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GYM DX: A Lazy Afternoon
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A girl wanders down the streets of Tokyo, smiling slightly and absently checking the weapons resting on her back. A simple light-weight spear, and a bow with runes carved into it. She'd glance up towards the early afternoon sun with a slightly wistful look, she should all told be in school right now but instead, the pink-haired girl just keeps on wandering through streets into a dark alleyway. "Guess there's nothing to do but see if anyone else is around here right now. I just don't feel like hanging around in a crowded building all day today anyway so this should be a fine distraction, and I need more practice." She'd absently walk up to a well kept clean building with a sign that reads GYM DX on it, casually waltzing through its doors with her hands balled into fists while checking the room out. It's got a rather large fighting ring in it, the juice bar, some computer system for VR maybe? She's never seen that before but there it is, huh. Either way, Madoka takes a deep breath and begins stretching herself out some to warm up. Eyes drifting over towards the building's door every now and then in the process as the girl dressed in what appears to be a gym class uniform waits quietly pondering to herself.
The sound of horse hoofs beating against concrete could be heard from outside before stopping just short of the entrance. Next the sound of boots hitting the ground could be heard and soon the doorway would open to reveal who it was. A young man with long brown hair and a purple vest would step in. There was a sword at his side carried in a ornate looking hilt. Oddly the same could be seen strapped to his back as well. He'd look forward with a serious expression but only one thing would escape his mouth. "Yeh..."
Another girl walks the mid-afternoon streets, a storm in her eyes reflecting the turbulence within her heart. She'd taken a short break from school to sort things out, yet found that nowhere she went could satisfy her. Fully aware of the consequences, Sen decided to head to the GYM anyways, where she finds for once a girl who seems to be a little younger than her already out and practicing. "You're... Like that crazy old guy aren't you?" Sen asks a somewhat hostile question with her arms crossed. Of course it wasn't this strangers' fault she felt that way, but it was the only way to make sense of such things right now.
A young boy, bearing a resemblance to Madoka, walks in the GYM with a casual air about him. He would first face Sen and politely wave, saying with the straightest face he could. "M'lady." He would internally beat himself up for saying that and almost immediately face away, staring towards the back of the room. "So, is this where all the cool kids hang out when they're playing hooky? I can see why, it certainly seems like an exciting venue."
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Madoka would look over to the young man standing before her with a slight sigh, that is... A very strange person, but here she is. Talking to him anyways. "Hey there Mr. I'm Madoka Kaname, nice meeting you I guess! Are you to train too then...? And what about you?" She glances at Sen with a casual wave, smiling towards the seemingly more normal girl brightly and pointedly saying nothing about the obvious weapons being carried on her back. "And uh, are you new here? You... Don't look the type who usually shows up in GYM, but I guess I don't look like that type either so who am I to judge a book by its cover!"
The young man would look at the girl for a moment as he contemplated his situation. He's been here for months already and that time has already been hell because of his curse. He's done all manner of odd jobs, sometimes even without pay and sometimes ones that are overall unpleasant in every way. In a lot of ways he wanted to tell someone, anyone about his plight and ask them for help and he would do that now. Yes, this was the time to finally break his curse he had to...He'd open his mouth and begin to speak... Yes...Closer... The words would come out and... "Yes!" No good...
"I know how this place works, if that's what you're asking." Sen, of course, was entirely unarmed. Though she looks about warily, as if waiting for something to strike. Though what it is she could never be sure. And of course, two more had shown up. Sen figured they were probably about to start throwing bubbles at each other or some other ridiculous fighting method, given how her last few visits had gone. She was almost disappointed to find that Eito wasn't one of them. Disappointed perhaps, yet also relieved. After all it was bound not to be a pleasant conversation. For the time being she sighs and crosses her arms before returning to Madoka "You wouldn't happen to know about some maniac in red with a firey sword would you?"
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Madoka stares at the man curiously, he... Cannot possibly be this incapable of saying more tha a single word can he? She almost thinks something might be wrong with him... "Hey uh... Are you okay? I guess maybe you just don't like talking much, but that face seems a bit off to me. Like there's something wrong." She would look back to Sen and simply pause for a second. "A... Guy in red with a firey sword? Um, there was Tatsuya but he's... Tatsuya was dead I thought so that doesn't sound right, unless it's an older looking guy with brown hair can't possibly be him. Sorry can't tell you of anyone else who might fit." She would then walk over to the fighting ring and take the far side of it from Hero, absently staring at him while drawing out her bow and focusing a bit. Not to mention putting an arrow into it. "Okay anyway, if you wanna train Mr. then I'm up for it. And before we begin, mind telling me your name? It isn't important, I just like to know!"
