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Duel on a Virtual World
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In the middle of a dank alley in Shinjuku, there is a door, a door that leads straight underground into a basement of an establishment that seems to be some type of cyber cafe. This huge underground room hosts various computer terminals in the right side of the room, some tables and couches on the left, a small kitchen and coffee bar, on the far right end of the room with a lone billiards table next to it. On the side of the couches, the general lounge area, is a vending machine with various snacks and refreshments. There is a scent of fresh made coffee in the air of what many would see as a regular cyber cafe/lounge. However there stood a massive machine in the middle of the establishment, shaped like a cylinder with four circles poking out of each side,each closed by a sliding metal door but with one on the left side opened revealing a chamber with a pad on the bottom, large enough to fit any human or otherwise in. Between the front two pads is a computer terminal, a custom built one from various parts found in used electronic shops, looks sloppy and very unorganized with many wires sticking out of the computer into the massive machine. On the very top of the machine, there were four massive screens, one on each side, as if it were meant to project something. Hikaru was hard at work typing something on the computer terminal, eyes glued to the screen and a lit cigarette in his mouth (ignoring the "No Smoking" sign near the other end of the cafe where the vending machines were) He then stretches his arms out and lets out a sigh Okay, almost done, just gotta upload the improved OS onto this baby and she should be ready to go... He then pulls a floppy disk out of his jacket pocket, and slides it into the side of the computer. He then types for a few minutes more and hits the "ENTER" key in an assertive manner. The machine makes a loud humming noise, the screens turn on, and a faint blue light emits from the pad in one of the open chambers. The screens show a projected image of a grid environment. YES!! FINALLY!! She's ready. My new and improved virtual reality chamber, now I just gotta let my client know it's ready, and after the test run, the new cyber cafe I've been meaning to open will be ready for business Hikaru reaches for his phone and begins to type up a message
A pink, rotund alien nonchalantly strolls through the café and swallows the entire vending machine. "Poyo!"
A boi who loves coffee casually comes in after a trip to Mementos needing some energy "I'm dooped"
The field displayed is a project larger than any of the ones used before, a central square in the middle of a ruined city. The square has three roads leading out of it that form a T shape that are entirely unblocked, while bits and heaps of rubble dot the area There's evidence of a recent battle in the area, including the hollowed out ruins of a fountain and five massive piles of rubble, large enough to be used as cover, are scattered about where buildings used to be. Though there's nothing of particular interest visible now, Hikaru would be able to see three status screens on the consoles, one for each of the units ready for a test run.
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Hikaru puffs his cigarette, his face has a small smirk They are ready. Now to run the combat simulation. Hikaru types a few more commands, and with one last keystroke, the robots engage in a battle Good, now let's see what you can do. He gets up from his seat at the terminal, and paces around the machine, looking up at each of the monitors to check the clarity of the images being projected
"Aww cmon MORE FIGHTING..."
A pair of young women wanders into the room, eyes darting around curiously as they head in. Upon hearing Hikaru's words, one with long brown hair in a ponytail would walk up to him and wave slightly with a smile. The blonde just hangs slightly behind her friend while offering a polite nod. The word 'combat' would seem to make Nanoha's face light up slightly though. N: "Combat simulation huh. If you're looking to test something like that, maybe we can help? I'm assuming the intent is a non-lethal environment?" Fate, the blonde. Would step up closer at this point, looking over the computer set up with curious eyes. F: "Geez, are we really gonna just sign up for something like that... Eh, guess it has been a while since we've fought together though." N: "Hah, yeah Fate. Oh and I'm Nanoha Takamachi, how about you?" She looks towards Hikaru with the end of that, smiling lightly as light flashes from both of the mages. Leaving them standing with a staff, and some sort of axe respectively. F: "Fate T Harlaown, a pleasure to meet you I'm sure. And I guess we're both in, so long as it isn't going to be deadly."
(I couldn't seem to figure out how to resize images, so I simply put them in spoiler tags so as not use a ton of space.) Now readied, the three opponents are materialized into the system, one at the head of each road. The first materializes to the left of the fountain. It is a relatively small, red robot, only about twice the size of a human is armed with six bladed arms https://i.imgur.com/KlE3CMD.jpg AI: "Tisiphone the Malignant, Ready." The second, a robot not much larger than the first materializes on the left side of the fountain. This one is colored primarily green, and in addition to weighty, armored pauldrons the machine holds a halberd of some sort that glows with energy https://i.imgur.com/sEh2glK.jpg AI: "Alecto the Dissonant, Ready." Finally, standing in the middle road is a third robot, easily three times as large as the others. its bulky and built like a tank with extremely thick armor. Its imposing central cannon aims down towards the fountain as it awaits the signal https://i.imgur.com/aQCMAsf.jpg AI: "Maegara the Indignant, Ready. All Furies deployed."
