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Is dancing star night a good dancing game?
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Is dancing star night worth a purchase or would I be better off blasting the P5 and P5 dancing soundtracks and pray to kawakami no one walks in on me dancing?
I think it depends on the type of games you like. If you're into rythm games, it's probably a good buy. Maybe.
Its a good game, although the dancing all night is better cause they actually have epic storyline
I prefer moon night music wise, but all night has story. Star night is also okay just more Jazz. If you know Project diva its easier and if you know DS Rhythm games its harder than that.
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I'm with aki. PD is a vastly superior rhythm game.
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Well I love jazz and dancing games. I just dislike the music selection of most dancing games. So a persona dancing game sounds to good to be true
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