The hero would sigh before pulling out both swords, one in each hand. The swords in question would obviously posses some kind of powerful energy to them, like they had been bathing in sacred energy of some kind for far longer than the hero had owned them. More strange would be how identical each blade was to the other, perfect copies in almost every regard except one of the blades seemed to have a slightly more potent energy than the other. Without even uttering as much as a word the hero would swing the blades at his sides downwards as they ignited in flames. He'd slash towards a wall causing a fiery trail to mark into it. What would remain on the wall as a result were two burn marks that resembled two ones side by side. The hero would point to this as if to say that, that was his name. "Yes." The flames on the blades would die down as he entered the arena on the opposite side. He'd begin taking a stance resembling that of an experienced swordsmen, weilding both blades at once.
Tatsuya hangs out by the side of the arena, smirking at his sister. "Well, you see, that's Marth from the hit rpg game, Golden Sun. It makes sense that you may not know him as it's kinda niche."
[After meeting Homura for a brief moment, he did wonder about Madoka, especially how she got a Persona. He wasn't an expert on the subject for the most part, but still wanted to know a bit more. Could there be multiple methods of summoning or getting one? Certainly, he could try to fight his own Shadow, but he would not risk it, nor risk others seeing more than he already lets them see. Whatever was the case, he knew GYM was the best place to go in general. As he makes it in, he knows or at least can tell every single one of them, or... most of them. Madoka, who he met at the TV World, the guy who kept saying "Yes", who is friends with Tea and saw back then with the alien girl, and Sen, the only normal person he's actually met. Finally, the guy who looks like Madoka, maybe a sibling of some sort...?] They are already about to fight, huh. [He was still standing by the door, so he figured they would not notice him right away. Without saying anything else, he would quietly move to the side of the arena, interested in seeing what both of these people could do, and... to see how much this would actually have an effect on Sen.] Should I fight this time around too...? I wonder, I do have that girl with healing powers around. ...Maybe.
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The girl stares curiously at those marks, that's... Rather odd isn't it. But alright then, name of X and can't say anything besides one word answers. Weird guy, but he seems strong, still. The girl wants to see how he can handle a fairly light attack before trying anything too serious. "I see then, X is your name... Well, I'll start off simple enough, Persona!" The man would be met by a barrage of arrows flying rapidly for a start, each one pulled off and fired with surprisingly decent power in short order. But that's far from the only thing which happens, as a blue card shatters like glass from one of Madoka's arrows a large armored woman carrying a shield and sword would take shape, a cross inscribed upon the front of her shield as she stares across the field at their foe. Before too long the flying arrows would speed up even further as mystical light engulfs the Persona's master, in general it makes her stronger faster and tougher than before. Turning the power behind those shots from merely decent to actually impressive, and allowing them to sail through the air quickly enough to perhaps actually hit a few times. Though she's aiming for less lethal parts of the body rather than anything which would kill even if it hit. "Alright then, hopefully, that'll go well. It isn't my best by any means but I don't want to just skip straight to as hard as I can go..."
"I'm afraid I've never heard of this Tatsuya. The other guy said he'd be around here so..." Sen breathes out a sigh, there's no point looking for it now anyways. As ridiculous as it is, she can't help but let out a huff of air that nearly resembled a laugh and smile as the Hero steps forth "Apparently there are a lot of slightly-older guys with firey swords. That's.... Something?" For now Sen doesn't really have much of a way to react, so she'll wait to the side in order to watch, having not seen Kazuo yet or met any of the others here before... That is until the armored woman appears behind Madoka. There's a flash of confusion and recognition in the girl's eyes as the spectral figure takes shape. But of course that shouldn't be possible. Not here anyways. Yet it clearly was, as with many other things that had happened since she first found this GYM
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For a moment the hero seemed to close his eyes as the arrows flew towards him but both swords would spark with electricity as he reopened them. Both swords would begin to move at an incredible rate as if his stance wasn't just to prepare but perhaps had some power behind it as well. He'd begin trying to cut as many arrows as he could, his blades now moving faster and faster. Of course with so many attacks at least one would end up hitting but just barely as it would merely scratch across one of his arms. He was unaware of what the strange power the girl used was but it seemed the safest bet to strike at it's origin to quiet it. The lightning on the blades would begin to fade as the man would sheath the blade in his left hand. Energy began to flow through his now empty arm as he jumped into the air and pointed downwards and let loose a strange burst of energy that filled the air with a sort of white smoke that would cause an intense drowsiness. For once the hero would actually speak out loud. "Snooze!"
