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GYM DX: Button Smashing
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In the hallowed halls of GYM, stands the lone bounty hunter, soldier for the wonderful blue sky, Keisuke Nago. He can be found lounging, a muted expression hiding whatever thoughts may be in his head. He's there for one reason: Training.
A man wanders into the GYM not long after him, eyes wandering around curiously and arms holding a briefcase. He'd glace over towards Nago and wave briefly. Voice calling out to the man in a slightly interested tone. "Oi, you here to get some practice in too? If so, I'm up to go a round. Been a little while since I've really done much of anything. But I have a few tricks." That's one way to put it anyways, if the man agreed to go against him. Taiga would open his briefcase to reveal a strange looking belt which is quickly placed around his waist while moving towards a fighting ring.
*Sitting in the stands, polishing his rifle, sits The Hunter.* Oh dear. Seems the Kamen Rider weebs are at it again.
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Nago would stand up, a strange belt equally visible on him. "Very well. Do not hold back, lest you wish to lose your life." From beneath his vest, he pulls what appears to be a white knuckle, which he promptly presses into his hand. An excessively robotic voice emanated from it, providing about as much interesting and unique commentary as a man with a gun. READY! A siren rang out from the knuckle, indicating... something. With a touch of flair, Nago would extend the arm holding the knuckle to his right. "Henshin." From there, he'd place the knuckle over his chest, and slot it into the belt. FIST ON! A projection of a cross would fly out before him, spinning. To match this cross a transparent vision of his suit would rise from the earth, forming over him as the cross slams into his mask. "Prepare yourself if you must, but know that a soldier must always be prepared to win, for failure is unacceptable."
Suddenly, a fist punches straight through the wall right next to The Hunter, causing it to crumble and allowing the man to walk right through it. He entered underneath the stands, so he punched through them to. One would notice that he was in his Hyper Muteki form even though I don't know what the fuck that means I never really watched through all of Ex-Aid. He then does the thing and takes the form off, appearing as a regular human once again. He speaks in a monotone voice to the general audience. "What is up, gamers?"
*The Hunter looks at Ex Aid, unimpressed* Tell me, have you never heard of a door? Or are you Power Rangers too cool for conventional means of walking into a building?
Ex-Aid frowns, pulling out his game device and beginning to game. "What the hecc is a Power Rangers?"
Power Rangers are Kamen Riders but American and that is the only differance. Same powers. Same stupid transformation sequances. Same level of being completely and utterly pathetic.
The man reaches into his coat, pulling out a game cartridge that he holds like a gun aimed towards Nago with a slight smirk on his face. As the trigger is pulled back, he'd slam it into his Driver while a high energy voice starts shouting from it. "Henshin!" Let's Game! Mecha Game! Mucha Game! What's Your Name!? A glowing screen circles around him, several faces showing on it before landing upon one with a helm reading 'STG' that he taps. I'M A KAMEN RIDER! In moments the man is covered by a suit of armor, green and black with shiny steel guards on the legs. And with a large gamepad on the chest. Finally, a large gun with one orange and one green button is held in his right hand. "Don't hold back huh, alright then. Mission start." The gun begins blasting off, several bursts of energy flying across the field towards IXA. Even as he begins firing, Snipe's first move becomes clear. Harying the man with a barrage of ranged attacks whilst aiming to stay afar for now. One might think he's not very capable up close based on this. If they didn't know him.
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The shots connect, but apart from the usual signs of impact, Nago slowly approaches Taiga. The visor over his eyes opens up to reveal red. When they do this, intense heat floods the arena, visually distorting the area as is typical from heat. He draws a gun, and begins firing Energy Bullets. His pace remains unchanged. "You are not the only one who can fight from afar."
As the heat begins flooding over him, Taiga's armor would seem to react to it. It's not much of a visible shift, but the man is notably less bothered than one might expect. His pistol quickly switches into a larger rifle form, even more shots bursting towards Nago as the man begins to move forward himself. "Heh, fair point. You aren't the only one who can fight up close either though." He's able to dodge most of the shots, but a couple do slam straight into hist chest plate, easily draining about 5% from the Rider Gauge on it. Upon nearing his foe, the man would let loose with a superhumanly fast and strong knee slam towards Nago's chest, followed up by aiming to bash straight into his faceplate with the butt of his rifle.
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As Taiga approaches, Nago unslots the knuckle, charging equally as fast, but with enough momentum that the butt hits his helmet, but the two contact pads touch Snipe's chest, releasing a small burst of electricity and an EMP. "I respect your courage!" Following through on his punch, Taiga would find himself several feet in the air.
