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Thoughts on the P5R opening?
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I think it’s good, but not as good as the original. I think this is because there’s less of a shock value this time as we know most of the characters already. Although, I still think it’s well done and it does highlight new game features as well so
Ngl, Persona 5 was an alright game but its fanbase is just awful. I don't think I can appreciate anything Persona 5 related anymore.
it honestly fucking sucks the animation is p5a levels of bad like jesus, it can’t even compare
vanilla p5 walked so p5r could run
i'm so excited for the new character, marie 2.0 kasumi!
It amps the entire “comic book” feel by 100% and I love it
Animation, not as good as the original (except when Akechi appears, that’s the real shit) song is fucking balling! But that doesn’t mean the animation is bad! I feel like my extreme obsession with P5 is there, anything related to P5, I will buy it, I will eat it, I will play it, and without a doubt, I.will.love.it.
i'm gonna get shit for this but i like it better than the original p5 opening ,, like its a million times better, and so is colors flying high ,,,,, we
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