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YOU decides what happens in this heart pounding p5 story
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The rules are simple. I will start the story off and ONLY when i say "what happens next?" you guys will decide what happens to the phantom thieves. I will choose the best way of how the story should go. alrighty! let's get started!
Joker dies of a heart attack
Thread Creator

what should happen first?
Joker, hear me out fellas, dies of a, get this, If ur reading this ur gay.
No Yu
Everyone die the end
Joker gets a kitchen knife and cuts the couch in half
the couch being split into two awakens it from it's ancient slumber. COUCH: Thou art I, I art a comfortable piece of furniture, adults bad, TRUE SELF A) stab the couch some more B) apologize to the couch C) run away from the couch you coward D) summon mara E) return the couch to ikea and try and get a refund F) pay respects G) idk think of something for yourself dweeb
Kiss the couch without its consent and then say "You're it"
Joker has obtained herpes. PERSONA 5 THE CAT: that is not looking cool at all JOKER: go donate to ann's patreon you dumb ass simp cat COUCH: I art thou, thou art a sexual deviant and I'm calling my lawyer A) stab the couch some more B) stab Persona 5 the cat C) stab both of them (no witnesses!) D) call your own lawyer E) Genuflect F) Pay respects G) be creative idiot
G) Joker calls the gang, and together they arsonize the couch and set a house on fire
Joker than proceds to spread the herpes to all of his many girlfriends. Oh shoot that's me! Nevermind than. Joker makes the cure to all HIV.
Joker and the squad burn the couch to ashes before it can call it's lawyer. Joker then proceeds to create the cure for HIV on his workbench, however as there is no space to keep it next to the thousands of lockpicks, he keeps it on his person. SOJIRO: why is my cafe on fire JOKER: futaba is bad at cooking SOJIRO: hoo boy PERSONA 5 THE CAT: go to sleep --the next day-- JOKER: oh god oh fuck I forgot to do my biology homework A) submit the cure for HIV as your biology homework B) skip school and distribute the cure for HIV for free, saving millions of lives C) sell the cure for big cash money and bribe the teacher (even shkreli is jealous) D) go to the doctor and get something to treat your herpes E) go to Ikea and buy a new couch F) pay respects G) write something yourself
G) Joker presents PERSONA 5 THE CAT and tries to explain the biology of CATBUS instead of his biology homework.
Thread Creator

not what i was expecting to do but ok. just vibing
*JOKER drives the CATBUS down to the front of the class* JOKER: for my project I have researched the newly discovered species colloquially referred to as the CATBUS TUNATICCUS KAWAKAMMY: you are not old enough to own a driving license JOKER: we live in a society KAWAKAMMY: ok that level of social commentary is worth at least a C- JOKER: hell yeah PERSONA 5 THE CAT: that is looking cool ---later--- RYUJI: IT IS LUNCHTIME MY DUDE WANNA DO CRIMES BECAUSE WE ARE EFFIN CRIMINALS YEAH JOKER: hell yeah crimes A) go pick up some coke and hookers in your sweet ride B) hold up the big bang burger with your toy guns and demand some burgs C) call one of your 15 girlfriends D) call multiple of your 19 girlfriends E) despacito spider F) Pay respects G) appropriate this thread that I have already appropriated
G) From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-karat run of bad luck. Truth is, thread was gay from the start
", said PERSONA 5 THE CAT. MASAYOSHI 'PITBULL (MR. WORLDWIDE)' SHIDO: but gay is bad, vote for me and I will stop the gay CROWD: *cheering intensifies* MISHIMA: oh no
Kill frodo
You hit Frodo hard in the shoulder
Stab the children with a confidant. Choose your confidant.
do nut stab teh chilrn or hazmad wil nook u
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