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Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
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Everybody has a journey they must embark on, and every journey can tell a story. There are journeys that can be short and to the point, or arduous and complex, but there are some journeys that never end, and those journeys can never tell their story. A journey with no story to tell is a journey that leads nowhere, a limbo trapped between triumph and doom. These worlds serve little purpose but to illustrate the loss that comes when there is no end. Enter the destroyer of worlds... As he wanders through such worlds, what could his eyes see? GYM. Famed for its thrilling battles, real owner, and lack of doors. The wanderer takes a moment of respite upon its cushiony couches. His fly 35mm TLR camera lazily rests upon his reclined chest. Apart from his bright magenta shirt hidden beneath his blazer, he is the picture of being unassuming. As often as people come and go, the establishment appears to be void of life save for the bum sitting near the entrance.
"Perhaps this time will go better." A high-school age girl mutters to herself as she approaches the GYM. It seemed like a good spot to go scouting, as a fight club of sorts, but alas her last visit had proved nearly useless. No matter, the girl confidently strides into the GYM, briefly adjusting her glasses as she takes a brief glance at everyone. Only to find she's seemingly... No, there's some other guy. He didn't seem to be too interested in the... Activities the place offered, but there's no reason to make assumptions. So, Nanaka greets the man with a cheerful smile "Ah, I'm glad the GYM isn't empty after all. Though, I'm afraid I must ask, do you know what this place is exactly?"
"Heh, this place brings back memories." The familiar feline pushes open the door with his elbow, sliding through it then leaning back on the wall right next it. Unfamiliar was his wardrobe, a gray, loose-collared jacket with a stone-esque hardness. "Maybe some things are better left in the past, but it was naïve of me to think my departure would be the end of it."
A young man with white-hair wanders into the building, there's a bored look on his face as he absently twirls around a sword that's got a skull for a handguard. Upon seeing the gathered group, he'd chuckle a bit and walk up to them with a cocky grin on his face. "Sup everyone. Name's Dante, so, did you lot come in here to pick a fight too or something?" His blade is placed upon the ground, leaning against it casually and just glancing between the man and girl as he sizes up who might be more of a good time to throw down with. Frankly, neither looks impressive to him, but looks can be quite untelling.
A short little gnome dwarf walked through the door. He walked in sideways, since the sword which was twice his height could only have been carried in a way that would... Complement his predominant features. He was armed to the teeth, with a "dwarven longbow," a mace that pulled his heavy plate armor with a strange gravity, as well as a medium sized shield, formed of clear crystal. He carried a bulging pack too. Which he held on top of his head, for now, as he entered. He had heard of the place where warriors fought, and, fancying himself a warrior, entered.
The dwarf was a bit grumpy at the previous message about him, but slid his focus into something more important, "Where could he find someone to fight him?" He soon noticed the cocky young man, and held his gaze, waiting for the man to notice.
Another girl walks into the building, quietly humming as she glances over at mostly everyone in the room with her. A grin turns into a slight chuckle, which she then flips her long, curly hair aside to gaze at everyone else. "What fine people we have here. My name is Malloryn, I just attended for a little trip down memory lane, you see. Since this is the place I do remember the most. Even if I wasn't here most of the time..." She takes out a blue rose from god knows where, holding it in her hands as she took one more look at everyone. Though the girl was clearly fancy...this first impression also made her look very absentminded.
it didn't take long for Nanaka to regret her arrival. The talking cat was... An oddity, but not terrible in and of itself. Then there was the white-haired ruffian. He obviously didn't care much for presentation, and was far too casual with strangers. Not a good first impression. Nanaka sighs and adjusts her glasses , her face briefly turning to a frown as she looks back at the white-haired man. "You certainly don't beat around the bush at least. My name is Nanaka, of the Tokiwa family." Nanaka bows as she introduces herself, showing a sign of respect, though she hardly expects the man to return it. "I'm mostly here to..." thankfully she's spared a full introduction by the arrival of someone more... Proper. Nanaka gives the other girl a friendly chuckle before bowing again in introduction "Pleased to make your acquaintance miss Malloryn. I am Nanaka Tokiwa, but please just call me Nanaka."
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The man stares at the group, almost completely through them. He seemed to exist in his own world, or he would have, had the rear wall of GYM been replaced with an amorphous mass of a foggy substance. As soon as he saw this, he'd swivel himself to where he was now leaning forward on the couch. He sighs as he adjusts his camera, winding up the lens. "No time for chit chat, no time to fight either... Ah well, you all seem a crazy bunch, care to go for a walk?" He saunters over to the fog, taking a deep breath before waltzing through it. Anyone who follows him would note that as soon as he touched it, it rippled like a still pond. Upon physical inspection the fog felt non-existent, like it wasn't even there. Upon exiting, those who followed would find a modern battlefield. What seemed to be inexhaustible supplies of men charging at each other, never seeing the expression on the face of the opposition that gunned them down. Standing at the edge of the rooftop was Tsukasa. Noticeably his blazer had been replaced with a solid white lab coat, billowing in the winds of war.
