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Intermission One
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(Toki, Alphinaud, Cait, Pancake Knight, Niko)
You fall out of the elevator you originally entered and land on a heap of your own comrades. A pomegranate rolls away from the pile and lies within arms reach. If you were to look around you would see the faces of the people you previously left behind. In front of you stands Walton with an unreadable expression on his face. Around you is the lobby from which you started your journey. The only object left from the trip is the lone pomegranate on the floor.
(Everyone Else)
You are able to see your formerly gone companions drop out from the elevator. They seem intact and what they started with is there, but one companion is missing. The screens that let you observe the journey shut off for now.
I nonchalantly walk over to where everyone else fell, staring down at my phone playing Fire Emblem Heroes because it's the only thing that's keeping my sanity at this point. After letting my eyes lay on the adventurers, I notice that one's missing. "So uh, where's Gin? And where'd this pomegranate come from?" I pick up the pomegranate and look at it. After sighing, I threw it behind me, and took out a can of soda. Root beer to be specific. My eyes darted towards Walton, but since he's not important, I peeked from behind him and readied my throwing arm. "One of you catch this. Yeet." I threw a can of root beer their way and then plumped back on the couch, humming a little tune. If nobody caught the thing it was surely going to end up getting splattered on a wall.
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I squirm out of the pile and tumble forward. Once I get my bearings, I blink at Mal a few times. “What do you mean? He’s probably on... the pile...” Quick headcount. Nope, we’re missing one. I jump up and run back towards the elevator, pounding on the doors if it’s closed. “Hey! Take us back! We left someone behind!” I’m not sure if I’m yelling at Walton or Sinbad or the room itself but it helps me ignore how powerless I am to do anything.
“Get off me.” I end up near the bottom of the pile, having to push my way out before I can calmly stand back up and dust myself off. There’s nothing to be concerned about. I didn’t do anything of note at the end so someone else must have triggered a victory. I casually start eyeing my dagger before breathing out a sigh “Looks like he’s dead or something. Oh well.” I slowly shake my head before looking to see who’s around. “We need to start planning for the next expedition. I’ll have to take a long rest first but in the meanwhile everyone else who’s going needs to decide upon a leader. The lack of one resulted in everyone flailing in different directions and is likely why Gin’s still there.” I say this all with a kind of cold indifference that might make it easier to identify me. It’s simply the facts of the case, nothing more or less
I get up and dust myself off. "What the fuck just happened?" I notice the root beer flying towards us, so I catch it. "Thanks!" I look around a bit before noticing that Sam is gone. I wonder what happened... Why were we just suddenly taken out?
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You land on top of the remaining people on the floor and the elevator dutifully closes behind you. Nothing is out of place on your person, but the damage done to you by Sinbad remains in your body. The illness he implanted within finishing its job of eating you from the inside out. Your remaining eyesight is the first thing to leave as the puss in your throats erodes your remaining vocal chords. The once clean skin on your face is rotted away by the black dredges of plague and your cheek peels enough to reveal some bone of the jaw. The final kicker is when your heart fully stops beating and you lose consciousness barely a few minutes from arrival.
(Everyone else)
You and your fellow companions are able to watch as the final person arrives with disease eating away at them. Before much can be done the last arrival effectively dies on the floor on top of anyone still beneath them. Walton chuckles before returning to his typical stoic expression. Looks like fate is always paid its dues.
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I jump out of the way of something moving past me. It’s Sam, but he looks and smells wrong. It’s no ordinary injuries. It has the look of decay and smell of death. My stumbling back turns into a fall and I don’t make any move to get up. I’m just shivering with my eyes squeezed shut. Even if I wanted to stand, I would probably just collapse anyway with the way floor feels unsteady under me.
[Everything that was happening on the screen did indeed happen and the votes did have an effect. The sole fruit that came back with them proves with no shadow of a doubt that it was all real to them and now to us. So, PK died, Mona did go for the betrayal again, and everything went horribly for the most part. I keep my eyes close as the rest of the group comeback and we stop receiving anything from the other side. Did Sam, or rather, Gin actually...? I am not sure, but whatever it was he did, he pretty much saved everyone while also calling that arrogant guy on his stupidity. At least he had a clear look into everyone mindset and...] Just so all of you know, we were able to keep track of everything you did as if we were reading a RP thread. Thought you would like to know that, because we also got to see your very thoughts. [I sigh before focusing my eyes on both Mona and PK's general direction.] You may want to take a chill pill, PK. I understand what you're doing, but don't let it get to you and start to act like a psycho. And you, Mona. I'm pretty sure no one here is going to trust you much anymore. [I notice that Gin finally makes it back, but I have to look away immediately due to the absolute horror of the scene. I must, I don't want to puke out of nowhere and much less want to see the final moments of someone, especially by such a horrible way. In that moment however, I remember about the votes we had to make. Mine was obvious at least.] J-Just bring him back quickly, jesus FUCKING christ. What the hell... !?
"...G-gin?" I look confused as his corpse began to decay. It was awful, but the thought that he would come back gave me security.I then look back at Kazuya, feeling somehow comforted by his words. "Yeah, I think I know that. But, somehow, I don't think i'll ever regret my decision." I wince a few times, trying to look back at Sam. "Bloody hells, how can anyone vote on this of all things? Revive him, god damnit!"
