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Funni family man script
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Let's try to make a family guy script
I have never watched family guy in my life.
Peter Griffin enters the Griffin household, with a wringed rabbit hanging from his belt. Peter Griffin: Guys, this is a bruh moment! Insert cutaway gag of the funny orange shirt man saying “bruh.” Lois pulls out a handgun and shoots him in the mouth, ending his reign of terror for good.
Hey guys come join my Family Guy Vore Fanclub. Ask elm for the invite and say "I want to vore Peter Griffin's toes they look so delectable mmmm yes daddy griffin"

doge: This reminds of the time something unfunny happened *Something unfunny is shown* *Seinfeld laugh track*
The screen fades from black to Leblanc Cafe, where our Phantom Thieves are hanging out on a Sunday. It zooms in, fading to a shot of the attic where they all sit. Ryuji falls asleep and falls on the floor like a dumbass. “Guys, this reminds me of the time that Morgana told Joker to sleep!” exclaims Futaba. The screen cuts away to a scene of Morgana telling Joker to sleep, then cuts back to the Phantom Thieves. They all share a laugh despite it being an overused and frankly unfunny joke.
Scooby doo ejaculates. Cue reused laugh track.
(edited by WeebB0s5)
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