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First It Giveth: The Sky Is Fallin'
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So, welcome to my first story-oriented RP with actual GMing and things like that. Yeah. It's nearing night time, and some workers near the wreckage of the Junes start to go home, leaving Teddie alone to clean up more of it. "I knew they'd have security footage of the whole thing. Now I'm stuck here cleaning up my mess without pay... Oh, the bear-manity!" After everyone's left Teddie alone, the wreckage starts rumbling as the unbroken TV's switch on with an orange light. "Hm? Could it be?..." Suddenly, jets of orange light flare up into the sky, as one arcs out nearing the bear mascot. "Wha-?!" He is immediately consumed by it as the place he was at flares with the orange light too... "Uuuugh, now that I think about it, do I really have to go to high school?" Niko says to himself in his room, his window is open since his fan has stopped working, so he needs some sort of cool air to keep himself from going insane. "Maybe I could just... Take a break? I mean, what's the worst that could happen?" He turns on his phone and puts on some music as he looks into the clear night sky. Beautiful as always, which surprises him, as you'd think this area would always be so light polluted. The music he was listening to stops as his phone suddenly switches to an orange light, it starts playing a different song. Close your eyes and see the skies are fallin... "What? I didn't put that song on..." The ground shakes as the orange light from the Junes wreckage bolts into the sky, filling it. The sky almost looks like it's cracking as the moon seems to get a double-vision effect, the buildings contort, and it just generally seems like everything's going to major hell. "I have got to check this out." He grabs his gear as he runs out into the night, news reports are playing telling people to stay indoors, and that there's already been three reported missing, and that the body of a certain formless being has been found missing from a morgue. Niko finds himself at the scramble crossing, wondering what to do next as he didn't really plan the playing hero thing through.
[Kazuya was walking out by pure chance as he heard the news of the weird event. He hadn't heard of Yoshiko for a bit and he was very much bored in general. Big green jacket with plenty of pockets, grey pamts and a body-tight black light armor that almost looks a mere skintight t-shirt under the closed green jacket. It was all that he was wearing, on top of the sword he went back home to retrieve.] This can't be good news at all, it never is. [He quickly arrives to the area, looking around to see if he could figure out anything beyond the destruction and orange sky.] Nope, dunno what this is all about.
A man would be traveling back into the city when the incident occurred. A makeshift long rimmed hat covered his head, seemingly having been made in order to shade him from the sun which would be odd considering it was night. He had a katana at his side kept in a sheathe and wore what seemed to be a black uniform made to look reminiscent of a school uniform. Overall, his entire look seemed to clash with itself at the moment, as if he hadn't seen human civilization in a while. He'd look up at the strange light as people ran past him, noticing it for the first time in a while. "Someone putting on a firework show? It's been a while so maybe this is some kind of new attraction. Might as well take a look while I'm around."
Alex was running to the scramble with some of the bones he liberated from a graveyard a ways away. Befitting his ability as a necromancer, he wasn't actually running like some neophyte, rather his undead carried him there. He had a ritual knife, and also a pistol which was to him a weapon of foreign make and interesting study for the guys down at Darkforge, weirdos. He was pretty neutral feeling until the sky turned orange, leaving him quietly nonplussed. Either ChAoS, that is the general name of the business he worked for, or something equally horrendous was to happen. "Shit."
(Wei would loudly yawn as he strolls into town. His long flight in left him severely jetlagged but the boy still had enough energy to stare at the night sky with wonder.) "Perfect night for some of my friends." (He grabs for a traditional flute tied to his outfit. Yet before he can press it to his lips some orange light in the sky captures his attention. He decides to persue the center of it instead of playing some songs.)
The feline was rummaging through an alleyway when he notices the orange light emanating from Junes. He glares at it, awestruck. "Huh, I better check that out..."
