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So Yu brought back the whole idea of the phansite fighting game, i decided to come back from my on and off once more and add to it! Wether it be just general or character specific, go with whatever you'd like!
I do have a few going on now that I think of it, so lets hop to it. Tot Pop General: "Guess that's another one down." "Keep on rockin'." "Hope you enjoyed the show everyone." Vs. Penny: "Lookin' good kid, keep up the practice and we just might have a fight." Vs. another musician: "I could totally feel your passion there." "Hear the rhythm of my soul." Vs. Ene: "Just another girls' night out for us huh Sparky?" Vs. Prima: "I hope I've earned your SEAL of approval." Sayaka Miki General: "I can't stop here after all." "Justice is served." "Man I hope people saw that." Vs. Madoka: "You really have grown a lot since we first met." Vs. Homura: "I dunno what she sees in you." Grimnir General: "You can't stop the wind!" "Cool Gods don't lose!" "At last, I, Grimnir, the Mad Cyclone of Devastation have proclaimed victory in this magn..." *continues talking as the screen fades to black* Vs. Itachi: "Man, if that's what human technology can do I can't wait to see where it goes next."
General "Alex: Enemy eradicated. George: Good job, buddy." " George: Enemy silent. Victory confirmed." " George: Enemy silent. Are you alright, Alex? Alex: Slightly wounded but nothing major." (Low HP win) " Alex: That was a rough one. I'm losing my edge." (Low HP Victory) Vs Persona User "George: Persona User defeated. Alex: Just another demon tamer after all." "George: Persona User Defeated. Alex: That was harder than expected." (Low HP Win) Vs Kushala "George: Drake Kushala Daora defeated. Numerous Forma detected for recovery." "Alex: Ugh. Damn drake. George: Numerous Forma detected. I'll run collection while you recover. Alex: Ok buddy." (Low HP win) Vs Aki "George: Persona User Aki defeated. Your strong but I'm stronger. Don't worry. I made sure you'll survive." " George: Persona User Aki defeated. Alex: Ugh. Suprised you could keep up, but it's still my victory. Maybe next time." (Low HP Win) Vs Tadano Hitonari (SMT Strange Journey protaganist) "George: Target eradicated. Alex: One down, two to go. Know that your sacrifice will save this world." "George: Target eradicated. Are you OK, Alex? Alex: *panting* Fine. If we waited any longer, I may not have been able to win." (Low HP Victory) Vs Lucifer "George: Tyrant Lucifer slain. Alex: Farewell... Mother." "George: Tyrant Lucifer slain. Alex: A hard fight. As expected from you.... Mother." (Low HP Victory)

General "You lost, as expected... how boring." "Going down so easily? At least make it a challenge." "...Get stronger." Vs. Homura "Fate isn't as malable as you might think. Just having the strength to get back up won't be enough." Vs. Grimnir "What worth is it to be a god if you end up losing anyway? Your physical strength is more than checked by your mental weakness."
General: "Another win, just as it should be. Ah, I love my demons." "Maybe my girlfriend will treat me nicely for this 'w'...oh right, didn't see you there." "I was really contemplating on using an item there." (Low HP Win) "Jeez, almost made me drop my phone. Can't have that." *Low HP Win) Vs. Persona User: "Kazuya told me about these types of people. They're actually kind of cool." "This alternate universe stuff makes me think too much...can dogs and cats have these too?" Vs. COMP User: "Just like me, huh? I guess so." "The side of evil looks tempting, but I have friends to worry about." (Vs. a bad demon tamer) Vs. Kazuya: "Uh...can I AXE you a question after this? Heh, how did you even lose again?" "So much for being a teacher. Just kidding, I still need you in my life." "Yup, that's more like I expected. Really close too, how rad." (Low HP) "What can't you do?...win apparently." (Low HP)
This'll be fun, I got some ideas, but this will be probably long. Kazuya Vs. General "Did we really have to fight?" (No loses) "I hope that was enough for you." (1 round lost) "You're pretty strong, but you should use that power for better things." (Low HP and 1 round lost) Vs. Tatsuya "Were...you holding back...?" "I still get amazed that you can do so much at your age...!" "I wasn't expecting any less, I'm lucky to even be on my feet...!" Vs. Raidou "Hey, no fair! You weren't fighting at you fullest!" "Was my resolve equals to yours?" "As expected from the legendary Kuzunoha, sigh I think I should go to the hospital..." Vs. Delta "Maybe you should train a bit more next time." "Do you mind if I join you on your training next time?" "Wow...! What do you and Yu do at the mountains to get this strong!?" Vs. Gamma "Ice Age is strong, but I feel like... you spam it a little. Stop that." "That staff of yours... have you considered getting a lance or halberd?" "You've definitely gotten stronger, one wrong move and I would be dead...!" Vs. Kalib "C'mon man, you OWN GYM, I know you can do