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Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
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Playing through Royal just reminded me how much of a narcissist he is, although I haven't gotten to all the new content with Mona yet The fact that he doesn't force you to go to sleep every night anymore doesn't fix his crappy personality Also, hello, long time no see
So the legends are true, this site does have an admin. Hi. Honestly Mona and Teddie both seem to have been designed as tutorial characters to introduce the supernatural concepts to the protagonists (and by extension the player). Its unfortunate that they long outlive their point of relevance, but I suppose no one's perfect.
Cant you count Aigis as the "mascot" character of P3? Or maybe even Pharos?
No, Aigis doesn't really fill a mascot roll. She's not even there from the beginning of the game and acts more as a love intrest or simply just a heroine in the game's story. That's more or less solidified by her being the main protag of the Answer as well.
cat bad
Whoa Mishima is alive. Also man I actually don't mind Morgana, he's probably one of my least favourite main characters but I definitely don't hate him.
Morgana is annoying, but after futaba’s palace when he started feeling down on himself I felt kinda bad for him.
Morgana is cute

le correct
He pretty good tho.
Wow mako-chan was on for the first time in 8 months
I pop in from time to time to prove I'm not in a ditch yet
You have made me A N G R Y
haha cat go meow
Well atlus needs that sweet merch money so they have to make a mascot to put on EVERYTHING. Persona 5's mascot is Joker, not Morgana. Unlike 4, where every character's design was relatively nondescript, they, from the onset, gave the Phantom Thieves each designs that stood out, with Joker's most culturally universal (the gentleman thief/picaresque thing is a lot bigger than people know).

Mishima you meanie
The fuck you say to me, you little shit!?
I often feel that way about myself too but in real life So do I cat
I mean, sure, he is pretty pointless at some points, ESPECIALLY at you know what point. But he does teach you things about the Metaverse. If you didn't have him, you wouldn't have Mementos, and then the bad god in the Depths would end the world you were in. I personally don't care for him as a character, but he was essential to my team as he had ALL of the healing abilities that were actually good.
I would keep him in because I have a bias for cats and all things cute fluffy. besides, it is better than Teddie's bear puns.
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gotta say, i actually liked morgana much more in my royal playthrough than my original p5 playthrough (fuckin hated him then) but i don't really know what changed i guess my hatred for phansite mona made me appreciate game mona that much more
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