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Phantom Thieves, please change my heart!
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If the Phantom Thieves are out there, please change my wicked heart, I constantly deceive everyone around me, i'm so sick of it yet I can't change. My name is Sammy Cooper. Keywords are Dungeon, and Nerd.
I'm gonna need further information for it to work, such as where you go to school.
I have a better idea. Let's take a trip into a TV.
i got something better and its mr waternoose approved! watch the following video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycPDM8OVqLI and let you soul be cleansed.
You have to make an appointment and give us your credit card if you want us to steal your hart. And maybe your money two... possibly all of it.
I can change your heart, by putting a hole in it with my gun????????
I have a better idea. Let's take a trip into a TV. Yu? Is that you?
that's literally his name
Mona's right in order to do so we need a localization and a distortion.
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