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Nihon Kagakuin college
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The silver-haired young man would head out of the station at Kamata, casually walking through Suzuran Dori until he reaches a 7-eleven which he elects in go into and purchase a single kit-kat and sprite. After making this purchase, he walks out of the store and takes a sip of the soft drink, stoicly sizing up the college campus right across from him This large-scale campus has the most advanced facilities with cutting-edge practicum learning materials together with a relaxing environment. The new 20-story tower with one basement level includes a lecture theater, which can accommodate about 600 people, an Internet lounge with the ubiquitous information environment, and a spacious and bright library.
a young woman with silver-blue hair passes by, paying the man no attention. Though she was taking a break for a time, Kokoro still had her own business to do here. The woman had brought a few sheets of paper with her, but nothing else of note.
[Kazuo wasn't exactly fond of the idea of further studying, but he really didn't have much of a choice for the moment. Because of this, he wanted to check out possible places to go to once he graduated; it wouldn't be long before he was free from Kosei after all.] She said she was willing to pay anyways... I can't believe it myself, but I guess things will just work as usual. [He thinks outloud. He calmly makes his way into the campus, not really paying attention where he was going, all distracted and lost in thought as he walked.]
(Wei awkwardly leans against a tree to feign coolness by appearing sexily uninterested. Technically he was supposed to be in class right now. Something about computer skills for the modern era. But he really couldn't bring himself to care for it. Founding his own cultivation art beat any lame topic they could possibly teach at this institution.) "I wonder if they have any drinks around here." (He seriously ponders this until he sees a silver haired beauty walk by. He also sees some drab looking dudes pass by but the girl was of more intereste. Approaching her, he let's his flute poke out of the side pocket of his robes to show that he is a man of skill.) "Hello fellow student."
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"Hm?" Apollo inquisitively cranes his neck to notice Kazuo's walking towards his destination. Rather then say anything, he would instead listen in on whatever conversations may occur in the area, keeping note of suspicious persons as he walks towards the outside of the large building.
A girl with black wings would be noticeably standing on the side of the walkway on the campus. She almost looked like one of those religious recruitment agents that sometimes shows up but there was obviously something very off about her. A aura seemed to flow off from her natural filled to the brim with inherent fear. Any who got too close to her that didn't have a strong will would feel the need to get away as fast as possible leading to a clear division in campus traffic as most of the present students stayed far away. The girl herself though also would seem surprisingly nervous as she spoke in a loud stuttering voice. "P-please join my religion!"
The silver-haired beauty pauses momentarily as she hears an unfamiliar voice. They were rather close, so the girl figures she may as well turn to see if they meant her "Sorry, we met before?" The girl asks, a quizzical look on her face. The woman crosses her arms, holding her papers close to her chest as she does so. The woman's eyes narrow as she looks over Wei. "If you're lookin' for notes I'm pretty sure you've got the wrong girl."
(Wei bows with a mischievous smile) "I don't believe I have made your acquaintance before. I know I would never forget a beautiful lady like yourself." (He winks and offers out his hand.) "My name is Wei Wuxian but you can call me whatever you want. I'd rather your friendship then some notes on calculus or poetry!"
[He was about to approach the girl with silver hair for questions regarding the campus, assuming she was a student there, but as soon as someone annoying approached her first, he decided o stay away for a bit. It was then he noticed the girl with the bizarre aura. He sighs and thinks about this. "Please join my religion"? Was she with the Messian Church...? Whatever was the case, he got curious. Hey, uh... what is this all about, exactly...? Is this something you do usually here...? [He approached the girl with no almost no issue, as if something within him was somehow counteracting her own fear inducing effect, like it was cancelling itself with something of similar nature.]
"Alright then Wei." It was an unfamiliar name to be sure, but he was probably an exchange student. At the very least they seemed to know the language well so the girl wasn't gonna make a fuss about it. Kokoro cracks a grin before taking Wei's hand in a firm grip and shaking, keeping her papers close to her left "Name's Kokoro Fudoji, but just Kokoro's fine. Never been much a' one fer formalities myself."