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The girl would groan a bit, some kind of sleeping magic... That could be bad if she lets it get into her too much, hell she's already feeling a bit drowsy from the bit that got near her in this short time. She does manage to evade it by rushing forward in a quick burst of speed. "Right then Eleven, catch this!" The girl's bow has been put away by now, instead drawing her spear as the Persona itself rushes off to Hero's left side. Madoka would aim to stay out of reach of his blades by jabbing forward quickly with the pointed weapon and smiling. As for D'Arc, the being would charge forward and aim to get in as close as possible. Her sword being propelled by impressive strength and speed that slices in right after or before the persona user herself's stabs. Though there is a noticeable sloppiness in Madoka's own movements, perhaps the result of that magic affecting her... "Hmm, neat spell there. Wonder if I could figure out how to do something like it actually..."
The hero would still remain calm despite this. he'd quickly pull his left blade out in a way that would make one wonder if he ever put it away in the first place. The hero would focus most of his attention to Madoka as the blades once more coated themselves in electricity. Somehow the sword were different though this time. The energy held within them wouldn't stop building as he took both swords and hit Madoka's spear head on, trying to use the momentum of the hit to move push to the right to avoid the persona's spear. At the same time all the energy at once would be released from the blades, causing lightning bolts to eject from all directions and even transfer through the spear if possible, otherwise the lighting would simply fly in Madoka's direction as well as her Persona's. "Gigaslash!"
He can say more words than yes...? I guess all of them act differently while battling. [He was honestly surprised by the guy's sudden... new word. Then he would begin to analyze the girl's fighting style. She liked staying at a distance while using her Persona to get closer, not unlike what he usually did. He had to pay closer attention and figure out her own weaknesses, since from what he knew, beating a Persona user depends on figuring out their own archetypes, of sort.] I wonder if this other guy is a jack-of-all-trades. Is there anything from him I could possibly take...? [The man would follow with his attack, and that settled it.] ... I have the feeling this guy has too many things to throw around. I don't know what this guy's deal is
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The girl responds far quicker than any normal person should to such a thing, Hero would find his attack hitting her but it... Doesn't do as much as one might hope, channeling straight through the spear for several moments. It does leave her winded and a bit worn down, but she's obviously resistant to electricity. "Pretty good too, guess I'll try this and hope it works better!" Her counter attack comes in the form of a wall of light forming behind Eleven, it would fly at his back with wild speed while D'Arc focuses upon controlling it. As for Madoka, she forms a shimmering coating of gleaming electrical energy over her spear before trying to continue the assault. In theory if he were to try a similar trick again she should be able to attempt to interfere with her own magic... But that's just a guess she's making right now really, having never actually attempted such a thing outside of slamming against darkness with her light magic. "Hopefully this works out a bit better for me than that last attempt did, it was a pretty good hit from you though no denying it. I'm lucky that we take lightning pretty well."
The hero would be powerful but lacked eyes in the back of his head. The wall would hit him barely giving him time to react. He wasn't sure what ability he had to help him so he decided to leave things up to chance. For a moment he seemed calm. He would enter a trance before uttering something. "Sword dance..." The hero's movements even as he was being pushed would be hard to track as his sword seemed to leave ripples in the air. Madoka would find what seemed to be a bladed strike aimed at her. It was slightly weaker than hero's normal attacks but it's unexpected nature might prove effective. The strike as well would feel more blunt than bladed as to not deal fatal damage. Next the wall itself would be attacked by a similar attack although this strike would very much hold a cutting blade. At that moment another strike would be aimed at Madoka, this time from the opposite side. Next her persona would be attacked as well, the strike was blunt like the one against Madoka. The wall would once again be hit be a slightly weaker strike than the previous. The persona would receive another two strike equally as weak as the one that had just hit the wall. Finally, the hero would exit his trance hoping his attack would hold some effect.
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The girl is able to block some of what's headed towards her, the first strike anyways. The second sends her reeling back a bit and causes a slight bit of blood to trail down from her lip. The wall just falls to bits... Though not without exploding into a burst of magic that might cause some harm to Eleven. Finally her Persona is pushed back and slowed down a good bit by those blows aimed toward it, able to block them with its shield but not without losing any momentum it could have gained from the wall hitting. "Alright, that was pretty good too... Maybe I'm a bit outclassed here, but I do still have some things I can manage to do." As they both stagger back to a proper fighting stance the hero would find Madoka and her Persona holding their weapons high into the air, raw electrical energy gathering up in the celling above them for a mere second before just as quickly crashing back down. It wouldn't be able to cause fatal harm in the least, but if the Hero found himself hit then it would inflict a great deal of pain and likely even slow him down by shocking the man. It's also hitting a rather wide area, though stops just short of engulfing its caster as well. "Maziodyne!"