The lone farmer, equally wandering, enters the room. His eyes don't light up at the thought of fighting, but something else entirely seems to awaken in him. "A simulation... huh? Let's see if that simulation is real enough to challenge the fire in my heart, my soul." All he could do is stand around disinterested to say the least, but it never hurts to strike up small talk. "You two... seem awfully relaxed about this whole affair. Couldn't you find a better use of your time together than fighting?" He'd let that question hang. Those words seemed to be the only thing he said that had any hint of emotion behind it. He wouldn't wait for an answer. "Well Mr. Computer Expert, I'm ready to go... As I'll ever be." With that he'd pull out a light blue device, which was likely a belt. He did, after all, place it upon his waist. He'd grip a packet of... something, twisting the cap on it. He'd place this packet into his belt. [ROBOT JELLY] From within his belt, a metallic clanking of presses and gears echoed. He'd press down on the spanner placed on this side of his belt, causing steam to eject from his packet. [CRUSHING! OOZING! OVERFLOWING!] A beaker formed around him, filling with a viscous black substance, one that rose to his shoulders before the beaker itself became like plastic wrap, twisting over his body, shooting the black substance into the air. [ROBOT IN GREASE! BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAH!] With his armor prepared to go, he'd stand. No breathing, no adjustment or anything. He stood as if he had become a statue. "A battle between robots, eh? I guess I went and made this cliche..."
The rumble of a motorcycle echoes through the city streets as a streak with a hint of red speeds through, as if on a mission. It's rider directing it to an unassuming alley before slowing down and coming to a halt. Dismounting the vehicle, it's rider put a hand to their helmet and the motorcycle sped off on it's own. Entering the cyber cafe, the rider takes off her helmet and brushes her long red hair out from her face. It appears I'm somewhat late. Hopefully not too much has happened. A simulated battle is just what I need to relieve some stress. With an air of confidence befitting a queen, Mitsuru Kirijo walks over to the VR machine, entering it soon after a short examination. Drawing her rapier in the simulation, she performs a few practice swings to prepare for the battle.
Kirby, now piloting his Robobot armor that he got from somewhere, punches the air stylistically and stands facing the computer terminals. He then makes a ferocious glare, indicating he was ready to fight. "Poyo -po!"
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Hikaru types up a few commands as the 4 walk to the machine’s doors, each sliding open. The chamber is only lit up by the blue light at the bottom of each pad Alright, independent variables set, get ready you four, I’m sending you in via dropship, the ground is too risky with the robots already engaged. Hikaru types rapidly, the doors close, and a loudspeaker from inside the establishment turns on KZTZZ...HELLO EVERYONE HERE AND THE PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET, HIKARU MICHI HERE BRINGING YOU THE FIRST IN OUR SERIES OF VIRTUAL REALITY BATTLES!!! These 4 fearless competitors are going up against 3 massive robots!! In this world, no one dies, but the pain and the feeling is all the same! Now that’s enough out of me, let’s begin the battle!! Each teleported chamber activates, you see a myriad of small, blue lights from the inside of the door, and then a small, thin green light scan you from head to toe. The blue lights then get increasingly brighter Alright, here we go!! Materialization beam engage!! Suddenly a bright white flash fills the chamber, you see nothing but darkness for 5 seconds until you suddenly find yourself hovering over the battlefield from the back of a small ship. A robot is there along with you, who then opens the hatch from the back of the ship, and then gestures for you to jump Robot: ARRIVED AT LANDING ZONE, COMMENCE ENTRY.
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A battlefield. Grease had seen too many for a lifetime, but it wasn't as if he'd shy away from it. "Let's see you prove your worth, eh?" With that remark, he'd simply lean off the edge of the drop ship, no jump. After which he'd superhero land, likely generating a crater with the force of his impact. If not, he'd still slam his fist into the ground, with twice the force of his landing. "Bring it... I'm ready."
Nanoha and Fate both chuckle, leaping out of the ship and suddenly taking off into the air. They'd shoot away at sonic speeds, the brown haired woman quickly flying higher up and trying to get a better look at the area around them. Fate remains below her by a few hundred feet, prepared to step in if anything tries to reach close range. At the same time, their voices would begin sounding out to the other two voices, mentally. F: Alright, first off hope you don't mind telepathy. Should be easy to control. And air combat is kind of our thing. So we'll be up here for the moment at least. I can close in if needed though. N: Yeah. I'll be hanging back, long range fire support is more my area of expertise. From their place above the field, both mages are more than capable of seeing a wide range of the city. They'd hover in place, staff and axe raised up in a ready pose in the event that defense is needed.
It's best to gauge the enemies strength before attempting to go all out. One wrong move can spell the end. Try not to get in each other's way. If we can figure out the best way to synergize our skills and abilities we'll make it through without any losses. Good luck. Artemisia, let's go! Taking one final survey of the battle area, Mitsuru jumps from the aircraft and summons her persona. With a flick of her whip, Artemisia creates a ramp Mitsuru's heel clad feet make contact with. Enabling her to safely slide down, brushing her hair away from her face while taking stock of the robots as she gets closer.