better." "You may not be a Wild Card or all that experienced, but you hit like a truck...!" "When I first met you, I thought you were a mostly normal guy but... your resolve is anything but normal." Vs. Ene/Clearing Eyes "Again, why would you want to fight?" // "When you don't have another person to use as a shield, you really ARE weak." "W-Why are all the girls I know related to electricity...?" // "Your trickery is really getting old, Serpent." "Okay, I will admit I underestimated you, that thunder of yours nearly killed me!" // "...And stay gone." Vs. Teddie "No Kamui Miracle to save you this time." "Don't rely so much on luck. Hone your own strength too." "Hey- Stop trying to trap me with that move of yours! I'm not falling for it!" Vs. Prima "Next time, we should fight as a team rather than against each other." "If only demons were more like you." "...I kind of want to see your world now." Vs. Yoshiko "C'mon, where are you looking at, Yoshi? Focus." "You're getting there! Hmm, maybe I should get you a COMP...?" "Wow... I-I mean, uhm... What I mean to say is I... I'm proud you've gotten this far...!" Vs. Shihiro "We'll keep this up until you drop that attitude." "Good but try to fight in sync with your demons." "It's clear now, you can fight as a team. Next time, you'll be fighting my demons too." Vs. Yuka "Trust me, I've gotten used to getting shocked by now. I'll tell you later though, it's a long story." "I can never lower my guard, not when you're being this serious. Hahaha, it's a bit scary!" "You've always been stronger than I am, and I've always relied on you but... I hope you feel the same trust I feel for you, Yuka." Vs. Lucifer "I still remember what you tried to pull with Beelzebub years back, at least this time you tried to deal with me personally." "I get your ideal. But as long as vulnerable people exist, I'll oppose you every time." "It doesn't matter what you pull, your power alone doesn't cut it!" Vs. Archangel Michael "Your high and mighty attitude means nothing if you can barely fight." "It's a mistake to look down on us humans. That is why you will always lose." "Once you're back up there, go and tell Him to beat it!!" Vs. Tyrant Asura "The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right?" "With that many arms I can barely tell what you're about to do, and even then, you're too predictable." "You are strong, too powerful. But true strength is not just brute force, it also comes from the mind." Man this was really long, I know too many ppl lmao
Vs. General: "You've got potential! Let's go a couple more rounds!" (No losses) "Don't take it too hard. I'll keep practicing with you!" (1 loss) "....whew.... That was one helluva ride! But everyone loves an underdog story!" (Low health, 1 loss) Vs. Kazuya: "Being the owner of GYM has its perks. I'm glad to see my strength stacks up!" "Your diversity in battle strategy is always a treat to face of against! I just wish I had a bit more breathing room, ha ha..." "That power of yours is nothing to sneeze at. One wrong move and I would've been toast!" Vs. Tatsuya: "Looks like my flames were burning a little bit hotter today!" "Your ability to swap personas is beyond tricky. But your experience is even more terrifying!" "Whew... just made it by the skin of my teeth. I wouldn't have been able to awaken to Roland without that power of yours. Your flames will never die!" Vs. Yu: "Now that's how I wish our first battle went! Well fought!" "The power of the Wild Card is certainly something else. I'm just glad I ended things before it got really out of hand, hehe!" "That's all she wrote! Now that was a match! I'll never forget the day you helped me get Leonidas, we've both grown so much since then!" Vs. Delta: "I'm glad to see you're just as strong as ever! Let's go again!" "Swapping between personas and creatively using their powers, you make it plain as day that training isn't a joke!" "Game set! I think I'm finally mastering more of my persona's abilities! Time to tweak them into special moves to really blow your socks off next time!" Vs. Emerson "Come on. You're way better than this! Come at me with all you've got!" "Your weaponry and persona really don't leave me with many means to fight back. But lucky for me I'm adept at being on the back foot!" "I haven't seen you this strong since you went all evil on us, I'm glad to see you're still getting tougher and tougher!"
It looks like there's a convention. So I may as well follow through. General: "Here is your sentence" (no losses) "I'll see my justice through to the end." (1 loss) "You were strong, but I won't falter." (1 loss low health) Eito: "You should have listened." "My efforts aren't in vain." "You were right about one thing... So strong.." Kazuo: "I expected better from my elder" "People will adapt, they always do." "I see... I still have a long way to go here." Kokoro Fudoji: "You... Have to stop getting distracted." "Is what you're after really justice?" "Justice will always triumph over vengeance."
