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happy one year anniversary to this awful thread
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i'm going to pee my pants this is so funny to look back on https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16363
then pee
Can someone summarize? Lmao
he's actually a kiiinda decent guy, just doesnt quite know the weight of what he's saying i think, that and quite on the smooth brain side of things..also very contradictory and.."traditional"?
yeah no i dont..i dont think i can say anything to save that
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this about summarizes it https://i.imgur.com/gd7S3KE.png
was that directed to me or you
I don't know this gossip but this Archer looks like me in 2013 the first time I used facebook and met new people and I was like "how do I make friends? Oh yeah, let's say the f word" (in 2013 I was like 13-14 years old)
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Ok I red some stuff, I think I'm gay with my female friend because I talk to her and we hug when she feels down, so am I a lesbona?
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I remember when Archer said he wanted to be friends I FREAKING MISS HIM!!!
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