Bursting through the door last second is a spear-wielding red head. Wasting no time, she quickly runs to the vending machine, but to her dismay it was already consumed. Dishearted, she instead decides to check out the VR machine. Realizing that it was running a copy of Battle Simulator 2019, she instantly goes to enter the simulation.
With the combatants ready, the three mechanical opponents ready themselves for action. The tall green one, Alecto stands back, staring up at the two opponents dotting the sky Alecto: "Activating Particle Mace Kotaeghe. Beginning combat protocols" The machine's halberd begins to glow with a purple light near its axe-like head. This purple light reaches up to Alecto's pauldrons, and brings small pieces of metal peeling off of them. These shards, as it turns out, are small drones which begin by scattering around the field. Alecto: "Analysis field set, beginning scan. Analyzing threat level. Synchronizing Furies" The massive mech, Maegara's eyes begin glowing with a faint purple, the same color as Alecto's mace. Maegara focuses its attention on the sky, attempting to pick out Fate and Nanoha Maegara: "Evaluating targets.... Initial target set." A blue glow begins to spread throughout the Maegara's interior as it scans its potential targets. Soon enough Maegara would light up like a christmas tree as it powers up its main weapon, the massive blaster in its chest. Maegara: "Wave Cannon Iraliae charging." As for the third and final mech, Tisiphone's eyes begins glowing with that same purple light as its combat systems are synchronized with that of the other two. The large red machine brandishes its six blades as it looks at the two targets approaching the ground level. Tisiphone: "Initiating targetting protocol. Priorities set." Once Grease has landed, it makes a dash for him, closing the space in a matter of seconds as Tisiphone thrusts its lower right sword, one pointed like a rapier, straight at Grease, aiming to skewer him shortly after landing
Being materialized in the ship, Kyoko looks down and quickly jumps out of it, creating a web of diamonds beneath her feet after getting close to the ground. Jumping on the web like a trampoline, Kyoko lands slightly in front of it, dismissing the web. "We're going to beat you to death."
Given the slim and forward nature, there would be no option but to attempt a dodge. He'd roll to the side, weapon forming on his wrist. [TWIN BREAKER! BEAM MODE!] He'd fire off several pot shots at the big saw blade looking sword. "Is that it!? Is this how you plan to satisfy me!?" He'd place a steel gray bottle into the port on his wrist. [SINGLE! SINGLE FINISH!] Now instead of a simple few pot shots, a barrage of beams flied toward Tisiphone, no distinct pattern to their flight.
The women would both grin, Raising Heart quickly shifts form into a spear with a red jewel set in the center. Bardiche would take on the shape of a large yellow energy sword, the massive weapon somehow easily held by Fate despite being damn near as big as her. With those changes made they rush off into separate directions, the blonde swordswoman rushing forward in an impossibly fast and preparing to take evasive action. If she were able to close into mid-range, then the machine would fit itself set upon by a beam shape like her sword rushing for its cannon. Nanoha stays back at long range, of course, glowing pink energy gathering up within her weapon for a time as well. As of now her course is to simply charge and prepare while readying to dodge if she must. Though their hope is for their target to be distracted by Fate, really.
Analysis field? That doesn't sound like it bodes well for us. Landing on solid ground with a clack from her heels, the shoes begin to shift into something more suited for combat. Without missing a beat, she dashes towards the nearby remains of what once used to be a building and closes her eyes to focus. I haven't had to do this in a while, but I'm grateful I can still use this ability. With Artemisia still out, Mitsuru directs her persona to scan the area, seeking out the location of the drone shards that are scattered throughout the area, and attempting to analyze the robots herself.