Ironically enough, looking from my spot in the couch I merely glance at Sam as he writhes from disease and dies on our humble abode. Though everyone else is actually pretty shocked, I just say "mhmm", put on my shades, and text on my phone. I was starting to look pretty apathetic right now. "Sam, get help. And also, Mona, I swear I'm putting you in time out myself. Because since I can't beat you to death, I might as well have a place imagined where I can pretend I can."
“Yeah, Yeah, just don’t listen to me.” I mutter to myself. Though I’m somewhat disgruntled I realize that they are probably shocked st the moment. So I wait for Sam to come back or whatever. I sigh and briefly look back to Kaz “That’s nice. I don’t have anything to hide so there’ll be no problems with me
I fall through back to the velvet room and land on my face, slowly rolling out of the pile of people and taking a deep breath before watching the rotting Gin fly out. Well, that's grim. Hopefully his resurrection is much less painful? Hard to say. I then look to Kaz and sigh, at least he's being upfront and honest. Still don't like getting scolded like a toddler though. Yeah yeah... My mind's fine. I'm just doing what needs to be done.

I sigh and stare down at the dead body, with any luck he can come back without suffering for it any. if nothing else. As for Gamma's words, I'd look over and nod in response to them despite the rather poor events going on around us. "I'm quite inclined to agree that the lack of leader has gone poorly at best in hindsight, it was a test run. And it tested badly. If you want my suggest, maybe split it based on different things? Like one for fighting and one for not? As for who, perhaps Yu and or Kaz... And fucks sake, let's try and get Gin back up without any more problems for him. Guy's been through enough today." My shoulders shrug slightly while walking over to the strange door which shifts based upon minds. I'd glance around the room to make sure nobody might be inside it. "As for me, while some of us take that nap. I'm going to try and make myself more useful, H2O had more advanced forms of his basic four. Deep-Sea versions, he didn't know that, let alone how to obtain them. I do though, so I'll need to use the changing room. Don't come in after me once I do, given it'ss gonna be deep ocean the pressure would kill anyone who's not in my armor." With those parting words spoken, I walk through that odd door and look around. I know Yu had used it as a staples or the like, but I'm not sure if that transformation still holds. Either way, before trying to change it my goal is simply walking around and making sure I'm alone.
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Once it is confirmed that you are indeed alone the staples fills with slat water at a rapid pace. The water destroys everything inside the store and tears apart the walls of the very building. As the store is destroyed around you the tiled floor turns into pure sand. With the rising water a few fish appear, but less and less fish pass by with time. The process ends once the entire area is surrounded by water and it is as black as night around you. Above is an entire sea bearing down upon your person and below is just more water.
I sigh. "Well, this sucks. We basically did all of that for nothing." Fucking hell, Mona. "Does this place even have usual hotel rooms? I could use a shower." Oh, almost forgot. I hand Cait her sword. "Here you go." Then I take the root beer out of my pocket, open it up, and take a few sips. God it's refreshing after all of that bullshit. "Thanks again."
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Naturally, as soon as I'd found myself alone I would quickly Henshin before picturing the water filling the place. The dark blue armor with a sleek diver's helmet covering my body moments before I'm submerged as the Calamity Driver shouts out. The water doesn't cloud my vision, and my helmet's visor would cause the area around to appear bright as daylight from my own viewpoint. Such is the advantage of having a suit made for aquatic combat, even the crushing pressures beating down upon it seem harmless from within. That said, I'd simply begin floating absently with my legs crossed and eyes closed for the moment. The suit itself is slightly reacting simply to being within these dark depths, but it will take some pondering to actually get these transformations down from my end. For now, I just visualize the crushing power within this place bursting forth from my own armor and powers. All that said, given I imagined the process involved here I do in fact know how it works. And given about an hour of this I'd manage to pull it off. Assuming nothing were to interrupt me in that time, I'd remove the flood from this room and then walk out untransformed with a slight smile. OOC: Though for now, I'll leave the new modes undescribed. Rather bring them out at a moment they'll be used.
After noticing Tatsuya walk off into that side room, an idea forms in my head. I look at the blue job stone in my hand and put it away, reaching into my inventory for another one. This job stone was green. Utilizing a slightly different grimoire than before, I take a few seconds to perform a summoning spell, this time bringing forth the icon of an infernal primal, known as Ifrit. I ordered him to stay close to me, using him just for show at the moment. "This will be much more suited to my tastes."
"Alright, now I'm just needing somewhere to sleep. We have rooms or something?" I would look over to our.. Assistant, Watson with an eyebrow raised. For the moment I'd sigh and cross my arms while looking over at Kazuya and Yu "Well, Tatsu made his suggestion, so if you two will take leadership roles for next round I'll accept it. Just make sure everyone has been decided before I wake up."
