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I need anime recomendations
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Any type of anime is fine, Im trying to expand my interest but searching them randomly doesnt work well. So if there is an underated anime deserved to be on the spotlight pls tell me :)
B E R S E R K the best manga ever created yes yes
try the 3 movies from 2011 to get into the manga, then read the masterpiece and its awesome drawings. you can thank me later
well if you like persona 5 i'd recommend lupin the third, any of them would do but i'd personally castle of cagliostro movie or the 2015 show. as lupin the third was if i'm not mistaken stated as one of the inspirations for persona 5. (and it kinda shows as a lupin fan) but if you want something a little weirder i will always recommend mushi-shi or baccano.
Steins;Gate, Erased, Mob Psycho 100, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (yes the name is weird but don't let that turn you off from it), Hinamatsuri, A Place Further Than the Universe, Kill La Kill, Kyousougiga, Beelzebub, Konosuba, and Assassination Classroom are all anime I highly recommend. Pick whatever you want from this and hopefully you find some you enjoy.

Hundred - School harem esque slice of life while fighting creatures with transformation suits. Probably my favorite in the genre.

My recommendations are Drifters, Juuni Taisen and Angels of Death. The first because it's awesome and the second and third for the story.
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How come no one is recomending Berserk .. my heart bleeds :( If you want (very) good seinens there's also Evangelion, Akira ( a bit obscure but excellent), Steins;Gate for its story, Paranoia Agent and all Tite Kubo's movies like Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect blue .. Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop for their style and animation, Darker than Black, Black lagoon is also a nice one. As for shonens you can try Katekyo Hitman reborn , D.Gray-man and Hunter x Hunter if you never watched it ( doesn't look like it but it is pretty underrated while being one of the best shonen out there )
I highly suggest the Symphogear series. With a total of 4 seasons out and a fifth airing now, there's never been a better time to jump in. I feel it would be reductive to label it as simply a magical girl show, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, y'know. It follows a cast of singing warriors as they punch, cut, shoot, stab, slice, and eviscerate the Noise. The Noise being a bunch of goofy fruit looking monsters that slaughter mankind in droves. That being said, it has a really fun world and a slew of interesting characters. Plus, it is loaded with meme potential.
because they specifically said anime. berserk is a shite anime. only the manga is good. That's not true ! the anime from '97 is really good and all 3 movies are excellent.
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I think Deadman Wonderland is a pretty fun anime

bungo stray dogs, (i think i spelled that right) and the seven deadly sins (Nanatsu no taizai). Also, i'm pretty sure that danganrompa has an anime, but I recommend playing the game first.
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Thank you for people that gave these recomendations. I cant said that before since this thread died but now I can.
i would reccomend Boku No Hero Academia, but i dont want these people to kill me in my sleep
Kill me... boku no pico
i would reccomend Boku No Hero Academia, but i dont want these people to kill me in my sleep Same

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