A pair of girls dressed in well, dresses. One with black hair and clothing that has her eyes closed while leaning against the other. Pink-haired and wearing a light red dress with a grin on her face while guiding her friend. Only to groan heavily as... Whatever is going on happens. M: "Homura, eyes up we're gonna have to be ready now I think. This... Doesn't look good." Homura would open her eyes with an annoyed look, absently reaching into a pocket she'd sewn into her dress and just pull out a small gleaming bottle. Soon enough the girls have replaced heels with a pair of boots and are now respectively holding a shotgun and bow. H: "Wonderful, I have to worry with a falling sky now. And to think I just wanted to get home after a date, that was it... Come on Madoka, let's go." Both girls advance into the area of the scramble with wary eyes trained, obviously looking a bit tired and worn out to anyone else present. Which is... Rather a large group, but two stick out to them more than the others. H: "Yu!? I haven't seen you in ages, maybe not since... When I first went to the Shadow World I think? And Kazuya... It hasn't been so long, but a little while huh? Sorry we aren't really dressed to fight or anything, Madoka and I were kinda just hanging out tonight." M: "Ah hello again Kazuya, and I don't recall if we've met before so nice to meet ya Yu! I'm Madoka Kaname. And I assume you two are just as confused as us?" Madoka would ask that in a curious tone as her partner simply scans the area with her weapon aimed after speaking up in a slightly surprised tone to greet the two.
Niko scratches his head, here he thought it'd be something more scary, not really noticing that people are actually appearing. Oh wait, here come the murderous shadow creatures. There we go, actual conflict. "What in the goddamn?" The ground rumbles again, and a few more of said creatures arrive, it seems they have quite humanoid form, and you can swear they resemble... Something, something that you swear would personify someone's fears. "Well, let's begin I guess." The shadowy humanoids approach, primed and ready to attack through simple scratches.
Yu would take a moment to even realize what was going on. Some old faces, some new, and a group of strange shadows seeming to show hostile intent. "Maybe I've been away too long but shadows appearing in the real world doesn't exactly scream normal." His hat would fall off as he went to draw his blade. For a moment he seemed to panic as he noticed the hat...but it was too late. His blade would be drawn with an emmense amount of force, slicing the hat in two without even intending to. "Man...and I spent so long making that hat. Now you shadows are really in for it." He'd go in wielding his usual blade, Tsubaki-Otoshi. He'd aim for the nearest shadow, attempting to cleave it at the base of its neck. There would be no hesitation in his strike.
{Shihiro appears from behind, walking casually. She wears actual armor compared to what Kazuya saw her in last time, if a new jacket, gloves, tights, and boots count. Otherwise, she's literally the same.} "Yo, Kaz, what's going on again?" {She looks at the shadow blankly, simply taking out a crossbow with one hand and shooting it, still looking at it. She doesn't even blink as she just fires more rounds of arrows towards the shadow, glancing back at Kazuya.} "By the way I found something that resembles a gun."
And then came monsters, perfect for a field test. Alex was set down, and he reached into his black cloak and got a few scimitars. once he did this, the skeletons took the blades and walked with him, like a king's honour guard whilst he engaged some of the shadows with bolts of chaos. The skeletons would guard him in melee as he fired attacks of random element and medium firepower. "Here it goes."
(Wei sees a whole lot of other people up ahead. But he is more taken aback by the creatures that rise from the ground.) "The dead amongst the living? Could there be another necromancer around?" (He loudly asks this more to himself. He tries to spot any other necromancers but the longer he takes the more he swears that the creatures look like dogs. Triggering his internal panic.) "Shit no one told me there would be dogs here." (He ducks for cover behind the nearest person that happens to be Yu.) "Cover me!"
[Kazuya would keep his eyes focused on the shadows as he unsheaths his blade, the Hinokagutsuchi. He notices the enemy is merely attackimh through scratches, and as such, merely focuses on quickly cutting distance and cutting them one after another. He should be strong and quick enough to deal with each one in a single move.] We can talk later, focus. Things are only going to get messier. [He would say to anyone trying to talk to him.]
Homura would just sigh as a blue card takes shape and is quickly shattered by a blast of the girl's gun going off without even a second thought. The pellets burst forth toward one of the shadows, but her Persona... It isn't quite what anyone here besides Madoka may recall of her. Rather it's a pale woman with long black hair reaching her back's end, and wearing a tight black dress that's rather form fitting and has a glowing purple clock which seems to be made of pure shadows resting upon the back of it. H: "LILITH COME FORTH!" As the bullets shred at one of the shadows, the group at large would be met with a large burst of inky black magic rising up from the ground in order to try and impale them with incredible speed and force. Madoka on the other hand merely hangs back and fires off a few shots forged from light magic towards one of the things that's closest to the group. M: "Geez Homura, do you have to go all out like that right off the bat? I swear, always instant full throttle in a fight with you." H: "Yeah yeah, it's just a natural reaction okay? I don't want these things living long enough to cause us issues Madoka." It's a rather comfortable exchange between the two girls, despite their vast annoyance at everything going on clearly these two are used to casually speaking even in the midst of a fight. A far cry from the spooked kid Kaz may recall coming for training.