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If you take the second door to the right of my desk you will find a hallway with available room. After Walton tells you this the previously closed door next to the imagination room opens. From where you are you can see that a hallway is past the newly opened door. Each side of that hallway lined with doors similar to the ones in the lobby and ready for immediate use. Walton then raises an eyebrow of his. Looks like your companions is about to come to. The body of your dead companion glows with a brilliant light and his open wounds sew themselves whole again. Decayed portions of his face as his heart starts beating at a normal rate again. Within minutes of the revival process your companion should be healed enough to awaken again. (Sam has been found to be worthy of a revival without consequences.) Walton proceeds to hold out his hand and state. The few of you that left have failed in killing the master of the life you entered. I will be needing the key to that life so that others may try again at a future occasion.
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"Good, they'd better have working locks too." I'd glance back at Sam, tilting my head again as he regenerates. About what was expected all in all. Its nothing to worry about. Without further ado I would head down the hallway to the rooms. I would head into the last door on the right and enter the bedroom. Naturally, I would make sure to lock it before actually sleeping
Hearing this, I grit my teeth and angrily glare at the attendant. "Listen up, 'Walton', I'd like to know something. Why is it that you want us to kill these people? For that matter, how can we even be assured we'll get back home should we succeed?" Regardless of his answer, I would then lounge back somewhere, noticing Gin's resurrection. "Gin, I was... so scared. I don't know what we would've done without you. So, thank you. I look forward to working alongside you in the future without your consent."

Ugh. What.... a... PRICK! * I would yawn as I get up. Feels like I've been sleeping. What was that about a Resurrection? Oh forget it. I grab my right shoulder and pull off my lab coat before walking over to the other side of the room, electrocuting the coat all the while. As I reach an open chair, I throw the coat back on. Just to make sure, I put I leave my metal hand on my right shoulder and charge electricity through my human right arm. The coat and arm are spared any damage due to previous alterations made by the original owner of the body I'm inhabiting. The butterfly shouldn't be as lucky* Fuck you, butterfly. Fuck you, Sinbad. Fuck all residents in that world. Especially since one of you guys apparently killed the one of the only decent person living there. Not faulting you, by the by. God, I can't believe I was actually serious about trying to make peace with that guy. Ugh. What a disgrace. * I toss the key back at Walton before collapsing in the chair, closing my eyes.* I'm... just done. AI. Run full diagnostic scan. Reactivate Mag Lock. Deactivate KINGMAKER protocols. Oh, and make sure that butterfly is dead, would you? Affirmative. * I sigh deeply, slumping into the chair, happy just to finally sit down. My metal arm would click as sparks fly out of it, the magnetic locks activating. I would open an eye.* What? Guys look like you've seen a ghost. Ugh. Actually that's more accurate than I think, ain't it? Heh heh heh. *Hearing what Alphie said, I give him a half hearted thumbs up before going back to just taking a moment or two just to relax.*
[Feeling rather glad that Gin did indeed comeback, and that he was at least willing to just take a rest despite it all, gave me a strange sense of confidence in that death cannot truly stop you unless the votes choose to do something to you. That alone is worrying, but I'm sure that as long as I remain trustworthy and I am able to prove such a thing, then things should be okay. At the very least some people trust me enough to be in a position of leadership. That, or out of everyone here, I get some point for being of the oldest. Not that anyone here besides Mal is that young. Whatever is decided, I'll run with it and do the smart thing. At least try to.] Let us all just rest and figure out what to do a while later, all this situation has been stressful enough and I'm not sure I'm already used to it. That said... [I look where Walton is and hope for an honest answer to what Mona just asked, which is at least a logical thing to do. Besides that, another thing that he said caught my attention.] What do you mean "try again"? Does that imply we have to do it at some point? I'll do what I can to get out but... I hope just killing isn't the only way. [After this, I approach Yu, wherever it is he may be, I can't tell sometimes.] Hey, what do you make out of this? Got any opinion on what to do next? I have my own ideas, but I would rather discuss that with someone who didn't just come back from almost dying. [After this, I have to think however. If we were able to see those events happen as if it was a RP thread. The chances of that happening to us all the same as it happened to them is quite high. It's crazy but at this point, I have some sort of proof to that. If this impossible world exists, then everything else could be just as crazy. This is a blessing, I would say. Once I go down, that means I can communicate with the people here by the use of thought alone, just not the other way around. And furthermore, I will have to mind what it is I let everyone know. If necessary, I may need to fake even my own thoughts down there. Hopefully it won't be necessary, and if it is, I hope I will have such capacity.]
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The black butterfly is laced with electricity and efficiently killed with little fanfare. Nothing is left of it after the electricity is turned off. Walton easily catches the key tossed to him and inspects it on his gloved hand. Pleased with the condition of the key he then shoves it into the breast-pocket of his uniform. Afterwards he reveals an identical key in his other hand and gently places it on the front desk. This is the key to the following life. He momentarily glances away from you and the others. Ignoring the immediate questions given to get across some information. Any of you are able to pick up this key at any time, but the door will still only allow six to enter. Choose wisely so that there may be no tragedies or regrets. It is also suggested that you kill the grand manipulator of each life for the optimal outcome. Though there are many paths you can take should things go awry. Plan accordingly to achieve your desired path and try not to loose anyone. He sighs. I am under no obligation to retrieve any guest that is left behind. The life you will enter is that of the angels and should you meet the forgotten guest there ... A slight smile plays on his lips. Well that is something you should experience firsthand. Finally, Walton looks to you and slowly answers what he was asked. You must kill these specific people for the sake of the life itself. What was experienced in the life of gods was never meant to be. Originally a different chain of events were meant to occur and the people in that life were set to be on a different path. However the story was forcibly changed from the outside and the person you were meant to kill became the source of the disturbance. Had you killed him things would have been right and proper again. But you didn't. You will never have to live that life again but the ruined story is left behind for the next group to fix it. That is If anyone else arrives after all of you leave or cease to exist. Walton glances at the elevator as he quiets his voice. I can't promise that you will make it back should you survive each life. But it is your only option left at this point so you really have no choice unless you want to keep me company for an eternity. You are the writers who made worlds like this and people like me so i'm sure you are much smarter then that.