As the EMP slams him into, sparks would fly out of the Gamer Drive for a moment. Soon enough, his transformation ends and the man slams down to the ground. He's able to get back up quickly, but even so, his Henshin is clearly over. He'd sigh a bit and nod to Nago, clearly conceding for now. "Damn, never thought this stuff would need to be EMP shielded... At least I assume that's what you did. I'll admit, you got me beat there. Name's Taiga Hanaya by the way. And apparently, I need to try and get some work done on this belt..." He'd rub the back of his head while staring down at it. "Too bad though, that was shaping up to be an interesting one."
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Nago's armor would also dissipate. He'd pocket the knuckle, and look upon Taiga with disapproval. "Keisuke Nago. That was a poor display. It is a soldier's task to know his enemy, and to know himself. For Riders, that fact extends to your armor. See it as an extension of yourself. I have spent my whole life training body and mind, just so I could wield this power, with such a flaw, how could you ever hope to protect those who need it?" With a scoff, Nago would leave the building, riding off somewhere on his pristine motorcycle.
Kotaro slowly walks inside of the building and looks around, not knowing what to expect. Silently, he notices that the grounds were recently used for a battle and that only makes the man suspicious about it. Despite this, he approaches the only other man he sees inside. You doing okay there? What happened here?
Taiga looks over towards the man for a moment, nodding slightly while fiddling about with his bulky green belt. After a few seconds, it'd light up again. "Yeah, I'm alright here. Heh, that Nago guy wasn't wrong though... Ah well, no use dwelling in the past. Just gotta look towards what I can do in the future. Taiga Hanaya, and I'll be seeing you around." With that he's gone, hands in pockets and walking away from the scene calmly. OOC:That said, if anyone is up to fight I'm just not using Snipe again. I'll be around enough to bring in another character.
Alright then... see you around. Still certainly confused, the man shrugs and sits in a nearby chair that wasn't affected by the ruckus that happened just a while ago. With nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, he stayed there, drowsy.
About fifteen mintues or so after the departure of the last one, another man walks into the GYM with an axe and shotgun on his back. Both made of some strange glass-like substance covered in jagged lines and all black. There's a grin on his face while looking around the area and stretching out some. "Hmm, wonder what this place is all about? I mean judging by the name I'd assume it's some kinda... Training area maybe?" He rubs the back of his curiously for a moment, reaching into a black coat around him and pulling out a pack of cigarettes absently. Upon noting the other man however, Malcolm walks over with a polite smile on his face. "Ah, hello there! Are you one of the locals around here or something! Malcolm Chambers, and I'm pretty new to this city-state you've got here. Was hoping to hear more about the place!"
The man open his eyes in surprise as he wasn't exactly expecting anyone to show up so suddenly. Despite this, he stands up and nods at him with a polite smile, although noticing the gear this one was carrying. Hey, Malcolm. My name is Kotaro! And you could say I'm a local, just from not this part of the city, I think. He was indeed sure he knew about this city already, but at the same time he couldn't tell. At least he knew it was a weird one. Besides this being an awfully big city and that this seems like some kind of fighting area, I couldn't really tell you much more about it. Honestly I'm just kind of confused about it all.
He'd put a hand to his chin, hmm. No telling how people are gonna react to his... Skillset. Still, he's a bit curious. "Fighting ring huh, my kinda place then. And yeah, this city is massive! If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think you guys are pre-fall or something..." That can't be the case though, can it? He isn't too sure at this point. This guy seems pretty relaxed, and everyone complimenting him on his 'cosplay' while coming here... "How the heck are you guys managing to keep a place like this running though, seriously. Ought to be infested by my guess, but here we're standing."
What do you mean? "Pre-fall"? And also, why would this place be infested? I get it, it's a big city and some pests are expected but besides that, I'm hoping it's not the "other" kind of infestation, like outwordly invaders. He smiles at the man with his own attempt at humor, even if he is using the very truth and his worries as the subject. And who even runs this place, no idea. If they really do fight and they seem as tough as the last once seemed to be, they must have tons of money.
The man tilts his head, he's clearly very very confused by this reply to his words. How in the hell can someone not know? "You know, the fall of civilization and goverments as people knew them? Rising of the Broodspawn as lead by the dreaded Reapers...?" The man chuckles slightly upon hearing that fighting comment. Of course they would be tough, a city of this size would need a hell of a lotta firepower to handle beating back the Brood over any length of time. Unless... He flicks a lighter and takes a drag from a now burning cigarette. "So, two more questions. You do any supernatural fighting yourself? And what year is it."