General: "Haha, I'm still sober so this can't have been too tough at all!" (No losses) "Alright had ta loosen up a little and get creative there, you aren't half bad." (1 loss) "Holy... How much have I had to drink? This'll be one of those fights I barely remember, but you're damn good. Let's go again sometime!" Asena: "Your switching is annoying, but the girl's a light weight. And bad luck fucks you hard kids~" "An array of weird powers too wide to be any Epithet. Is that gonna happen? If so I'm into it!" "Phew, luck may hurt you sometimes. But it helps too clearly, that was a real tight one!" Sen: "Awwww geez, lighten up a little would you? Not everything has to be about justice!" "Maybe you'll be more personable with some booze in ya, works for me but everyone's got different reactions." "Alright you almost had me, but I'm no common Inscribed. So don't think it'd be so easy!" And this last One's from Epithet Erased itself, the show which inspired me to make Akia. More just for fun than anything. Zora: "Shit... Did I actually win that? You're as scary as I heard, but it was exciting as hell too." "One shot, that's all it takes to do some real damage for you. Thankfully, booze ages pretty nicely!" "Oooookay that's enough of that for me, I don't wanna end up some old lady because of a brawl dammit!"
Never really thought about it with this guy, so might as well Vs. General "Not even worth talking to." "Not bad for a totally normal person... Oh no, I don't mean you." "Nice fight, let me give you a hand. By the way, what's the name of that power and what does it do exactly...?" Vs. Persona User "Hahahahaha!" "Your shadow must have been pathetic." "Come to me when you can actually finish the job." Vs. Demon Summoner "Go back home and fuse some more, waste of time." "You barely do anything yourself. I can see why you need minions." "At least, you are stronger than the demons you command." Vs. Sayaka "What was that about being a hero?" "It is rare for an imitation to surpass the real thing, don't you think?" "That was close... Maybe you can live up to your expectations." Vs. Lowe "Choo-choo! What's that? You scared of trains now or something?" "Your entire deal is a bit lame, be glad I make you look better... somewhat." "Thank you for my 'High-speed Alloy', I hope you found my version of your power amusing." Vs. Eito "Anything else 'smart' you have to say?" "Do you have to tell your parents it's not a stage?" "Eat shit, asshole." Vs. Sen "Take this as the sign this kind of life isn't for you." "There are too many things you don't understand." "Justice means nothing if you cannot uphold it, but you got close." Vs. Tea "Ah, were we fighting already. Sorry, I didn't notice." "Stop insisting, we are not friends." "No, even now we are not anywhere near close to being equals. We cannot be friends." Vs. Madoka "You're too nice to fight, so don't do it." "Stand back and let your girlfriend deal with things, she seems far more capable." "Your Persona is weak, but you did give me more power..."
guess i might as well give this a shot Vs. General: "Wow did I actually just win that?" [Low HP, 1 loss] "That was fun! Thanks for the battle!" [1 loss] "I thought you had something goin' there, but I guess I was wrong." [Any sort of HP loss, no loss] "You just got absolutely destroyed by some inexperienced kid, how does that sit with ya?" [Perfected] Vs. Persona User: "I learned a lot from our battle, thanks!" "That's an interesting persona you have! Tell me about how you got it!" "Didn't think I was gonna win that, you seem a lot more experienced." Vs. Demon Summoner: "Wow, wasn't expecting SMT stuff." "Give me your press turn." "Guess you should've done some fusing, huh?" Vs. Roxas: "Look at how the tables have turned since our first battle! You owe me some sea salt ice cream, by the way." "Does this mean I get to keep Oblivion?" "I wonder if this result means I have the potential..." Vs. Wildcards: "How'd you get that ability? Take me to whoever gave you it so I can force them at gunpoint to give me the power of the wildcard." Vs. Persona team leaders: "Can't believe I beat the leader of [S.E.E.S/The Investigation Team/The Phantom Thieves]! I feel accomplished!" "That was a fun battle, [Protagonist Name]! We should fight some more at some point!" "I feel like I can learn a lot from you!" Vs. Kazuya: "Didn't think I'd have to fight an SMT protag..." "You were really strong, we should meet again off the battleground sometime!" Vs Kalib: "That was a cool persona you have there! We should get to know each other!... When we're not here in this fighting area, of course!" "Wait, what was your name again? I feel like you've been mentioned before... Somewhere...?" "Urk, guess I shouldn't have underestimated the guy that looks like the friendly type..." [Low HP, 1 loss] Vs Emerson: "Wait, are you the guy from that armory place? I... May have lost your sword, ehe..."