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*My eyes still closed, I would raise my right hand.* Not it. * I would then lower it again.* I'll stay here. I've got to make sure my arm isn't screwed up to much. Haven't done maintanace on it in a bit. Also, the whole "I died of the plague" thing y'know. * I groan, sitting up.* Just... As much as I'd love to believe the next guy won't be as unreasonable as the Bitch King was, I don't think trying to reason with these guys is gonna work. If you think it might work, try, but I'm not putting my stock in peace again. * I pull out my screwdriver from my labcoat pocket and get to work looking over my metal arm.* By the by, weren't you gonna destroy a door or something, Alphie?

Shortly after Walton's little speech begins, I'd walk out and begin catching it. There are many questions that I could ask about what's been said. But I'm not exactly in the mood for that right now. Instead I turn towards Kaz and the rest who are still in this room with a grim look of determination on my face. "So, ruined stories huh... Interesting. And even if we can't be promised a return, I guess there really isn't a better choice for now. Nowhere to go except forward. At any rate, I'm going along next time. Much as it pains me to say it, I think that the power of H2O could be a help. Even more so considering what I've just spent my time doing." I'd place a hand to my chin, pondering for a moment before going onward and glancing around the room. "Kamen Rider H2O, Deep Sea. It isn't the strongest thing this belt can give somebody, but it's a serious improvement over the basic versions. And it isn't going to raise the risk, so I should be more useful than I was in that battle against Another Para-DX." My shoulders shrug slightly, though I do have more power. How well can I use it? That's the real tricky thing to figure out here, isn't it. "I wonder though... Perhaps we could change that room to serve as a training ground of sorts, one where true injury can't happen. That might be useful, I need to try and get a better handle on my forms." As for Sam's words, they'd cause me to look over at him and then back towards Kaz. "Not putting stock in peace huh... That isn't too absurd. But I don't want to end up in any pointless fights out there and like I already said, anarchy went terribly. I think we should work out how to approach things once everyone's settled on who's leaving."
When the words enter my ears, I feel like smiling. I was right, his niceness was an absolute facade. "Let me just be the first to say I knew Sinbad wasn't a good guy." And with that, I head to my own room to take a long shower. That's about it.

Try for peace but expect a fight? That was more or less my mindset, but I think in hindsight i may have been to adamant about taking the peaceful route. Still, I knew his weak points. Just didn't think that metal thing would cause a transformation as sudden as it was. Foreign Life form: Deceased And that's the butterfly gone and the bird was left behind so that cuts Sinbad off from outside his world. Good thing too. Means we won't be seeing him ever again. * I would smirk. Feels good to be back in a place not everyone want my head.*
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We are essentially being forced to fix the issues of a world that is not our own somehow. As much as I want to say I feel responsible, I don't. But then again, if something like that happens right in front of my eyes, who knows what I will do. [Above all, once again I hope to be ready. They did say that yet another person was trapped here and this could be it. If that's the only other person and considering the characters we have seen now, then it must mean that it's "her", right? If it's not, then the only choice is to help anyways, right?] This is all screwed, but it is still the only thing we have. We'll figure a peaceful resolution, and if not... [My eyes go back to my COMP. I don't like having to use this, it's harder than I could ever possibly imagine. This may be because the demons are already crazy strong on their own right. If I'm not careful they may go berserk. At least, I can trust in Pascal and Pixie. But I still need to contact Pixie. With this in mind, I approach the desk and make sure to take the key.] If they are angels, then I'll keep that in mind when I think about using demons. [Angels are never good, they tend to be mindless idiots but powerful enough. I certainly hope they are the romantic types that are just humans with wings. Then again, it could also be the Evangelion angels. I shudder at the thought.] I'll go this time around.
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I wake up as Watson begins talking. Talk about convenience. Looks like everyone is back, too. "Another mission, huh? Well, I got my rest. Might as well pull my weight around here. Gotta do my part to get out of here after all." I stand up and stretch. I'm.... Not sure what I'm up against. But I need to do what I can so I can get out of here. I have to.
After a long walk around the place, I come back to the lobby to find out I missed a lot of things. "Oh hey, you're all back from your expedition! How'd it go? I wasn't exactly paying attention. Oh and since you're back, I assume we're mounting another one? if so, you can count on me ! I'm tired of waiting. I just can't handle not doing anything ! I need to move ! My hyperactivity is surging !"