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Apollo would merely condescendingly glare at the being masked as a recruiting agent. He walks directly towards her, stares her in the eyes (by instinct, not activating his trick) and scoffs. Her effects were practically non-existant on him. In fact, he appeaered to be empowered simply by the fear he was supposed to feel. "Heh, and how do you serve your believers looking so weak and timid?"
Upon being approached the girl would act with suprise. For a moment she was frozen in place unable to answer but before long she would attempt to open up her wings further and speak with a bit more of a divine tone. "My father...I mean, uh... I am the head of a church known as the Church of Knox. Knox was a god of the night that granted all of their follower's control over the realm of dreams and restful sleep. Our church used to have a big following and I'm trying to build that following back up. Uhm, would you maybe consider joining? And...not really...I...just thought maybe it'd be easier here than sitting in the church itself all day..." The girl would seem to switch pretty quickly between confidence and anxiety as if she wasn't quite adjusted to talking to people but also didn't want to appear weak because of that. The aura around her seemed to lessen slightly though as she spoke as if reacting directly to her calming down.
(Wei laughs after the handshake of true friendship.) "I've never been a man of formality myself and that has gotten me in trouble way tooo many times. But I don't plan to change that! So I already know this will be a great partnership!" (Wei mentally does a victory dance and is about to go a step further and possibly ask for a number. But his jubilant mood is smothered by his trained wariness. The aura of a weird girl triggers the sudden caution and it bothers him. With a frown he considers his options. Stick around with Kokoro or see what the weirdo is up to. If Lan were around he would be pushed to check out the unusual girl but mister stick in the butt isnt around.) "So this is what freedom is like ..." (He ponders for a few more moments before giving into to his sense of duty.) "I know we just met Kokoro but I have to go now. Club opportunities call!" (He runs before he has to possibly see Kokoro's sad face. Making it pretty easily to the cultist girl.)
Ah... Apollo? [Kazuo wasn't even surprised to see him around anymore, he was even somewhat expecting him with how much he's seen him and his sister. Regardless, he would shrug with no interest.] Sorry, I'm not one to join weird cults or religions, I just... I guess I don't trust them, no matter their message. You have luck though, this guy is going to be fun, I'm sure. [He wasn't here to deal with weird right now, and Apollo was more than capable of dealing with the strange Fear effect of hers. He wondered if she was a god or a demon but he really couldn't tell. He would turn around and approached the woman and guy hitting on said woman. He cleared his throat to get their attention, crossing his fingers and hoping they could help.] Are you guys students here? I need a bit of help... I'm a third year at Kosei High School and will graduate soon, and I was wondering if you knew where I could go to... you know, learn about this place...? [He sees Wei run off tho (I should've checked).] I guess he was busy...
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Apollo would chuckle, a brief glance to the side to show he was no longer taking the girl seriously. "And if you're his daughter, should he not be the one to worship you? Now, I may not know much about traditional godhood, being relatively recent myself, but that doesn't exactly sound like a healthy relationship to me. But, that is just my opinion, of course." He would slouch slightly, taking a more casual demeamor as he waves to Kazuo ans glances over to the pair he was looking. "Ah, I came here for a tour, myself."
"Oh, yeah. I think we'll get along just fine!" Kokoro says with a confident smile. Though Wei'd soon ask to leave which is.. Not really odd, but still unexpected. At least, it seemed weird until Kokoro sees what drew his attention. "Isn't that some kinda cult thing? Doesn't seem weird to me." Kokoro comments to herself as she watches the culty people from the edge of the crowd. It was pretty normal for religious institutions to get avoided. At least from experience. Still, as Wei left, another person'd approach. Kokoro waves the boy off "I'm not a student currently. Lookin' to transfer when I start back. Still, I was headin' over to the administrative buildin' to drop off some paperwork, so i reckon' I can show ya there."
The girl would suddenly grow more reclusive than before. The aura of fear seemed to grow in intensity, beginning to reach a level that even those with a strong will might not be able to handle. The girl however was slowly trying to back away, feeling cornered. "Hhe did but...He's...in a diffrent realm now...I..." She didn't seem to want to continue speaking, just letting the aura grow more and more out of control.