General: “Come on, even the shadows in Mementos can put up a better fight than you!” (Perfected) “That was a nice fight. I hope you learned something from it.” (Neutral) “They almost beat me... How am I going to pick up groceries for mom in this condition?!” (Low hp) Persona User: “You’re a bit too reliant on your persona’s power. Maybe you should consider learning how to establish a balance between yourself and that thing.” (Perfected) “Looks like that training really payed off, eh Washington?” “...” (Neutral) “That was a close one. I need to fight more persona users to fully understand their fighting style.” (Low hp) Super/Ultra attack victory: “Aw shit, hope I didn’t kill ‘em...” Eito: “You’re going to need a lot more training to best me, Eito.” (Perfected) “You surely have improved over the years, old friend.” (Neutral) “Damn, Odysseus really did give you the boost you needed...” (Low hp) Quintus: “Did that cat spirit or whatever make you weaker or something, Quin?” (Perfected) “Just needed to get past all of those roots, that’s all.” (Neutral) “That was one hell of a rematch.. I’m surprised I managed to beat him.” (Low hp) Rep (or Zane idk): “Wow I- Wait, why am I even surprised?” (Perfected) “You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve last seen you. How’ve you been, Rep?” (Neutral) “He’s really gotten stronger since the last time I’ve seen him. I shouldn’t have underestimated him...” (Low hp) Shade: “Your final judgement: A devastating loss!” (Perfected) “Sometimes, you’ve gotta fight fire with fire, ya know?” (Neutral) “Maybe I should have kicked my power into overdrive sooner...” (Low hp) Niko: “Hey, you’re Niko, aren’t you? I’ve gotta say, you really know how to hold yourself up in battle!”
I see that I have my 2 other characters mentioned, but I'll do Penny first. I guess. General: "Beaten by a little girl, tee-hee!" "My daddy taught me how to do this the right way!" "Wow, you were so cool! Penny would have wanted to see more." "You were a bit annoying. I hate getting out of character just to beat someone..." Vs. Devil Summoner: "Ooooo, you have friends with you too? Penny wants to play with them!" "Penny feels like she's learning a lot from this!" "You might have friends, but Penny has Mr. Bear. That's good enough for Penny." Vs. Tot Pop: "Thanks for playing with me, Miss!" "Mr. Bear says that was pretty fun, right Mr. Bear? Penny thought it was fun too!" "Penny thanks you for showing her a good time. Making them go boom up close would be satisfying, but Penny can't do that..." Vs. Prima: "Penny wants to go again! Again!" "Oh, is it over? Yay! Penny wants to get some candy now." "Everyone is so cool! You're also cool Miss...Miss Prima! Yes!" Vs. Family: "Cyrus, don't let Father hear about this, ok?" "Penny would love to be just as good as you are, Tabitha!...Mr. Bear says you suck though." "I wish Penny knew about you sooner Isabella!...Or remembered you at all..." "Thanks for training with me Daddy!...wait, we weren't training? Penny doesn't understand..." Vs. Melbourne (this is never happening): "Thanks Uncle Lester! Penny...I appreciated it." "Mr. Bear doesn't like you very much, but I'm glad that I do!" "Does playing with Uncle Lester mean playing with Penny's life?...That's not fun to think about..."
(edited by Penny)
General: "Your despair... it's beautiful! Give it to me!" (Perfect) "You made a solid struggle, but leave the rest to the professionals. Okay?" (One loss) "Damn you for making me think I wasn't gonna cut it! Stay on the ground!" (One loss, low HP) Tatsuya: "I'll eviscerate that bond you have with my other self, and then I'll take back what's mine!" "Clearly you aren't just all talk. Too bad, it could've been a swifter end for you." "How dare you get in my way?! I won't have it any longer!" The Gamer Doctors: "So you were one of the pests that ended up doing Earwig and Amou in, huh? I'm disappointed. Figured you'd have been tougher." Quintus: "Your drive is admirable as always. And that scent from Hook is absolutely amazing! I knew you were a prime candidate!" "The more I push, the more you push back. Despair is truly beautiful!" "I suppose I wouldn't be me if I wasn't put on the back foot. I hope you and Hook are satisfied by my despair!"
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Alright, i think i have some for Ina finally. Vs. general: "Uhhhhh, you ok? Geez, think i over did it.." (Perfected/Super kill) "Barely worked up a sweat! Come on, lets do it again!" (Neutral) "Heh, almost got me there! Good job!" (1 loss) "Phew... Almost had to retreat for a moment there... That was amazing, but a goddess like me never loses!" (1 loss, low hp) Vs Persona User "Hah, and you guys kill gods all the time? That was easy!" "That was interesting, but really fun! You should train harder though!" "Whew... That was tough, but im tougher!" "So this is the power of a persona... You dont think i can get one too, can i?" Vs Deity/Demigod(dess)/godbound "...so this is what they consider worthy of being someone this powerful?" "Nice to fight someone as strong as strong as me for once!" "That... May have been a bit too close..." "WOW, that was tough! I actually felt something there!" Vs evil deity/demon "Pathetic.. dont attack my friends again unless you wanna get burned again!" "Go back to wherever you came from! You dont deserve to be here!" "I'll never give up for my friends...." "Heh.... A bit too close there... But i wont let anyone hurt my friends" Thats all i got for now if i can think of any relationships ill come back later i guess
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