“Oh boy, another expedition.” I break from my relaxed position from off the couch I was resting on, giving other people the opportunity to go on it now that I wasn’t taking up all the space. Twirling my phone like it’s a baton, I sigh out and put it in my pocket...wherever that was. “Yeah, while I’m not too excited, I might as well go. Maybe I’ll get to punch someone’s face in. That’ll be fun.” Though my words came out emotionless with it’s same droll and sarcastic tone, at the very least my high pitched anime girl voice makes me look like less of a threat. I put my AirPods in my ear and stretch casually. “Oh wait, we’re going for peace aren’t we? Well since everyone in the other worlds might just have sticks up their asses it probably won’t matter. Now, my only concern is which music I should play for this trip...” And of course, the best way to wait for this wonderful team to make their decisions is to find out whether it’s better to play Lil Nas X or Blackbear. Then again with how everyone’s acting it might be better to play heavy metal or emo music instead of rap. Though I just settle on a cute sounding song with horrible lyrics. Sounds great.
Donning my ninja gear in a dim flash, I hide in the shadows and sneak behind Florina before shouting as loud as I can while grabbing her by the shoulders " OH GOD OH FUCK SHE HAS AIRPODS IN SHE CAN'T HEAR THE IMPENDING DOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Initially surprises by Bartz grabbing my shoulders so suddenly...what he said is actually right. I couldn’t hear him. I could only hear whatever trash I was playing, and so would he. Even then, I just started laughing. “Pffft, wow, how nice. See here-“ My leg moved on it’s own, jolting swiftly to deliver a kick to Bartz’s shins. Afterwards, I’d struggle free and grab a pistol, charging it with blue energy directly in front of his face. But when I realize that it’s just one of us, I groan out and put it away. “Jesus fucking Christ, I hate this group already.”
It would be a while before I responded. I had been sitting in the corner of the room simple concentrating for a while. I think I finally realized my Persona but...its no good. Maybe an effect of the affliction? It didn't matter for now. I'd open my eyes and look around. I was aware of the situation, the other group seemed to have failed and what's worse is that the death toll was beginning to rise. First, I needed to answer Kaz. I'd get up and think over everything before responding. "Not much we can do besides go on to the next world though I guess that much is obvious. These worlds don't seem like they'll be forgiving at all to foreigners. Not the kind of thing we can just do half-heartedly or while we have other liabilities to worry about. The answers we seek also don't feel like they'll come to us so easily. I think we've basically heard everything Walton can tell us. The one big hint we have so far is these people at the center of the worlds. They may be our targets but I also think they might be our best bet to find out anything else if we can reach through to then that is." It was hard to tell if it was the right choice. I couldn't do much on my own but I still felt that the only way we could succeed is with cooperation. "I'll be coming on this next trip too. The world of Angels almost gives me a bit of hope. An Angels is typically a messenger of God so maybe they'll have a message for us. Regardless I want to make one thing clear before anything else. I have faith in everyone in this group but we should all try to avoid splitting up or forgetting about our goals. The moment we stop sharing a common objective everything is going to fall apart. Not to mention that I feel as though the challenges being placed before us won't be enough for a single person to overcome."
"gah ! sheesh ! it was just a joke ! chill out dude ! Ugh, anyway, I don't think we should count on the angels to be any good, Yuu. God more often than not ends up being a prick in fiction, and we're swimming in the middle of it. Chances are, we'll be in just as deep a shit as whatever the previous team seems to have encountered." I stand up to join Yu and Kaz. "Still, you have a point on the teamwork part. I'm counting on you and Kaz to lead us. Without proper direction, the group's bound to split and we'll all run off in our own little direction like headless chickens."
Hearing Gin, I turn to him and give a bittersweet response "Never got the chance, Gin. Regardless, hearing all this it may not've been a good idea to begin with. And, I admit I only wanted to do it because of GYM." I then look back at Walton and the others, shaking my head and frowning. "Disturbance, huh? Yeah, that actually makes sense, based on what we know. I'd say that's due cause, but it's in everyone's best interest to minimize the fighting to what is necessary. I would like to personally make sure that happens, but if I build up too much fatigue now I may end up slacking where it counts. I trust Kaz and Tachan will make the right decisions. ...You know what, I'm gonna turn the imagination room into a computer room. It may be a stretch, but if there's a chance our phones get service across alternate universes, the ability to keep in touch with the expedition team via discord would be useful."
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Open communication across lives is impossible. Walton looks up from a book he had started reading and declares this before some get too ahead of themselves. It has been tried, but the minute those elevator doors close the connection is lost. If any attempt is made to access discord you will be simply met with the page of phansite. The use of discord mimics what is being presented on the tv screens in the lobby.
