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So what does everyone do?
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I work the midnight shift at a taxi company. What does everyone else do?

Well, it's probably easy to guess given the forum but I'm web developer. Been learning to code for quite some time and decided to work as one. It's not full time because I still have studies but I already got a project to work on and next ones are on the way.
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Considering this is something I don't believe you are turning a profit on, I can only assume you probably have one hell of a work ethic! That's pretty admirable.

I fix computers for a living.
Mostly Windows based stuff.

@Imtherealkilb If you mean the forum then yes, I don't get any money for that, but I'm gaining experience and skills by building something like this and it's just damn great seeing this thing used and enjoyed by others.
I'm a gym teacher and a professional athlete with an olympic medal.

For real I'm a university student. I've been in linguistics for two years but I've been studying on my own time and will continue to do so in order to get into medicine.
I don't do anything fancy, just your average retail work at a convenience store, 7-11 to be exact (Basically the 777 Job lmao) but I'm studying music as well because that's what I love

@PhantomRider do you play any instrument?
Finishing high school
Yeah still in high school lol, and no artistic abilities what so ever
uni first year 0: psych/stats double major
It's interesting learning more about you guys.
Boi, I'm Matador. You tell me.
But in actuality, I'm a grad student, creative and professional writing. I'd love to work for a gaming magazine/website some day.
High school student looking to go into computer science and software design or bioengineering
Hmmmmmmmmmm~ New here, wouldn't let me register on a new account, so i'm trying to re establish the good name of Akira Kurusu, but i'm trying to finish highschool
I work at a campground and also am set to take over my family's business eventually.

Also working on getting my commissions going.
I'm in secondary school and am about to do my GCSEs. I hope to code stuff when I get a job later in life.
I'm just a regular high school student, I'm totally not trying to avenge my brother or anything...

OOC: I'm actually a dead end factory worker. I move boxes all day. But I also like to write and can hopefully write creatively in some way for a living someday.
Currently in my 2nd semester of college. Studying game development,designer path
I'm graphic designer.
Disabled; so I am on Disability and unable to work. Life of riley I tell you.
Boring retail job at a supermarket chain called Morrison's :P hoping to become an actor now that I have a performing arts degree under my belt :P
@-Shido- me too, fuck GCSE's
I work in a shop ... for real

Well when you become an actor hit me up with some movies to watch or TV shows to watch yo. Since I can't work XD
Oh I shall do :P hopefully I'll get to be in a professional version of Shakespeare's star wars :P (did it for my final evaluation) xD
@Mishima Sorry about the late reply, but of course I do, been playing guitar (Almost completely self taught) for about close to 10 years and I also sing, would love to learn to play piano as well one day because I'm a huge classical/romantic/baroque music nerd haha

Am a lazy af junior in high school. Got really low grades, all because I'm too fucking lazy to do the work. All the material is easy, but, again, too lazy to do the work, except pre-calc. That shit's stupid
Technically I'd be a high school senior, but I ended up graduating early. Right now I'm simply waiting until fall for college. Planning to be a psyche major.
I'm in high school and I'm super stressed about colleges :')

So far, we seem to have a surprisingly young demographic here.
This is a forum based on a game about anime, rebellion, shitty adults, and sex appeal :3 @Joker
It's cause Persona is a game for people with a lot of free time that you can sink hundreds of hours into

@-Panther- - That means nothing =P
Guys my age are still very much into gaming of nearly all kinds.
I do see the appeal for the younger generations, but this game is a branch off of the MegaTen titles, which is focused more on a more mature mindset.
Hopefully this isn't too personal a question, but how old actually is everyone here? I'm 23 and still an avid gamer (Mainly J-RPGs and Hack n Slash games)
Proudly 16, same age as Joker, Ryuji, Ann, and Yusuke.
Proudly 16, same age as Joker, Ryuji, Ann, and Yusuke.
I'm 14
Oh god why did it post twice?

Lol. I'll be 30 in a few months.

Feelin old.
And for a moment here I was thinking I was going to be the oldest :P

Lol, yeah not quite =P
I have a sinking feeling I just may be the oldest, sans Mishima.
I am the youngest lol
Haha well I for one think it's awesome you're still a big gamer. IMO you're never too old to play games, especially heavily story driven games that are marketed toward a more mature audience in the first place. Seriously, saying you're too old to play SMT or Persona is like saying you're too old to read Stephen King or something

Of course. I'll be a gamer for my entire life.

Considering Gaming has become so huge, turning into a multibillion dollar industry, and the fact gaming is actually proving to be a medical application for PTSD, it's only going to get bigger.
(Yes, Vets with PTSD play Donkey Kong to help with it, and it works)
I'm gonna be a gamer forever too video games helped me so much in my life
18 turning 19 in July. @Joker dude yes! Once a gamer,always a gamer. Gaming really has come a long way though
What do I do? I sit in my house being a jobless bum.

