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Fragment of Light: Scourge of the Past
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It's a lonely world when you think about it. That's what lots of people know, but won't admit. They're alone, and maybe you are too. It never had to be this way, but for some reason it seems like it was the only choice you had. It's a shared loneliness. But that loneliness can be a blessing, for it's something the greatest heroes and most wretched villains share. They stand alone, but that solitude is the great uniting force. There is a city much like the ones you know, but it is the last of its kind, perpetually under assault. Bands of foreign thieves invade it, leaving naught but destruction and sorrow in their wake. Perhaps the lonely wanderers can band together, under a greater cause than their own survival, if only to gain further power. Fragments of pure light call out to you, embrace them, and you will know the truth behind your loneliness. Ancient mechanisms are in motion, and it is your duty to stop them, this is a duty not even death could release you from until it is done.
Your City, Home
Strange white shards have been appearing about the place. They appear to be fragmented from a great sphere, they beckon to be embraced. The warmth they emanate is a great temptation, do you submit?
A lone figure rides atop a speeding bike-like ship. Golden wings would adorn both the ship's sides and one of the man's own shoulders. His helmet seemed to be made of some kind of skull as well that seemed inhuman in shape. On his back as well he'd have strapped a strange glowing sword. The man would jump off the ship as it reached nearby the crystals. It would continue flying forward as he landed on the ground, finally crashing into some random building in the distance. "I do raid...Yes, very good..." The man would go over and touch one the shards but not before shouting something back at anyone nearby. "You are all peons!"
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A girl with pink hair would sigh to herself a bit, simply walking home from school in good old Tokyo except... She spots one of those strange shards, she spots it and reaches out for it. She couldn't entirely tell you why that is. But against her better judgement Madoka Kaname reaches out for a curious white shard and just waits to see what will happen.
The young, casually dressed male would have a few light firearms stashed in his pockets. He notices one of the shards and approaches it, attempting to place a hand on it. Can I join? I'm already familar with the Destiny series.
{The idol skips along the streets of Tokyo, listening to her own music and making more of her own dance routines inside her own head. She takes her headphones out of her ears when she notices these weird shards, and looks around her.} "Herro, did anybody lose these?" {With no answer given to her, she shrugs and immediately going ahead to try and take them for herself to go on with her day.}
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As each of the three individuals touched the floating white crystals, they would be blinded by light. A vision of a massive orb floating in the sky is quickly replaced by falling through a tunnel of light. Each individual would see a different vision at the end of the tunnel.
His vision would be one of his own world, a brief sight of his home in the Tower. His Warlock vanguard staring at him with cold, indifferent eyes.
Her vision consisted of a field torn by combat, and a sole figure leading a desparate charge with his shield protecting his allies. She could feel the strength and courage he seemed to bear coursing through her.
Her vision was one of a hooded figure stalking through the night, kicking down a door to unload several shots with his revolver into whoever was inside that building. She could feel the urge to discover, fight, and even die should the stakes be high enough.
Encounter 1: Touchdown
The trio would find themselves falling over a cityscape, taken by night. The three could see each other as they continued to fall, their shared destination was a building hanging over a cliff into a massive crater.
The guardian would look around to confirm his location. He felt somehow more...limited but that didn't matter. All he must do now is...shoot. He'd look at the others with indifference, seeing what type of fire team he had been left with. "yes, raid very good. We go get gun and then shoot. You know how to shoot, Peons?"
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{The teenage girl gets up and looks around, trying to find out exactly where she is. She felt a weird to use more weapons than she normally thinks to. Especially a gun.} {When met with her new teammates, all she felt like doing was giving the man a hearty wave in response to his question, despite her not liking him that much.} "Mhmm, Lucky Chloe knows how to shoot a shot into the hearts of her fans! Bang bang, tee-hee!"
Madoka would groan a bit while standing up, she feels... Weird, and like something's missing. Her Persona, but there's something in its place too... And also, she's stuck with two utter lunatics. Just hope that the armored one is comptent enough to back up his insults. "I know some yeah, I've practiced with bows a lot more than guns. But I can reload a rifle or something and point it okay." Bits picked up from Homura over the years, as for Chloe. Given what she knows of the other girl Madoka has little hope for her knowing anything now, hopefully she learns fast. "What kind of enemies can we expect, if you have any idea? You call this a raid, so I'm kind of hoping you've got more clue than us honestly. And let's try to focus okay Chloe?" Asking the idol to actually focus seems a foolish move, but here she is doing just that while speaking in a serious and wary tone.
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The top of the building seems to contain several weapon caches. Each marked with a different symbol, Butterfly, Fishhook, and Hand. Gifts from a hidden benefactor is likely the only answer to the question of why. The butterfly box contained a bow, with a white box next to it. The box contained some sort of blue crystalline cubes which would morph into arrows tipped with an explosive substance. The fishhook contained a rifle fitted with a medium range ACOG scope. Likewise it had a white box which morphed into magazines that fit the gun perfectly. The hand contained a revolver with nine chambers, and another box that turned into speed loaders filled with the proper caliber.