Niko just kinda stands there as everyone takes care of all the shadows for him. He bonks one that was left alive but crawling, none of them even had the chance to scratch anyone. All the shadow matter left converges and explodes out into a voice. "YOUR FRIENDS SHALL REJECT AND STRIKE YOU DOWN FOR YOUR ACTIONS" "...Well that sure was something." He turns to face the group. Recognizing Yu, and Kazuya because they're protagonists of a series and its spinoffs he enjoys, so why wouldn't he? "Well, how are you guys doing at the end of the world? I guess I should introduce myself during this grace period. I'm Niko, nice to meet y'all."
["Lilith, huh?" He stares at Homura's Persona for a moment, stabding still as if lost in thought all of a sudden. He would then have to let out a sigh, shaking his head before turning to Yu. He could probably vatch up with him later, so for now he offers him a smile and a nod, lile welcoming him back. More importantly, he had to address his newst student.] No idea Shihiro, just got here myself... Just stay on your toes, alright? [Then came Niko, who decided to introduce hismelf. The young man would smile and place his left hand on his chest.] Nice to meet you, I'm Kazuya Yasuo. Do you know what's going on? Claiming it's the end of the world is a bit worrying on its own. [Not that he couldn't believe it.]
"I'm Alex, and this is a gathering for sure," The short lad said. He was only fourteen, but he was a necromancer all right. He pulled out a large black veil and like a magician, replaced his current skeletons for better-armed ones, emanating the slight signal of magic enchantments. "Don't mind me, I have these for such an occasion."
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Yu would breath a sigh of relief as he sheathed his blade. He'd look back at the person hiding behind him unsure of who they were. "Happy to help out but who're you? Not sure I've seen you around before." He'd also look back at the strange...cat-eared person? He had an urge to touch their ears but he would hold it back for the moment as it was impolite not to respond to a greeting. "Good to meet you all though seems like we've all met at an odd time. I'm Yu Narukami. Guess you could say I used to live around here but I've been off on my own for a while. Had to have some time to figure some stuff out." Yu would try to see who else he could recognize...Homura was one and she was with some...vaguely familiar pink-haired girl? He wasn't sure. Kazuya was obvious. Otherwise, nobody familiar.
{Shihiro would still be shooting at the ground because it had at least some resemblance to the shadow, but she realized halfway that she was shooting at nothing and stopped. She looks at everyone else, but mainly stays by Kazuya.} "You got it, Teach." {The girl says to her new mentor, snapping her fingers and pointing them at him with a slight smile on her face. She lazily trots over to everyone else and almost pats Niko's head were it not for everyone introducing themselves.} "My name is Shihiro Tamashi. Tokyo is pretty cool, even when it's like this. Though I gotta say, fighting is pretty annoying. Oh, and my codename is Shujinko, but I have a feeling none of us ever use those so I forget about them quickly." {Her blank eyes scan over Yu periodically, and then she looks at everyone else. Everyone seems to have some form of importance with where they came from, which is refreshing to say the least. Too bad she knows none of them at all.}
Homura would just sigh and stow her shotgun away for a moment, absently looking at some of whatever passes for blood that had blasted off the shadow onto her dress. The girl would just let out an annoyed and frankly acidic tone while speaking. H: "Wonderful, so it's not only the end of the world or so cat boy claims. But also my dress has shadow blood on it or something, I just bought this thing dang it and it's a nice dress. Anyways I'm Homura Akemi and I'm kind of annoyed beyond belief tonight." Madoka would giggle for a bit before going into her own intro, obviously at least a bit amused by the other girl's snark even if she does lightly elbow her friend for it. while speaking in a far more calm and kind tone compared to Homura's obviously part joking annoyance. M: "Uh right... Madoka Kaname, here. And yeah do any of us have any idea what's going on here?" The black-haired girl just snorts a bit at that, chances are they'll have to investigate or something. Or fight more, that happens a lot too. But she doesn't vocally say how absurd anyone knowing sounds, it's merely heavily implied.
