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Stop calling me pancake boy
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My name is Goro Akechi, the second detective prince and the true enemy of the Phantom thieves. I hereby ask you to cease immediately to addressing me with such... Inadequate nicknames, i have hoards of fans ready to jump on everyonewho tries to ridicule me so be careful! I hope my point has been made clear, atleast for you to understand... I shall now to back to my "investigations" so i advise you to not try anything funny while i'm gone. Farewell Goro Akechi
How about we call you trash boy instead
How about Speedrunner Akechi?
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Okok... Pancake-kun èwé And here i thought this would end... Time to call my fans. How about we call you trash boy instead That title is more deserving of someone from the Phantom thieves rather than me. How about Speedrunner Akechi? I do not see a problem with that?
i'll stop calling you pancake boiiiiiiiii, but can i instead call you mine?
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That's funny Mona, i'm sure you'll be praised by everyone for this.

How about pancake prince or detective pancake?
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Oh please, I already hacked into the files on your crappy pc (seriously get a new cpu or something :/) and found all the soufflé pancake recipes you’re hiding. I hereby demand you share them once they’re made! P.S Jokers totally crushing on you... OTP... kek This is not the first time you dare to try something like this on me, i don't have anything of the sort on my pc and i can prove it if you wish. Also the leader of the phantom thieves thinks that? I was under the impression he was going after multiple girls at once.... How about pancake prince or detective pancake? No, that is out of the question.
Bruh, I'm the pancake boi here shut up smelly maple syrup
I believe you’re out of luck, pancake boy.
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I implore you to stop this nonsense, or... Else!
How about you don’t ruin your own plan by mentioning pancakes then maybe pancake investigator
(edited by Narrator1021)
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Nonsense, breakfast culinary items should not be the thing that defines me just because i happened to mention them once.
I think he was saying that you are the pancake
nuzzles you you certwainly are fwuffy enough to be one OWO
Pankechi, you can’t tell a cat not to do cat things. I think it’s a cat, if it isn’t then go ahead.
I am not a pancake either, you must be sorely mistaken. you're not? maybe if you squint hard enough..
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀʀᴛ ᴀ ᴘᴀɴᴄᴀᴋᴇ?
Why its cute u know
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I am not a pancake either, you must be sorely mistaken. you're not? maybe if you squint hard enough.. No matter how much you try you can't change the fact that i am not a pancake nor want to be associated with them any longer.
Give me Two to three good reasons to both respect you and stop calling pancake boy
Isn't his name actually Goro Shido??? or did I miss something?
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Isn't his name actually Goro Shido??? or did I miss something? That is not the case, you see the reason is simple my father never acknowledged my existence nor decided to give me his last name. so i kept the other i had. From now on any comments about pancakes or related shall not be answered.
no. pancake-boy.
guys stop calling him pancake boi or else i'll change your heart

Get out of here pancake boy. Here it's a waffle house.
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This is my thread, you have bo business telling me to get out.
I personally like to call you Asketchy but if you prefer I could call you Traitor instead.
(edited by HaruwantsScreentime)
Ok Akechi Kun (I love you btw)
ha ha thread created on weed day for twendy blayz itt also what is an uhketchup
Hey, Mr. Pancake, you think i'm cute, right?
I'll stop calling you "pancake boy" but I can't say the same for everyone else... Nicknames can last a while, unfortunately.
What about Goro-Chan?
how about "A RuThLeSs SoRt Of PeRsOn" ?
how about... b r e a k f a s t b a s t a r d Genius.
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