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Change my bully's heart
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My bully is a jerk and makes fun of me for liking persona 5 and he's a huge a***hole so please change his heart or kill him either way I don't care.
He's right only twinks like persona 5
Play a real Shin Megami Tensei game, scrub
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You wanna go you judgmental self absorbed F**CKS
Look, we've tried to change Mona2's heart many times but no matter what we do they won't give up their bullying ways.
you have achieved comedy
@Ren_bestrickster Tell your parent/s or guardian/s or even a teacher about this issue. This should hopefully help you in this situation.
If he’s making fun of you about it you could try to confront him or just try to ignore him. I know both aren’t the easiest things to do, but just know that we all are rooting for you
"You seem tired. You should go to bed." -Morgana
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