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Good Burger RP
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Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger can i take your order
Large fry.
hi b1tchass minimum wage worker, may i get the goodest burger to go pls, this place sucks i want to leave with food
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huuuu man i don't think we have that lemme ask EY MARTY, WE NEED A LARGE FRY GIVEs you a single large, big ass fry thank yu sir come back anytime oh hey, welcome to good burger home of the good burger can i take your order
can i get. burger thas good. and a coke. with a side of coke-ayn. to go, pls.
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miss we sell the good burger, not the burger thats good, and though the good burger is aburger thtas good its not the saem, we also have pepsi
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welcome to good burger home of the good burger we dont have chalk person im sorry, but her you go, an orange soda GIVES You a blue plastic vase huh-uh
pls die. t pepsi. diet pepsi with bepis on it. and good burger thtas good aburger. pls.
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huh uh miss pepsi cant go on a diet, i thin kyou're pulling my hair right now huh uh
omg. refr to die. pls. no diet pepsi. just pepsi. bepis. good burger need to be good burger. can i leave with food.
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you can leave with food but you need to pay for it huh uh looks at co worker i think they are a bit slow, i dont know if im qualified
i hav mons from stupid mom. take it and gib chainje. throw coin on register, shouts at idiot's co worker he no qualified for mini mum waje but he qualified to succ dicc
Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good burger, may I take your order, miss. I'm Smitty J's replacement because he recently passed away.
ha ha weak a$$, no need for burger lolz, im out leafs
oop i fid die
hehe yeh consumes large fry
Ew, some bitch that almost looked like me just left. There may be a dead person on the floor but can I get my good burger, from good burger, home of the good burger, please.
Yeah sure, here you go gives you a good burger with extra nuggets cuz simping for cute girl also heres my number, call me cutey honey winks with the right eye, then with the left eye, then blinks in the same order twice
how did you know I was into boys with seizures, bro takes good burger with nuggs, and phone number sadly lol, sure "cutie". i'll think about it after I eat my food. puts coin on counter as tip and leaves, deleting the phone number on the way out
dies in 3d
Umm.....Good evening Mr.worker I would like some vanilla ice-cream. Thanks
Approaches the counter and faces the workers Hi, sir. This subpoena here is for you. It says you've lost custody of the good burger, and it needs a new home.
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But...I want ice-cream
(edited by Korudo)
ice cream machine broke u get complementary borger https://files.catbox.moe/ed6kp1.jpg please be enjoying good burger
gimme borgor
I guess I am ok with a burger too.
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