The man wouldn't bother to return respect, he doesn't believe in being respectful after all. Instead he just chuckles upon seeing Tsukasa moving away so suddenly and begins following along after the man with a gleam in his eyes. "A crazy bunch huh... Yeah man, I think you're onto something, so I say let's rock!" As they pass through the strange and clearly abnormal fog, he just hums to himself casually without a care in the world. This place is a damn warzone, that's the first thing he notes upon them exiting the fog. But a warzone is something Dante can handle pretty well, and his blade vanishes to be replaced by a pair of heavy pistols that get twirled around for a bit. "So, what's the deal here. I can only assume that we're here for a reason, right?"
Mona, stepping forward and crossing his right foot behind his left leg, smirks and waves at the returning customer. "Long time no see, Mal." He then shoots a cold glance at the silver-haired brute. "Chalk-head over here must be new, never seen him before. Hope you and cheery blossom can defend yourselves." The creature then cinematically follows Tsukasa, approaching him slowly. "You took the words right out of my mouth. Shall we start the game, then?"
"Oh, that's very nice sir...." Nanaka closes her eyes and slips into a standard response without thinking, only to blink for a moment as she realizes the dramatic shift in tone that was occurring. The girl opens her eyes once more, baffled, as the man simply walks by them towards the gate of fog that appeared behind them. "Excuse me, where are you..." and indeed, she can't even finish the sentence before the man simply walks through the fog. The girl stands there for a second and adjusts her glasses as the white-haired man runs by her. "Why do I even bother." Another one of those local oddities. Well, it didn't really have anything to do with her, but if it gives Nanaka more of a clue about where she is... That would certainly be a start. With that in mind, Nanaka follows after the strange homeless man. Nanaka's own outfit changes as she arrives on the other side of the fog, her uniform falling away for a traditional, samurai-style kimono. Her outfit has only two accessories, a single katana sheathe with a sword hilt poking out of each end, and a white flower hairpin adorned with a magenta gem. There's a hint of irritation in her voice as she goes through "I hope you two are happy."
"Ah, that I'll do Nanaka. And uhm," She throws her rose behind her and follows the man through, her own outfit now changing to look like that of a flowing, victorian gown. She had on an opera mask that covered her eyes and carries a parasol with a sharp tip. "Yes, I do in fact remember you too Mona. Glad to see you again." Malloryn gazes at the scenery that's presented in front of her, tapping her heel in a a slight bit of impatience. She checks her nails with her free arm and opens up her parasol in the other to give herself a bit of shade. "How quaint. A trip down memory lane, yet these are memories that I haven't even experienced myself."
A new arrival appears... Actually, he's not new but he hasn't been seen for quite awhile. "Oh, this GYM place. I remember people talking about it but I can't remember if I ever went to it! Maybe it won't hurt to take a peeeeeek~" He enters the GYM, blissfully unaware. Some may recognize the strange bear mascot. "Wow, this place does fill me with the beary strange feeling of deja vu."
Gord, the dwarf watched them talk amongst themselves. He didn't believe in forcing conversations, and let them happen. He may have been only 63, but he had seen many things. He snapped his finger, the one with the ring of speed , and dashed, with the magic seven-league boots on his feet into the other side of the fog, leaving a three foot blur.
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Tsukasa takes a minute to survey the battlefield, to which he promptly turns around and begins walking to the opposite side of the rooftop. He did this because there was a stairwell from which he could descend. He wanders slowly until he reaches the street. A quick glance to the left seems to direct him to a bunker, which has had its door blasted from its hinges. There is a smell of dried blood in the air. "I think I get the gist..." He proceeds further, hands in his new pockets. "Anyone ever dealt with a paranoid scientist hellbent on destroying the world?" He seems to ask this to nobody in particular.
Mona lets out a light snicker upon hearing the strange man's comment. "Have I? We almost won, in fact. Judging by were we are, I wouldn't even say we ever even lost." He plays with his cutlass, throwing it in the air and catching it. "Of course, i've learned a lot since that time. Who knows, maybe now's the chance to finish the job?"