"Hi Hi everyone. I'm Wei Wuxian but you can just call me Wei or Ying. All my friends call me that already." (Wei stands upright and looks around to asses the safety of his surroundings. He was secretly glad that he didnt have to use his flute yet since he didn't know the attitude of everyone here. Too early to risk a situation. With a bright smile he continues to vacantly wave as his mind wanders elsewhere.)
Niko registers all the names into his mind. Well, now to address the elephant in the room as well. "It's nice to meet you all. About the whole orange light thing? Not really sure about it... But..." Looking around, there seems to be about four beams of light, one of them bigger than others, assumedly the origin point, every other beam seems to have some weird-ass chains in them at the moment. "I'm thinkin' we go over to the biggest beam of orange light. It's over at that Junes wreckage that they tried to cover up, but the media jumped on potential death as it usually does, so they couldn't cover the problem before it spiraled. But nevermind that, we should investigate there."
"Wei, that's an odd name, where do you hail from?" asked Alex, pushing back his hair a little. He wanted to know a bit more about the people around him, starting with this polite fellow. The skeletons next to him were holding a silent vigil, scanning the area around them for threats. They were fully armed with pikes with a hand axe as a backup, while for defense they were protected by a curiously scratched plate armor and a heavy kite shield. These seemed to be of a different stock compared to other skeletons. "I'm down for it." Said Alex, who soon went.
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Yu would take note of Homura's annoyance. She seemed a lot more angry than he remembered but best not to press that issue. Instead he'd simply smile back at Kazuya before nodding to Niko. "Well, no time to lose then. Everyone ok to head over? It might be dangerous but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious myself."
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Sounds simple enough, Niko. It all sounds generally fishy so I need to take some precautions. I'll be going right away, we can't waste time. [Kazuya would not think twice to take the lead as he moves towards their current destination. He would check his COMP, pressing some keys quickly in order to bring out the familiar best suited for the current situation. He would press enter, and numbers 1s and 0s would quickly form the image of a woman floating, dressed in green and golden clothes, also holding an instrument in her hands.] If anything happens Sarasvati, I'm counting on you. Consider Shihiro too, more so than myself. [The female demon would keep her eyes closed as she floats besides the young man.] Sarasvati: "Of course, Master. Don't do anything reckless, young one~" [Her tone is relaxing as she speaks to Shihiro.]
(Wei is so busy staring at the creatures summoned by the people around him that he almost misses what he says. Mention of potential death captures his attention again. Afterwards he quietly listens to the rest of what Niko has to say before blurting out.) "Why exactly do we have to deal with this problem? Isn't this a normal issue around this place. Heard that this isn't the first time weird stuff has happened here." (He planned to go ahead and survey the place anyway to find the source of the miasma earlier. But being told to do so by a complete stranger didn't exactly sit well with him. The demons and the skeletons did curb his more poignant complaints for now. Better to be on a team with these creatures then not.) "Nevermind just count me in for now."
"I would check over the demons I have in my compendium, but I can always check on my phone as I run." {Shihiro immediately pulls a silver axe out as she starts running, using her free hand to take her phone out. She stops periodically as she sees Sarasvati. With a feeling of relaxation washing over her, her run turns into a brisk trek.} "How nice of him. I promise my best not to do anything that will endanger my safety, Miss. I hope so at least, still need to get some hits in for the experience." {Using her phone, Shihiro's crossbow would be glowing a light shade of white before disappearing, and she'd use this time to check on Sarasvati in her own compendium as she knew she's encountered one before.}
Homura just groans and decides to follow closely behind Kazuya with a wry look on her face. H: "Awesome, a spooky orange light in a retail store. This is how I wanted to spend my date tonight... Twice in a row now Madoka, have we angered a wizard recently? Wished on a monkey's paw? Anyway I'm with you all, just very annoyed by recents events seeming to ruin our time together." She'd gesture to the pink haired girl who'd be staying a bit behind the group with her bow drawn while replying to Homura in an absent tone and advancing more slowly. M: "Mmm, it is kind of annoying honestly yeah. But we can't exactly just ignore... Whatever this is, so we'll help too. However we can anyways. Also uh Wei, this isn't... Totally normal? But it's normal enough that some of us are kinda used to weird things anyways. It had gotten quiet lately but, all of a sudden we seem to be a little back in action..." The raven-haired persona user just grumbles a bit while nodding to that statement, right after her freaking stupid birthday too. It was a nice birthday even, but this. Much less nice.
