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Remember when we used to fill the forum up with parody threads?
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Lately I've been seeing and growing more aware to how corrupt this world really is. I live in my mom's basement and if you do too or have been keeping up with the Nintendo Directs over here at least somewhat then you know shit has been going down for the past few months. Due to the sudden announcement of Paper Mario: The Origami King, a lot of shit in the company is being exposed and/or getting called out on. Shit like how pathetically designed and generic the npcs are, how indie devs and certain teams like AlphaDream suffer for giving fans what they want, how we have an up and coming Bob-omb as a partner (of which should never exist), some people acting like complete sheep for awful bosses like Bowser with a crown and going against bosses like Dimentio, how Nintendo and Miyamoto is reluctant on giving even half a shit about their fans in more ways than one, how truly stupid some people are (both people who grew up with Sticker Star and liked it, people who play the whole series and think SS is better than TTYD, or just people who don't care for the series) and just so much more. This company is rotten and I can't help but wonder everyday how good it could have been if so many people spent all their time complaining on the internet instead of actually enjoying themselves. If there was ever a time we needed a "Super Mario in real life" situation this would be the exact time we would need them. I know it's a bit childish and stupid to imagine fictional stuff like this but, again, I can't help but to wonder how it would turn out if Mario could cause severe brain damage to people's heads in real life. I am but a gamer who has just finished applying for an unemployment check but I would easily risk my life through shit like being stomped on if it meant that I could feel Mario's gentle feet embrace my head. I know that life isn't a video game and, if Mario was in fact real, they would probably be racist. It's probably a dumb idea to even be willing to risk my life through something like that and for a result like being graced by Mario's elegant body odor. I want The Great Gonzales. I want Mario. Note: I'm not suicidal or depressed if anyone was speculative btw lmao I mostly just wanted to vent and I'm mainly just speaking from strong emotions. I honestly doubt I would truly even have the balls to actually go through something like meeting Mario haha. It's a fun thought though wouldn't you say? But, yeah, just putting all this out here. It's kind of a stupid thought but hey, we're all human, we're allowed to be stupid like this every now and then.
stfu u r making me forget i have a poptart in the microwave dumba$$
"Remember when we used to fill the forum up with parody threads?"you guys used to do that?...this place is interesting no more like umm...unique yeah!
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what the fuck are you talking about
If I recall correctly, before the site was not filled with parody threads, yes, we had them, but people actually had serious RP going here or there, casual talks, memes, and more stuff.

This copypasta is cancer *leaves*
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