By dodging immediately, Grease would manage get little more than a glancing blow from Tisiphone, leaving him operating at full capacity. Tisiphone's first action is to draw its rapier-like arm back from the lunge, allowing Grease's first few shots strike at the arm holding the sawblade. These weaker shots send off a few sparks but the arm doesn't seem to have lost any motor function. Tisiphone: "Superficial damage detected. Proceeding with protocol." Soon Grease fires his round of upgraded shots only for Tisiphone to.... Run away. As swiftly as the red machine had approached, it flees from Grease, maneuvering itself behind Maegara in preparation. Mitsuru's own analysis reveals a couple hundred drones, most of which are scattered throughout the air in order to more accurately observe the combatants form all angles, however she'd also notice the devices clustered in two locations, one in the shadow of the ruined fountain, hiding in some of the rubble, and another group in the large patch of debris nearest her. Another interesting thing they'd likely note is that the drones don't seem to have much if any actual complexity to them. Rather they're linked directly to Alecto's mace which directs them as a swarm. Alecto: "initial scanning complete. Priorities confirmed, initiating defensive preparations." The hundreds of drones that had scattered themselves about like particles of dust return to Alecto, forming a thick swarm in between Alecto and Maegara as the latter finishes charging. As Fate approaches the ground, Maegara turns its primary cannon upwards, aimed directly at the rapidly approaching fighter. Maegara: "Charge complete. Bracing for recoil. Priorities confirmed. Wave Cannon Iraliae." Soon Fate would come close enough to unleash her sword-shaped beam at Maegara. Unfortunately around this time, maegara's own preparations would be complete. Maegara: "Fire." There's an instant where everything seems to go silent. Followed by a sound similar to the blast of a Howitzer as Maegara unleashes all the energy it had stored directly at Fate and, by extension, the Nanoha flying well behind her. Iraliae's blast meets Fate's own and devours it in an instant with no apparent loss in strength. The beam unleashes a wave of force so great that, even were Fate and Nanoha to dodge it, they'd likely be thrown away from the blast by the shockwave that follows. Not even those on the ground were safe as the reasoning behind Tisiphone's retreat and Alecto's shield become apparent. easily a hundred of the drones that make up Alecto's shield would be burst by the impact of the blast, only to be forced back together by the Fury's staff, while Tisiphone remains relatively safe behind the blast radius of the cannon. As for everyone else, those who are out of cover would likely find themselves thrown to the ground by the force of the blast, in spite of it being aimed nowhere near them. Maegara's ultimate attacks 1/4
Kyoko is knocked to the ground by the force and the beam and struggles to get back up. Pushed backwards against the nearby rubble, she would sustain scrapes against her elbows trying to right herself. Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists around the spear, she quickly runs towards the robot that launched the attack and jumps up into the air, thrusting forward her weapon towards the being's knee and driving it down as hard as she can. "Nice shot, but I won't get caught off guard so easily."
As the blast comes towards him, he hunkers down, hoping his armor can tank the blast. Of course, after that ordeal passed, he'd place a purple and silver bottle next to the gray one inside his blaster. [TWIN! TWIN FINISH!] "EAT THIS!" He'd then fire a barrage of gilded orbs, each exploding upon impact. They weren't perfectly homing, but they did slowly drift toward their targets. If they missed, they'd fly harmlessly off, floating to the side as if still attempting to hit the enemy, but almost destined to never reach a destination befitting a weapon.
Telepathy huh? Convenient as we're all spread out. The robots are using those shards to analyze everything that we do. It'd be prudent to take them out permanently as soon as we can. The control apparatus seems to be the green one's halberd. There are stragglers around in the rubble, but I'll attempt to freeze the bulk of them and give someone the opportunity to try and take it out. Stepping out from the rubble and confirming the location of Alecto, Mitsuru sprints towards the robot to get a clear shot at the swarm. Pulling out her evoker and shooting herself to add to Artemisia's power she shouts Mabufudyne! With intent to freeze the swarm and hopefully even the halberd itself, she lets loose the spell before attempting to duck behind another former building, or whatever cover would be closest.
Oh man do I really have too I don't wanna fight people... I JUST WANTED COFFEE
Nanoha who was several meters off to the side from Fate, would evade the brunt of the beam aimed towards her partner. She's able to evade the remainder of the blast zone with a superhumanly quick side step that carries her several more meters away from it. The edge does slam her back somewhat, but that's what a Barrier Jacket is for. Fate, on the other hand, being far closer to the attack isn't nearly so able to evade. She's more than fast enough to get away from the main beam, but the blast wave is a serious issue. A cartridge clicks out of her sword while the woman slams it in front of herself. A glowing golden barrier taking up its place in front of her. With that, the pair responds to Mitsuru. N Got it, that sounds like a good first step in this to me. I'm gonna try and get that sword one off our man of few words. Fate, think you can deal with the big mech for a bit longer? F: Yeah, I've got it for now Nanoha. If we can bring one down, that'll make things a whole lot easier. With that exchange done, Fate would assuming she were able to. Try and get in even closer once again, hoping to avoid the chest blaster by using her superior speed and launching a barrage of lightning bolts from only about 15 meters out. Nanoha's efforts of course turn towards the sword using mecha. Her charge time wasn't intrupted thankfully. N: "Blaster Mode level one! Break Fire!" Steam rises off the weapon in her hands, and two flying bits that look very similar to Raising Heart's spearhead would suddenly burst out of the device. Not only does the weapon let loose with a massive burst of pink energy flying directly for the machine as two cartridges click out of it, but the additional devices it brought out would do the same, each as powerful as the first. Though this has the side effect of covering Nanoha's hands in burn marks and leaving her somewhat harmed, the effect should hopefully be obvious. Either way, they vanish seconds later.