Niko smiles at the group, trying to keep himself seeming confident when on the inside... He's scared. Something bad's happening and they may not be able to stop it. "Come ooooon, you don't like meeting new people during life threatening moments? Either way, let's go to Junes, cus everyday's definitely great after all." He follows behind Kaz. Once everyone starts traveling, they reach Junes with little to no problems. All that'd be left to do is inspect the orange light.
Hmm... Doesn't like there's much to do... [Even then he wasn't a fool, so he would quite simply pick up a rock and throw it into the light. He would then wait.] Just making sure it doesn't burn or something. Quick and simple.
Yu would walk over to a familiar table and sit in his favorite spot in the shopping center. He'd seem to begin idling there for a while as he waited to see if anything would happen. "Well, if you've got it handled. I've been walking all day so I'm gonna take a break for a little while."
(Wei raises an eyebrow at the rock throwing.) "So tossing rocks is the best we can do?" (Seeing nothing much of interest he picks up another rock and tosses it at the light with force.)
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{Shihiro, seeing the light, simply staring at it, her eyes getting slightly brighter as she does so. Seeing Kazuya throw a rock at it, she taps on her phone a bit and immediately takes out her crossbow.} "I want to see if it burns too." {She looked at the rock's trajectory and decided to shoot a crossbow bolt into the rock just to see if both would get burned. Though she also wanted to see how good her aim was, and even though her bolt only scratched by the rock, Shihiro still patted herself on the back. Only because it somehow hit the other rock thrown instead.}
The rocks seem to be unharmed, they take on a black silhouette inside the light, though of course they seem to be on the edge of it. There seems to be a figure inside you can barely see, and listening closely you can hear voices. "You let all those people die. You could've stopped that." "...Well then." Throwing out all sense of self-preservation in the face of being able to look cool and confident, he enters the orange light.
Homura would look at Niko for a moment and... Reply with an absent chuckle. H: "Eh, maybe you have a point. Truth be told I'd prefer not dealing with this stuff at all anymore, but no reason not to make the best of it since I already know I can't quit without feeling awful." Madoka would nod to that as they follow along with the group, there isn't any use in wishing for a saner safer world. And it's not as if that ever would have brought them together to begin with. M: "Mmm, yeah. It's kinda funny sometimes but no need to always be like that, right?" Madoka gets an absent-minded nod in reply while the other girl watches curiously to see what the light does, she'd also look over at Wei with a so-so gesture. H: "Eh, we could try something else but that seems to be fine for now right? Better to find out if this stuff destroys everything like that then by walking in after all." There's a lot she could complain about regarding this whole event, but in the end it's not as though she'd ever really back down either. So the persona user simply leans back against Madoka and well, doesn't get cheery by any means. But focuses on trying to be helpful at least rather than venting. Madoka would pipe up with a question. M: "So, if it does seem likely to kill us or something. What next from there? I guess we could try to find a way around...?" Or Niko could rush straight in, that works too... And it doesn't seem directly harmful so the girls prepare to follow with looks of concern on their face. H: "Don't love the blackness caused by it, but hey doesn't seem... Instantly destroying or anything. Onward we go?" M: "Not really much question about it at this point." With a nod to that and her shotgun drawn out once again, Homura would begin advancing near Kazuya once more. Well, assuming nobody else objected to moving forward anyway.
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[He doesn't know what to expect but the decision was quite obvious. Onto the light it is.] Avoid any small, grey-colored humanoid you see, they may be angry at their portrayal in movies. [He jokes, stepping into the light without a second though and his sword still in hand. Sarasvati would of course only follow Shihiro for the moment.]