A heaping hunk of metal crashes through the wall astride what appears to be some hot pink futuristic motorcycle, rose petals falling in its wake. The vehicle stops abruptly upon collision with the bar, flinging its operator headlong behind it. The dust settles to reveal a corpse covered in solid white and gold armor.
The light explosion would be noticeable but didn't seem to deal quite as much damage as one would think. Perhaps that was because he was a being of the light as well but the electric attack on the other hand was something he wasn't prepared for, especially on such a large scale. He surprisingly didn't have much resistance at all to magical attacks, even one that seemed to embody his main element. The attack all at once might've hurt him quite a bit, possibly meaning the end for their fight but just as his wounded body felt like stopping the damage he had sustained hit him all at once. Their was a blue flare of light that started in his eye before spreading across his whole body. The hero began to shout uncontrollably as a surge of energy flowed through him. It was almost as if something has suddenly pepped him up. His eyes were now blue and his body was surrounded by a visible aura of blue light. Despite his injuries he was standing without a problem. He sheathed both his weapons and only pointed his palms towards Madoka as if to say, "Before I'm done, let me show you my own magic." The aura around him began to expand and condense in his palm turning into a fiery red color. He'd only call out the name of the spell before firing it off. "Fizzle." A ball of fire would explode out of his hands and travel at an incredibly high speed directly towards not Madoka but her Persona. The fireball would easily be the size of a cannonball and upon impact would further explode easily to become 10 times that size.
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The Persona raises her shield up in a blur and projects forth further barriers formed of light magic, it... Doesn't quite stop the attack, not even close. But it slows it down, absorbs enough of the damage that by the time all is said and done D'Arc merely has a broken shield in her hands and heavily smashed up armor rather than vanishing back into the summoner's mind entirely. No doubt though that without putting a great deal more of her own magic into defending the Persona would have gone away for a while. And even then, D'Arc vanishes fairly quickly anyways. Not quite forced to, but it's obvious from the look on Madoka's face that she's expended enough energy in this little brawl she isn't going to waste more keeping her Persona out on the field for no further reason. "Wew, that was a good work out Eleven. Thanks I think, and hey if you need a little healing I can help. I'm pretty decent at it, even if I am pretty worn out from that... Gotta work on being able to do heavy fighting longer, maybe Homura knows something there...? Either way, it's been helpful!" She would then turn her eyes over to Kazuo, greeting him with a cheery wave and smile. "Oh and I didn't see you over there, how have you been doing Kazuo? I didn't exactly speak to you much before, and I... Wasn't in the best place back then, I'd like to think I'm a little bit better now though."
Eleven would nod to her but simply raise a hand up full of a green light. The light would send out what almost seemed to be wisps of energy that span around his body before disappearing, covering him in their light. His in injuries would fade before long as the blue light of his pepped up state dissipated. One thing of note was that until that moment a mark had begun glowing on his hand as he had entered the blue state. It's shape would resemble an oddly shaped trident and it would have been glowing with a golden light. As soon as it had stopped it would almost look like a tattoo or birthmark. "...Yes!"
This guy is crazy, I'm not sure I even want to be around him. It's like... He can probably kill me. [He didn't like admitting it, but this "Hero" was above his level for the moment. Even if there was something he could do, it would be foolish to fight him. Initially, he had thought it was simply a weirdo with weird powers, so he was glad of this GYM visit. This man, at this moment, was the most dangerous of the group. He would soften his entire expression as soon as Madoka talks to him, however. He had no reason to remain as serious as he was.] Ah, I've been fine, just living my life and getting dragged into weird situations. Uh... glad you're doing okay though. [Madoka's powers weren't all that in comparison to the other guy. He figured she was on the weaker side, but the magic she used was at least of some high level.] Works anyways. [He mutters.]