The guardian would quickly loot the hand box. Seeming to be used to this by now.It was as if looting chests was already second nature to him. "Weapon of choice is here, good. See you on other side, Peons. If you even make it there!" He'd take what ammo he could before jumping away and gliding through the air, looking to explore the map and find the first encounter.
{Though Chloe was inching towards the hand box, seeing the guardian quickly scram with the loot inside just had her shrug and pick from the other two. She smiles, picking up the butterfly box and handing it off to Madoka as a sign of generosity before taking the fishhook box for herself.} "Oh hey, I know...of these!" {She held and twisted the rifle like it was a toy, not caring at all for gun safety laws and handling it like a microphone on a microphone stand. The girl looks inside the scope and gets reminded of how she takes selfies, which is her only experience with guns like these.} "Cool shooter, Chloe. Tee-hee!...what to do though. Hmmm..." {The girl ponders to herself next to Madoka.}
Madoka would just sigh at the other girl while properly getting her bow ready, after a moment she'd just aim to follow after the strange man... Along with calling out to Chloe in a concerned voice. "Could you, handle that thing properly please? I can show you how if needed but just quit waving it around like a fool. Weapon forward, keep it aimed only at things you're prepared to kill and remember that it isn't a toy." With her arrows ready and her annoyance for Chloe's casual handling very clearly on display Madoka just tries to keep following after the Warlock while scanning the area around them. Wondering what sorts of things they may run across from this point on.
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Exploring ahead would expose the group to various patrols of inhuman creatures. Four armed bipeds with glowing blue eyes would wander the streets of this empty city. They felt like instinctive enemies, something within the group would cause them to know this. They also knew that it would only take one arrow, or pull of the trigger to snuff out the light in their eyes. Exploring would reveal one which appeared to be a leader among the ranks of the "Fallen" fitted with futuristic technology. The group appeared to have the element of surprise should they engage.
"You pick right weapons, you are not as much of Peons as I had feared. Now time for shoot." The guardian would aim his gun as he landed near the four they had found. He'd pull the trigger twice trying to take two of them out before he finally hit the ground.
{Lucky Chloe counts them silently with her finger before looking at the guardian going in immediately to try and take out two at the same time. Her eyes get starry as she puts down the rifle, abandoning the boring position that she was in where she places herself in one spot and aims at their heads or something.} "Ooo, that looks fun." {Not caring at all that she has a rifle, she runs towards the 4, maybe two creatures, and then jumps. She looks through her scope for only second and periodically aims at one of the creatures before pulling the trigger, the shot going straight at his neck and not the heart or head due to the girl not knowing how to quickscope. As she lands, the girl rolls to the side and intentionally leaves one for Madoka as she laughs to herself.}
Madoka sighs a bit to herself while watching the fight start, there... Really isn't any talking now is there? But she also gets this strange sense that the beings were going to try and kill them all regardless of any attempt she made at peace. Some new instinct which has formed within herself that compels the girl to begin firing, in contrast to Chloe her shot would quickly fall straight toward the remaining Fallen's head with practiced ease. If that missed though she would simply follow up with a quick pair of shots aimed towards the chest, roughly where she expects their heart to be but no telling with aliens. "Fun... Isn't the word I'd use for killing Chloe, but I did get the sense they were gonna be hostile. So best to make quick work of them I guess..." Assuming their foes were dealt with by now she'd merely absently advance alongside the other two, going quiet while pondering exactly what the ragtag group might be doing here anyways.
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As the last of the patrolling fallen fell, a loud roar would echo across the district. A hulking Fallen equipped with a large harness radiating blue energy would stand atop a building nearby. It would let loose several barrages of energy from its arm, continuing to do this until interrupted. All forms of ranged attacks seemed to have no effect on this beast.
Madoka just sighs heavily while realizing that her bow doesn't seem to be working out, there must be... Well there is one other thing she knows how to do, but no clue if it'll do any better. The girl does her best to move evasively as possible while trying to get closer to the enemy, she'd leap up into the air as high as her new gear can carry before hoping to slam back down onto the thing with as heavy a punch as a teenage girl is able to manage. "Why the heck does this seem even remotely like a thing I should try right now..." She mutters to herself while crashing back down toward the ground, clearly it isn't the best plan possible but hey. If nothing else works out gotta try something different right?
{Lucky Chloe tries to send another lucky shot towards the new Fallen's way, but pouts as she sees it cause no damage to the thing, not even flinching or anything. She masterfully evades the shots coming from her enemy like she was very practiced in the art of uncoventionally dodging attacks. She stops herself at the building the Fallen was standing on.} "Tee-hee, you go Madoka-Chaann!" {The girl shouts with enthusiasm, before hiding behind it. Her cover could easily be blown if the thing just decided to look down, but Chloe didn't seem to mind. All she did was ponder on how she could try to deal with it instead of helping the team.}
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