Yu would yawn before forcing himself up. He seemed a bit tired but knew he couldn't just sit around and wait. "Alright, guess it's now or never. Just hope walking into some weird light isn't asking for trouble. I've done some crazier things when I was younger though. Like walking into a TV screen to see if I'd be able to climb inside." Yu would follow the others as they passed into the odd light. He didn't even seem to be on guard or anything but there was a certain glimmer in his eyes that Kazuya might notice. He was carefully observing his surroundings even if he didn't appear to be.
Niko doesn't notice the few people that stepped in with him as he inspects the surroundings. It seems to resemble the TV world, with an investigation team surrounding Teddie. Teddie seems to be cowering as they tell him that with what he's done, he's nothing but a normal shadow. Then the team looks to the group, their leader, who seems to look like Yu with a blanker stare and expression scoffs. Yu?: "So, you called your shadow friends to come protect you, huh? No matter, I'll make this quick, and you get to watch." The leader rushes at Niko, katana drawn, which he blocks with his bat. Struggling against the strength of this Yu doppelganger. Yosuke?: "Hey, one of these shadows looks like my partner. I can't let that slide, let's show em what we're made of." Yosuke and Chie stand side by side as the other members of the investigation turn to shadowy forms and meld into Chie and Yosuke. They now look like a horrific blend of human flesh and parts more than people now. They both crush their cards as the frankensteined personas appear. Teddie rolls into a corner to try to hide away from the abominations that used to be at least cheap copies of his friends. Niko catches a glimpse of some of what happened behind Yu?. "...I didn't need to see that."
For a moment Yu would stare downward covering his face in a shadow. Something was building within him as he saw these shadows make some cheap imitation of his friends only to disfigure their forms in front of him. "I don't know who or what you think you are. But if you think I'm letting this slide..." Yu crushed a card in one hand while drawing a sword from another. A massive serpent would seem to form out of clouds behind him until the form of a golden dragon took shape. "Then that'll be your last mistake. Kohryu! Burn them away!" A powerful surge of lightning would surround the dragon before crashing down on the abomination as Kohryu let out a roar.
Madoka would quickly crush her own card, a tall armored woman taking shape wearing full plate with a helmet that only reveals brown hair going down to her shoulders. M: "Ah, I can help with that! Turn them into dust D'Arc, Ziodyne!" H: "Got ya, I'll try and keep it a bit more managable, maybe do some more damage too along the way. Lilith, Debilitate!" Before anything else can slam into the thing it would be engulfed with a sickly looking light that leaves it all around weaker shot forth by Lilith while Homura pulls out a rather large sniper looking rifle and aims it carefully. Madoka's own Persona would slightly after Kohryu's attack send her own bolt of lightning rushing straight forward, melding into the magic cast forth by the large dragon and empowering it even further while the armored knight moves closer to the thing. She isn't even slightly sure if Yu had intended that, but it likely works in their favor. H: "Might be best for people to stay back if they can, I'm about to start firing anti tank rounds here and I don't think any of us can survive those unharmed. Beyond perhaps some of Kaz's demons or Yu's Personas." Homura calls out in a seemingly calm tone while staring down her weapon's scope, it isn't actually ready to shoot yet but the danger of such a weapon frankly warrants friendly fire concerns.
[Those horrible shadows have the face and voice of Yu's friends. He didn't personally know them, but he knew enough about what he and his friends accomplished years ago. Being together through all that, he knows they have an incredible bond. Kazuya can't help but feel a bit bad for him; he understands better than most how difficult fighting friends is, even if they are pale imitations. Regardless, he cracks his own neck before rushing straight at the Chie and unleashing a single strike impossible to see for the human eye.] Lightspeed Slash!! [The move not only is capable of Piercing right through anything, it also has the random effect of dropping a single resistance of any kind back to normal, or if it already was normal, making it a weakness. If the slash hits, then the new lowered resistance is to Gun damage. Even if it doesn't work, the young man would quickly gain distance to allow Homura's incoming attack.] This should make things easier, but I can't risk staying too close to them right now. Sarasvati! Sarasvati: "I know what you're thinking, Master. It is better to be safe than sorry~" [The demon would then unleash a hundreds of blue light particles, quickly joining together as they create a powerful magical sphere that would descend upon the pair of enemies. Megidola. Kazuya would shrug with a smile.] Actually, I was thinking Marin Karin to try and turn them against each other. Sarasvati: "Fufufu~! But that one is risky~!"
