your current appearance is just another face... And so is your Persona... one of many...
Yeah Philemon told me all that years ago, You aren't exactly imparting wisdom here.
Does the Butterfly get all philosophical when it drinks nectar?
So it would seem. Really channeling the ole butterfly freak himself here though.
I see so you do remember. How strange that a fragment of myself still exists here. Remember Tatsuya. I will always be with you.
*The butterfly reverts back to normal*
Well, for better or worse, you at least have the Butterfly, Tatsuya.
Maybe, we should stop letting that butterfly in here.
... Yeah that was Philemon alright. I'm not quite sure what all things that being is made of anymore but it's not all bad I'll say that.
It gave me the chance to face myself. I can't say I don't appreciate it after that.
Funnily enough at least in part it's the source of both our Personas.
...? all of thou are strange, I do not remember doing such things...
I never met this Philemon guy, but I'm sure there was a method to his madness.
Yeah me to... Though hell if I can figure it out. Also as for you Persona I'm pretty sure you're shards of a whole lotta things all fighting over one body.
Poor little butterfly. So many parts of him fighting for one position of control...it's kinda sad..
What're you talking about? I'm just a butterfl-
*Begins glowing both yellow and purple*
Voice of Shadows: Never forgot your place in this world. As a puppet to your true inner self.
Voice of Truth: Don't be afraid to face yourself. With your power, you can face any hardship life throws at you.
*Reverts to normal*
-y that was wants some flower nectar.
Welp...so long as we keep it fed we should be fine.
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