"You may want to calm down there miss." (Wei senses the encroaching fear and does not like it one bit. Reminds him too much of a certain vengeful spirit that never wants to leave him alone. So with the tact of a child he basically taps the girl with the fear aura on the head. He does it gently with the side of his hand, which could be taken as playful but his frown indicates otherwise.) "No one likes a show off with gifts."
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[Kazuo would smile, glad he at least found someone who could help. Still, he had hoped it would be an actual student, but she was still good.] Ah! That works, this place is so massive I honestly feel I would get lost! It's at least bigger than school... [He would hide both hands within his pockets, ready to walk by her side to wherever it was she was taking him. He takes a deep breath, trying to remember that casual conversations are not as complicated as he initially believed.] I'm Kazuo Takahara, by the way. ...I-It's nice to meet you.
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Apollo would appear more concerned, his tone becoming more delicate and his movements gentle in an attempt to calm the girl. He felt a tinge of guilt at her reaction. "H-hey, i'm sorry, are you alright?" He would give the girl an empathetic look, a hint of sadness and worry showing in his eyes. "How old are you?"
"Yeah, this is one of the top colleges nationwide so its pretty nice. Really oughta be with how expensive it is." Kokoro doesn't seem to mind the intrusion, and though it was a joke, the woman almost seems pained making it. Still, she wouldn't waste any time continuing on her way, checking to make sure Kazuo was following her. "Kazuo huh? Name's Kokoro Fudoji, but ya can just call me Kokoro. This makes two cute guys today." Kokoro smiles a bit at this one, before continuing with a question as they passed by another uninteresting building "So Kazuo, you happen to know a kid named Sen? She should be a little younger than you are so I was wonderin' if you went to school together."
The girl seemed to calm down a little upon noticing the aura surrounding her. She seemed not to notice it before but having it pointed out changed that. The aura would begin dying down almost completely. "I uh...I'm sorry. I'm not very good with that one..." It was unclear what specifically she meant by that one but she herself seemed somewhat afraid over what she had been doing. She'd now focus her attention back to Apollo but seemed unsure of how to answer him. "16? 17? It's somewhere around there. I don't know exactly how long its been. My body stopped changing a while ago. I'll...try to fix things now." A lighter aura would begin flowing out of her. It was the opposite of what she had used previously. Rather than fear the aura seemed to posses courage that beat away any uneasiness to those nearby.
[He would make sure not to take too long while following her, not like he was there to waste any time. He was going to say something but is cut off and taken off guard by the "cute guy" comment. Making him blush one more time than he expected for the day. Really, he would always rather have that number at 0.] Wha- I mean, thanks... [He looks down as she mentions Sen. The blush on his cheeks doesn't go away, making him look more pitiful than he probably was.] Yeah, I know her. We met a while ago, we are frie...no, more like acquaintances. She's part of the student council but I barely see her at school myself. [Mostly because he himself avoided people inside his own school. Sen alone made him a bit more anxious than usual.] We are talking about Sen Megumiba, right?
(Wei jumps into the conversation and asks the girl.) "Hey could you be a spirit that took over the body of the young girl standing before us?" (This wouldn't be the first time he dealt with such occurences so asking this may save a lot of time. His right hand snakes down to his still sticking out flute and he gently pulls it out into his palm. He didn't know what a spirit on a campus could do but he really didn't want to find out. Wei's eyes then momentarily shit to Apollo.) "Hasn't anyone ever told you its rude to ask for a lady's age. You will not last long in this world if you continue like this."
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Apollo would almost go to follow the duo as they walk away, but would instead stay with Faye and attempt to console her further. "I'm around 18 myself. By the way, my name's Apollo. What about you?" He would try to phrase what he could in the least upsetting way possible, making an effort to maintain the distance between himself and Faye so as to not make her feel uncomfortable. He then sighs at Wei's remark. "Really now? Well, then i'm sorry."
"My name is Faye Knox...My father didn't really have a last name so he gave me one based on his own." She wasn't sure how to react to the age thing. It hadn't really ben something she was asked a lot either. "Don't worry about that. Age doesn't matter a lot to me anyway..." As for Wei, their question was even stranger to them. "I don't think so? I've always been me. At least...that's what I remember."