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That's going to suck, but at least we have a one-way communication method. By simply thinking about it, then anyone who stays will be able to understand what we want. I have no idea how we can use this, but we'll find a way to make such a thing useful. [I already had the key in hand so we could go straight away. However, I'm more concerned on the prospect of battle. True, we will do our best to avoid it, but a well-built party is the best bet we have to do anything as a precaution. As I'm thinking right now and from what I have been told, Liam's FF character should be our jack-of-all-trades, similar to what I can do. The difference being that I have yet to unlock every single one of Kazuya's capacities while he can access them all; all in all, he has the better battle capacity right now. 04's OC is a glass cannon in terms of magic, which I have seen him barely use but no reason to doubt his knowledge on his own creation. Mal barely does anything besides being annoying and I am not sure what he can do other than shoot; despite this he knows how to stay away from danger. Yu... I can't say I know any of his fighting capacities but is by far the best one with words, so he's got to come. Tatsuya's Kamen Rider armor will give us an edge on the front by him tanking damage and keeping enemies away. Gamma did say he preferred to come, and his abilities, while a risk, could give us an edge in general.] The other group will definitely stay and rest, and that is also for the best. Out of all the people that have volunteered, Gamma is the only one resting. So, we've got to decide now. We all know each other's capacities as we discussed them before, so really what we've got to do now is consider if Gamma should come, and if he does, who is going to stay. I'm coming and Yu is too, as we both will lead on different grounds depending on what happens on the ground. A formation is not important, but roles to play are. For example we have Tatsuya as the one with the bigger capacity to tank damage; Mal can attack from far away just like 04; Gamma has some very useful magic in the form of time manipulation, only issue being that it takes a bit long to cast; Liam is our Jack-of-all-trades, so I'm sure he can adapt to the situations. In my opinion, and considering what happened before, Gamma should stay and rest most of all. [I fiddle with the key in my hand, there is another factor.] We also have to decide if we will go straight away or if we will wait for some time. Personally, I would rather go right away on the grounds that there might be someone that can help us down there, or that we may need to help and that is trapped just like Kalib and Nigor were before. What do you guys think? If most decide on a single thing then we'll do it, so like...votes. [I clear my throat after talking so much, but now I just had to wait on what they will say.]

I'd pause for a moment, piping up after hearing Kaz's words come to a close. From my viewpoint, the choice is somewhat obvious. "I feel like we might be best off leaving Bona or Mal, Gamma's... Unique talents do bring something the rest of us can't, and both of them have very similar skillsets when it comes down to the worst. There are other areas besides just fighting to worry with, though..." Other areas such as not stupidly dragging us into pointless brawls, for example, that's a key pitfall we need to avoid. One which caught the prior group. Learn from their mistakes, and at least try to do better. I sigh slightly while looking over towards the fox-girl and gunslinger for a moment. "I'm actually going to vote in favor of taking Gamma and having Bona stay here for the moment. All things considered, I've always gotten the sense you had a fairly good if apathetic head on your shoulders Mal. And no offense Bona, but I haven't really spoken to you enough recently to judge there at all. So that's my vote."
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The quicker you go, the quicker we can leave. *I shrug.* But. If Gamma is going for the second time in a row, I'd say you should wait until he's ready. I may not have done a lot of fighting, but from what I hear, Gamma did. That's just my thoughts on the matter. You guys are the ones going, so ultimately I'll leave the decision up to you.
"Well, considering what's at stake, i'd rather we discuss things more thoroughly before you guys leave. Well, that and i'll probably be bored the moment you're gone. Come to think of it, in these kinda games there's typically a journal summarizing the adventure." I close my eyes and stroke my chin musingly for a few seconds before looking between everyone in the room. "I could work on such a thing, but i'd like to hear what you guys think of the idea first."
"I don't see a point in that, Mona. This isn't a game and saving those kind of records wouldn't serve much purpose. Besides, I don't think it'll be possible to do something like that soon. If you want to record something useful you could try to gather everyone's information and post them on that wall over there. I got some people who were here to make cards already but it's been a slow process." That being said I'd turn back to Kaz. I wasn't exactly sure on going or waiting as all I felt was nessecary was that we brought people with us who we could at least somewhat trust. "I have no opinion either way. Most in this group aren't really liabilities and even the ones that might be I still feel offer more good than bad."
"Well, Yu, just try to think ahead. Typically some important details could be revealed in these stages, like Akechi and his pancakes. And, as for this not being game, it seems to follow the rules of one more so then it does the rules of our universe. I think we'll have better luck going off our knowledge of games and anime more so than anything here. And what do you mean it will not be possible to do something soon? Being able to look into the events of the other worlds may be the only way to figure out why we're here. So, tell me, why wouldn't we be able to do something like that soon?" Frowning and glaring at Yu in equal measure, I slowly try to impede any direct path of his to the elevator by inching closely as I speak.
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A loud bang emanates from the front desk and yellow eyes rise to meet the eyes of everyone else. So has a final decision been made on strategy and party? Walton intones this with a sense of finality. None of you are getting any younger while waiting around.

"Actually Yu, having a record could be useful. Remember what was said about our souls? if we lose track of our goals, purpose or even our sense of self, having something like that could be useful. I think you should write it Alphinaud. And as for our team composition, while I know gamma could prove very useful, I also feel like we should let him rest... Taking with us someone who's exhausted or tired is bound to become a liability down the line. We need to manage our resources efficiently and think on the long term. "
My expression would harden, how irritating this was. First, a response to Liam with a little disappointment in my expression. "I was hoping you'd at least get it. I hate when a point has to be repeated and I was trying to sugarcoat things but I guess I'll have to be more blunt here." I'd look at Mona in response to his glare but their was no real emotion in my face, just a simple coldness and distance. "It might not be a bad idea but Kaz already said it, it'll be hard for anyone here to trust you after everything you've pulled. Even if you don't have regrets or think you did the right thing that's all irrelevant. If nobody trusts you then how are they supposed to rely on you to write everything down that's happened. On top of that I think leaving one person to such a task is a bad idea anyway. What if that one person's soul begins to corrupt silently and the records begin to show it? Mona's already died once, we can't really be sure how hard they've been hit with this soul corruption. If you really want to write down, go ahead and try but I don't think most will be interested in what you have to say anymore." Finally, the vote...I didn't really have any personal opinions as to how we should vote on this. Guess I just would have to go with whatever I've observed. "I think at least for now we should let Gamma rest but ultimately this seems more like a decision that would effect our fighting anyway. Personally, I'm not sure what Mal is capable of so it's hard to determine what would better suite us."