With the swarm focused on guarding Alecto, they wouldn't make any evasive manuevers. Instead they'd simply be frozen in the air, only to be shattered by the blast waves. Alecto looks onto the battle and simply strikes her staff against the ground. Alecto: "Severe damage detected to reconnaisance drones. Recalibrating priorities. Focusing efforts on fellow Furies." The same purple light that had previously covered the drones, instead finds itself imbuing Tisiphone, allowing the red machine to overcome its previous limits. As for Mitsuru, she runs from one bit of cover to the next, only to notice a buzzing from the pile of rubble she approaches. The drones she had detected earlier emerge from the wreckage in a cloud, spreading out and soon filling the air around her like a swarm of gnats. Though they aren't particularly dangerous, the twenty or thirty swarming her would prove to be a major nuisance if nothing else. After firing her load, a dozen steam vents pop out from all over Maegara's armor, letting her primary cannon cool off Maegara: "Wave Cannon Iraliae overheating. Applying coolants." The massive robot wouldn't be prepared for the kid simply bum rushing them. Though Kyoko's spear strikes true, Maegara's knee sustains little more than a sizable scratch. Maegara: "Superficial damage detected." Maegara's response is a simple one. Once the kid's spear strikes her knee, Maegara would bring up one of her massive arm cannons to knock the kid several meters skyward, possibly into the range of one of Fate's bolts. As for the other ones, they'd scorch Maegara's armor, but don't seem to cause any lasting damage. That is, except for a lucky one that strikes one of Maegara's 12 vents, which causes a few visible sparks . Maegara: "Light damage sustained. Prioritizing target. Magna cannons fire." And in response, four smaller turrets would emerge from Maegara's armor, two from the shoulders, two from the elbows. The shoulder turrets focus directly on Fate, sending out energy blasts that, while much weaker than the primary cannon, would still leave a sizable mark. The other two, they aim for Fate's sides and burst a short distance out like blasts of flak, aiming to cover as much area as possible. Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. Tisiphone seems to glow with a malicious glint as Alecto's drones are destroyed Tisiphone: "Quantum Blade Naelaon charged, preparing for annihilation." A surge of energy can be detected as Tisiphone charges up. In mere seconds there's a revving sound as all six of Tisiphone's blades are covered in a blue glow Tisiphone: "Activation Successful, proceeding with mission." Now powered up by Alecto, Tisiphone would emerge from her hiding spot a short distance behind Maegara as little more than a blur, leaving Nanoha's blasts to leave a crater where Tisiphone once was. Some of the aftershock would likely strike Maegara, but the larger machine, once again, wouldn't seem to sustain any damage. With Naelaon activated, Tisiphone wastes little time, once again closing in on Grease, the only ground-born opponent not currently being engaged. Rather than a straight slash, Tisiphone would maneuver around to strike at Grease's back with its left middle blade, one which zigs and zags like a lightning bolt. Tisiphone: "Cut First, thy wings."
Of course, Grease again attempts a dodge, but being maneuvered in a way where he takes the brunt of the attack. Sparks fly as sensors go off in his mask, but mere moments later the warnings fade as repairs take place. He felt that one. "Finally giving a challenge, huh? Maybe you'll give me a party worth sticking around for!" With that, he'd take out a light blue and silver packet, and place it into his belt. [DRAGON JELLY!] From the belt ejected several electric shocks, clearly paining Grease, but he'd leave with another twin breaker. One which he'd insert another purple bottle marked with a castle. Into the other, he'd place a clear bottle marked with a pink rose. [SINGLE! SINGLE! SINGLE FINISH!] "How d'ya like this!?" From the rose breaker, a black whip with crimson thorns flew toward Tisiphone, wrapping itself around the lighting bolt shaped blade. The castle breaker, fires a solid beam of energy, aimed at cutting off the blade.
Aretmisia, once more. Mabufudyne! Strike true and shatter these machines. Targeting the drones with the ice spell, Mitsuru continues traversing between the cover of the rubble, searching for any spare drones hiding out to freeze them, before directing Artemisia to shatter them with her whip. Assuming she takes them out before being stopped by any of the robots, she'd turn her attention to attempting to analyze Alecto specifically to discern any structural weaknesses.
Fate's armor bursts away, leaving her wearing nothing more than a black bodysuit with red accents. That obviously leaves her more open to attacks that strike true... But her already impressive evasion is taken up to eleven. She rushes downward in a blur that even this machine might have some trouble keeping up with. If anything were still able to hit, her blade would conjure another barrier and that's about all she can do. But if the dodge succeeded, she'd begin quickly aiming to send several small orbs of lightning flying out, this time they seem to be guided and homing, 6 shots that are heading right for more of the untouched vents upon her foe. Clearly having taken note of that stray bolts effects. As for Nanoha, her efforts switch gear. She'd take a look over towards Alecto and point Raising Heart at it. The machine find her far closer than she was a few seconds ago. Followed by a massive barage of 32 orbs of glowing pink light rushing through the sky towards her at high speeds. Even if they missed, the Axel Shooter orbs would still violently rush backward and twist through the air to try and strike at their targets. F: I'm focusing on dodging over here, that and I think I found a weak point in the big one. Vents, it looks like the main cannon overheats. N: Decided to change targets, staff using one looks their support unit so I'm gonna try and give it a hard time for now. Lemme know if you need any covering fire though.
