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A Chilling Announcement
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It's another (relatively) peaceful day on the Phansite, when all of a sudden a message is broadcast through whatever is connected to the internet at the time. You see Star dressed up in what looks like a suit of armor made of ice, sitting a throne of ice. "Greetings, everyone! I am Star Sakura, the goddess of chaos! You might remember me from all my...attempts at global domination using the power of ice and snow, multiple evil plots, and my involvement in quite a number of events over the years! Well, as sure you know, summer is nearing it's end and I haven't done a single thing! That changes now! I'm announcing the Third Great Shibuya Snowball War! In six days, I shall once again try to conquer the world using the cold and chaos as my methods! Will you stop me, or join me instead!? Everything shall go down on Sunday, at 12;00 PM EST! Thank you for listening, and remember, there's next to no rules when it comes to the snowball wars! Go wild, and have fun!" With that, Star cuts the feed, and everything is as it was before she made her announcement.
Intently reads announcement "Looks like the game..." Loads pixel cannon and holds it up to chest "...is close to release date."

*Gin smirks.* Round 3. Let's end this.
“It’s almost that time of the year again, huh? I hope everyone there doesn’t try to bombard me with all of their snowballs like last time...”
*grabs snowball machine gun* its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but im all outta gum
Niko cracks his knuckles. "This time I won't fall behind."
Runs around with a snowball and a selfie stick. "Hi guys, Sana here. Now like and subscribe if you want me to win this stupid snowball fight because, heh, 'Yall bitches already know I am gonna win."
A large man stands in the shadows with a sly grin. "Well, well, well... I suppose I'll have to do my part this time. Isn't that right you guys?" From within the man's coat comes a cacophony of different snarls and growls, however all of them seemed unnatural. "I couldn't have said it better myself."
No rules, huh? Slowing smirking, and then turning into an evil grin FINALLY SOMEONE SPOKEN MY LANGUAGE!
"oh? no rules? well hell yeah!" *grabs a whole armys worth of snowball cannons "WHOOOOOOO!"
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A cold wind starts blowing throughout Shibuya, the first specks of snow falling. It seems Star has begun controlling the weather to begin construction of the battlefield. By the time the war officially starts, it should be a winter wonderland...in summer!
A tall man with a lit cigarette in hand wanders the city, absently staring at Star's work and spotting a flier proclaiming the event. "Snow in the middle of summer... Maybe things aren't as fat off from home as I thought? Haven't seen any signs though." He reaches into a black long coat around him, boots slamming on the ground while he then checks a strange shotgun and axe on his back. Both looking to be made of some odd glass or crystal with jagged lines and an interior like a void. His face turns to a smirk while walking away. "Heh, I guess that I'll be back later. Not as if there's anything pressing to do. And maybe I can learn something about this place!"
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