I turn to Walton for a second, frowning and yelling at him. "Shut the fuck up, bad theodore!" I then turn back to Yu, smiling and relaxing my stance while snorting. "Heh, and here I thought you were trying to pull one over on us. Anyways, I feel your concerns may yet be worked around. At the very least, I don't see any harm in just trying. After the start of the next thread, i'll write up a draft and then you can see what you think, okay?" I would then uncross my arms and walk away, heading towards and looking over him. "There are better places to take a nap than on the ground, you know." I would then reach out a hand to the paralysed demon. "We're going to have some time while the other party is out, so we may as well take some time to discuss our situation."
"Wait, they died? Man I missed a lot didn't I... But yeah, in those circumstances, I can see what you mean. I should've thought it through a bit more" I say, rubbing the back of my head. Maybe think before you speak next time Liam...
I would say that having a plan and good composition for battle is important because the alternative is really dangerous. Chances are things won't go as smoothly as we may want them to so better to be prepared than to be under prepared. That said, we have three front line fighters in the form of Tatsuya, Liam; who can move from front to back; and myself. Next, the backline support and long-range fighters would have to be Mal, Yu; who I still do not know what he can do exactly; and either 04 or Gamma. But considering Gamma's own abilities, they may indeed be a tad more useful. No offense. [I'm thinking at the possibilities, but there was really no point as we didn't know even the most basic of details of where we would end up beyond it having to do with "Angels". I had to make up my mind. The choice really wasn't very tough.] Alright then, we'll get moving as soon as Gamma is ready to go. 04 is staying behind for now. Any objection? [I take out the key from my pocket and keep it my right hand. I really want to go now, but who knows if Gamma is as willing.]

Heh. At least we're going in with a team plan this time unlike last time where whoever wasn't scared got on the elevator. *I smile.* Well, whoever goes, good luck. If Dickless of Arabia was any example, the ones behind these distortions suck.
I come back to the lobby area, I changed up my hairstyle a bit, only because I don't know how to get Niko's hair to look like... Well, Niko's hair, so might as well change it up. I don't think anyone will notice or care anyway. I still need to replace these muddy and overall ruined clothes. "So like, have I ever told you guys how much I dislike carrying around this evoker?"
"Why, because it doesn't fit with what Niko's original aesthetic?...because I wouldn't know." Never played the game. Niko's probably like 9 or something and I wouldn't know at all. I just know that it's a cat boy carrying an evoker. Nothing too out of the ordinary considering the fact that I'm an anime girl that's overplaying the 'thug life' aspect. "No siree, you'll find no objections in this here jury. I would like to look at people getting their face beaten in at a closer distance but other than that, it's basically fine." I say as I take a quick stroll near the vending machine to stock up on some snacks and drinks. Going empty-handed is basically asking to look stupid in a stupid world like this.
I shake my head. "I mean, nothing would fit with Niko's original aesthetic. Nothing I'm currently wearing fits because it's not even the original Niko. It's more that I just don't like carrying around this thing, there's much better summoning methods. I'm hoping I could like, learn how to summon a persona without this stupid thing. Would be useful if it gets confiscated at all."

I snap out of my strange daze. I understood everything that went on, so I think I can talk. I don't know why I just kinda passed out standing up. I turn to Tatsu, at least I think it's Tatsu. "That's a fair point, Tats. I just kinda... Wanted to do my part, you know? And because of Ina being a bit of a glass cannon, especially in the state this body is in now where she actually CAN die, it's kinda worrying." I then turn to Mal. I can tell they're just being lazy, but whatever. "I guess I could be immediate backup? That's probably the best bet right now, that if one of you guys goes down I can come in and at least try to finish the job." I finally turn to Kaz. "No objection from me, I just wanna do something eventually so I'll be watching and I'll come in if you guys need me." I sit back down, wondering when I'll have my chance to push towards everyon- well, mostly everyone's goal.
With the decision made the group would have to wait several hours. Perhaps a bit too long, but eventually I would Wake yo again. After getting myself ready once more, I slowly peek out the door. It seemed like everyone was waiting for me, which doesn’t make me any more comfortable. Still, there was nothing else to do so I emerge from my room and glance around at the others assembled “S.. So... I take it we’re all ready? Then? We might as well get going.” I wasn’t really ready for it at all, but I didn’t want to show something like that in front of people counting on me so I decide to bring out my dagger and toy with it again
Yes, we're all ready. Took you long enough, princess. [I say to Gamma in a joking manner, since for some reason, guys trapped in young girl's body is a thing that is happening right now. Perhaps they will finally have insight on what it's like to be a woman. Not that I mind anyways, but you did make me wait.] Here's to a safe "adventure". We'll be back eventually everyone, remember to pay attention to what happens to us all. You'll get it in a bit. [As I wanted to do before but couldn't, I approach the elevator with the key, and use it as intended.] Hopefully we don't need to see a YHVH rip-off.