Being knocked in the air, Kyoko stumbles around before pointing her spear to the ground, which extends at several joints before plunging into the earth and fastening Kyoko in mid-air. Vents, huh? Just leave it to me! Kyoko then retracts her spear and goes into freefall, landing on top of one of the piles of rubble. She whips the spear forward like a nunchuck, which then freely twists and turns through the air, allowing Kyoko to attack with it from a distance. Looking over the surface of the giant robot, she guides the head of the spear towards any vents she could say, striking rapidly with repeated jabs.
Grease would find Tisiphone's Quantum Blade to tear through his armor effortlessly. Though his armor fortunately seems to be able to repair itself, he'd now know just how threatening each strike would be. If Grease stays his course, he'd find Tisiphone too far into her attack cycle to care about dodging, and he would be able to tear off the jagged blade. However doing so would likely leave him open to Tisiphone's next blow Tisiphone: "Fell Second, Thy legs!" another one of their arms, the saw-shaped blade Grease had shot earlier would swing downwards aiming to cut straight through Grease's legs and cripple him. Tisiphone: "Hunt third, thy arms!" Tisiphone only seems to be getting swifter as she follows up with a vertical slash towards Grease's left arm. Once again aiming to prevent him from defending himself. And it didn't seem Tisiphone was done yet... Fate would likely still get pelted by some of the flak, but it wouldn't be more damage than she could handle. Slow as Maegara is, they would hardly be able to move to dodge. As such, Fate's blasts strike true, forcing the valves to a close. Similarly, maegara is unable to dodge Kyoko's spear. Another pair of the valves would be closed, leaving the cooldown to seem like a futile effort. Maegara: "Moderate damage sustained. Cooldown delayed." Mitsuru shatters another group of the scattered drones, denying Alecto more and more of their usefulness. Though the larger tactical robot attempts to intercept her, Alecto would find themselves getting pelted by Nanoha. Alecto raises their staff, projecting an energy barrier around them in an attempt to defend themselves form the blast, only for the barrier to crumble within the first ten shots, leaving Alecto's body to take most of the damage. Alect:"Moderate damage detected to Particle Mace. Uploading combat data to sister units. Removing safety valves." now that they're somewhat pinned down, and with almost no drones to protect them, Alecto seems to give up on defending themselves, instead the same energy from its staff earlier flows into Maegara. Maegara: "Order understood. Removing safety restrictions. Charging Wave Cannon Iraliae." in spite of their barrel still having a faint red glow from the previous round, Maegara would begin charging once more, the blue light of their Wave Cannon spreading throughout the machine as it begins searching for targets once more. While the main cannon fires, the four turrets would remain, aiming to blast as much of the air around Fate as possible to restrict their primary opponent's movements. As for Mitsuru's analysis, she'd find that Alecto doesn't seem to have any particular strengths or weaknesses, being faster than Maegara, more durable than Tisiphone, but not quite as destructive as either of the others. Though its external design is seemingly flawless, Mitsuru would note Alecto's lack of an internal generator. Rather, all the energy seems to come from the staff
Seeing the combo headed straight at him, he instinctively slams into the lever. He makes it away with only the use of his legs until the jelly filled that gap as a sacrifice. The packs begin spouting immense amounts of the black substance, flinging him out of the way. [SCRAP FINISH!] As he's dragged away, the nozzles adjust to lift him upward, corkscrewing him as the whip becomes taught, sword attached. The whip could retract and extend as need be for his veritable human blender to be at maximum effectiveness. "NOT ENOUGH! ABSOLUTELY NOT ENOUGH!" The jelly from his whip extends to cover the blade, adding his own special edge to the severed tool, causing it to emit a golden energy.
Alright, the green one seems to be close to tapping out. If we take out the staff and I believe the source of its power shall be removed. You, the magical girl with the gun. Focus your fire on the arm holding the staff on my mark if you will. I want to take out this over-sized tractor with our next move before moving on to the next. Moving from her cover once again, Mitsuru charges towards Alecto. Directing Artemisia to try and wrap her whip around Alecto's staff arm, she focus her mind on freezing it as deeply as possible, potentially to her detriment with the mental strain. Artemisia, Mabufudyne! Whether successful or not, she would be forced to drop to a knee, panting at the amount of times she used magic. Wasting no time however, if successful, she tells Nanoha: Take your shots now!
Great, it's charging that laser again. I'm gonna aggro it and see if I can't tank the hit. Kyoko retracts her spear and throws it straight towards the torso of Maegara, then diving backwards behind the rubble.
