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If you had a persona....
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what would it be?
Likely something along the lines of a Power, one of the angels of the Justice arcana assigned to handle evil spirits and maintain a balance in the universe.
My Persona would be Fuma Kotaro from Sengoku Basara and my Arcana is Death My Persona focused more into offensive skill and its magic power is Garu (You already know the weakness anyway)
Welll in the past I've always gotten Justice as my arcana, like consitently, so I would probably have... Uh... I'm not sure, Jupiter I guess, so focused on Electricity magic, Physical and Light Tho recently I got Magician, so with that one... I would say Nergal, so Physical, Fire and Darkness
Ar soon
A guitar playing persona in the star arcana named Hendrix with a psy/elec based move pool
mine proble ba a knight
I've consistently felt like and gotten Justice in the past but I'd want to end up with Athena, preferably as my ultimate persona. Odysseus would be my initial but I don't think that sits with the Justice arcana well.
If I had a persona then it would probably Tishtoriya
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probably neko shogun or hastur maybe? something along those lines
green lantern
Kaguya Picaro or Thanatos Picaro.
Probably hell rider
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