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GYM Deluxe: Nighttime Battles
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A man wearing a black duster with a shotgun and axe made of some strange substance wanders into the building once again, lighting up a smoke and taking a drag he'd simply settle down upon a bench while staring towards the door. "Kinda late, but eh. Door's open so they must not care here. Maybe someone will come in looking to spar I guess." He chuckles while glancing around the building, it's just that kind of night by his standards. Most are, though generally, he goes in for more high stakes combat than simple training. This'll do with how quiet it's been. He leans back against a wall, eyes narrowed slightly while smiling. "Now to begin the hard part. Waiting and seeing what happens."
Having had his fill of not being served, he'd decided he'd go to a place he knew was self-serve. Might as well vent his minor frustration in customer service with some punch-ups. "Oy, you're here for the same reason I am, yeah?" It was quite obvious who he was talking to.
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The man chuckles and crackles his knucles, a fight is exactly what he's here for. And judging by this guy's look... Malcolm simply steps into a fighting ring, the 'famed' ring of GYM and for the moment rises into a fighting stance while standing on the far end from Kazumi. "Yeah, I'd say so. Go ahead and make a move if you're ready." He eyes the man curiously, eyes focusing in on them without even a second thought as he prepares to fight. That is after all, the point of this madhouse.
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