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Could you survive a Persona arrow?
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If you got pierced by a Persona arrow, would you survive? If so, what Persona would you get? Personally, I think I would have a very epic Persona called Despacito Over Heaven Requiem 2 which allows me to infilitrate the consciousness of everything in the universe
Man hell if I know what I'd get, maybe something real good for fighting? But I'd live... Wait, what the hell is a Persona Arrow anyways.
Personally I would get Gold Experience and then I’ll stab myself again and get Gold Experience Requiem
I guess golden experience
Probably killer queen.

It would hit me in the arm and I would die of blood loss
guys lets all be honest jailhouse lock is the best persona
Is that a jojo's reference!
i think id get a cool persona called star platinum that can punch really fast and hard and stop time BUT JOJO!
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