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the game goes on for TOO long
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nearing the end of the game it starts to get tiring after 70+ hours of doing palaces, running back and forth trying to find objectives, and ambushing the same shadows over and over again this game is still amazing but its length is insane
Yeah JRPGs be like that. There’s a reason I haven’t finished some games.
The game has a lot of things to do, the only "problem" is that morgana sends you to sleep every day, but it has a purpose: To make you don't complete and discover everything of the hub world in just a few days. That means you still have a lot to do and discover, so don't quit too early, man.
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i am at sae's palace and i really want to see the rest of the story and build up the rest of my confidant links while i can but tbh id rather just skip to the end of the palace instead of doing the whole thing, even with the funky music
I know all too well. 100% persona5 is hard to achieve.
I didn’t bother 100%ing the compendium, I just 100%ed social links
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