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The time has come...
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It would be an extra cold day as the moon seemed to once again grow ever closer to the earth. People might notice that the sky seemed to be developing a green tinted to it as a ominous red fog changed on the ground. It would begin at the well known Cafe of Leblanc. It would happen suddenly as if it was always meant to go this way. The cafe would be destroyed in an instant in a flash of almighty light leaving nothing behind, not even a brick. In the cafe's place a large figure would loom...large black feathers, empty seeming eyes, large wings, a massive sword, a...large bag, red and white clothing...and a Santa hat. "The time has come...for Nyxmas! Come forth now mortals if you dare to be judged on wether you are worthy of receiving a Nyxmas day gift. I shall judge...whether you've been naughty or nice..."
A powerful young wizard carrying a large staff on his back would approach the unholy being. "Hello sir, for Nyxmas I'd like something I can display in my classroom when school starts up in january. Maybe like a cool poster or something."
“It’s Santa!” A young child exclaims with joy as she runs towards the looming figure, arms wide. “I love Santa. Can I have Rudolph for Christmas?”
[He had been walking around the neighborhood to enjoy the chill wind and mostly empty streets. What a nice day it was indeed until he noticed whatever the hell was going on. Kazuo had been eating a chocolate bar and he almost dropped it as soon as he saw the figure. He would wonder for a moment what to do, and then...] You know what, let's just go find out what this is all about. [And so he did.] Hey, uh... [He recognized Luna, but he would rather say nothing about it.] Hey, you, up there. What is this all about?
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First, they would look in response to Negi's request. They'd raise the large sword in their hand ever upward until it reached all the way above their head. With one swift swing downwards the massive blade would cut right into the ground a couple feet away from Negi, where it would stay for the moment as they retracted their hand from the blade. "Sometimes it can be hard to drop such a large weapon. Anyway, your request is acceptable..." They'd reach into the bag at their side and pull out a poster of sorts that they would hand over to Negi: https://i.imgur.com/boiu9I6.png The entity would next address the girl who was running at them. The entity of course could only smile due to the way their face was but would still attempt to smile in response anyway. "Of course, anything for a fan." Two normal people who happened to be walking by when they noticed the figure would be frozen up in shock. The being would simply look at them and their bodies would begin to melt into dark colored climbs of sludge. The sludge puddles would float on the air before converging together into the shape of a deer of sorts. The odd deer creature would mostly be solid but bits and pieces of it were left exposed showing off a rather accurate skeleton of a reindeer underneath its shadowy flesh. Despite the beasts rough breathing and glowing red eyes though it would somehow remain passive...for the moment. "Almost forgot...the nose..." The figure would stretch down and place a glowing red rock where the creatures nose would be. "Perfect." Finally, it would speak to Kazuo. "I am here to spread holiday cheer for if there is not enough holiday cheer then Nyx will seem this world as obsolete and destroy all life by crashing into your world."
“Woah!” Luna watches the display in awe, giggling as the passerby are turned into... That. The girl runs over and attempts to hug the reindeer. “Awww, he’s so cute! Thank you Santa!” Luna mutters under her breath “I told you he was real.”
I uh... Hmmm. It seems to be the exact case that you do have some weird powers. [Kazuo would awkwardly rub the back of his head after the... worrying display of power this creature just showcased. He started to wonder what he should do in such a situation.] If I ask for an armor that I can call upon at any time but also disregard making it disappear at any time, but also being able to give it the shape, size and weight I want to, would you be able to do it? If so, what do I need to do for it? I could help you in spreading "holiday cheer".
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"Such a gift...would be costly...endure its curse for one day though and perhaps you'll find what you're looking for." The being would reach back into its bag and pull out a feather that seemed to be glowing with a bright red light. He'd simply offer the feather to Kazuo but there'd be an obvious aura coming off it that seemed to indicate something bad would happen if he accepted.
Heaven and Hell are but contructs of man. As such... *William Shakespeare rises dramatically from his seat in what was once the cafe and throws off his cloak.* THEY ARE MINE TO WRITE AND REWRITE TO MY WILL! TIS I, THE GREAT WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, HERE FOR THE NYXMAS SEQUEL OF THE YEAR LIKE THE ONE TWO YEARS PRIOR! YA HA HA! *Shakespeare bows dramatically* Ah. Such a glorious day to be wandering around, enjoying the festivities. Indeed, tis an amazing sight of yonder death god, reformed and revived once more. Ah, the commitment of one such as thee is a true sight to behold. A writer such as me needs no gift other than the gift of witnessing such a show so that I may become truly inspired.
[Kazuo would stare at the feather, painfully aware of the risks of accepting it. However, he had decided that he needed power to achieve his goals, more so than anyone could ever have. He would slowly reach out to it, even being motivated by the voice deep inside of him.] Curse, huh? Would it be dead- [He is immediately interrupted by Shakespeare coming in, not taking it and also turning back to face him.] What the-!? You mean to tell me this has happened before as well!? And- Hold o- What do you mean death god!? Did I miss something on my way here? I mean this thing looks all weird but I didn't expect a deity... it seemed to me more like a weak demon. [He would shake his head, somewhat flustered at his sudden need to speak loudly.] Anyways! What is this thing, before I take it, I want to know everything about it!
Luna fits a small collar around the reindeer?'s neck, claiming it as her pet while Shakespeare starts rambling. "I like the funny man don't you Rudolph?" Luna giggles to herself before turning to wave at Shakespeare "Hi funny man say some more funny stuff."
Ah, tis a tale of wonder and excitement. Two years hither, a fight did take place. And I, William Shakespeare, did happen upon it. Tis a tale of death. Of darkness. Of trees. And of romance. TIS A TALE WORTH SHARING TO THE MASSES!!!! *Shakespeare laughs.* Tis also a tale to long to explain in the here and now. The short version is that this fine creature was the opponent of a group of veritable heroes and heroines who wished to stop the end of days. In the end, humanity came out victorious and our fine friend was defeated. But now, they have returned here today to spread the joy of Christmas! Such a fine turnabout.
Negi wraps up the poster, happily caressing it like a child. "Thank you, Santa. I'm sure my students will love this."
I, a totally normal dude, just go down to where Leblanc was for coffee, and in its place, I see Nyx. I take a selfie with them. I proceed to run home, as they start to chase me. When I arrive, I proceed to acquire my sword that I have on my wall. Fighting Commences.
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