{Shihiro, who arrives late to the whole scene, runs towards where everyone else is, stopping where the shadows started to emerge. She looked at them blankly, tilting their head since she simply didn’t know who they were. Nevertheless, she simply looks at her phone, tapping on it a few times.} “I have a feeling that somebody here knows who they are the most. Sadly, it isn’t me. Oh well, time for them to die.” {She glances up to see two strong bolts of lightning come crashing down onto the shadows, but didn’t pay attention fully to see whether or not they would hit their mark. Behind her, a pale fairy with black hair and a crown digitalised next to her. It wore red regal clothes and held a long, thin sword.} Shihiro: “Oh Oberon, hi. There’s a fight going on, it feels like some kind of raid with multiple bosses. Do you think you could probably-“ Oberon: “Ah, enemies once again? Say no more, master.” {The fairy king gathered energy near the tip of his sword, letting it shine a light green before letting out a strong gust of wind straight at the shadow of Chie. Shihiro inches closer to Kazuya and Sarasvati and readies her axe in case they get close enough to retaliate, and Oberon flies near his summoner once again for extra measures. Shihiro: “It’s fine if I did more fusing, right?”
The Yu imitation drops his katana as he recoils back from the attack, while the abominations that used to be Chie and Yosuke sorta.. Reduce themselves to puddles... Before springing back up. Yosuke?: yOu'LL pAY foR thAt. The Chie abomination only screeches as its frankensteined persona which seems to be a stitched together version of Chie's, Yukiko's, and Naoto's personas, sends off an agidyne towards the party. Yosuke's meanwhile is simply a blend of Yosuke's and Kanji's, uses mighty swing on the actual Yu. Niko meanwhile sorta just watches since he thinks the party, who's obviously more experienced, will do better than him in this situation.
Homura would grin a bit, absently sending some constructs of shadow into the ground to function as... Hooks really, trying to anchor herself before firing the gun that's frankly big enough a teenage girl ought not be capable of lifting it generally. H: "Lilith, speed it up!" M: "Keep that fire away from us D'Arc, Saint's Shield!" Madoka's persona would rush forward to meet the Agidyne as her shield begins glowing with light, powerful holy magic bursts forth in an effort to block the fires as the knight faces them head-on with her ash-covered defensive tool. As for Homura, she would begin firing at... Frankly, an impossibly fast pace, the clock design upon Lilith's back begins spinning around quickly for several moments and the deafening sound of her gun going off to fire a massive bullet at each of the targets which would upon blasting into them explode in a shower of inky black shadows and curse magic. The ground she'd anchored herself into looks torn up from the effort of keeping the girl in place, and she'd just replace the oversized rifle with a much smaller assault rifle while panting heavily. It's fairly obvious that the young woman isn't going to be applying that weapon much if any more, she just hopes it's worth it.
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[Seeing the Agidyne and further action of Homura and Madoka, he decided it may be for the best if he helped Yu right now, as the other shadows got too close already. He would observe the situation before deciding to do anything. Blue flames cover his body as a mechanical, faceless samurai rushes out with both swords to counter the enemy's attack.] Now's your chance Yu, finish it right now! [Of course, Musashi would intercept the impact but it was unable to quickly parry it at all. At best, he acted as a meat shield. Luckily, both the Persona and the user are fairly strong against physical damage. Soon after, Sarasvati would follow up on Homura's attack with her own "Tornado", a heavy damage Wind move. She plays her instrument, casting the powerful currents.]
"Right. I'm ending this. Yoshitsune!" The dragon would break away in a pulse of blue light as Yu crushed another card in his hand. In its place a warrior clad on red armor would emerge carrying two blades. The warrior would rush forward and quickly run and slash at all enemies present, striking them each 8 times. Yu himself would begin running forward as well, pulling out his own blade. He'd try to move past the other two and aim for the imitation of himself directly, attempting to cut him right down the middle. "You don't have the right to be me!"