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Apollo would try to give a cheerful smile "It's nice to meet you, Faye. As for my own name, I had to choose it myself. As far as I know, I never really had a father." He would make a pensive expression, his gaze falling to the ground in contemplation. After a few moments of awkward silence passing, he looks the girl in the eye once more, his calming demeanor returning. "Ah, i'm sorry, are you comfortable with this topic?"
“Dark hair, sour expression, daughter of Seishiro Megumiba? That’s her alright!” Kokoro responds with a cheerful smile, glad to find that her guess had been correct. “Sen’s my wife ya see and she’s been talkin’ about ya a lot recently.” Kokoro gives off a brief, lighthearted laugh as she looks at Kazuo’s blushing face “Gotta say yer every bit as cute as she said. I can see why she likes you”
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[Yes, indeed. The blush marks the young man's face in its entirety. Really, it was a lot of information to process for his generally awkward self. He had tons of ideas going around his head, and all he was trying was downplays his own expectations.] W-What do you mean like me...!? D-Does she mean as a friend or...? That's great, or maybe it isn't? Is it like a man...!? No, couldn't be, we barely know each other...! I-I-If she talks about me what does she say!? I... Sorry, I mean to say, she couldn't have said she thinks I'm cute... [His hat was obscuring his confused eyes and he used both hands to hold his own cheeks. A-And what do you mean wife...? I-I mean, she certainly is too young to be married...!
The older woman couldn't contain herself anymore, nearly bending over in a fit of laughter. It'd been entirely too long since she'd gotten to enjoy herself to this degree, though the cute cafe girl earlier was close. It would take the woman upwards of fifteen seconds to calm down enough to speak again. "Oh man I wish ya could see the look on yer face. In fact." having just thought of it, Kokoro quickly takes out her phone, attempting to snap a picture of Kazuo's embarassed face while she still can. "Ya don't have to worry about stealin' her from me. If that's yer question. No reason we can't all be friends. Ya want anymore details you'll hafta ask her. Wouldn't feel right tellin' all a lady's secrets after all. Just one more thing." As the pair approaches the administrative building, one not as large as the new tech building they were proud of, but still easily bigger than anything out in the country, Kokoro's smile drops as she takes an unusually serious tone. "Ya see Sen's a precious junior of mine. If I hear ya've gone and broke her heart it won't be pretty, ya hear?" Kokoro cracks her knuckles to clarify the threat. A rapid switch the girl had long been accustomed to making
[He uses his hat to cover his mouth and cheeks, only his eyes now showing the surprised and embarrassed expression, only made worse after the picture Kokoro took. After a while, he gives up. His expression was with someone he just met, so why hide it anymore? He sighs and returns the hat to the top of his head.] What do you mean steal...? There's no way I can ask- [He couldn't say more as the woman threatens him. He widens his ayes as he looks at her straight to the eye. He knew what she meant, but it couldn't be a real possibility, because it made no sense. Even so, he felt a bit... hopeful. He shakes his head calmly, not breaking away from his gaze.] ... Sen is... she's reminded me of a few things I had forgotten the last year. I was always so stressed and on the line, that I... ... I won't hurt her, I promise. That's all that needs to be said.
Kokoro maintains eye contact for a few seconds, staring down the kid before finally breaking back into a smile, finishing the conversation in her usual jovial tone "Good. Now that that's settled I'd just like ya to know that if ya ever need anything ya can always call on your big sis Kokoro. Now, I've got some paperwork to deliver." With that, Kokoro heads into the administrative building, turning around at the automatic doors to add "Oh and.. Sen's got this bad habit of tryin' to take on more than she can handle. Its fine to vent a bit, but ya might end up putting ideas in her head if yer not careful." Her piece said, Kokoro parts ways, heading inside for one of the offices while leaving Kazuo to whatever business he had at the place.
