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Does "True Love" Exist?
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Just kinda curious as to your opinions on this. No particular reason, just felt bored and wanted to create a discussion.
i feel like the definition of true love would vary from person to person
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Fair enough

i think true love does exist just...but i don't see it as two people are meant for each other... like i could find one two maybe three people that all count as a true love...the hard part is choosing the right one...and letting the others go
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"true love" is just being happy with the person you are with and loving their qualities that make them that person. Some people think its about unquestionably loving someone but that can just be interpreted as an obsession which may not be reciprocated and then becomes something unhealthy for both parties involved which at that point cannot be seen as true love due to a lack of consent from one party. Another issue is that you'll never truly know what the other person is thinking therefore they could be using you for bragging rights, jealousy baiting, money, etc
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