The legendary lead-filled mace, Big Punch, known for its extreme weight, yet it's incredible manuverability. The mace had the weight of four hundred pounds, yet in his hand it weighed about fifteen. His other hand held a shield of medium size, suitable for blocking projectiles and allowing better movement, but lacking in leg protection. He held it in front of him, head protected by the clear material, before he stopped to put on his horned helmet.
"And you are?" He asked, not at all curious about the felenid right by him.
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Teddie looks at the strange fog. "Huh, thought more people would be here to investigate this. Well then, it seems I must be the investigation team!" He enters it with no second thought.
"That's... An oddly specific question." Nanaka puts one hand to her chin, pondering for a moment. Though the question was a fairly straightforward one, and thus would hardly take any thinking to answer "I'm afraid I've never had that issue before. I'd hardly imagine anyone here has." Nanaka pauses for a moment to give someone, probably the white-haired ruffian, a chance to prove her wrong. Regardless she'd simply breathe out a sigh "Care to tell us what's going on here or do you feel the need to be dark and mysterious?"
The girl twirls her parasol around, reminiscing if she had ever did something so direct. But since she can't really point a finger onto it, she'll leave the question be. "Can't say I have. Maybe the white-haired gentleman has." She simply lets out a sigh, humming to herself instead of simply pausing mid-sentence but still quiet enough so that someone may interject. "But uh, basically what Nanaka over here has said. I guess."
The word scientist rang empty through the mind of the three foot tall dwarf, who could only answer with. "Nay." Then he thought for a moment, and decided to ask everyone around him, "Should we follow?" Regardless, the dwarf pulled out an odd item, made of an odd material, and tossed it over the edge.
Dante chuckles a bit, looking over at Nanaka with a grin. "Well, I haven't quite done that... Buuuuut~" There's a shit-eating grin on his face while walking forward. "I have dealt with a crazy magic bozo who wanted to end the world, guy was a real piece of work girl lemme tell ya. So, I'd say I've got something of a reference point anyways." He moves fairly quickly, almost right beside the man leading them on with his hands held lazily on the triggers of his guns. "Anyway, time to party soon by the looks of this place."
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Having finally been asked a proper question, Tsukasa stops, fittingly before a large steel door. "What's going on is you followed a stranger into a crazy fog mess and you only now thought to speak up after seeing a war zone. If you wanted me to exposite you shoulda asked earlier. People won't answer the questions you don't ask after all." Having said his... questionable piece. Tsukasa kicks open the door, it flying clear off its hinges. Inside the room stands a tall figure hunched over a dimly lit workshop. The bang of the door has clearly grabbed his attention, and he points a gun at the assembly. He speaks with a thick accent, German in nature. ???: "What are you doing here!? Who sent you!? Speak quickly, or I will kill you!" T: "Simple, I'm here to destroy this world. I've already made my decision, and I'm gonna have to ask that you clear the way." The strange man lowers his rifle, but only for a second. It was quickly trained on Tsukasa once again, this time a shot rang out, just barely missing him. ???: "Then explain the others! Why do you come into this place w-with your death squad!? How did you know I was here!? I won't miss this time!" _______________________ Teddie would be met with the same sight as the others had, but this time he was alone. A quick eye might spot the group leaving the building, but an even quicker response would be needed to catch them.
Teddie looks around. "Huh, so it wasn't ordinary fog, I guess." He sees the group leaving so he shouts to them. "Hey, wait for meeeee!" He starts walking quickly as he can before he trips. Then he starts rolling towards the group, because that's a good idea.
'T'actics set: Coward. Dodge and damage resistance way up, to-hit and damage way down. Gord decided to not comment, and to say nothing while he walked himself behind Mal.
Mona quickly closes the distance between him and Hanz, taking care not to get shot. "What, your memory foggy? It wasn't too long ago you would've invited us in yourself. Now, listen closely, this world must be destroyed at any cost. I won't let your incompetence as a leader stand in the way of that, 'mein furher'."
Nanaka closes her eyes and breathes out a sigh, brushing some of her hair out of her face as she does so "You're insufferable." but not necessarily wrong. Its true that things were apparently starting to get rather hectic, but its nothing that couldn't be handled. Still, there's no reason to let on just how capable she was, so Nanaka opts to observe silently for the moment, keeping as much a watch on her..... Companions, as on the muscular German before them.
Her eyes went blank, but not out of fear, but out of...something. It was a vague and unreadable look, but one could first assume disappointment coming from the girl. "Hmmm, why do I have a feeling I should know what's about to happen?" She closed her eyes and sighs out, flipping her curly hair to the side once again and taking on an even more bored tone. With a scoff, she continues, her heels clicking as she made her way besides Nanaka. "To think I gave up an appointment for this."