[Kazuo would nod silently after Kokoro advices him in regards to Sen. Did she really talk about him...? He would need to ask her, but then again... it wasn't like he could just walk around all day and find her like that. It has happened before, but it doesn't mean it always will. His best chance is to try and meet her at school when possible.] Wait... I didn't even ask her number! She said I could call her but... I guess I lost my chance. [He sighs and shakes his head as he heads into the administrative building, looking to get info in regards to this place; he was aiming to get in after he graduated. He figures that he may as well get Sen's number next time they meet each other, and Kokoro's too.]
"I-I'm fine with it...talking about my father doesn't bother me as much anymore. I have to talk about him. He is still the one who I consider the true leader of the church. I just...dislike when people talk poorly of him." The girl would try to muster a smile in return. It was still obviously not something she was used to doing but she still tried anyway. "I remember when I was young and how my father and his followers were always dealing with those from other churches. They wanted my father dead...I wasn't sure if he could die given the power he seemed to have... Despite all his enemies though he always put everyone else first. I never saw him force anyone to fight for him. I even remember times when he'd fight off invaders himself. Like that day..." For a moment she thought hard about something but seemed to drop whatever was on her mind before speaking up once more. "I'm sorry...I think I'd like to change the subject after all."
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Apollo gives Faye a look of understanding "He sounds like the opposite of my father, knowing him he was most likely one of these enemies." His eyes pay Faye his fullest attention, occasionally nodding in intrigue while she talks about her father. After she mentions changing the subject, he sighs patiently. "That's fair enough. Now..." He then contorts his face to make the most diplomatic, convincing smile he could. "...What if our churches cooperate? I think it would be a good way to boost recruitment and morale, what do you think?"
"I-I've never considered that before..." She seemed to be considering what Apollo was saying but there was still some uncertainty in her expression. "If it's just cooperation then I'll agree to that. I just...am a bit worried. I..." For a moment she had thoughten about what her father might do but she quickly tried to push those thoughts away and decide what she for the moment thought would be right. "N-no, I mean, yes. Sorry, I've decided to accept your offer. I think it'd be of great benefit, hopefully to both of us."
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Apollo looks relieved, his demeanor more friendly. "That's great. I'm glad you accept. ...One more thing, i'm going to need to know exactly how to show reverence to Knox. My own church is still in its early stages, so I haven't exactly made any rigid rules yet."
She thought back on others she'd seen before and what they had done but she hadn't met many others like her and even then they never had seemed to do anything in paticular. "I'm not completely sure on the specifics of how it works. I think they just have to consider themselves a follower? I'm sorry, I'm a bit new to this too and I never really noticed my father do much aside from answering people's prayers."
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He shakes his head. "That's alright, no need to sweat the details. We can discuss most of this at a later date. As for me, I have a tour to get to. Got any contact info so I can stay in touch?" He pulls a notepad and a pen out of one of his pockets.
"I normally tell people to just contact me through their dreams but...They usually give me weird looks... Oh, wait! If you ask a bird to tell me something that should do it...I think. Most birds are sort of connected to me in some way..." She seemed a bit flustered trying to think of different ways people could contact her. Finally, she remembered a device she hadn't bothered using in a long time. "Oh right! I um, have one of those phone things too. I'm not too sure how to use it though. I only used it once for the sake of something else..."
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He chuckles. "Right, dreams, would the time at which I fall asleep matter? As for birds and phones, I don't have any of my own... Dreams seem like the best option here. Speaking of which, I should get going. Anything else you feel the need to bring up at this time?" He shoots Faye a look of intrigue
"Uh, it works best at night but I should be able to communicate with you at any time as long as you're asleep." The girl would be surprised that dreams was actually a viable option but she would also feel somewhat relieved someone wasn't looking at her strangely for once. "I think that's all... Wait if you meet someone by the name of Amaya Rose I think they're a goddes like me too... Well, not like me... More like just really hard to do anything to. Sorry if that doesn't make much sense."
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He casts a curious gaze. "Hmm, night is when i'm most powerful as well. As of late, I haven't been able to keep up my nocturnal habits, so i'll likely be asleep at some time during then." He then nods and writes down the other goddess's name after Faye finished. "Amaya Rose... sounds like they'd probably have some glaring weakness, if they're that strong." He absently looks at the name he wrote down for a moment, blinking in musing.
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