"... I thought we were done with that." I mutter to myself as I slowly follow after Kaz. I'd let the others get ahead of me if they wanted. No reason to be in a rush. It didn't seem like an explanation for my break was going to help anything either so I simply meekly go behind as usual.
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The elevator opens to allow the intended party of six to enter into its surprisingly spacious interior. Once the key is used the doors close and in a matter of seconds the door opens again revealing itself to be empty. The tv screens turn on as the doors slide open awaiting feedback from the newly entered realm. Let us see if this new group comes back in one piece. Walton mutters this rather loudly before retreating behind his desk. He opens the book he previously had to put down and continues reading.
It was only right to give Mona a response before we left. I'd look towards him once more before saying something. "I guess if you're gonna do it then that's not a bad way to go about it. Go ahead and I'll look over it when I get back." For a moment, I thought about using the remote but Kaz seemed to want everyone to watch this time around. I still had time anyway but I wasn't sure how much. I had to say something... Not spending anymore time on that thought though I'd begin following him into the elevator.
"I'm still against taking someone who's not quite fit for battle, but whatever. We'll see how this goes." Heading into the elevator, I switch to my paladin job, just in case a bad surprise is waiting for us on the other side.
"If that's all, i'm going to begin doing some 'work' while we're all here." I would then walk towards the door that led to the room that shifted with our imagination and did a dramatic pose, holding my hand out to it. "Imagination go! Become craftsroom! As I said this, I would visualize a large room with high-end computers along the walls as well as a row of tables in the middle with a basket full of phones on it. In addition, there would be two cabinets tucked along the east corner of room, each filled with various craft supplies such as cyanide or gunpowder. I would also imagine a drawer hidden in the far end of the room, a padlock protecting it with the password being 42-06-9
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The space within the door warps to the qualifications you have imagined and seals shut to allow you some privacy.

Walk tall... my friends. * I would smile before returning to my work on my arm, ushering a silent parayer for safety to those who left us."
I point at Sam. "I understood that reference."
"Heh, looks like I got my work cut out for me." Wasting no time, I quickly log into one of the computers and create a new google doc titled "Journal". I would mess around with the formating before figuring out what to write. "Let's see here, I better start from the beginning. We're here because we died, right? But, I don't think anyone really remembers their death. It's more likely we were called to this world, but nothing is certain. Perhaps i'll make a note of this." I created a subtitle labeled "Entering Another World" and wrote up a brief paragraph explaining the rules of this life that we were told in the beginning and following up with the theory of how we got here that I just said out loud. "Okay, this part might be common knowledge. Regardless, it may be too important to leave out." I then began to write a paragraph about Soul Corruption and the risk of acting like our characters. "It won't matter if I skip over the velvet hotel, so I should probably go into detail about what we personally learned in Sinbad's world. Let's see, Sinbad's demeanor certainly affirmed our objective. Still, perhaps we maybe don't have the full picture of that world's story anyways." I then wrote a new subtitle for the first expedition, writing under it a paragraph explaining Sinbad's godlike powers and the reverance the people had for him. I also briefly mentioned how casualties could be minimized by avoiding conflict with the world's denizens whilst taking the most direct route to each world's master. Cutting that part short, I then created some space and established a subsection for bios of everyone here. I wrote out their names, alias and other common knowledge along with including internet pictures that resemble them as much as possible. For most people this would be easy, but I would have to get creative for the ocs. For H2O's picture, I just used an image of Tatsuya Suou and photoshopped on a generic Kamen Rider belt along with the Yu-Gi-Oh deck arm thing to be funny. Deciding that anymore jokes than this would make the document lose its credibility, I left the pages for any other ocs without an image. After looking it over, I realized it was missing some crucial information. So, I saved it for now and walked to the door, slamming it open and looking around the room to see who's still there. "Alright, everyone, while the active party's working hard to get us home, we should do what we can here so when the time comes we'll be ready to face whatever lies ahead. As you may know, i'm working on an adventure log of sorts, so i'd like it if I could interview anyone so I have more to write." I would give a hearty grin to the room and take a more relaxed, welcoming stance.
I laugh as I hear Mona ask for interviews. "Well here's your headline, "Local Cat Says No"."

An adventure log? Huh? *I glance up.* If you're writing about Sinbad, remember to add the part that he has seven of those Djinn things in metal containers around his body. And that they're breakable. And that he can turn into a being that can just give you the plague. And that I flexed on him before I left. * I smirk.* The one good thing to come out of that meeting was me telling him where he can shove it before I left. I want that recorded. Not for my ego. Just cause it's an important part of the story.
Oh so that's what those weird abilities are caused by? Interesting. "Breakable... But also potentially removable. What if we knocked him out and took them from him?..." And then here's the dumb idea... "And then, dumb idea I know, used them for ourselves?"
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