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The young woman would shurg a little bit, giggling at how blatently awkward this boy actually is. He's a lot more impressive than he seems at first glance though, and Homura seems to think he's someone worth being worried about for... Some reason, so Madoka just replies quietly. "I see, well I'm glad to hear that weirdness hasn't done anything too awful to you. And yeah, it works okay. I'm not that great though, I need... To get stronger, Homura's way more powerful than I am now honestly. She usually is, but it can get a little bothersome feeling like a burden." She'd sigh slightly while muttering that, absently running some healing magic through herself with an annoyed look as the aches of the fight start to vanish. "I guess I could ask if you have any advice about getting stronger too, but I don't know if that seems likely. At the very least, I'm pretty sure he would have won if this were a real fight... Which is good to know in its own way."
The corpse would fade in a flash of white light, as a cuboid thing flew about the place. From the cuboid being a flash of yellow light would reveal the corpse to be standing unharmed. The figure would hold his hand facing up toward the cuboid thing, once that was done, the thing vanished, and the man looked around. "Hng." He points aggressively at each individual present, pausing for a second between each individual. After this action he pulls out a gun, pointing that at each individual, as if making his intent clear what he wanted to do.
Tatsuya stepped back, absently staring at the arena. He would then pipe up, glancing back at Kazuo. "Ah, are you an acquaintance of Onee-sama?" The pink-haired boy would meekly smile, ignoring the guardian
Getting stronger is okay and all, but it's overrated. You would probably be better off not fighting at all and keeping those powers to yourself. You never know when you'll hit your limit and if there's others already stronger on your side, might as well let them. It's easier to live normally. [He shrugs as he speaks. He would then turn to see the...new person. He would take off his hat and cover his face. It was one of these guys. Then, the pink haired guy would talk to him as the weirdo with the gun got all weird.] Sure, I know her. Aren't you a bit worried about that, though? [He says, pointing at the Guardian with some semblance of annoyance.]
The hero would point back at the guardian with a tense expression. He wanted to tell them not to hurt anyone and maybe ask what exactly the man was holding as it was a contraption he hadn't really seen before but of course he could only reply with one thing. "Yes!"
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The girl takes a second to pause, staring at Kazuo curiously... That, he might have a point. Except, there's one issue she has there. "Maybe so, but I won't just sit back and watch someone I love end die for me. Because that's what she'd do if given the slightest reason to. Homura I mean..." Madoka sighs and runs a hand through her hair, pondering for several moments while she forms her thoughts a bit more clearly. "I get your point, and I even sort of agree. But at the end of the day I'm not gonna be able to live with myself if my inaction gets her killed trying to protect me. We both know that the strange gathers the strange, and even if I could maybe stop being a Persona user I think I know too much to ever stop getting that attention. So instead I just try to be ready. I don't really love fighting or anything, but I want to be able to help her too... Anyways, see you all later, and be careful over there Eleven." With that said she begins walking out of the building, smiling slightly to herself and humming a little bit while doing so.
Tatsuya takes a brief, apathetic look at the guardian before returning to Kazuo. "Naw, worrying about every single thing out of the ordinary won't do any good. Spend all your time chasing fairies and before you know it, Cthulhu wraps it's fleshy tentacles around our entire plane of reality." Tatsuya chuckles lightly "What i'm trying to say is, there's always something bigger to worry about."
The guardian would meet the hero's gaze, it being rather hard to tell where the guardian's eyes were, but the intent was clear. The guardian was hungering for a challenge, and this new world should have been eager to provide. He would holster his rifle, and once again point at the hero. "Hng!" The cuboid thing fluttered around the place, clearly speaking English. "Quite the new world eh, guardian? It seems there isn't any Light here aside from us!" The guardian would point at the cuboid thing, and it would meekly vanish into dust around the guardian. "Hngg!" The guardian pointed toward the hero's waist, specifically his swords. "Hng?" The guardian drew his own sword, a rainbow hilt with a dark steel blade. "Hng, hup, hng!" He jumped in a bizarre manner, which to others made almost no sense, but to the hero, it was a wager. Sword for sword.
For a moment the hero was surprised by the sudden challenge. He thought about using the sword of light at his waist for this but something told him he shouldn't hold back this time. He'd take out a sack and take both of his blades and seem to somehow fir them inside of it. He'd then reach inside of the bag and pull out a different sword. The metal of the blade was black with red pieces at the middle of the blade and around the hilt. Rather than a holy aura surrounding the blade an otherworldly energy coursed through it that would feel more cosmic in nature. The hero would gaze at the guardian holding the sword in two hand and taking a stance in preparation for a fight. "Hurgh!"
