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Which Arcana are you?
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While one of the top threads asks which of the Phantom Thieves resonates with you, I'm going to ask a deeper and possibly easier-to-answer question. Which Arcana are you? I am the Fool... So I need to meet the other 22 over time. Wish me luck in the very least.
Yeaaaaa no, I have mega stage fright and don’t like talking to new people sooooooo yea As for my friend she is un-sure
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I am the fool but I am also trying to become the hierophant so I might need a little help
Im a temper. is that ok?
Im a temper. is that ok? You mean ''Temperence''? Well from the wiki, it means: ''This card indicates that you should learn to bring about balance, patience and moderation in your life. You should take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintain a sense of calm.'' If its upright: ''Connecting with your guides, Balance, Moderation, Harmony, Alchemy, Looking for divine intervention'' And if downwards: '' Disharmony, Imbalance, Onset of illness, Lack of patience''
I'm other of death or justice, more justice because I'm like Akechi.
I'm definitely the Moon. I'd rather just blend in with the crowd than actually call attention to myself.
im 100% fool i mean people take me for one so i guess logic?
I'm the Light Arcana
I'm Justice. I mean I do like pancakes so...
Definitely The Fool
Last time I took a quiz I got Judgement. It'll be the first one to pop up when you type in "persona arcana quiz".
I think I'd be the Hanged Man...
Probably the Priestess
Probably the judgement arcana
The Emperor It's not because I'm over manipulative or anything
I personally would consider myself the Hanged Man arcana because that's how I want to end up after dodging all this online schoolwork
Probably the devil arcana because i have no compassion for others, also the death arcana is the worst in the deck.
The priestess, what does it mean ( I’m a boy by the way )
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