I don't think that's ever happened, and I would never allow it to happen as long as I'm alive. Are the "Broodspawn" and "Reapers" part of the Crisis Empire? Whatever Malcom was saying was incredibly confusing, he didn't know what it was exactly he was talking about. He had the idea that, whatever or whoever he was talking about, didn't really have to do with anything he knew. But... I do fight, you would have to tell me what kind of "supernatural" you mean, though. The year... [The man tries to think hard on it, but he wasn't sure himself.] I'm not sure, but it seems to be closer to the 2020s than the 2000s.
Crisis Empire? There's something he hasn't heard of before. And the 2020s? That's pre-fall dating system alright, no one from his time frame would say something like that. "Well, seems I'm a man out of time then. I'm from uh... Your dates would call it around 2090 something? I think? We call it something else though. And can't say I've heard of any Crisis Empires, the best way to explain the Brood is... Think of them as zombies I think you might say, connected in a hivemind and ever-mutating while constantly expanding." The man chuckles and cracks a slightly toothy grin when getting to that bit about what kind of supernatural, clearly slightly amused. "As for what kind I am, to sum up real fast my area of expertise as one might say? I'm inhumanly strong, fast, tough. Plus I can uh... Warp my flesh and bones to serve as a whole lotta crap, that and fast healing. They call us Nemissaries round my parts. But I doubt that name means much to you."
A "Nemissary"; the man wonders if these are similar to what he can do. Going from his description then it's very clear, but there is never an easy way to tell. That is... crazy. I can't really believe you are from that far into the future, that's at least 100 years from when I'm from. And yet, here I am in a similar situation. He squints his eyes slightly as he looks around the area, wondering if the past fight had anything to do with that fight before he even got there. You think those "Brood" are somewhere around here? If that's the case then it's for the better to hunt them down and to eliminate them as quickly as possible. There is no time to waste.
The man chuckles a bit a bit, the Brood? Around here? That's unlikely at best by his guess. "I doubt that the Brood are around here. We Nemissaries are... Sorta like rogue parts of them you might say, we're still able to sense when their 'Song' aka controling mind is around. I'm damn good at it too, so that seems unlikely." He'd step forward a ways, walking over into a fighting ring and standing with hands in his pockets and a curious look. "Anyways, yeah it's a crazy story. And I couldn't blame ya for doubting it, but that's the truth as I know it, unfortunately. How about you?"
The man would look at his knew acquaintance move towards the fighting ring, and with a quick shrug, he decides to do the same. With a new, sudden and possible danger on the horizon and many other unknowns, he should be prepared and ready to go at any time. I have seen strange things before, so I will believe you until something else proves it wrong. So you better not be lying. Smiling at his own words, he tries to show he isn't being very threatening. After all, he had no reason to simply think it's a lie. Despite this, he knows better. Just saying, but if you want to fight then you better not try to shoot me with a gun. Don't feel like dying right now.
Malcolm chuckles a bit, not be lying huh. Yeah that's a fair point. He'd also quickly take the strange weapons off of his back and stow them away within a bag that's placed near the ring. "No guns huh, yeah alright. Wasn't gonna use 'Voidglass' stuff like that for a simple sparing match anyways. As for lying, nah. If they do show up... Well, people and things seem to wander in pretty often. Could mean new arrivals so keep your eyes open. Goes for me too of course." With the weapons placed away he assumes his basic fighting stance, it's rather strange to the eyes of anyone who's properly trained. The kind of thing you'd see in a street brawler turned something far more deadly by years of conflict than anything else. There's also a slightly wild look in his eyes. "Anyways, yeah I'm game. You can make the first move if ya want, don't hold back either. We Nemissaries are really hard to kill. Ones like me more than most."
Let's not go too far however, if you feel like you want to end it then just say you give up. I'll do the same, it's just sparring after all. The man takes a fighting stance and wonders what to do for a moment. He has a clear idea but he would rather not just go into it so quickly. This is a sparring match, nothing too serious yet. Let's go! [Prepared, the man quickly runs up to the man and goes for one quick back kick with his right foot. Following this, he rapidly goes for a right hook; assuming the first one hit.]