N: On it lady, time to give it my all! F: Wait your all? Isn't that a bit over the top fo- Before Fate's thoughts can be completed, Nanoha would surge forward once again. She's aiming to get close enough that her foe can't dodge this one. Given the amount of magic tossed around here by herself, Fate, and even Misuru, there's plenty to work with for... N: "Blaster Mode level two!" Raising Heart: "Starlight Breaker Ex-Fb!" As her weapons computerized voice sounds out, and four of the small metal devices she had used eariler appear. Ambient mana left in the air would gather up into the woman's weapon in an instant as 2 cartridges click out. Alect would be faced by a barrage of massive pink energy beams, each one easily able to cleave a skyscraper in half at the very least. All of them slamming towards not only her staff arm but engulfing her entire body with a dazzling display of raw force. The vast force she's let loose with doesn't leave Nanoha unharmed either though, steam smokes off Rasing Heart and the woman's hands are covered in burns. Even so, she's been through enough to handle this. For now. Nanoha's ultimate attacks: 1/4 As for Fate, her own efforts become entirely focused upon evading for the moment. Even the absent-minded shots laid down in hopes of doing something are gone, instead the mana she'd be using to attack is channeled into even greater speed and defense. If the blows were able to catch her regardless of that focus on evading, they'd find themselves then blocked by a fairly powerful shield as well. F: In case anyone missed it, the big one is getting ready to fire again. Now'd be a good time to get whatever cover you can, or focus your efforts on defense if you're sure of it.
Kyoko strikes out at Maegara's barrel, aiming to damage it in some way before the cannon is allowed to fire. Its difficult to see the inside of the barrel, but Kyoko can hear a bit of a crack followed by the most satisfying voice line she's gotten yet. Maegara: "Regulatory system damaged. Energy fluctuating." Much as before, Tisiphone makes little effort to actually avoid the whip. Instead it follows after Grease as he corkscrews away. One of Tisiphone's spare blades, a straight one much like a broadsword, deflects the first spin, but the Fury can't bring itself to guard against them all. However, this wouldn't stop Tisiphone from completing her mission, simply three more strikes to go. By now Tisiphone would be approaching the sound barrier as she continues. Though Grease's spinning makes it practically impossible for her to aim for any specific part of his body. First strike comes from the axe-shaped blade on Tisiphone's lower left arm, aiming a slash across Grease's face Tisiphone: "Gouge forth, thine eyes!" the fifth blow is actually interrupted by Grease's spin ripping off the broadsword-shaped blade, leaving Tisiphone to simply hit him with her arm rather than make the theoretically imposing slash. Tisiphone: "Sever Fifth, thine Neck!" However, it seemed nothing would stop the final. Tisiphone thrusts forward with the long, rapier-like blade from the start aiming to impale Grease upon it. Tisiphone: "Pierce Sixth, thine heart!" now finished, Tisiphone would be able to analyze its own condition, its outer armor is absolutely shredded, with large swaths of wire and machinery poking out from it and sparking. Its now missing two arms. and one of the slashes seems to have struck a large, spherical core within the device, which now leaks a red fluid. Tisiphone: "Se... VERe, da..MA.ge, de....tect...ed...." The somewhat damaged Alecto doesn't seem to notice Artemisia's whip at first, and once it does Alecto simply takes the effort to grab the whip with its spare arm, and drag Artemisia forward. However, though it would give Alecto the chance to strike the persona, it wouldn't stop said persona from freezing one, if not both arms, restricting Alecto's ability to avoid and making the staff more brittle. Alecto: "Tisiphone's signal weakening. Massive Mana surge detected. Calculating..." Seeming to realize what's happening, Alecto looks up at Nanoha's bright, pretty light before giving her final command. Alecto: "Critical damage inevitable. Initiating Ekdikisi protocol. Good bye." As Nanoha's blast nears, the generator in Alecto's staff begins to overcharge, before bursting in one final explosion. the blast destroys both Alecto and their staff, as well as leveling a 10 foot radius around them. Fortunately no one was too terribly close to Alecto, with at most Mitsuru being near the edge of the blast radius. The same could not be said of Grease, who was both near Tisiphone and potentially impaled, Tisiphone would discharge the last of the energy leaking from her core in a suicidal burst. What's left of Tisiphone's armor is utterly disintegrated and, were Grease caught, he likely would be too. Of course, death didn't really matter here, but it would boot him out of the simulation with much of the associated pain. With both of the other Furies defeated, Maegara stands tall and alone, its charge seems to pause as it looms over the battlefield Maegara: "I am Maegara the Indignant. Ye who would challenge the Furies, behold true wrath and meet thy destruction." Rather than firing, Maegara simply waits, drawing in more energy from the core, as well as the environment as it continues charging well beyond safe capacity. Maegara: "Commencing overload protocol. Final detonation in 3...."
