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Favorite Real Shin Megami Tensei Game?
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Just wondering what everyone's favorite real Shin Megami Tensei game was. No, Persona 5 doesn't count because they dropped Shin Megami Tensei from the title. Yes, Jack Bros counts because despite not having Shin Megami Tensei in the title it is based. Personally, my favorite has to be IV because it's the only one i've played to near completion.
bee movie the game
I never played one but I have to say nocturne
Nocturne was good
I wil totally unbiased in saying SMT1
Kyūyaku Megami Tensei

The term you're looking for is "Main Line SMT". "Real" is a poor term to use, as Persona 5 is still a "Real" SMT game, since it's based on the spinoff series, much like Devil Survivor is a "Real" SMT game. I've given most of them a run, and have not actually beaten any of the main line games due to the unnecessary difficulty, but the closest I'd get to your definition of "Real" would be Megaten Online. Love that one to death, even if it is just an MMO.
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no, you see, I didn't wanna say mainline because I didn't wanna exclude spin-offs but I wanted to explicitly exclude Persona 5 because it's a shill game but any other Persona games are good I guess so yeah the only one i'm actually excluding is Persona 5 because let's be honest who even knows what that is
persona 5 the dancening
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