You're right, you never know when you'll run into some freak of nature, pink-haired guy. [Madoka had left already so he kept his own thoughts to himself, not like any of what he said to her was what he really thought, but he wanted to see what she was thinking, so he needed some kind of bait. Luckily, he had been thinking about what "normal" was the past few days, with some nostalgia for it even, quite the unexpected emotion, and he couldn't exactly piece what sparked it. Regardless, what she was going to say was obvious, at the end of the day, but he needed confirmation.] Speaking of freaks of nature, I saw enough of Yes Man over there, and this guy is starting to look a bit too much like a certain edgelord I know. I'm just going to sit up there and... see if anything more interesting happens. ["Hero" was already obviously crazy strong, and whatever this other guy was didn't interest him. He didn't look human anyways, so there was nothing to gain. He would move from being right next to the arena to the seats at the back, next to the Amrita soda vending machines. He would sit down and cover his eyes with his hat while pressing his back against the wall. He could nap any second now.]
The guardian held his blade aloft, a dark purple flame trailed along the edge of the blade. That flame then traveled along the hilt to his hands, flowing up his arms to the two horns on each pauldron. "Hup!" With a slash of his blade, the flame launched forward toward Eleven. The flame seemed to subtly gravitate toward its target, but nowhere near strong enough to be considered homing. After this attack, the guardian jumped up into the air, propelled by a jet pack of sorts.
Eleven would grasp his blade firmly as the humidity in the air seemed to rise all at once. Water would begin to cluster around the weapon seeming to from a solid mass that extended the blade's reach. It wasn't ice but simply water that stayed in place. He'd attempt to slash the flame with his now aquatic blade and as it made impact a flurry of massive waves would burst forth from the blade even threatening to slam against his airborne foe. "Seasplitter!"
The guardian would almost shoulder bash into the water, but before contact, a white transparent barrier wall would appear, should the water progress, the wall would begin to crack. "What kinda magic is that?" The guardian would attempt to soar over the hero, flinging more flame projectiles as he did so.
The hero wasn't sure if he could keep up with the all the projectiles. It wasn't exactly too tiring to use seasplitter but he felt he wouldn't make much progress doing just that. The water would fall to the ground before beginning to disappear and the air would once again begin changing. The air pressure itself in the building seemed to intensify as wind began gathering around the blade. What looked like a tornado would act as the blade's new extension. Eleven would take a leap to dodge out of the way of the flames but the leap would be noticably short only buying him a second or two. Then he swung the sword. The air itself seemed to split open with the blade's stroke causing a cyclone to rip forward towards the fiery projectiles and towards the airborne guardian. This would also send Eleven flying backwards at an uncontrollable rate. If the GYM wasn't already flooded now the walls would begin to tear and crack at the sheer pressure of this maneuver. "Skysplitter!"
The guardian would hold the sword across his arm, a purple aura almost absorbing the air, which caused the flames of the blade to be stoked even hotter. The guardian would fall to the earth flinging two more projectiles, one from his sword, one from his hand. The sword's flame would act as normal if only hotter to the touch, but the orb he threw would explode into a wall of purple fire. He tilted his head as if to ask, "That's a lot of variety, is it learn-able?"
The hero wasn't sure wether to reply or not knowing that his reply would just be a resounding "Yes". He had to think for a moment...technically he just received this ability at some temple or something so was there a chance that anyone could learn them or was it unique to him? For now though he has yet another attack coming at him. The flames and the orb, he had to pick one and in his experience big things come in small packages. For now he's stow the sword and instead focus energy into his hand. Quickly he'd let loose a spell hoping to cause the orb to explode before it could reach him. "Kafrizz!" From the hero'es hands a large ball of fire would erupt forth nearly four times the size of the one he used against Madoka. Should it hit its target no doubt there's be a large impact, possibly enough to tear the roof of the building. Eleven on the other hand tried to move quickly to see if he could still dodge the flames but at best he could let it hit his left arm rather than hitting him head on. The flames would burn his flesh causing a massive but not entirely debilitating injury. He'd finally give a reply to the question asked though even he would sound unsure. "Yes?"
The blast of flame would cause a white cloud to appear around the guardian, to everyone but the guardian, this meant nothing, but that meant that the guardian's shield was broken. As a last ditch effort to try and regain the upper hand, the guardian flung his arm skyward, a surge of purple light flowing into him, coalescing into a purple buckler, one which he immediately flung at the hero. Even if he dodged, the shield would bounce off any surface, with a tendency to bounce toward its target. After flinging his shield, the guardian would hold his arm aloft, a new shield forming, then a large wall of energy projected around shield on the guardian's arm. With his defense in place, he would shuffle left and right in a rapid manner. "A temple? Is it in this place, or elsewhere?"
