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Which Phantom Thief resonated with you the most?
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Which member of the Phantom Thieves did you feel a connection towards/did you relate to the most?
Ryuji and Akechi. Sometimes I feel like helping other but most of the time, I want to work for myself and personal gain.
Yusuke;mi padre esta muy ausente y me siento como un rarito
I don't think there's one specific major thing i can relate with the Phantom Thieves, just little details from all of them.
I want to say Yusuke cause he is my favorite but it's Makoto. I think I have good speculations and doubts that's on point and know my way to press an answer like how Makoto did in the panel with Akechi
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I personally resonate with wild berry poptarts. Oh, I mixed up the thread with the name of the poster, my bad. Point still stands that I resonate more with a poptart than any of the phantom thieves.
Maybe a bit of Akechi and Joker because sometimes you need to be a little crazy to protect yor friends.
I've Got to say Futaba or Yusuke eh
It should be obvious, but I relate to Joker the most. Now, before you say "Everyone should relate to the 'main' character! You just want to be 'special'" No. That's not why. The reason why is because, just like Joker, I've been somewhat of an inspirational figure my whole life. People tell me things they wouldn't tell others (almost like they're confidants), and because I sometimes see Igor in my dreams. Just kidding. But I did have a dream where Spongebob Squarepants asked me what 'my favorite episode' was, and I correctly guessed that he was actually referring to what my favorite memory was. I said 'it hasn't happened, yet', to which he responded with 'make it a good one.' Pretty sure that was Lavenza trying her hardest not to reveal herself too soon. Note: Lavenza is best girl.... But of the datable ones, it's between Futaba and Hifumi. And Chichya... And Makoto... And Ann... It's so hard to choose because rejecting them hurts me. That's why I'm doing a playthrough each for all of the dateable girls.
I resonate with Ann because I have very little character development. Time to run away now
I resonate with Akechi, I'm practically a carbon copy of him, being semi-psychotic and having personal familial issues, mostly my looks though.
Joker because when i'm around people, i'm really shy and silent. So I keep to myself a lot but when it's time to take action I get serious.
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