{Shihiro looks at Oberon and nods her head, taking her phone out once more and tapping it to de-summon him a few times, Oberon now reverting back to blue binary numbers that pixelate away. In his place, a large, dark wolf with a thin chain revolving around it’s body and flames radiating from it’s eyes appears beside Shihiro. She raises her phone up and speaks a bit loudly.} “He’s right you know, let’s finish this now.” {With the girl’s phone raised in the air, Fenrir howls, the flames on his eyes growing larger. As he does this, everyone present in the party would feel a boost in their attack, defence, and speed. Shihiro’s eyes dull at the shadows, and she looks at her axe in hopes that she’d be able to hit something with it.}
Niko was proven right as the adversaries are quickly dealt with. The Yu imitation is still the only one alive, although he's on his knees, holding onto the last bits of his life. Yu?: "So this is how it ends, huh? Losing my life to a few shadows that the... Creature that used to be my friend called..." He fades away, with the strangest smile on his face. Teddie gets up soon after and runs over to the real Yu. Teddie: "SENSEEEIIII!!!" He hugs Yu tightly as he sobs onto him and incoherently explains everything. Niko shrugs. "Well, I guess we took care of that really quickly. We should probably head back now... U-unless you guys wanna take your time, I don't wanna rush you or anything..." He scratches the back of his head.
Homura would raise her rifle up and smirk a little bit, winds start to stir around the girl as she grins over at Madoka and... M: "Uh Homura, it's over now I think. No need to keep fighting." The black-haired girl looks rather confused by the fact their foes have died already. In fact she's downright shocked for a few moments before straightening up her little black dress with a slight smile. H: "Right then, that was a lot more simple than I thought it would be. I remember things being harder a couple of years ago. But maybe we're just better now." She'd take a deep breath while the rifle vanishes in a slight light, back to the bottle held in her pockets once again. And just waits slightly while moving a bit closer to the exit alongside Madoka. M: "That did seem a bit simple to me too yeah, I think we should be ready for worse later on honestly. Also, do you guys wanna look around here more before we leave or should we try to keep moving... I can't help thinking there might be more people trapped, but who knows." H: "I'm fine either way, but whatever we do feels like it should be done quickly to me anyways."
It is done then, hm? It was entertaining to say the least, but maybe we did save the world in a single move after all. [Sarasvati would wave at Shihiro in a cute way before returning to Kazuya's COMP, as he returns his blade back to its sheathe.] Good job everyone but... there doesn't seem to be anything else here. But then again, Yu is the expert when it comes to this world. Whatever happens, you guys should have my number. Call me if anything happens, I'll be on my way. [Without much else to say, Kazuya decides to head out. Who knows if something else is going out right now in another place. He wonders if things are fine for now, enough to sit down and relax a few days.]
“Oh dope. If this journey was just another run in the dungeons, I wouldn’t have gotten many experience points. Kind of expected more.” {Shihiro would wave back to Sarasvati with a slight smirk on her face as she looked at her returning to Kazuya’s COMP. She pats Fenrir on the head and checks her phone. Her axe and Fenrir both return to her COMP and Shihiro takes a long sigh.} “I don’t really know any of you other than Kazuya, but hi. To be honest, I bet something else is going to happen after this. Not immediately though. If something does happen, I’ll probably come back.” {With that, she just leaves out of sight, taking out a pair of earphones and watching videos with them plugged in.}
"Woah, it's alright now, Teddie. You know Yosuke and the others wouldn't actually abandon you. Now...what is this place anyway? Seems like the TV world but somethings diffrent." Yu would smile at his long time companion while looking around for the first time. He'd been so focused on the fight that he hadn't really gone to the trouble of investigating. Kaz seemed to be leaving already but he felt there was obviously something much stranger happening here than a simple shadow attack.
Teddie calms down for a moment. "I-I don't know, I was cleaning up the... Beary bad wreckage of the Junes when everything started to shake, the TVs started glowing too... The next thing I know, there are jets of orange light and... One took me." He tries to think for a moment. "I don't think this has much to do with the TV world, though this place looks like it... It just doesn't beary much feel like it..."
While Teddie and Yu talk, the sound of a scream echoes across the mainly empty Junes wreckage, and the distinctive sound of a wooden object, presumably a baseball bat, drops to the cold, hard ground. Niko is nowhere to be seen, as a new beam of light pierces the sky. 3 chains seem to wrap around the new light. Not that it would be seen for too long, as soon after it appears, the sun rises, and the beams of light seem to have disappeared, even the one Yu and Teddie were in, though it just deposits them outside the Junes wreckage. These next few nights are gonna be long ones.
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