The man tosses his coat aside as well, revealing a suit of armor that was hidden under it. The entire thing looks to be made out of bones, and he's rather quick to ensure that his foe's blow slams directly into the chest of it. That would allow the right hook to land effectively however, which sends him backward a few feet with a laugh and a smile. "Haha, yeah that's fair! There's a cost to most of my really dangerous stuff anyways, unless I... Well nevermind that for now! My turn!" Even while he blurs into motion at a rapid pace, true to his words prior the man's wounds bruises would lighten somewhat. Followed by sending an only minorly superhuman straight punch towards the other fighter's chest. It's clearly stronger and faster than a human should reach, but only by a bit. "I'll go easy for now in that case! No sense pumping myself up on my magic."
He was able to see the punch coming. Ever since his surgery, he was capable of doing things he never thought he himself would ever imagine. And so, he manages to catch the punch of the man with his right hand and only being pushed back by a few inches. Yes, there is no reason to go all out at all. That was really dangerous! I swear that had it been anyone else, they would probably be dead. You should be a bit more careful with that! From this position, Kotaro goes for a simple left hook. Afterwards; he takes some distance and steps around the man. That is, if it lands.
He chuckles a bit, right right. People can die from that kinda stuff... What a weird thing to consider. "Oh right, so they can... That uh, that is me holding back though. Guess I better keep it in mind if any normal humans are stupid enough to fight me..." Through this entire exchange, it's fairly clear that he'd genuinely call such a strike to be going easy. One might wonder what his idea of all out entails, but for the moment it remains unseen. What is seen though, a large pair of boney wings bursting out from his back, clearly not part of the armor which has somehow shaped itself on the spot. In the time this takes, Kotaro is once again able to land a nice solid blow upon Malcolm. His reply to that though is clapping his hands and sending several spikes of bone flying directly from his chest. They'd burrow through the ground, not so much an attack upon the foe. As an attempt to annoy and entrap, the bones are if anything, slightly tougher than steel as well. Despite that though, their master has no trouble moving through them. "I can do a lot more with em of course, but a little bit of area control never killed anybody so that seems a safe enough bet for now."
This is going to be an issue, that much is obvious... ! Looking around the area and realizing that his movement was pretty much compromised, he had no other choice but to step up his game as well. He sighs, and then takes a deep breath. Looking straight at Malcom and clenching both fists, he keeps his right one against his hip and his left one in an upward position.
He then presses his left fist against his hip as he points his right hand up into the sky, and for a moment, perhaps the Sun could be seen. His index finger keeps pointing up as he slowly lowers his hand, pointing at Malcom.
He swipes with his right arm towards the same side, pressing the fist against his hip once more. He moves his left arm from right to left, returning to his initial pose. A burst of light would cover the man's body; only a single belt would be noticeable around his waist. After just a couple of seconds, the man's body would be covered in a full suit of armor and a helmet with big eye-like visors and antennae. He takes a great jump above it all and makes sure he is standing a few meters away from Malcolm. Turning around, he finally speaks. I'm the Child of the Sun! He keeps both hands pointing forward; his left a bit further ahead. The protector of all living things! Left hand in a diagonal position; right fist over it. Kamen Rider! He swipes with his right in the shape of an X before pointing his arm forward. Black! With a final swipe and a return to his original pose. RX! What do you think? This form of mine isn't as exciting as yours, but it's the only option you left me. That said, the man simply holds his ground.
The Nemissary laughs, staring down his now obviously enhanced foe with a cheerful voice and look on his face. There's a sudden shift in his stance with that though, a briefly visable surge of mystical power which flows through the fighter and takes his speed up to an even greater level. "What do I think... What I think is that it sure does look impressive, and you're pretty good to begin with. So, if that's an upgrade then I can't wait to see how it does!" With those words, he'd begin to truly try and press the offensive for the first time. Weaving through the field of bones constructed with truly startling speed for a man who stands at 6'4. Assuming he were able to reach Kotaro, then the Rider would find himself beset upon by a quick kick that rises from the ground. If it hit, it'd be followed by his enemy aiming to headbutt him with a in a move no sane human would consider. One that nevertheless has enough power to do something. "Never met anyone like you before though, freaks such as myself are about the closest thing to heroes my time had. Seems kinda cool to me!"
Truly, Malcolm's speed was something to see to believe and even then it was hard to keep track of it at all. The kick would make him go into the air for a moment before being headbutted. He felt that, he really did, and this was a show of the power this man has. However, he wasn't done. You're fast, but take this! Kotaro would take this chance while he's in the air to turn his right hand into a fist, which would shine with a bright red light.