Dante chuckles lightly upon hearing their 'leader' begin to speak. What a funny dude, a funny dude who'd for once not find himself met with violence by the Devil Hunter as a very different idea is tried. "So, I'd love to know what exactly destroying the world means man. Don't get me wrong, all for just going with the flow usually but what the hell. Might as well put my words to use for once, and ask the same question the German just did. What are you here for." He'd turn to look at the other man absently, clearly not worried about any threats anybody in this room might present to him for the moment. After all, it isn't as though he's lacking in options and means to do something. Instead, there's just a brief moment as he prepares to evade whatever may come. "If nobody wants to explain though, meh. Guess I can do something myself too in the worst case."
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The scientist sets his gun down beside him, resting his hand upon the hilt of a blade set on a worktable. The jewel placed into the pommel glows with a hollow blue light. He lifts it, the same light flowing throughout the blade, some tracing into his own arm. ???: "I know not who you are, but you have come into something that far exceeds your scope as a living creature! My words could never be enough to explain the anguish I feel, not to fools such as you!" He flicks the blade, light blue sparks flying off as he holds it in both hands. ???: "I have been beset on all sides simply because I wish to do what is right. I have the power I need... All that's left is to do away with the obstacles!" His stance tenses, the blue glow finally reaching his heart, the core of his being. The light is rather blinding now, and reality itself seems to distort with every breath he takes. T: "I'm sure you're going through a lot right now, and frankly I don't even know most of the weirdos who followed me here. Hell, only one of them seems to be listening to me... He and I will have a nice chat once this is over, but you're clearly the more immediate threat, so I think these folks will be much more attentive..." Tsukasa walks toward the German, no thought or care put behind his walk. The distortion in reality seems to stop as he grows closer. In response to this, Hans slashes the air, a blue arc flying directly at Tsukasa, but it seems to go right through him, directly at those behind him.
Nanaka closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, one hand going down to the two swords at her side. "I understand you may have your reasons, that goes for both of you." Nanaka narrows her eyes to look between the German and Tsukasa. Once the German's energy heads towards her, Nanaka would draw her sword, bringing her short katana upwards. It begins to glow as it cuts through the German's strike to part the blow around her. "I also understand that you are not my enemy. Either of you. As such." with the attack dealt with, Nanaka returns her blade to its sheathe, letting a satisfying *click* resound "Until you explain a few things, first and foremost what you mean by 'destroying this world', I shall remain here to observe."
Malloryn looked over to see the strike, she stood there and glanced besides her to see if anyone else would deal with it first. Though seeing as how Nanaka deals with it perfectly fine, she lets out a sigh. "No, I'm listening perfectly fine, and I have no idea why I came here either, just so you know." She twirled her parasol and held it up, standing in the corner of the room with it indoors like a bearer of bad luck. Coincidentally, she made it cover her face only letting her mouth be shown for more dramatic effect. "And while I do get the gist of it, explaining would help for those who don't."
Mona smirks, walking backwards and looking at the group he came in with, cocking his head as he explains. "Alright, i'm only gonna say this once, so pay attention. As you may know, we're not the only ones in this grandiose universe. Neighboring dimensions, worlds, timelines... they all work together to form a network of sorts, like a giant body. Most live their lives unaware of this fact, the many societies remaining completely independent of each other. And then there's wherever this is, operating on an entirely different wavelength, like a cancerous growth. The further it progresses, the more its neighbors are affected. Thus, it's far simpler to wipe it all out." He then reaches in one of the pockets in his utility belt and faces Hanz again, flicking out a wooden slingshot and pointing to a familiar crystal embedded on it. "This should be proof enough of our prior cooperation. This treasure was given to me by yourself, or at least a version of you. Have it back, if you'd like. I haven't actually found much use for it..."
Gord simply shorthopped the slash with incredible ease, letting it pass under him. He didn't bother to say anything, since he had no questions and that his allies were handling it. He took out a good, delectable dwarven sausage, took a bite of it, and put it back in.
Dante dodges the energy pretty easily, in fact soon enough he's vanished from sight for a half-second and appeared right in front of the German with a shotgun aimed directly at the man's chest. Crackling demonic power glowing within the weapon's barrel. "Pro tip man, striking at me? Not a good freaking idea, I don't like the sound of ending the world either but at least he ain't trying ta kill me for now Last chance to stop.!" If the man did indeed take that offer, he'd find the demon hunter stowing his weapon and watching calmly. On the other hand, if another attack or the like were to come than Dante's shotgun would let loose a powerful burst of shells. Red energy gleaming upon the bits of metal that rocket right towards his enemy from about ten feet away before being quickly followed up by a brief hail of shots from twin pistols.
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