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Got any Persona hot takes?
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They can be from any persona game including spin offs.
Most Persona characters are badly written.
Gonna agree with Yu here. Also, the best story and characters in the series belong to the P2 duo of games.
Yeah I got one about this really niche Persona spin off called Shin Megami Tensei
P5 looks great but minus the Twins (And they are still relatively easy with a decent strategy), it's dirt easy, so much so that it was mostly a visual novel to me. Palaces become a drag after the first playthrough and Mementos is legit awful, so what I say is after P5, especially if you started out with this one, do go back and try 4 and 3, dare I say 2 or even the main Shin Megami Tensei series from which Persona is a spin-off of if you are looking for more gameplay focused series
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