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Is the persona series the best Jrpgs of our time?
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Okay so like is Persona5 and the other ones really the only good ones or are there others I don't know about?
Uh... Well Shin Megami Tensei is normally regarded as better JRPGs than most of the Persona series within the Megami Tensei fandom. There is also of course Final Fantasy, especially 6 and 7, Dragon Quest, Golden Sun is great too The man's right.
Alternatively if you like being a degenerate that likes simmering their brain in a microwave for 30 minutes instead of contributing to society, you can play Dx2. A wonderful jrpg that is also a mobile game. Totally. I don't like how it has auto functions, ruins the games pacing among players as another "idle game". But that is just my issue with it.
I can’t say, personas the only actual JRPG experience I’ve had
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