He goes for a simple straight with his right. The punch itself should be strong enough to make the man in front of him break the ground below him.
The man whistles upon seeing the speed and power behind Kotaro's blow, inhuman speed or no he can't dodge that. Instead an arm is raised in the face of this certain strike. And those same absurdly tough bones he's used up to now suddenly cover the man's body, thick layers of them coating him and massively raising his defenses. Even with that, they'd crack and fracture showing the Nemissary's bare skin below it which is bruised rather badly. The drawback of this powerful defense is also blatant, his counterattack of a strong double fisted straight punch is far slower than his prior attack. 'merely' reaching the very limits of human speed. "Alright, that one was pretty great actually. I don't like busting out the layers like that, makes me too damn slow. But when there's just no dodging a hit like that well, I don't wanna tax the ole healing factor too bad."
I didn't put my back into it, so don't worry, that punch wasn't supposed to be that dangerous. He is hit by Malcolm's double straight punches and sent back a few feet back while also letting out a few sparks. After a moment, the man stands up once again and shakes his head with surprise, not expecting that such a hit would get him. You got me there, but since it would be unfair to fight like this, I say it's time to change it up. Kotaro's armor shines once more and once such light goes away, his body becomes bulkier; using black and yellow as its main colors. He changed forms into Robo Rider, who has a strange pistol in his hand. This is Robo Rider; my defenses and power become greater but my speed suffers for it. And this is the Vortech Shooter, it never misses its target, so I would say that it more than makes up for the downsides! [He would point his pistol at Malcolm and shoot with a single energy blast that would hopefully do nothing else but destroy his opponent's defenses.]
Damn, so this guy's about to get even stronger huh? Well, his wings can provide a certian amount of mystical energy to the man of course. That's their main point, but calling upon more from his reserves is always an option... The blows do indeed blast away his covering, though the crafted bone armor below holds, if not without him suffering for being struck. But something seems to shift within the Nemissary once again. It's a slight change, his smile growing darker for a moment, almost feral. But that brings two far more obvious effects. One, his muscles bulge out and obviously provide even greater raw physical power. Two, the man's regeneration begins to speed up greatly. These enhancements leave him with little time to act though, and instead he simply assumes a defensive posture while advancing somewhat. "Alright alright, a pretty interesting gun you got there. I'm just lucky it doesn't shoot Voidglass like mine. Those bastards are speically made to stop regen."
(edited by Malcolm-Chambers)
I am not one to back down from battle, but I don't want to have to use my full strength. It may be fatal and that's a no go. I won't go all out here. Kotaro's body shines once again before returning to his human form. The man would stretch out his right arm and move his head from side to side to make sure his neck isn't stiff. That was fun for a quick sparring match, but you're starting to go a bit too serious now! I appreciate it, but just this is good enough. He gives the other man a thumbs up and a confident smile before stepping out of the ring. Maybe we can fight yet again some other time, although I would rather go all out by your side than to do it against you. I'll admit that holding back as I have so far would not be enough for what I know you'll be doing. He waves at the man before making his way out of the gym. See ya! Once he's outside the gym, he takes a moment to breath deeply and think on the events. It seemed that he wasn't the only hero with multiple forms anymore.
Malcolm chuckles a bit at that response, yeah it's... Pretty fair all things considered. Good thing someone backed down here, god knows he won't The man's bones would suddenly break down into dust. "Hah, yeah same to you... Yeah I'll admit, getting too into it is a thing with those like me. Every Nemissary's got what we call a Creed, long story short, think of them as part philosophy part spiritual duct tape. For me it's The Sword, if we've got any weakness, it's an abiding love of a good scrape." As he says this the other man would smile and wave to Kotaro, gathering up his weapons and quickly hiding his bone armor below the long black duster once again. With that, he pulls out another cigarette and lights it up before walking out of the GYM with a grin on his face. Once he's sure he's out of earshot, the man would seem to hold a conversation with himself. M: "Heh, you gotta admit man. That was a fun one right? Kamen Rider... Never heard of them before, but if they're all as tough as him. If people like that are common, then maybe this place stands a chance if they show up?" ?: "Perhaps, and perhaps it'd stand a better one if we took some damn charge over something at least. But you already know my thoughts on the matter there, but we can just keep an eye open for now. Either way, I'll be here if needed. As always." He'd fade into the darkness, the other voice that had spoken from his mouth going silent. At least outwardly. Soon enough he's vanished straight into night's darkness. Wandering the streets aimlessly.
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