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How lucky are you?
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Here's a fun game. So, someone in Japan made a list that ranks peoples luck based on the day they were born. You don't have to say what rank you are if you don't want to, but I'm gonna share the list here to see how lucky people are. For the record, I'm ranked 350, so don't feel bad if you're on the lower end of the list.
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I ranked 147 :)
...I was actually born April 1rst...so uh, rank 1, I guess?
(edited by Yu-Narukami)
188 for me
you little shit, stealing this from my server
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I did not. I stole it from Twitter just like you did.
oh ok, then it's all good
315th gang and it shows
i'm Ranked 16th left is month, right is day. Just fyi
(edited by corbin)
172. Not terrible, but my previous experiences with RNG tell me otherwise

Yes #77. 7 is my lucky number. Not like it matters though because I A M T H E L U C K
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