Sen would begin to step towards Madoka once her fight was over, but Kazuo gets there first. Now she’d see the older student and, in a way, becomes ashamed. She’d been warned against following up with this abnormal stuff, and what Kazuo might think if he found her actively looking... It wouldn’t bode well. But with that girl and her spirit... But she couldn’t ask about it. Not with them here anyways. Not anyone here anyways... The girl hurries out the door, both anticipating and dreading the meeting that would come next.

Ina happily walks inside GYM "Ahh, finally i get to have some fun again! I wonder who's here that i can fight?"
...Ah...! [Kazuo was woken up by Hero's "Yes?". He had to wonder just for long they had been fighting. Are they even still fighting? Didn't matter to him, as it seemed like he fell asleep. He didn't even know where Sen was anymore or the pink-haired guy, err, Madoka's sibling...?] It's whatever, right? I have places to be anyways. ... I hope I don't meet these guys anytime soon. [He would walk out while stretching his own body, going somewhere else entirely.]
The hero's arm was already hurting, it'd take some time to heal so what he needed now was to buy some time. He'd quickly pull out a shield of his own from his bag and hold it up as he shouted. "Kaclang!" The hero's body would harden, becoming a sturdy metal that wouldn't be easily broken let alone dented. The metal form wouldn't actually last too long, quickly beginning to fade a couple seconds after the shield might've struck. "Uhuah?" This of course would display that the hero wasn't sure if the temple could be found in this place or if there a similar structure either.
The purple energy still coursed all over his body, and the shield wall stayed firm, another shimmy, instead indicating mild disappointment. "Hup!" The cuboid figure emerged from behind the guardian and began projecting white light into him, a thin layer coating his body before both the cuboid thing and the light vanished.
Yet another person enters the GYM, this one being a young man wearing a red baseball helmet on his head with an unzipped purple hoodie. The boy seems to be carrying a metal baseball bat that’s resting on his shoulder. He shifts his attention to the battle between the guardian and the long haired boy, sighing at the sight. “So all the ruckus I heard wasn’t coming from a ball game after all... Not that it matters, ‘cause not a single person in this city seems to know about the sport at all for some reason.” The boy takes a seat on a nearby chair, placing his bat to the side of it, continuing to spectate the ongoing brawl.
The hero would take a moment to calm himself. With a green flash of light several shimmering orbs would flow around his arm until it was back to normal condition. He'd look head on at the guardian with a look that said "Before we're done here let's go all out in one big final attack". He'd of course convey this in words as well. "Humphhh!" With that he'd throw both his weapon and shield to the ground and point one hand forwards, the other seeming to grab hold of his wrist as a golden light seemed to begin to build up. He'd look at the guardian as if to tell him to get ready.
The guardians fists would begin surging with the purple light once again. The guardian would begin a headlong charge at the hero, a faint blue aura surrounding him. "It's a bit too late for my final attack, but I'm game to see what you're bringing to the table." "Huuuuuuuuuuuurgh!" Once again the purple shield manifested on his arm as he charged in a shoulder bash toward the hero.
In contrast a blue energy would once again surround the hero as he charged his attack. The golden energy would begin to surge more and more as finally it seemed to reach it's peak. The hero would finally utter his attacks name as he finally began to fire it off. "Quadraslash!" An eruption of light as a cluster of energy burst forth in the shape of a large sword being fired off almost like a warhead. The weapon made of pure energy would be gigantic in size, at least equal in size to a tree's trunk if not bigger.
(edited by DQ_Hero)
As the massive blade collided with the shield, both the shield and the guardian would fade from existence, a puff of white. The cuboid figure would emerge as the dust settled, opening to reveal a small orb, one which began projecting light, and speaking. "Oh dear, he just had to go and pick a fight..." In a couple of seconds, he returned, almost as if he never even fought.
The hero wasn't sure what had just occurred. Was that attack too much? Perhaps the sword that hadn't stopped moving forward and had made impact with the oposite wall before exploding and tearing apart half of the building they were in was an indication of... "Yes..." He would consider his overboard actions until he noticed the guardian's return unscathed. He was surprised but also somewhat relieved by this.
After dusting himself off, the guardian would plant the sword firmly in the ground, ready to be taken. "You won, fair and square..." "Hngh." The cuboid thing would vanish again as the guardian summoned what appeared to be a sofa made entirely of light, sitting comfortably as one does.