Kind of, I do some odd jobs here and there like cleaning and gardening for cash.
Sometimes I masturbate
Good to know

16, turning 17 in September, and was introduced to Persona by my friend around this time last year. Been gaming since I was maybe 3? I think my first game was either Pac-man, Dig-Dug, or Spyro: year of the dragonfly.
Been gaming since I was about 3 as well, my first game was the classic Super Mario Bros for the NES (Though I played it on Gameboy Color lol)
Been gaming since 6 and my first game was a browser game
I'll be 19 in June.
I think I started gaming when I was 4? I probably started off with Harvest Moon games, but the Dark Cloud series clearly sticks out in my mind
I´m studying in Denmark two months for a Erasmus proyect :"D
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21 come December, but no matter how old we get, I'm pretty sure none of us will turn out like those shitty adults in P5.

And yeah, it is refreshing getting to know some of the more familiar faces here. I've never been one to use forums cause I never had a reason, but the community here is really awesome! (Shitpost overloading aside)
So we talk about our age? I'm 28
Currently in my second year of college, undertaking premed courses.

I'll be 20 in July 😄

About to be 17 on Christmas, but I'm a poet and devout gamer. I've been playing games since I was around 3 and my first one was Pokemon Gold back when ROMs were common, same time GBAs were as well.
I paint, and watch people.
Oh yeah, didn't put my age down, ahahaha.
I'm currently 18, I turn 19 this July though. I got the lucky birthday of 7/7

High school student. Work at a burger joint. Hoping to be a game developer one day.
School and placement. It's rather boring. But I also love drawing.
You guys are very interesting
just an online student aiming to graduate, who platinums every game she adores. quite boring no?
No its not

In real life, im just looking for a job I can balance with school as I just turned 16. In character im a man in his mid 40s running a coffee shop in some back alley
I am only 14 i think i am the youngest in this forum

The point? Almost all of us are older than people in the actual game
I know
Ya know I really feel like we're all bonding pretty well here peeps

Who knew a bunch of role players and a Japanese game could bring people together?
Thats why i am a gamer because the company is always good
I didnt even know this is supposed to be role play waaa
I am roleplaying a lablanc costumer :D
I live in the metaverse
Age huh, 15
I do... Stuff...yeah.

But really, I'm a college student, 18 since last month, no job, and have been gaming since forever.
everyone here is almost a cute cinnamon roll. I feel expired LOL. 26 :P

It's how the world goes round =P

It makes me happy to look at
Thou art I, and I am thou
Thou hast established a new bond
Thou shalt be blessed when creating a persona of the Fool (or should I say Priestess?) arcana
I keep seeing cards appearing and a voice speaks when I interact with people here, send help.
You made a new confidant prepare to be yelled by sae
24 here
And I'm an alt account for one the the RPers
I exist.
You have established a new bond with Phansite, of the Jester arcana

Sae:Weaponized shitposting was a major part of your group's schemes. Someone must have taught you how to shitpost so effectively in such a short amount of time. WHO WAS IT?!

Rank 2: basic memes
4: enhanced memes
8: advanced SHITPOSTS.
10: 4chan memes


Thank you Mr memegod
currently i just cook and clean at home, but one day i would like to design a video game!! or maybe write something people enjoy!!
I'm a Uni student. Finishing 2nd year Wednesday and starting 3rd in Sept. I double major in Physics with a Quantum concentration and Mathematics with a Statistics concentration.
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We've definitely got quite the broad group of people here. And I'm happy to see that more people are joining the community. I didn't really know what to expect of this website at first, bit I've been impressed by the interactions I've seen, even in the face of extreme shitposting.

It's not every day you deal with a group that actually preserves the ability to just roll with the times.
I've been quite impressed with how people adapted to the shitposting.
High school student.
Just a highschool student. I'm planning on getting into something with game design though. I started working on a game of my own, but my computer broke down so thats on hold.
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Click to load jpeg image (size - 118 kb)

I've seen some new faces around, so I'd like to say "HI!"
C# developer
I make sure video game kiosks are up and running. I also make sure I *ahem* politely educate reps who can't seem to plug cord A into outlet B.
I'm 28. Apparently this turned into a age topic .
I'm 19.
High School Student in DC. Also Interns at a Foreign Policy Think Tank.
College student studying computer science
I am a designer, happy and painful

Thou shall be bumped
i failed my first semester at college (pre-animation and illustration) so now i gotta get me a job. probably at a pet shop.

Currently I'm unemployed (that may change soon), but on the side I work as a music composer. I tend to do rock, hip-hop, orchestral, and my favorite, video game music.
I sell buildings and building accessories.
Im leaving to join the Navy on the 30th Dx
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Bump because new faces.
Also @Bonafide_Monafide my personal feelings about military aside, be safe and have fun!

I work at a wrapon shop, get lots of collecters durring the summer
I part time at a sushi restaurant and then do security at a mall occasionally
I go to school and hit people when they make me mad.

I'm a 2nd year law student, myself. And I'm 23. I want to be a prosecutor one day, maybe get into politics when I'm older if I have the reputation for it. I think all of you guys who are good at technical stuff with computers and website design are cool, I could never do something like that.
I'm 18 turning 19 tomrrow and struggeling with a mental dissability that makes it extremely difficult to proccess a lot of information at a time so have been failing Algebra for going on 4 years now and don't know what to do about it. Other then that I work at a Jewish Temple (also i'm Jewish but had some bad experiances so i'm not serious about it at all) for $10 an hour 1-2 hours a day 1 day a week.
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