Weakened from repeated strikes, Grease's horn manages to deflect the attack meant for his head. Thankfully (or not) the rapier strikes his belt, which saves him, but not his armor. The blast flings him away, but he manages pull out the now leaking jelly from his busted belt, and lying broken on the floor. Surely for a weaker soul this would have been the end, but there was one last trick, one final act to spit in the face of these damned machines. A black belt, a dazzling circle, and a crimson crank. With the last of his strength, he places a light blue brick into it. The air chills. [BOTTLE CHILL! GREASE BLIZZARD!] The moisture in the air around him condenses into a thick icy fog. A machine can be seen vaguely from within, but all it does is slide forward before disappearing. The fog freezes into a solid brick of ice, exploding into shards of crystalline water. [THE SUBZERO FLAME! GREASE BLIZZARD! CHILL! CHILL! CHILL! CHILL! CHILLY!] As Grease approaches the husk of the robotic tank, his footprints freezing the earth beneath him. He cranks the wheel, still limping from his prior injury. [SINGLE ICE! TWIN ICE! GLACIAL FINISH!] "Run." A ring of ice forms around the core, growing in intensity. Light itself is blurred beneath such cold temperatures, forming an icy void. One with no signs of stopping its growth. Simply being in the presence of it chills to the bone, so heeding his warning was the best option.
Sweet, it's gonna blow itself up. Guess that means we win. Kyoko takes a big mac out of a pocket and start eating it, leaning back against the rubble. So, anyone wanna go out to eat after this?
What a frighteningly chilling technique. I'm glad this is merely a simulation... And that you don't seem to want to cause trouble in the real world. Shakily standing on her feet, Mitsuru directs Artemesia one last time. Bu-bufula. Grabbing onto her Persona's whip, Mitsuru's shoes form into heels again as Artemesia forms a small path of ice to drag it's owner to safety over. Clutching her head with her free arm, Mitsuru strains to not lose focus as she pushes Artemesia to move faster and faster away from the battlefield as she waited for the simulation to hopefully end before she couldn't take anymore.
Fate takes that cue to heart, even the mana she was using to defend is suddenly pumped straight into movement. Even superhuman combatants might well be unable to see her, but even so the rush of air while she bursts away from Maegara is quite present. It's no teleporting, just insane speed that gets her near Mitsuru and a Nanoha who's landed next to the other woman. N: "Just gonna throw up some barriers, not sure it'll help if things go wrong but it can't hurt." F: "Yeah, that seems about as good an idea as we've got now." Both mages would raise their weapons up in front of them, cartridges clicking out rapidly and creating a shimmering golden and pink barrier. With any luck they won't need it, but if they do. Well, it should in theory withstand enough force to level a city given they've focused vast amounts of mana into the bubble now around them. All 3 of them, unless Mitsuru for some reason wanted to leave. N: "Haha, I'm kinda curious if his attack will work. I'm thinking yes, if that armor does what I'm guessing it does." F: "It has been rather interesting. I guess. Wouldn't want to deal with these things in reality though, that could get messy... And are you alright Miss? Seem pretty worn down, and I've never seen a mage quite like you." Nanoha shrugs as Fate begins questioning, investigators. Ah well. N: "There'll be time to ask questions later, for now let's just see how it goes."
Maegara pays no attention to the others as they attempt to run. After all, there's nowhere to run to. The massive mech continues overcharging its core, even taking in energy from the air around it to power its final blast Maegara: "Overclocking all processors. Removing safety valves. Overheating core. Overcharging Iraliae. Total annihilation in 2...." As Grease approaches Maegara, the machine pauses its countdown, its once mechanical voice sounds almost confused Maegara: "Core... Cooling down. Iraliae... Cooling down..? Redoubling efforts" Maegara seems to be struggling to continue its countdown as frost rapidly forms not only on the outside of its armor, but starts to cover its internal circuitry as well.
[FREEZE!] The ring of ice enclosed on the core, Grease caught within it. Absolute zero flooded the sphere, slowing the movement of even the atoms themselves. Matter itself expanded... to a breaking point. The atoms within the ring would start degrading, hopefully at a rate that could reach the core in time. "One... more... time..." From within the ice, Grease fell. On his knees, he remembered this feeling. His lips couldn't help but curl into a grin as he was ejected from the simulation.
"Temperature decrease.. Detected.. Diverting power to heating systems." Maegara starts to slow down as the ice works its way further into her systems. it freezes her extremities with ease, but has much more difficulty reaching the core itself. Now focused fully on heating itself up, the ring of cold is stopped for a bit, a few inches away from Maegara's core. However, just before Grease himself falls, a loud snap can be heard from within Maegara as one of its strained pieces finally breaks Maegara: "Fatal error... Detected... Reboot...." Maegara is forced to attempt to reboot herself, its energy signature fading as it fails to activate again....
Game Set
Final Fury, down!
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