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Which persona protag would win a fight
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This won't include final personas
Does this include any Persona they can use in their games, or are they stuck with their default Persona?
I would obviously because I stop a serial killer
I wanna say joker but probably P3 Protag.
All of you are wrong, the answer's right here and none of you will believe me because you are heathens. https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/624637056480886784/9UCues9E.jpg
if atlus would release persona 1 and 2 on modern gen then i could agree or argue with you.
until then i'ma stuck with persona 3-5 (which are great games not complaining)
Can we count jokes final persona because there is a way of getting it as a regular persona? Also the answer is pancake boi because he has the power of the pancake.
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