The hero would take the sword, he wasn't about to deny a new weapon and this new weapon seemed interesting from what he had seen before. He was a bit surprised about the sudden couch but just assumed it was some kind of magic he hadn't yet seen. "Huuh!" With that sign of thanks given he would prepare to leave, shouting out a singal phrase in preparation. "Zoom!" Eleven would float briefly before zooming upward and crashing through the roof, soaring into the sky until he was out of sight.
OOC: And now that the fighting seems to be finished, I can write out this little epilogue IC: Sen rushed home. Her father was still at work, so she wouldn't be questioned. Empty as always then. It was fine, since the girl had long ago learned to take care of herself. She'd always been the responsible type after all. The girl enters her room and shuts the door, taking a deep breath to steel her nerves. After all, everything that led up to this had been the easy part. 'Twas what came next that would be difficult. Sen stands in front of her mirror loosens her uniform a little in order to pull down her right sleeve nearly halfway down her arm to reveal a dark, lion-shaped crest that seemed to have been burned into her. In one swift motion, the girl slashes her fingertip across the mark and calls out to the mirror with a scowl Sen: "I need some answers, demon twins." ???: "Wow Mephis hehehe. Sen's got such a scary look on her face. heheheheHEHEhe." Sen's image shifts in the mirror to that of another girl dressed in black, notable for the dark rabbit doll she holds clutched tightly to her chest, and the single black wing extending from her left. Mephis: "Indeed. It appears as if our green Executor has suffered quite the fright. Whatever could be the matter?" The image of the girl in black is soon replaced by her sister in white, notable for an old-fashioned attire including a crown and monocle, her own black wing extending from the right. Sen: "I'm sure you know. The girl with pink hair? Guardians don't just come out of nowhere." Pheles: "Oh really? And whadda you expect us to do about it?" Pheles's image reappears again, a sadistic smirk painted across her face Sen: "Don't play dumb, if you're going to extend it for her then..." Mephis: "Calm down, both of you." The Demon in White reappears once more, letting out a sigh as she crosses her arms and closes her eyes Mephis: "I can assure you that she has nothing to do with us. That ability known as 'Persona' is wholly separate. I advise that the matter be pushed away from thy mind." Mephis opens her eyes once more to glare at Sen Mephis: "After all, thy duties are not yet fulfilled." There's tension in the air as Mephis and Sen stare each other down for a few moments before Sen responds. Sen: "I can't just stand back and watch anymore. My justice is meaningless if I cannot enforce it." Pheles: "Oh really? Hehehe. And how is that our problem?"
Pheles leans closer in the reflection of Sen's mirror, almost seeming to reach out towards the other girl. But of course, she's restricted within the boundaries of an image alone. though the unsettling look in her eye transcends all boundaries. But Sen had come prepared to face these two, and face them she would. The girl firmly stands her ground to demand. Sen: "In order to fulfill my justice I request you extend your permission to the real world." Pheles: "Request denied. Heheha. Maybe if you begged for me. heheHehe." Sen: "Why you..." Sen lets out a frustrated huff, her face returning to an angry scowl, which only draws further laughter from the demon. However Pheles's image soon fades away, sticking her tongue out in a childish gesture of defiance before her sister takes over Mephis: "Do not be so hasty. Truth is thy request is impossible. As the managers of Purgatory, our influence extends no farther than the realm we command. Thy world is free from our influence." Sen: "If that's true then..." Sen clutches her fist in both frustration and determination before making one final demand Sen: "You seemed to know about that pink-haired girl.. How does one go about acquiring that?" Pheles: "Weren't you listening? Just forget..." Mephis: "'Tis actually a rather simple matter." Pheles falls uncharacteristically silent, vanishing from the mirror once more in stunned disbelief as Mephis explains. Mephis: "At a certain time on a rainy day within the TV lies a world of shadows. Enter this realm and face the trial within to unlock one's inner power. At least, 'tis what they say. Now then, if thou art finished pestering us, we have work to do." With that, the demon twins fade away from the mirror, leaving Sen alone in her room once more. Sen: "... A world of shadows?" back in the Demons' realm, Pheles looks at her sister for a moment, now free from outside observance and asks Pheles: "Whatever has gotten into you Mephis? You know her tears are worthless so long as they fall outside of Purgatory." Mephis: "Do you have a problem with my actions?" Pheles: "Hehehehehe... Not really. It just seemed like something I'd do." Mephis: "Perhaps. 'Tis only natural after all. We are kin."
Chegs would begin kicking around rubble, trying to balance bits and pieces on the edge of his sparrow, before an otherworldly, other-dimensionally looking ship would come crashing through whatever wall still stood. Chegs would vanish in a flash of light, and the ship would fly away into the abyss of space.
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